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Clueless Canadian Cops Give Dude Ticket for Singing Along With His Jam: Video

Those clueless Canadian cops need to chill the hell out, smoke some weed and listen to Bob Marley, how dare they give Moalla a ticket for singing along with his jam.

SOP newswire2BM LINX Live Preview of "Black Entertainment" - NYC Show on Sept 9th - BM LINX, known for their glamorous cohesion of darkly driven industrial rock and infiltrating electronica dance mixes, are guaranteed to captivate your mind as well as your dancing feet.
Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)Chase Von Interviews Lovely Singing Sensation, Leah DeVon!!! - Leah, it`s so cool we connected the other day because you are one on the go Diva! It`s had to have been almost a year since I communicated with you! Least it feels like it.
SOP newswire2New York`s Electronic Music + Innovation Festival Coming Soon - New York`s Electronic Music + Innovation Festival, September 12-14, 2008! a new festival, and a little different ?
SOP newswire2The Silent Years Hit the Road and Pre-Release Album To iTunes - "The Globe is the rare album that is simultaneously immediate and timeless" - UR Chicago
Garrett GodwinGarrett Godwin Gets Up Close and Personal with Dutty Devioso - Why is your music called "Southern Rap with a twist"? Is it because you were born and raised in the South?
Garrett GodwinIssac Hayes Dies at 65 - The music industry lost one of its legendary voices in both soul and R&B, with the passing of Isaac Hayes this afternoon at the age of 65.
SOP newswire2Platinum Ice Records Parties At The 6th Annual Crotona Park Jams in Crotona Park, The Bronx, NY - Owner/Producer/Rapper, Easy Mo Bee and AB Money visit the pioneers of Hip-Hop at the weekly show running through July. Pioneer Coke La Rock says "Not only am I down with it, but I love Platinum Ice Records. ?
SOP newswire2MANOWAR's new single "Die With Honor" is now available for sale as MP3 - MANOWAR's new single "Die With Honor" is now available for sale as MP3
SOP newswire2111 Most Wretched Songs in History - These tunes will forever incite horror, laughter and despair in the listeners brave enough to revisit them. AOL Radio has launched a new station counting
Denise KaminskyRap Artist Dutty Devioso is ready to "Up The Ante" - Dutty is rap artist out of Baton Rouge who has a style that sets him apart from the rest with his witty lyrics and excellent range. Perfoming music of his own life experiences Dutty`s lyrical range allows him to paint vivid images through this music.
SOP newswire2FRESHKILLS: Self-Released, Self-Titled Album Out This September - Freshkills " yes, one word " are a five-piece tour guide to the lives, awkward conversations and head games that play out deep into the night in New York City`s dark bars and messy bedrooms.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)The World's Loudest Band, MANOWAR, Kicks It Up a Notch with Meyer Sound and Westfalen Sound - Epic heavy metal band MANOWAR secured a place in the Guinness World Records during the 1990s as the loudest band in the world, and sheer volume has remained an integral part of the MANOWAR concert experience.
SOP newswire2Siren Music Festival Draws Record Crowds - SIREN MUSIC FESTIVAL at Coney Island, NYC drew 100,000 music fans throughout the day to the annual free event.
SOP newswire2The Silent Years Sign To Defend Music Just In Time To Kick Off Their National Tour - And now the band is heading out on the open road to share "The Globe" with the masses. Check out the tour dates below with more to be added shortly...
Jeronicha L. AmosBlazing the Trail for Female Drummers - This is a personal experience on how I became the first female drummer in the sixth grade. Also, how I continued my
SOP newswire2The Village Voice Announces Artists for the SIREN MUSIC FESTIVAL - For SIREN FESTIVAL AFTER-PARTY ticket information go to BoweryPresents.com or call (212) 260-4700. Tickets on sale this Friday, July 4, 2008.
SOP newswire2Jump On Holiday Hip Hop Compilation Album - Sedgwick & Cedar Records is working with Producer Easy Mo Bee, Hip Hop Legends and Major Artists of today to launch a Hip Hop
Robert Paul ReyesWhat Pop Hits Do You Want Played At Your Funeral? - Hymns are being replaced at funerals in one Australian city by popular rock classics like Led Zeppelin`s `Stairway to Heaven` and AC/DC`s
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)D. Fenominal and TheSOP Jam - Born a Long Islander, D.Fenominal chose to pursue a career in the music industry a few years ago. He was noticed and his talent recognized through poetry.
Maria GrellaMy Lives: Billy Joel Album Review - Imagine if scores of admirers were singing alternate lyrics to Joel?s bonafide hits. Instead of the chorus ?All About Soul? in the self-titled track, consider singing Jericho Road in the ?Motorcycle Song?.
SOP newswire2'Bad Chick Whippin' set as debut track from Platinum Ice Records artist, 'The Bossfather' - Special Thanks to Judyth Piazza for her love and support with the Platinum Ice Records Family
SOP newswire2Broward County Poised to be the New Home of Gospel Music - Broward County, FL will become the new home of Gospel Music later this month with the Ground Blessing Ceremony for the 90,000 sq
SOP newswire2Yoko Ono: Please Let It Be - A new front has been opened in the culture wars. Ben Stein's EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed stunned detractors
SOP newswireMagic Circle Festival adds third day, confirms Ted Nugent - Two days of music was not enough to contain such an impressive lineup, so a third full day of music has been added to the Magic Circle Festival at no additional charge.
SOP newswireAnnual Music Festival features Powerhouse Lineup - This year's acts span a host of genres including rock, pop, hip hop, alternative, and acoustic.
SOP newswireGospel Rap Artist FLAME wants to find YOU - Calling all disciples and Christians who enjoy sharing the faith! National Gospel Rap Artist, FLAME, and Trailblazin Ministries have partnered to welcome the submission of devotions aimed to serve as a ministerial tool.
Robert Paul ReyesRick Astley RickRolls The Internet - I'm a fan of YouTube and every day I check out the featured videos. Imagine my surprise on April 1, when I clicked the first featured piece and I'm hijacked to Rick Astley's quintessentially 80's video.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza goes Goblyn with Sparky and the Green Goblyn Project - The GGP have an unmistakably original sound. Adding that to the bands fiendish onstage presence, makes them a certain bombardment of the senses.
SOP newswireMagic Circle Festival confirms Whitesnake and Alice Cooper - The 4-day festival is set to take place in Bad Arolsen, Germany and it will also feature two historical shows by MANOWAR.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza chats with Steve Meyer, President/CEO - Smart Marketing Consulting Services - Steve Meyer began his music and entertainment industry career with Capitol Records, working in various capacities before being elevated to
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