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Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq

U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, conducting 34 strikes consisting of 56 engagements Nov. 13-16, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Robert Paul ReyesGay Couples in Kentucky Obtain Marriage Licenses, Kim Davis in Jail, It's a Glorious Day! - Satan and his holier-than-thou minions are mourning, but to hell with them, it`s a new day in America, and gays and lesbians enjoy the same rights as everyone else.
Robert Paul Reyes11-Year-Old Boy Shoots, Kills Intruder! Thank You Jesus! - It`s incumbent on a homeowner to shoot to kill anyone who violates the sanctity of his home. If someone breaks into my home I will blast him with my shotgun until he's good and dead, and to hell with any legal ramifications.
Robert Paul ReyesKentucky Clerk Kim Davis Again Refuses to Issue Same-sex Marriage Licenses - As a society we simply can`t allow a religious Neanderthal to defy the law of the land.
Robert Paul ReyesBill Cosby Portrait in 'Rapeseed' Pulled From State Fair - After a flurry of complaints by fairgoers about the subject matter and taste, the portrait of the comedian who has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting dozens of women -- was pulled from the Agriculture Horticulture Building.
Robert Paul ReyesGrumpy Cat Immortalized at Madame Tussauds: Video - The miserable looking feline, who has nearly 300,000 Twitter followers, is being immortalised in wax at Madame Tussauds in San Francisco - but isn't happy about it, of course.
Robert Paul ReyesVirginia Reporter, Cameraman Murdered on Live TV - A manhunt was underway in Virginia after two members of a local TV station`s news team were fatally shot Wednesday during a live TV broadcast near Roanoke, Va., WDBJ7-TV said.
Vincent GonzalezHuman Cloning and the Quest for Dignity - The lasting consequence's of manipulating human reproduction through cloning has always proved itself to be a source for controversy.
Robert Paul ReyesJosh Duggar, First Outed Celebrity in the Ashley Madison Hacking Dump! Thank You Jesus! - The first outed celebrity in the Ashley Madison hacking dump is none other than Josh Duggar, the eldest son of Jim Bob and Micelle Duggar, whose profanely huge right-wing Christian clan was the subject of the TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting.
Robert Paul ReyesWhat is More Destructive: Donald Trump or a Firenado? Video! - All I can say is that if Donald Trump is the top candidate in the GOP field, we deserve to be destroyed by a firenado.
Robert Paul ReyesHeidi Klum Trumps Donald Trump: Video - Most men of all political persuasions would agree that Klum is still a ten. Sorry Trump you got trumped again, the only feud you are likely to win is with the despicable Rosie O`Donnell.
Robert Paul ReyesBill Cosby Victim: He Said I Had Been Blessed With His Semen, Like Holy Water - Three more women came forward Wednesday with accusations of being sexually abused by Bill Cosby including a former flight attendant who said the creepy comedian grossed her out by sipping champagne from one of her Gucci shoes.
Robert Paul ReyesDr. Ben Carson Condemns Racist Organization, Planned Parenthood: Video - I can understand if Planned Parenthood was popular with the KKK, but why are white liberals so enamored with this criminal organization?
Robert Paul ReyesCecil the Lion: Icon, Celebrity, Myth, Savior! - Before his untimely and savage death Cecil the Lion was a beloved tourist attraction and the subject of research by academics from Oxford University, but the tragic circumstance of his death has propelled him to worldwide fame.
Robert Paul ReyesCecil the Lion Cub Killed by Rival Lion! - A cub of slain Cecil the lion was killed by another big cat in Zimbabwe realizing the worst fears of conservationists following the celebrated feline`s slaughter at the hands of a Minnesota dentist.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Black Lives Matter Fascists Disrupt Bernie Sanders Event - I despise the toxic rhetoric of Donald Trump and the Black Lives Matters activists, they deserve each other. If I were God I would dump the Donald and the Black Lives Matters race-baiters in a deserted island in the middle of the sea.
Robert Paul ReyesWhole Foods Sells $6 Asparagus Water! Are You Kidding Me? May God Smite Whole Foods! - Whole Foods is an abomination and an affront to our democracy, when the Zombie Apocalypse finally comes or the next riot, I hope that the zombies/rioters will focus their fury on Whole Foods.
Robert Paul ReyesCongress Must Defund Planned Parenthood! We Must Take Stand Against Evil! Video! - My humble article isn`t an anti-abortion screed, nor is it a call to arms to overturn Roe vs Wade, my fury is directed specifically against Planned Parenthood
Robert Paul ReyesVandals Attack Vacation Mansion of Cecil the Lion Murderer Walter Palmer - I`m not advocating arson or violence, but if Palmer dares to return to his home in Minnesota or his vacation home in Florida, it`s incumbent on animal lovers to protest outside his residence until he goes underground again.
Robert Paul ReyesTy Releases Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby: Video - In the wake of international outrage over the killing of a protected Zimbabwean lion, plush toy manufacturer Ty Inc. has created a commemorative Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby.
Robert Paul ReyesBill Cosby: No More Reasonable Doubt! - There is no more reasonable doubt; any reasonable person would have to conclude that Bill Cosby is a serial rapist.
Robert Paul ReyesTop Ten Punishments for Walter Palmer, the Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion - A mini-skirt clad Palmer tied to a bed in a locked room with Bill Cosby. The disgraced comic has Jell-O and plenty of Quaaludes.
Robert Paul ReyesArtist Sculpts Cecil the Lion Dedication from Sand - Beach goers Friday morning shared the shorelines of Delray Beach with a meticulously sculpted sand lion -- a dedication to Cecil as artist Lee Stoops described it.
Robert Paul ReyesOur Anger Against the Dentist Who Murdered Cecil the Lion Will Never Die! - Walter Palmer, a name that will live forever in Internet infamy, would be well-advised not to resurface without undergoing plastic surgery. If this cretin is spotted in public an outraged citizenry will tar, feather,run him out of town, and perform a root canal on him without benefit of anesthesia.
Robert Paul ReyesBetty White is Furious Over the Killing of Cecil the Lion - Betty White, a passionate animal activist, has harsh words for the Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion while on a hunting trip in Zimbabwe this month.
Robert Paul ReyesPETA Calls for the Execution of the Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion - The only real question is: How should Palmer be put to death? Please join this cathartic exercise by sending me your ideas on how this monster should be executed!
Robert Paul ReyesShould the Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion be Executed by Vigilantes? - Death threats have been sent to the dentist who killed Cecil, and the coward has gone into hiding. Palmer now understands what it feels like to be prey, in my fantasy he`s tracked down, skinned alive, and beheaded.
Robert Paul ReyesNew Yorker Magazine's Iconic Cover Featuring Women Raped by Bill Cosby - Even though the New Yorker magazine featuring 35 women who have been sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby on the cover hasn`t hit the newsstands, it`s already achieved iconic status.
Robert Paul ReyesSatanic Statue Unveiled in Detroit! Perfect Location for Baphomet Monument! - Decent and upright citizens fled this demonic city years ago, to hell with Detroit! The denizens of this nightmarish metropolis should bow down to the Baphomet monument and look to him for salvation, and stop begging the federal government to bail them out.
Robert Paul ReyesObama, For the Love of God, Revoke Bill Cosby's Presidential Medal of Freedom - The buck stops at Obama`s desk, and he should heed the will of the American Public and revoke Cosby`s Presidential Medal of Freedom. Cosby deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom as much as Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.
Robert Paul ReyesCaitlyn Jenner Looked Absolutely Grotesque at the ESPYS: Video - I don`t expect the media to be as honest as this humble blogger and use words such as "hideous" and "grotesque " to describe Caitlyn, but by the same token I don`t expect them to gush over her as if she was the second coming of Jacqueline Kennedy.
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