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Will Says...

Permissive Parents Allow Toddlers From Hell to Engage in Unholy Tomfoolery

I would have made the toddlers clean their room, spanked the hell out of them, and believe me they would have bit their lips and gone to sleep.

Robert Paul ReyesViral Video! Instant Karma! Thick As a Brick! - Karma is a beautiful thing ...
Robert Paul ReyesWill Sauerkraut Dethrone Grumpy Cat as Queen of the Internet: Video! - Move over Grumpy Cat; Sauerkraut kitty is the next big thing.
Robert Paul ReyesOde to Spock (Leonard Nimoy) From a Star Trek Fan - Rest in peace Spock/Nimoy, you truly lived long and prospered.
John G. KaysSwastikas On a Sacramento Home? Black Wooden Figurine? Christmas Lights? What`s His Statement? - And is the Druid-esque black figurine suppose to represent an oppressed Palestinian? Hard to say.
Robert Paul ReyesLlama Drama Up The Wazoo! Video! Now That's Entertainment! - I have a feeling we haven`t heard the last of these llamas, don`t be surprised if the National Geographic channel or some other cable channel produces a reality series starring the loveable animals.
Robert Paul ReyesWhat Color Is This Dress? Debate of the Century! #Dressgate - Life came to a standstill yesterday as theologians and philosophers, politicians and professors, artists and writers (Okay it was mainly wankers) debated the colors of a dress posted on Tumblr.
John G. KaysRoad Rage Mom II: Was Tammy Meyers Purchasing Drugs from this Baby-Face Punk, Erich Nowsch? - The other part of this rapidly evolving story, has to do with how much Erich Nowsch has changed over the past few years. An unnamed friend (Daily Mail) says he was always getting bullied and robbed...
Robert Paul ReyesWho's Creepier: John Travolta or Joe Biden? Video! - Dude, you aren`t that great of a thespian, manhandling poor Idina Menzel isn`t going to convince anyone that you`re straight. Travolota is the gayest man in the history of Hollywood; he should come out of the closet and then disappear.
Robert Paul ReyesMary Poppins Sings Death Metal Version of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! The End is Near! - Watch Julie Andrews Mary Poppins belt out a death metal version of the Disney favorite Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
John G. KaysDocumentary 'State Vs. Reed' Brings Back in Clear Focus Stacey Stites Murder! - The fact that evidence is pushing back Stiles time of death to late on the 22nd, helps to validate Aldridge`s alibi for Reed quite a bit more; and to think Chris never was called to testify by the defense in the original trial...
Robert Paul ReyesMayor Rudy Giuliani is Right! Obama Doesn't Love America! CJ Pearson Video! - Obama doesn't love America, and he doesn't hate our enemies.
Robert Paul ReyesLady Arrested for Masturbating While Watching 'Fifty Shades of Grey' - A horny Mexican moviegoer has been arrested for masturbating while watching Fifty Shades of Grey.
Robert Paul ReyesMan Beat Infant for Crying While He Watched 'The Jerry Springer Show' - A man is jailed on domestic battery after he injured a seven-week-old girl when she would not top crying while he watched Jerry Springer.
John G. KaysTammy Meyers and the 'Las Vegas Road-Rage Incident,' Have Seen Some Twists and Turns! - If some jerk tailgates them or shoots them the Bird, they can whip out their handy pistol and start a (ritualistic) stalk for the kill.
Robert Paul ReyesDo Extraterrestrials Fly Cigar-Shaped UFO's? - Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes a cigar-shaped UFO is just a cigar-shaped cloud of smoke, especially when it`s filmed over an active volcano.
Robert Paul ReyesBrian Williams a Disgrace and He Must Never Be Allowed to Return to TV! - Williams is dead to me, and he should be dead to everyone who values truth, justice and the American Way.
John G. KaysDetails of Katie Eager`s Confusing Homicide in Cedar Park Slowly Emerge! - I suspect you had a similar reaction; one line he penned really got to me: I would also like to express how much hate I have for the neighbors who heard but didn`t call 911.
John G. KaysWhy Did Samantha Dean`s Killer Choose the Shoppes at Colony Village in Bastrop? - One observation, however, is spot-on, I can utter with confidence! Her killer went to a great deal of trouble to cover-up her homicide, staging a scene by this dumpster in this obscure Bastrop shopping center, Shoppes at Colony Village.
Robert Paul ReyesTV Station Labels Obama a Rape Suspect! Refuses to Run Correction! Video! - Obama was born in Kenya, he's eaten dog meat,and he's corrupt to the core, but he's not a rapist!
Robert Paul ReyesObama Aide John Podesta: My Biggest Regret is Not Spilling UFO Secrets - It`s appropriate that a UFO nut helped oversee climate change energy policy, I don`t know what`s a bigger crop or crap UFO tomfoolery or Climate Change nonsense.
John G. KaysWho Killed Kyle Police Counselor, Samantha Dean? Why`d They Do It? - An even creepier thought is, possibly the murderer was the one who did the screaming, so that someone would come over and discover the horrible scene. As such, we can`t help but wonder...
Robert Paul ReyesSupreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Americans Are Ready for Gay Marriage! - The moon won`t turn red, there won`t be riots in the streets, and the stock market won`t crash when the Supreme Court finally rules that gays and lesbians have a right to marry.
Robert Paul ReyesSchool Bus Driver in Hot Water Over Facebook Photo - An Ohio school bus driver`s Facebook photo appears to show her drinking alcohol on the bus, and it`s landed her in serious trouble.
John G. KaysThe McStays, Part XXX: CNN`s 'Chasing A Killer' Ties-Up Some Loose-Ends, But Not All of Them! - First off, I`ll have to send out my kudos of praise to Charles Chase Merritt for nearly pulling off a PERFECT CRIME! Not quite though, you cunning Cowboy Welder!
John G. KaysWho`s Behind the Montclair, Ca. Execution-Style Shooting of Two Hispanic Men? Why? - This sequence of reactions, captured organically by frank news` cameras, makes me wonder whether the victims were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or whether they were part of some sort of caper (a wider conspiracy)...
Robert Paul ReyesSingapore Restaurant Utilizing Flying Robot Waiters from Hell! - Robots give me the willies!
Robert Paul ReyesRobot Vacuum Cleaner From Hell Attacks Sleeping Woman! - I`d rather rent out my spare bedroom to Charlie Manson than bring a robot vacuum cleaner inside my home.
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Group Claims They Can Summon UFO's by Meditating! Video! - Not one but two glowing UFO ships appeared over the horizon off the scenic coast of Vero Beach, Florida, last week, and a group that charges $2,500 for training sessions in how to communicate with UFOs claims that its members summoned the twin objects to appear by meditating."
John G. KaysI Had A Run-In With the Ku Klux Klan Once, a KXAN Report Reminds Me! - I had to hitchhike, seeking assistance, and wouldn`t you know, I was picked up by some Ku Klux Klansmen who were in town for a big KKK meeting, taking place in Dallas the very next day.
Robert Paul ReyesPope Franics: It's OK for Parents to Smack Children for Bad Behavior! Amen! - Corporal punishment doesn`t need a theological basis; it`s just frigging common sense!
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