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Permissive Parents Allow Toddlers From Hell to Engage in Unholy Tomfoolery

I would have made the toddlers clean their room, spanked the hell out of them, and believe me they would have bit their lips and gone to sleep.

Andrew ChienE-mail Killed the Messenger - The Big Apple used to have 2,500 bike messengers dodging through fuel and/or electric powered vehicles--despite the technological inferiority of bicycles, because there were documents to be delivered, and quickly.
R.J. SmithBush Admits To Bin Laden Connection - What if we woke up one day to a world where everyone was inspired to tell the truth? It is a crazy idea which would shake this Earth to its very foundations.
Natassia DonohueMiddle America - The Unspoken Reality of a Nation: Management asks that participants please keep their chipper attitudes to themselves, and words of wisdom must remain unspoken at all times.
SOP newswireHolocaust Legacy Demands Opposing Evil By Vince Crawley - In emotional language, Zoellick spoke of the "shock and revulsion"
R.J. SmithA Moment Worth Waiting For - It was late, and the sky seemed to go on forever over the dark ocean. There was a slight breeze blowing across the white sands of the deserted beach
R.J. SmithThe First Rule Of Fight Club: Bring It On! - I remember the first time I saw Fight Club. It was early 2001, right before 9-11.
Rasha LambaCody Posey: Equal Justice? - The answer is no. Cody is the real victim in this sad, all-too-true story.
Sean StubblefieldDesign Flaw Right? - Environmental psychology considers the effects of a person`s environment on behavior and attitude. Shape, color, pattern, lighting, arrangement, ergonomics
Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)Transformation - A Diamond in the Rough - Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa" Through my work, I"ve met literally thousands of people " some in person, some through email and many through phone calls.
Glenn Swift (Editor)The Social Security Crisis - Voice of the Left - Glenn Swift's perspective on Social Security - Wake up America! Once again, the Republicans are proving themselves to be masters of deception.
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