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Melania Trump Doesn't Care

Donald Trump's callous, cynical and inhumane immigration policy that separates children from their parents at the border is antithetical to the compassion and love of Jesus Christ as depicted in the Gospels. Trump's evangelical base, for the most part, supports his immigration policies, but its anathema to most Americans, including many Republican Congressional leaders.

Robert Paul ReyesLady Awarded 200K For Being Tased By Cop - Recently cops have gone Taser-happy, and municipalities need to introduce regulations strictly limiting the use of this dangerous weapon.
Tony GraffJust Add Zombies - With the advancing of the movie Zombieland to Theaters, I`ve been noticing more and more that zombies will always make things just a little more popular. Humorous
Clayton S. JeppsenShot Through the Stars and Stripes - Obama cuts a missile defense shield in Poland the same day Iran brags of nuclear capabilities.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)What Ever Happened to Being Polite? - In the 2001 film Gosford Park the screenwriter Julian Fellowes has a certain gentleman admonishing a younger man not to seem ingratiating because it will be perceived as being up to something
Robert Paul ReyesExecution Halted When Team Fails To Find Vein - The execution of a prisoner in Ohio has been delayed for a week after jail officials had problems finding the condemned man's veins.
Avah LaReauxTo Whom Much Is Given - Serena Williams. Michael Jordan. Roger Federer. Kanye West. Cheronda Guyton. Today`s society is filled with names of individuals
Richard TaylorTent Prisons And Chain Gangs in the USA - Instead of spending billions on prison warehouses let's make them work for their keep.
Rob RoyGeopolitical Realities of Defense - The day after 9-11, maybe we should ponder the harsh realities. Part 1 covers non-conventional threats. Part 2 covers conventional dangers.
Rob RoyNASA's Mission to Bomb the Moon - A missile will test to see if the moon does have water [and it does by the way].
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Media Fed Anxieties - Instead of challenging the Bush Administration`s claims about weapons in Iraq, the cable news channels literally beat the war drums, using every inflammatory device they could think of.
Ronald L. WalkerIn These Days and Times? - In these days in times just trying to keep your head up is the most complicated things to do. Jobs are going by the thousands every month.
Ron G AnselmA Victim of the Recession? "You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do" - A little opinion on what to do if you are unemployed due to the recent recession.
Robert Paul ReyesBristol Palin's Baby Daddy To Pose For Playgirl - Burgeoning Levi Johnston has decided to accept an offer to pose for Playgirl - the only catch is that he won't be fully nude.
Clayton S. JeppsenThe Affair - Man and Mother Earth - Why the fear of mining our earths resources? The sacrifices are worth the benifits.
W. C. HewittThe Audacity of Insurance Adjusters - I have often times been acclaimed for my audacity and not to be vain, do merit the distinction of be audacious.
Clayton S. JeppsenCompassion Robs Justice - Justice Left Naked and Ashamed - I am bringing to light the compulsive obsession in our society of showing compassion for the bad guy. What about the victim?
W. C. HewittThe Right to Complain Ignored - Complaining has since the dawn of history been taken for granted and those that have excelled have always been labelled with rhetoric labels that personify their ability to grieve.
S. D.Nudity Shouldn't Be Taboo - It seems that our American society really has something against the naked human body. Sure, there are implications of
S. D.It`s Pretty Obvious That Our Culture is Sex-Obsessed - The creation of these rules is the only crime committed here. And the punishment for it?
Matthew VosslerWorld Peace Begins at Home - Our world currently works against the family. There are pervasive drugs, violence on television, real violence, porn on the Internet, a media machine that makes us feel bad if we don't have the perfect body or life, and corporations that ask, "what have you done for me lately.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)The Downright Absurdity of Life Enchants Me - Every once in a while the downright absurdity of life enchants me. It was 105 degrees outside.
Rouben AlikianFear The Bird - Are you free? Do you even know what free means? I don`t, because there are so many of its interpretations.
Robert Paul ReyesAre Most Twitter Messages "Pointless Babble"? - Forty percent of the messages on Twitter are 'pointless babble' along the lines of 'I am eating a sandwich now,' according to a study conducted by a US market research firm.
Tony GraffWhy I Write; Or How to Be a God - Since I consider myself a writer, though still unpublished, I have been asked with increased frequency why I consider this a label I give myself with
Robert Paul ReyesMoms Stage Nurse-In At Fast Food Restaurant - Breastfeeding mothers had a 'nurse-in' Friday at a fast-food restaurant in Orlando, Fla.
Robert Paul ReyesAmerican Soldiers Are Dying In Vain In Afghanistan - Our soldiers in Afghanistan our dying in vain, and the policy of the Obama administration is to send more soldiers there to shed their blood in vain.
Tony GraffThe Hammock Conclusion: How To Be Happy - Why don`t we feel happy then? Is it like Will Smith said in his portrayal of Chris Gardner, that it is merely a pursuit, but something unattainable?
Devinder SharmaLearning to Live in the Here and Now - Enlightenment subsumes and confers on the enlightened person the ability to live in the here and now a prime condition for happiness and joy.
Richard TaylorUnified Field Objects (UFO's) - A plausable explanation of what they really are. What if we came to a period in our evolution that
Devinder SharmaAll Civilizations Promote Enlightenment - Old civilizations, like the current ones, had their own concepts of what the highest life on earth could be and advocated their own approaches, techniques and methods.
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