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Donald Trump Considering Pardon for Boxer Jack Johnson

Is Donald Trump serious about granting a full pardon to this African American icon? Trump values celebrity above everything else, and if Stallone recommends pardon for Johnson, he may very well follow through.

Robert Paul ReyesDoomsday Clock: Three Minutes to Midnight! Video! - The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists said they reset the Doomsday Clock to three minutes to midnight, meaning the probability of global catastrophe is very high.
Robert Paul ReyesAir Force UFO Files Hit the Internet! UFO Fans in Seventh Heaven! - Nearly 130,000 pages of declassified Air Force files on UFO investigations and sightings are now available in one place online.
John G. KaysIn a Transient's Murder, Tasha Morrison, What Role Does a Tattered Brown Couch Play? - Most of us will brush aside such an account as a normalcy, just life in the big city, and even an expected outcome for a lost soul such as Tasha Morrison.
Robert Paul ReyesFederal Charges Unlikely for Darren Wilson in Ferguson Case! Bottom Line: Michael Brown a Thug, Officer Wilson a Hero! - End vendetta against Officer Wilson!
John G. KaysWhy Was a Papa John`s Pizza, Female Delivery Driver Toting a Pistol, When On the Job? - The streets are very dangerous these days here in Texas; I doubt it`s any safer in Atlanta, Georgia. Still, I`m wondering about the mindset of this brazen 27-year-old female pizza delivery driver...
John G. KaysWhy Did Robert Allenby`s Mysterious Kidnappers and Robbers Choose the Amuse Wine Bar for Their Caper? - Let`s see, the homeless lady, Charade Keane, who in my mind, is emerging as the real Super-Star here, found him by a flower pot at around 1:30 AM, which means this disturbing event occurred sometime during this 2 1/2 hour period.
Robert Paul ReyesMiss Israel and Miss Lebanon Appear in a Selfie Sparking Another Regional War? - A beauty pageant is inconsequential fluff, and this unholy drama should be resolved by having the two hotties engage in a mud wrestling match, with all the proceeds going to support world peace.
Vincent GonzalezCalifornia and Prop. 47: A Triumph of Interest Groups - California has always been in a unique position as a trail blazer when it comes to providing its citizens with the greatest access to direct democracy.
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Watchers Claim NASA Cut Live Stream After Alien Sighting: Video - UFO watchers complain NASA has been cutting its live feed of the International Space Station just when it keeps getting good "meaning as soon as a strange object appears.
John G. KaysSan Marcos Shooting Death of Earl Edward Clark III, at Townwood Apartments, Anything But Ordinary! - A somewhat closer look, however, distinguishes it amongst others, in subtle ways. One item, not so good, is this shooting gives San Marcos it`s first homicide for 2015 (Earl died); another clue or fact that strikes us as a bit strange...
Robert Paul ReyesSaudi Arabian Religious Scholar Issues Fatwa Against Building Snowmen - A prominent religious scholar in Saudi Arabia has reportedly issued a fatwa against building snowmen in the kingdom, stating the practice is not acceptable to Islam.
John G. KaysJames Boyd`s YouTube Video, Capturing his Murder by the Albuquerque Police, Opens Up Your Eyes! - The publishing of the video, shot from a camera mounted on an officer`s helmet (was he one of the killers?), doesn`t hurt either in making us aware of how bad this situation is in Albuquerque.
John G. KaysAustin Music Teacher, Kathy Blair`s Homicide Solved, Although Many Questions Still Linger! - As I said before, and I`m not trying to deflect my fair share of blame, but this is a very weird group of facts, when you attempt to string them together; I can`t manage it, so I`ll just come clean, admitting absolute ignorance.
Robert Paul ReyesPope Francis Tells Moms in Sistine Chapel: Feel Free to Breastfeed Here - Pope Francis baptized 33 infants in the Sistine Chapel and told the mothers to feel free to breastfeed them if they cried or were hungry.
Robert Paul ReyesIdentical Twin Baby Girls Hold Hands & Chat! Most Adorable Video in History of Humankind? - Get ready for a cuteness overload ...
Robert Paul ReyesExercise Teacher Turns 100! And She's on Facebook! - You go granny!
John G. KaysWho`s Behind the United Plane Graffiti-Art Prank (Crime?) ? Why and Where? - Pulling a Philip K. Dick on you, which I deem appropriate in this baffling, metaphysical situation. Anyhow, I can`t get enough of (what I`ll call) the UF 869 Image, originally taken by First Officer Jeff Montgomery ...
John G. KaysIn an Unprecedented Dump Truck Assault On Cop Cars (Glenarden, Md.), What Angered the Driver? - We have no clue yet! We hear, before he circles around for the Blitzkrieg-like assault, he spurts out some angry verbal banter at the two officers; yet where or what`s the wellspring for this anger?
John G. KaysWhy Was Patricidal Thomas Gilbert, Jr Booked on Second-Degree Murder Charges? - A smarter play, I`d like to suggest, amounts to smuggling the gun out of the high rise units and getting rid of it all together (see The Godfather Part II).
Robert Paul ReyesReptile Store Owner Hit Employees With Bearded Dragon - Siegel is accused of placing a bearded dragon lizard in his mouth, throwing it, swinging it in the air and using it to strike the victims, according to the arrest report.
Robert Paul ReyesOld School Words Worth Reviving: Caterwaul, Rapscallion, Flapdoodle - I urge my fellow bloggers to do their part to keep the English language dynamic and energetic by making good use of these old-school words.
Robert Paul ReyesMoral Outrage: Sarah Palin Posts Photo on Facebook of Trig Standing on Family Dog! Video! - Sarah Palin is the most evil politician of our generation!
Robert Paul ReyesKim Jong Un Hacked His Eyebrows! Pudgy Dictator is a Freak! Video! - Kim Jong Un may look like he doesn`t know a USB port from his tiny genitals, but evidently he knows how to hack, he did a splendid job hacking his own eyebrows.
John G. KaysWhy Did Peachtree City PC, William McCollom Have his Glock 9 Out On New Year`s Eve? - This gets at the heart of this very controversial situation, which is raising eyebrows on the internet airwaves; until Margaret McCollom, 58, begins to recover enough...
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: White Castle to Sell Vegetarian Sliders! End of the World is Nigh! - What an ominous start to the New Year, what other signs of the Apocalypse can we expect: Dead birds falling from the sky, dead fish washing ashore, an Ebola outbreak?
Robert Paul ReyesHeart Emoji Named Top Word of 2014 - The Global Language monitor said its annual survey of the English language dubbed the heart emoji symbol as the Top Word for 2014.
John G. KaysWhy Did Veronica Jean Rutledge Take A Loaded Handgun Shopping in a Walmart? - I suppose there are some people who would prefer this Walmart to stay closed, and remain still and peaceful (until eternity lapses); hey, you might even include me with those who would like it that way, nice and quiet, and out of business!
Robert Paul Reyes'Bae' Demonic Slang Word Should Be Banished from English Language! Video! - I just had a vision of Miley Cyrus burning in hell calling her horned demon lover bae; this demonic word should only be uttered by twerking demon-possessed talentless pop stars -- period! End of freaking story!
Robert Paul ReyesRobert Paul Reyes: My New Year's Resolutions - Maybe if I renamed my New Year`s resolutions My Bucket List ", I might make more than a half-hearted effort to keep them.
John G. KaysFour Bodies Found in a Pleasant Suburb of Crowley, Texas! Why Such Violent Deaths? - Adding to this mysteriously tragic set of circumstances, even the Crowley Police Chief, Luis Soler, when speaking at a press conference, seemed particularly shaken by these developments, implying a violent end for this family.
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