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Will Says...

Melania Can't Stand Donald Trump

We should share Melanias disgust for her husband, and by any means necessary get rid of him.

John G. KaysIs An Abstract Wall Carving Discovered in Gorham`s Cave (Gibraltar) a First Example of 'Modern Art?' - A recent discovery (July of 2012) of an abstract wall carving (dating back in time 40,000 years), in a grotto known as Gorham`s Cave, which is located on the Mediterranean island of Gibraltar (still run by the British), is garnering a great deal of press coverage, and stimulating considerable thought and discussion in scientific circles (that would be the discipline of cultural anthropology, I suppose).
Robert Paul ReyesCEO Caught Kicking Puppy in Elevator Resigns: Video - There should be zero tolerance for animal cruelty in a civilized society.
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Terrorizes Pennsylvania Neighborhood: Video - A Pennsylvania woman who captured what she insists was an unidentified flying object on her cell phone camera says she is scared to death now.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Homeless Man Robbed of His Pants! - A 49-year-old homeless man was beaten and robbed of his pants Thursday in Daytona Beach.
Robert Paul ReyesChange.Org Petition Seeks to Ban Life Alert Commercials: Video - A new Change.org petition is aiming to get medical alert system manufacturing Life Alert to pull its new commercials from airwaves for being too scary.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video! Russian Couple Saves Fat Prairie Dog - Everybody is Russia has cases of vodka in their bedroom, counterfeit Levi`s jeans in their closet, a poster of Pussy Riot in their bathroom, a dart board with a picture of Putin in their garage, and a dash cam in their vehicle.
John G. KaysIn the 'Cops` Story,' Why Would Omaha PD Allow a TV Crew In During a Real 211? - I`m in need of repeated examinations of the upside-down Cops` Story in Omaha, Nebraska (I believe there`s a Wendy`s Hamburgers restaurant chain that requires consideration also), unfolding in the news, cautiously, ever so gingerly, requiring, as we do, a careful separation of what`s Real, or rather, what may be Unreal.
Robert Paul ReyesBreaking News: Hello Kitty Isn't a Cat! She's a Cartoon Girl! Video! - In a Los Angeles Times exclusive, Sanrio the maker of Hello Kitty, told an anthropologist from the University of Hawaii that Hello Kitty is not a cat, she`s not even Japanese. She`s a girl cartoon character.
Robert Paul ReyesBasement Jaxx Claims UFO Sighting on New Album Junto: Video - I don`t care if Felix Burton was abducted by aliens, and suffered an anal probe and a root canal, his music sucks, especially his song about UFO`s.
Robert Paul ReyesHomer Simpson Completes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Video! Get With the Program! - By now everybody and their obese mother has done the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, even morons who don`t know ALS from an STD have posted their ice bucket challenge videos on YouTube or Facebook.
John G. Kays'Bullets and Burgers?' A Nine-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots Her Instructor With an Uzi! NRA Spin? - The tragic story of a nine-year-old girl accidentally shooting and killing her instructor (Charles Vacca, 39) with an Uzi, at a business that goes by the name of Bullets and Burgers (actually, Arizona Last Stop), is a difficult one not to spin, but I shall try, even if unsuccessfully. Alright, so I suppose Bullets and Burgers is more of a nickname (such as Burger King`s is Home of the Whopper).
Robert Paul ReyesMedia Goes Bonkers Over Killing Of Michael Brown, Ignores Similar Killing of White Man by Black Cop! - The media needs to end the double standard, and stop inciting racial hatred.
John G. KaysWhy Did Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Shoot His Service Revolver Ten Or Eleven Times? - Wilson probably fired more like ten or eleven rounds from his service revolver; the shocking part of this is, there`s a noticeable pause of about two seconds between these two rather thick clusters of sound, comprising gunshot volleys.
Robert Paul ReyesMichael Brown: Thug or Gentle Giant? - The racial divide in America will never disappear until the African American community stops making excuses for the propensity of their youth to resort to violence.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Whale Ticked Off at Annoying Brats - How I wish those stupid kids would be eaten by lions at the zoo, and the whale would be released into the ocean.
Robert Paul ReyesBreaking News: 6.0 Earthquake Jolts San Francisco Bay Area - A long, rolling temblor pegged at 6.0 by the U.S. Geological Survey shook a wide swath of the Bay Area awake early Sunday, causing damage to buildings and sending at least 70 people to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Miss Colombia Hopeful Disqualified for Showing Underboob - This is an outrage of Biblical proportions that threatens to destroy not only the credibility and legitimacy of the Miss Columbia organization, but that of the country as well.
Robert Paul ReyesStolen Statue of Obama Discovered with Six-Pack of Twisted Tea in Park: Video - I`m surprised the Obama statue wasn`t discovered on a bench in a golf course with an empty 40 oz. bottle of malt liquor and a joint hanging from its mouth.
John G. KaysTuesday`s St. Louis Police Shooting of a Disturbed Young Black Man, Is Hardly Benign! - Once again, while we`re hearing the unrest in Ferguson is beginning to diffuse, this latest shooting of a mentally disturbed black man, apparently wielding an ordinary kitchen knife, by two St Louis Police Officers (on Tuesday, at around 12:30 PM), is cause for concern, in terms of an obvious abuse of their powers of Deadly Force.
Robert Paul ReyesTeen Crushed to Death Was Stealing Metal Rods! Karma is a Beautiful Thing! - One of three teenagers who were trying to steal metal rods at an Alsip construction business died early Wednesday when 34,000-pound concrete and brick panels fell and pinned him.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Albino Crocodile Killed After Eating Hapless Fisherman: Video - An albino-headed crocodile that killed a man fishing on a Territory river has been described by an expert as a one-in-100-million rarity.
Robert Paul ReyesBarbarians Kill 15-Foot Long Alligator - A team led by an Alabama couple was able to capture and kill a gigantic alligator that had been living in the Alabama River.
John G. KaysAs Ferguson, Mo.`s Social and Racial Unrest Festers, What Role Is Played By the Media? - Ferguson, Mo. isn`t Ferguson, Mo. anymore! Now it`s a staging ground for those who seek out justice for Michael Brown and for young African-American males in general, who appear to have been specifically targeted by the police (not just in Ferguson, but throughout the United States).
Robert Paul ReyesFerguson, Michael Brown, Darren Wilson and Race in America - It`s time for the citizens of Ferguson to ratchet things down a bit, the nation, indeed the world, has heard their pleas for transparency and justice loud and clear.
Robert Paul ReyesUFOs Caught By News Crew During Forest Fire Coverage: Video - A video shot outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, during a forest fire unexpectedly captured a lot more than firefighting efforts.
Robert Paul ReyesMass UFO Sighting Over Houston Lights Up Social Media: Video - Shame on the Weather Network for publishing a story about UFO`s, they should stick their bread and butter stories: Tornados, hurricanes, and blizzards.
Robert Paul ReyesDid NASA Webcam Spot UFOs? Video! - Only a UFO nut would notice a tiny speck on the NASA live feed, enlarge it until it`s a comma-sized blur, and declare it`s a UFO Mothership with an alien flashing a peace sign from a window.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Cop Challenges Kids to a Dance-Off! - This video proves they don`t teaching dancing as a course at the Police Academy, but I have to give the cop credit for engaging with the community he serves.
John G. KaysIs Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson the Only One Who Can Quell the Riotous Fires of Unrest There? - Rather than diffusing, the tense situation in Ferguson is gaining momentum, if not snowballing, as the collective eyes of a vigilant and concerned nation steer their focus on an outraged community in a suburb of St. Louis, as The People try and sort out what happened on its streets last Saturday.
Robert Paul ReyesGrandma from Hell Posts Pic on Facebook of Duct-taped Infant: Video - An Ohio woman posted photos on Facebook showing her 2-month-old granddaughter with a pacifier secured to her face with duct tape.
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