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Pope Francis Looks Mortified to be Taking Photo With Donald Trump

It looks like they posed for a photograph before they split ways, the Trumps to attend a Black Mass, and the pontiff to hear confession.

Robert Paul ReyesWas Joseph Rudolph Wood's Execution Botched? Hell No, the Animal Died! - Many newspapers have described Wood`s execution as a botched execution,the only botched execution is one where the low-life scum who richly deserves to be put to death survives.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Twitter Staff 3% Hispanic, 2% Black, 30% Female! - Twitter and other social media giant corporations don`t mind if minorities access their sites, but they are loathe to welcome us as employees.
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin Blames Speeding Ticket on Sammy Hagar: Video - Sarah Palin was jamming out to some classic rock while driving in Alaska and it apparently got her motor running a little too fast.
Robert Paul ReyesSnoop Dogg Smoked Weed at the White House! Did Obama Join Him? Video! - Snoop Dogg hosted Jimmy Kimmel as a guest on his Internet talk show and told Kimmel that he once smoked weed in a White House bathroom.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video! Old Man Throws Away Canes, Drops it Like it's Hot! Dancing Machine! - A video starring an old dude dancing has temporarily eclipsed all the cat videos on the Internet.
John G. KaysWho Wanted Respected FSU Law Professor, Dan Markel, DEAD? - Who executed respected law professor, Dan Markel, in his home in Tallahassee, Florida? Why`d they do it? What was the specific motive, we`d like to know? Was it family related, or did it, perhaps, have something to do with his professional affiliations?
John G. KaysWhy Did African-American Teenager, Renisha McBride Go Knocking On Ted Wafer`s Front Door? - What happened exactly on November 2, 2013, when Theodore Wafer discharged his shotgun through the screen, killing 19-year-old Renisha McBride? Why did Renisha choose Wafer`s particular house for assistance, when leaving the scene of an accident, apparently about a half a mile away?
Robert Paul ReyesSheriff Gets Rid of Orange Jumpsuits Because They are too 'Cool' - All-orange jumpsuits are cool and a real turn-on but if I made a pass at Red, or even Piper or Soso they would tear me a new a-hole. But if a nerdy girl dons an orange jumpsuit, I will be all over her like white on rice.
Robert Paul ReyesSelfie Toaster, Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: Video - Camera phone selfies are so five minutes ago. It's no longer enough just to take a picture of yourself. Now you can eat an image of your own face with the help of a selfie toaster.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video! Crying Toddler Begs Her Dad to Retun Her Nose - Some things are as plain as the nose on your face...
Robert Paul ReyesOreo Cookies That Taste Like Fried Chicken! Real or Rumor? Video! - Unfortunately, Fried Chicken Oreos aren`t available anywhere, not even in grocery stores in the hood.
John G. KaysDid Erin Corwin Secretly Meet a Mysterious Short Man with Short Hair, on June 28th? - Where did Erin Corwin go? Why are they looking for her in nearby Joshua Tree National Park? Just since her husband, Lance Cpl. Jonathan Corwin said she was going there (on June 28th, the day she went missing)? I don`t believe she went there, or not voluntarily anyway!
John G. KaysWas Rebekah Bletsch`s Killer Fleeing the Crime Scene, Just When the Passerby Appears? - When a passerby came upon a nearly expired Rebekah Bletsch, just after 6 PM (June 29th, in Dalton Township, Michigan), on an isolated stretch of Automobile Road, lying prostrate just off the curb, (it`s my theory) the killer had just fled the scene in the nick of time, avoiding detection.
Robert Paul ReyesAngela Green's Duck-Face Mug Shot! Horrifying! Gone Viral! - The Wickliffe Police Department posted Green`s mugshot on its Facebook page and it quickly went viral.
John G. KaysIn Maggie Daniels` Intriguing Murder Mystery, Is Chief Donald Brown Projecting Over-Optimistically? - Very little new information on Maggie Daniels` murder investigation in Newton, NC is surfacing in the news; the only new piece we have is Police reinterview Maggie Daniels` neighbors, ship evidence to state lab, by Chris Dyches (published by WBTV). I wonder why the police are questioning these neighbors once again?
Robert Paul ReyesNASA: We Will Discover Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life in Next 20 Years! - I believe that in the near future intelligent extraterrestrial life will be discovered, the earth-shaking announcement won`t be made by a MUFON investigator or a hillbilly wearing a tin-foil hat, but by a NASA scientist.
SOP newswire2Life Behind the Pulpit Starts With Words of Inspiration - Life behind the pulpit starts with applying or needing the very words of inspiration that you give to others.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Videotapes UFO at So Percussion Concert: Video! Far Out! - If you are at a concert where Ecstasy is passed around like candy, and there`s a marijuana cloud hovering over the crowd, that smelly dude standing next to you isn`t a Chupacabra, so please don`t bother the 911 operator.
Robert Paul ReyesUFOs Spotted Over Southern France! UFO Invasion? - A video apparently showing UFOs flying over southern France has become an online sensation.
John G. KaysDid a Charismatic, Trusting Maggie Daniels Know Her Killer? Probably, She Did! - A bottomless, unyielding adoration for Maggie Daniels, in the community where she lived and worked (Newton, North Carolina), has been well documented by the press and by the media (such as cable TV).
John G. KaysWhy Did Goth Hooker Alix Tichelman Forget to Wipe-Off Her Fingerprint on the Wine Glass? - Has Alix Tichelman killed more than once? Is administering a lethal dose of heroin to an upper-echelon clientele a part of her MO, along with plying her trade in the world`s oldest profession?
Robert Paul ReyesFlying Saucer Photo is Genuine 'UFO' Government Experts Claim: Video - A flying saucer snapped above a remote Chilean copper mine has baffled Government experts who admitted it must be a real UFO.
Robert Paul ReyesWatch Kayden Kinckle,2, Take His First Steps Using Prosthetics! - Kayden Kinckle is an inspirational 2-year-old. He's a double amputee who recently took his first steps using prosthetics.
John G. KaysIn Maggie Daniels` Sad But Unusual Homicide Case, What Are the Promising New Leads? - Why would anybody want to kill the popular, lovely, and upbeat school counselor and teacher, Maggie Daniels? Over the past week, which includes the drudgery of a three-day 4th of July holiday, we`re hearing that Newton (which is a small town in North Carolina, in between Knoxville, Tn. and Charlotte, NC) detectives are making considerable progress (according to them).
Robert Paul ReyesIs There a UFO on Mars? Video! - Is that a UFO on Mars? A photograph taken by the Navcam onboard NASA`s Curiosity Rover has got conspiracy theorists talking about alien life forms again.
Robert Paul ReyesClimate Change Will Eradicate Ginger Kids from the Face of the Earth! Video! - I will gladly live in a world that`s hotter than hell, if it means that I will no longer be terrorized by Ginger Kids.
Robert Paul ReyesCrack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford Can't Promise He Won't Smoke Crack Again - Crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said Friday that he won`t guarantee he will stay sober if he`s reelected, telling a radio show that people will just have to trust him.
Robert Paul ReyesCIA's Latest Tweet Debunks UFO Conspiracy: Video - Only a moron would believe that extraterrestrial visit our little blue planet on a regular basis, and only a fool would risk having his life turned upside down by castings aspersions on the CIA.
John G. KaysDoes Justin Ross Harris Have a Split Personality in the Classic Freudian Sense? - Ross must have left him in the car. Leanna`s comment upon discovering Baby Cooper wasn`t at the daycare center when she tried to pick him up (the day he died, June 18th, 2014). Another one of Leanna`s incidental comments made at the police station...
Robert Paul ReyesWaitress Fired for Facebook Rant - Anybody foolish enough to vent about their job online deserves to be fired. I have no sympathy for Kelly, I hope she lands a job in McDonald`s; she needs to learn what it feels like to work like a dog without getting any tips.
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