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Tiger Woods Arrested on Suspicion of DUI! What's Next: Retirement or Suicide?

Tiger Woods, golfing icon, was arrested on a DUI charge in Florida early Monday morning, and his mugshot has gone viral.

Robert Paul ReyesPizza Hut Reinstates Manager Fired After Refusing to Open Thanksgiving - It`s anathema, communist, and downright evil for a pizza joint to open on Thanksgiving. It`s an affront to goodness, love and everything that`s decent in the world for Pizza Hut to open their doors on Thanksgiving.
Robert Paul ReyesRobert Paul Reyes: What I'm Thankful For This Thanksgiving: Video - I`m thankful " That`s an attitude I hope I will continue to have throughout the year!
Robert Paul ReyesChristian School Threatens To Expel Black Girl Being Bullied Over Natural Hair! Video! - Little Vanessa has no plans to straighten or cut her natural hairstyle, and her mother has her back. Let`s hope that the Pharisees at Faith Christian Academy will have an epiphany and let Vanessa rock her beautiful hair.
John G. KaysMichael McStay Would Have To Be Nostradamus Reincarnated To Predict His Brother`s Fate So Accurately! - Early on in the McStay case I was very cautious and skeptical of Joseph`s younger brother, Michael McStay; not that I had any reason to be, but this is just my nature. I watched a lot of detective TV shows while growing up, such as Columbo (my personal favorite), Kojak, Barnaby Jones, and The Streets of San Francisco.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayerv Hires Katie Couric As Yahoo Global Anchor - Katie Couric is the most annoying, cloying and overhyped anchor is the history of broadcast journalism. Couric has the gravitas of a buttermilk pancake that has been run over by a Mack truck.
John G. KaysWhat Motive Would Chase Merritt Have for Doing Joseph McStay and His Family Any Harm? - The McStays` remains found in a shallow grave out in Nowheresville (an isolated Mojave desert near Victorville, California)? Are we left with more clarity or rather more obscurity in the McStays` intriguing case, 45 months after they went missing?
Robert Paul ReyesIndia Seeks To Become Open-Defecation Free State: Video - India isn`t doing squat about overpopulation, what good is it if they install toilets in every home when tons of little crappers are born every day?
Robert Paul ReyesInsanity! Thousands Search For 'Mr. Rabbit', Stuffed Animal Lost By Little Girl: Video - This is a classic case of tomfoolery run amuck "
John G. KaysArnold Rowland Saw a Man with a High-Powered Rifle in the Southwest Corner Window of the TSBD (12:15 PM)! - Focusing on one individual witness at a time, or on one distinct moment in time, can provide clarity, a mind-altering window into the Assassination of JFK, that tells us conclusively, the shooting was wrought with a sophisticated construction, involving multiple parties, but that (necessarily) excludes Lee Oswald.
John G. KaysDid Lee E. Bowers See Too Much From Behind THE GRASSY KNOLL? Had to Die? - As I watch so many of the newly produced specials for the 50th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy`s assassination in Dallas, I`m noticing a paradigm, a return to the belief that Lee Oswald acted alone and was solely responsible for shooting the President and Officer J.D. Tippit in Oak Cliff.
Robert Paul ReyesOprah Winfrey: People Hate Obama Because He's Black! - Neither Oprah, nor playing the race card can save Obama`s presidency. Obama, you are a lame duck, period!
Robert Paul ReyesObamacare Girl Emerges, Claims She's Victim of Cyberbullying: Video - God damn you straight to hell Obama for foisting this ungodly monstrosity on the American public.
Robert Paul ReyesInsanity: Clergy Post 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' Billboards In Detroit - Detroit is a failed municipality, it has abysmally failed to provide the basic conditions and responsibilities the citizens of a major American metropolis expect and demand: Quality education, law and order, good governance, solid infrastructure and meaningful jobs.
Robert Paul ReyesBlockbuster To Close All US Stores! An Era Has Ended! If Only We Could Rewind History! - Blockbuster LLC announced this week that it will close its approximately 300 remaining stores, as well as its distribution centers.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Argues Denial of 'COPSLIE' Plate Violates his Free Speech: Video - "COPSEATDONUTS" and "COPSRACIALLY PROFILE" also neatly sum up police behavior, but they are too long for a license plate.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Tanning Salon's Thanksgiving Ad Insults Native Americans - As Thanksgiving approaches I am thankful that we have made long strides in eradicating racism, but the vestiges of this ugly disease still remain.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Home Depot Tweets Blatantly Racist Pic: Video - Until Home Depot makes proper amends for its horrific mistake; I will go to Lowe`s to buy materials for my home improvement projects.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Tomahawk-Throwing Champion Fails To Throw Tomahawk At Burglar: Video - Jesus and the residents of Hemet are weeping over the failure of this woman to rid their community of this burglar.
Robert Paul ReyesNeanderthal Complains About Rainbow Dinosaur In Front Of High School: Video - All`s well that ends well: The beautiful rainbow dinosaur will be allowed to stay in front of Granby high school.
John G. KaysIn Colin McLaren`s 'JFK: The Smoking Gun,' What`s its Achilles Heel? - Secret Service Agent George Hickey reacts (probably) to the second high-powered rifle discharge in Dealey Plaza, picks up his AR-15, thinking he`ll return fire, when (when the car jerks) his gun accidentally fires forward, hitting the President in the back of the head.
John G. KaysWhy Was Frank Finkel`s Claim that He Survived the Little Big Horn Dismissed in the 1920s? - The History Channel repeated Custer`s Last Man - "I Survived Little Big Horn" (original broadcast was on May 4, 2011) on Saturday, so with the strength of the content, which was readily grabbing my attention, I impulsively hit the red record button on my Time Warner Cable remote!
Robert Paul ReyesOlivia Wise, Teen With Brain Cancer, Sings Katy Perry's 'Roar', Touches Millions: Video - Olivia is as weak as a kitten, but she roars like a lion.
Robert Paul ReyesOnly 6 People Enrolled in Obamacare On First Day: Obamacare Fiasco! Video! - Healthcare.gov isn`t glitchy it`s a fiasco, a failure of biblical proportions, and maybe that`s a good thing because it`s a portal to hell: Obamacare!
Robert Paul ReyesCute Video! Baby Smiles & Cries When She's Seranaded By Her Mom - The infant`s crying is tempered by intermittent smiles; the angelic creature seems to understand that life is sweet and sour
Robert Paul ReyesWise Woman To Hand Out 'Fat Letters' Instead Of Candy To Fat Kids: Video - Fat kids shouldn`t go trick or treating, period! Shame on parents who send their chubby kids to beg for candy on Halloween.
Robert Paul ReyesObamacare Girl, We Hardly Knew Ye! Video! - Where is the Obamacare Girl? The sweet child has probably entered the Federal Witness Protection Program, or perhaps she`s found a more honorable gig gracing the front page of a Ukrainian porno Web site.
Robert Paul ReyesCheerleader Mikayla Clark Performs 44 Back Handsprings: Video - Mikayla's impressive gymnastic display lasted only 34 seconds.
Robert Paul ReyesPreacher: 'Wicked' Girl Scouts Promote Lesbianism & Abortion: Video - When an average American sees a girl scout selling cookies, these words come to his mind: Innocence, all-American, wholesomeness, goodness...
Jay ForteOut From Behind The Machines Service Age Redefines Hiring, Work and Engagement - Much of manufacturing has moved offshore; today`s economy is now service-based. The movement from the make things to the provide service economy means two important
John G. KaysWere the Murders of Hailey Nicholls and Jesse Robledo in San Marcos Premeditated by Daniel Stillwell? - I saw the news story of the double homicide of Hailey Nicholls and Jesse Robledo at the hands of Daniel Stillwell down in San Marcos, thinking I would forget about it, but I didn`t. After reading about the tragic incident last Thursday evening, I went about my everyday activities normally...
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