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Lawrence O'Donnel's Epic Off-air Rant! MSNBC Should Have Him Committed to an Asylum

Lawrence O'Donnell is freaking nuts.

Robert Paul ReyesRussian Politician: Obama Should Divorce Michelle - Any couple that`s been married as long as the Obamas engage in sex as often as they do their taxes, and the sex is as enjoyable as doing their taxes.
Robert Paul Reyes'Anorexic' Doll Provokes Controversy: Should 'Nenuco Won't Eat' Doll Be Banned? - To argue that the Nenuco Won`t Eat " doll encourages young children to develop eating disorders is patently absurd.
John G. KaysIn Alfred Wright`s Mysterious Death, What`s the Connection Between a Thin Dime Found Near the Body and - Appropriately, I read the news (Beaumont Enterprise) of the protest march for justice, in the case of Alfred Wright, through downtown Beaumont
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Old Folks Take Over McDonald's, Refuse to Leave! Video! - These elderly troublemakers enter the Golden Arches in gangs of eight to ten, buy one cup of coffee each, and commandeer tables for hours at a time.
Robert Paul ReyesShoplifter Orders Daughter, 7, To Help Her Attack Family Dollar Clerk: Video! - I would be embarrassed to shop, let alone shoplift, at a Family Dollar store. When you shoplift at a Dollar General store with your young children in tow, you know you are the lowest of the low.
Robert Paul ReyesWorld's Dirtiest Man Hasn't Bathed In 60 Years! Video! - Haji lives like a hermit, he sleeps in a hole in the ground, eats rotten porcupine meat, smokes animal dung, and he hasn`t bathed in six decades.
John G. KaysDennis McGuire`s Execution in Ohio Raises Some Doubts About Capital Punishment! - The execution of condemned Ohio killer Dennis McGuire yesterday morning, where he took more than 15 minutes to die, raises a lot of questions about capital punishment in our country. As described by various news sources, including a Columbus Dispatch reporter, Alan Johnson, who witnessed the entire unpleasant proceedings...
John G. KaysWhy Did a Young Man Shoot Two People To Death at a Martin`s Super Market in Elkhart, Indiana? - A young man walks into a Martin`s Super Market in Elkhart, Indiana (110 miles east of Chicago) late Wednesday evening (around 10 PM), and begins shooting people. Why? Was it random, or did he know any of the employees?
John G. KaysWho`s Behind the Murder of Alfred Wright in East Texas? Why Was He Killed? - A sequence of events in the mysterious death of Alfred Wright in East Texas don`t add up, until we can see who`s behind it. We have to thank CNN (Anderson Cooper`s 360 and an on the scene reporter, Deborah Feyerick) for making the very first probes into what looks like a cover-up by the Sabine County Sheriff`s Office, since now the FBI and The Texas Rangers are in charge of investigating the strangeness surrounding 28-year-old Alfred Wright`s death.
John G. KaysWas Timothy Davison`s Death on a Lonely Stretch of Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania a Result of Road Rage? - Ten days now since 28-year-old Timothy Davison was run off the road and shot to death on Highway Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania, by a man driving a dark-colored Ford Ranger XLT; still no word. Most news stories make only a slight impression on me, quickly forgotten, but that`s not so with this one, which shouts out road rage...
Robert Paul ReyesLizzie Velasquez: Ugliest Woman in the World & Most Inspiring Motivational Speaker in the World! Video! - After reading about Lizzie Velasquez, hopefully you will never make another excuse in your life.
Robert Paul ReyesUptalking: An Epidemic That Will Destroy America! Video! - My greatest nightmare is that the Zombie Apocalypse is right around the corner, and that even the undead will be uptalking.
Robert Paul ReyesDee Dee McCarron Apologizes for Jameis Winston Tweet: Video - Her tweet didn`t express hatred of blacks, but her love of the English language.
Robert Paul ReyesPolar Vortex Victim: Homeless Man Frozen Solid! Human Popsicle! - It`s unfortunate that the only time we think of the homeless is when one of them becomes a Human Popsicle.
John G. KaysDevelopments in Fallujah, Requires Us to Revisit the Two Battles There in 2004! - Understanding what`s happening in Fallujah today, has required of me, revisiting the two battles there in 2004, involving US Marines. As I made my snail-like commute from work on the Mopac yesterday, I listened to a very attention-grabbing piece on NPR about some Marines reflecting back on the achievements of the campaign from 2004...
John G. KaysDeja Vu, as Fallujah Heats Up and a Revived Al-Qaida Aligns Itself With Sunni Locals! - I had something else in mind for today, but upon seeing the NBC News last night, with the familiar black-cloaked al-Qaida insurgents, holding automatic weapons or grenade launchers, in the battered streets of Fallujah, Iraq, I suddenly decided to change my direction, focusing rather on the Middle East, where shifting global political allegiances once again capture our undivided attention.
Robert Paul ReyesIf We Down UFO We'll Be Facing Interstellar War: Former Defense Minister of Canada - Hellyer should be admitted to an insane asylum, where he might find some converts to his UFO conspiracies.
Robert Paul ReyesO.J. Simpson Begs Obama for Clemency: I'm Dying of Cancer - Obama`s approval ratings are in the gutter, if he pardoned Simpson the American public would demand his impeachment.
Robert Paul ReyesPETA's Bikini-Clad Lettuce Ladies Brave Frigid Temps To Promote Vegan Lifestyle! Video! - The PETA lettuce ladies will garner a lot of sympathy as they freeze their butts off, but they won`t gain any converts to their cause.
John G. KaysGary Lee Bullock`s Behavior Is Described as 'Erratic;' How So? - What was wrong with Gary Lee Bullock? Was he intoxicated when arrested near Garberville, California (67 miles south of Eureka)? But what was the nature of his erratic behavior that motivated the Eureka jailers to send him in for a psychological evaluation at the hospital?
Robert Paul ReyesVA Newspaper Shuts Down Comments on Knockout Game Report for 'Hateful Nature' - The Virginia News and Arts Weekly crossed the line from responsible journalism into censorship by shutting down its comments section because readers had the temerity to express anger.
Robert Paul ReyesChurch Displays Bleeding Trayvon Martin Nativity Scene: Video - I wonder how long it will be before the race pimps like the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson make a pilgrimage to the Claremont Methodist Church?
Robert Paul ReyesRobert Paul Reyes: My Top Five New Year's Resolutions - Perform one random act of kindness per month...
Robert Paul Reyes5 Shot, 3 Killed Outside Strip Club Christmas Morning: Video - Moral of this story: A stripper may warm your lap for a few moments, but your family`s love will warm your heart forever. Stay away from strip clubs, losers!
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Santa Shot While Delivering Free Toys In The Hood: Video - This Christmas Eve when Santa was getting ready to begin his toy giveaway, he was shot with a pellet gun. To shoot Santa when he`s surrounded by children is an unspeakable crime.
Robert Paul ReyesYule Log Program: Christmas Programming At Its Best: Video - The Yule Log program is more entertaining, edifying and exciting than most of the programming on the broadcast networks and cable.
Robert Paul ReyesPhiladelphia Eagles Honor Former Cheerleader For Military Service: Video - Cheers to the Philadelphia Eagles, Rachel Washburn, and all the other men and women serving in the military.
Robert Paul ReyesDrunk Cop Charged With Sexting With Girl, 12, While On Duty - It is unclear if Outwater has been fired or suspended. About 140 people live in Kobuk and I bet they all have guns and are dying to exact justice if the criminal justice system drags its feet.
Robert Paul ReyesDo-Nothing Congress Introduces Resolution Defending Christmas - In 2013 Congress passed just 64 bills, that`s the lowest amount in modern history.
Robert Paul ReyesObamacare's 'Pajama Boy' Symbol of Wussification of America: Video - God damn Pajama Boy, Obama, and Obamacare straight to hell!
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