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Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders Better Not Run for President in 2020

Of the nine candidates officially running in the Democratic presidential primary, only one is a heterosexual white man.

John G. KaysIbolya Ryan`s Killer, the Reem Island Ghost, It Turns Out, Was a Woman After All! - Okay, so what`s up with this huge kitchen knife, which most certainly was used as the murder weapon? Is it possible the killer purchased it at a nearby store in the mall? Naturally, this would identify the Rat (or Rat-ess), so this makes me feel it`s unlikely, it went down as such.
Robert Paul ReyesWomen's Rights Icon Gloria Allred Takes on Fallen Icon Bill Cosby - Bill Cosby has finally met his match, Allred, 73, may be fighting the final women`s rights battle of her controversial but distinguished career, and she will settle for nothing less than justice.
John G. KaysDid Eric Garner Resist Arrest? Daniel Pantaleo`s Hidden Agenda? - Apparently so, since a motion picture doesn`t lie; another part of my cursory investigation was to watch a longer video of several police officers awkwardly standing about, next to the lifeless body of the Garner, as they await a (purposeless) emergency vehicle.
Robert Paul ReyesThe St. Louis Rams' 'Hands Up' Ferguson Stunt a Disgrace! NFL Doesn't Need Another Black Eye! - Five players for the St. Louis Rams angered a city police group Sunday when they took the field with their hands raised overhead in the 'hands up, don`t shoot` gesture.
John G. KaysEvents Surrounding Execution of Michael Brown in Ferguson, A Seamless Unfolding of American History! - The 5 St. Louis Rams holding their hands up synchs in with prior moments of courage displayed by athletes; Muhammad Ali refusing to be drafted for the Vietnam War...
Robert Paul ReyesStar Wars Drama! Are All Stormtroopers Supposed to be White Clones? Video! - I don`t care if a Stormtrooper is white, black, or purple as long as he delivers the action I crave in a Star Wars movie.
Robert Paul ReyesMichael Brown's Killer Darren Wilson Resigns From Ferguson Police Department - The white police officer who fatally shot unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in the US town of Ferguson has resigned.
Robert Paul ReyesFerguson: Photo of Black Boy Hugging White Cop Will Melt Your Heart: Video - Amid a Ferguson rally in Portland, Ore. a freelance photographer was able to capture a powerful image of a young African-American boy hugging a police officer.
John G. KaysAn Abandoned 100 K Burger King Backpack Must Have a Whopper of a Backstory! - Why did they choose a King? Why not a Taco Bell, or perhaps a Kentucky Fried Chicken (I don`t know if San Jose has the Colonel?)? Was this individual on the lam? Was somebody following this anonymous BK customer?
Robert Paul ReyesBlack Friday Madness: Epic Fight Breaks Out Over Cheap Thongs: Video! God Deliver Us From Ratchet Women! - You know it`s that most wonderful time of the year when strangers smile at you, Christmas hymns are heard everywhere, folks are full of good cheer and ratchet ladies fight over the same pair of cheap thongs at a shopping mall.
Robert Paul ReyesFerguson Meme 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' Based on a Damn Lie! - People who chant Hands up, Don`t Shoot " are demonstrating their ignorance and stupidity.
John G. KaysDeandre Joshua`s Murder in Ferguson Chalk-Full of More Coincidence? - If so, what was their motive, or how does this make any sense? Why would they shoot one of their own Brothers, when the object of their wrath should have been racist Whites? I`m completely confused, so I guess I better back up a bit...
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Thanksgiving Edition - Here`s a guy who is excited, witness his bulging eyes, about Thanksgiving. But he seems to be looking forward to only one aspect about the holiday: All the food he plans on devouring.
Robert Paul ReyesThanksgiving: A Time to be Thankful! - It`s that time of the year when even cynics like me pause to give thanks for their many blessings. Indeed Americans have a lot to be thankful for!
John G. KaysAn Indictment of Darren Wilson Only Possible Ruling, Instead McCulloch Announces Acquittal! - Had the grand jury ruled to indict the white officer, then this would be a reason for surprise! It is fortunate that the Department of Justice is conducting their own investigation; I suspect a very different outcome with the Feds (this is a reasonable expectation on my part).
Robert Paul ReyesFerguson Grand Jury: No Probable Cause to Indict Darren Wilson! Justice Prevails! - The looting and rioting that took place almost immediately after the grand jury`s decision was announced was the antithesis of democratic action.
Robert Paul ReyesMiracle: Chinese Driver Sets Parallel Parking World Record - A Chinese stunt driver broke the Guinness World Record for tightest car parallel parking by drifting into a space with only 3.15 inches to spare.
Robert Paul ReyesAlien Skull Spotted on the Surface of Mars? More UFO Tomfoolery? Video! - Enough of this UFO tomfoolery, there`s no giant skull on Mars and there are no UFO`s hovering over our cities on Earth.
Robert Paul ReyesSan Francisco Knee-deep in Human Excrement: Video - Nobody likes dog doo, but a far more troubling issue in San Francisco concerns burgeoning complaints about human messes in the city as revealed in a series of poop maps.
Robert Paul ReyesWinnie the Pooh Banned by Polish Playground for Dubious Sexuality - Winnie the Pooh has been banned from a Polish playground because of confusion about his sexuality and consternation at his attire.
John G. KaysThe I-35, Serial Rock-Throwing Culprit Strikes for the 14th Time, Here in Austin! - First of all, I have to wonder whether this is just one disturbed individual who`s responsible for all 14 crimes, or whether there is a group of sickos working in cahoots with one another, and sharing a common motive or grudge.
John G. KaysMiss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado, and Her Sister Murdered by Plutarco Ruiz, Boyfriend of Sofia Trinidad! Why? - San Pedro Sula is the most violent city on the earth, averaging 3 murders per day (3.3 a day, with a total of 1,218 homicides in 2012 alone). Miss Honduras lives in Santa Barbara, but I don`t know whether this is much of a saving grace, in a country run by thuggish drug cartels.
Robert Paul ReyesRussian Dashboard Cam Captures Hellacious UFO - Something big, bright and bodacious exploded over Russia, fortunately dashboard cams are as ubiquitous as drunken Russians passed out in subways, and one of them captured the astonishing spectacle.
Robert Paul ReyesThank God for Dogs and First Responders - I hope this story will inspire you to adopt a dog from your local animal shelter, and motivate you to thank the next first responder you see.
John G. KaysFerguson Is Tightly Coiled, with Inevitable Acquittal In the Cards for Darren Wilson! - Slavery and The American Civil War, Jim Crow, the KKK, MLK`s assassination and its aftermath, Emmett Till, Malcolm X, the unfair acquittal of white LA cops in the Rodney King beating, Trayvon Martin (actually, the list is infinite).
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Philly Jesus Arrested at Iconic LOVE Park: Video - It`s an affront to the reputation of the City of Brotherly Love for Philly Jesus to be arrested like a common criminal in the iconic LOVE Park.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Obama Refers to Peter Kassig as 'Abdul-Rahman'! Muslim-Pandering Disgrace! - When I read where Obama referred to the victim as 'Abdul-Rahman Kassig, also known to us as Peter' I felt like throwing up.
Robert Paul ReyesPower Wheels Spoofs Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ad - Using a child actor is parody the Lincoln commercial is pure genius.
John G. KaysWhy Did Amputee Sean Petrozzino Shoot his Parents To Death With a High-Powered Rifle? - And then we`re up against how in the world Sean fired this high-powered rifle, which hasn`t yet been found by the police. We`re hearing from experts it can be done, but we`re still left with a great deal of curiosity about a number of items.
Robert Paul ReyesPrincess Leia Stars in Catcalling Parody Video - The actress who portrays Princess Leia in this video has a galaxy-class set of racks, and she would elicit catcalls not only in New York City but Vatican City as well.
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