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The Chuck and Nancy Oval Office Emasculation of Donald Trump Rendered Mike Pence Mute

Trump invited cameras to his Oval Office meeting with Chuck and Nancy, the narcissist thought the photo-op of him berating the Democratic Congressional leaders over their refusal to allocate funds for his wall would play well with his base.

Robert Paul ReyesDoes 16th Century Painting Depict Flying Saucer? Stop UFO Tomfoolery! - A strange disc pouring smoke and hovering over buildings has been found in a monastery wall painting thought to date from the 16th century.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Ebola-Themed Costumes Selling Out for Halloween - People Please! Keep it classy and dress up like crack whores, prostitutes, zombies, clowns or bimbo celebs for Halloween. Don`t dress up in an Ebola-themed custume!
Robert Paul ReyesCNN's Anderson Cooper Scolds 'Reporter' Who Begs For Selfie: Video - Anderson Cooper isn`t exactly the epitome of professional journalism; he has the tendency to giggle like a schoolgirl who`s just been pinched in the butt by the cutest guy in her school.
Robert Paul ReyesZiggy the Pooch is More Hapless Than Ziggy the Cartoon Strip Character - A bull terrier named Ziggy was found dumped in the woods with a crossbow bolt in his head millimeters from his brain.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Adorable Baby Twins Dance-Off Ends in Slapping Frenzy - I`ve been accused of being cynical, crude, and just downright mean, but I sometimes leaven my daily dose of sarcasm and cynicism with an adorable video.
Robert Paul ReyesMonica Lewinsky: The Shameless Slut Makes a Comeback! Video! - Monica Lewinsky is a shameless slut, plain and simple, and my advice for her applies to all sluts: Keep your legs closed. Or maybe in her case it should be "keep your mouth closed ", you may swallow more than you can handle.
Robert Paul Reyes'Armed Clowns' Spread Panic in France! Halloween Gone Wild! - Halloween is not an excuse to let clowns roam free threatening civilians and wreaking havoc.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Halloween Video of the Year! - Congratulations to the happy couple, and Happy Halloween to all my readers.
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Flying Over the Moon? Video! - The chances of you witnessing a cow jump over the moon are substantially higher than the chances of you observing a UFO fly over the lunar surface.
Robert Paul ReyesAmerican Tourist Locked in London Bookstore After Hours - American tourist David Wills found himself trapped in a London Waterstones late last night after staff closed up shop whilst he was still perusing the shelves on the second floor.
Robert Paul ReyesPumpkin Halloween Heaven! How to Make a Jack O'Lantern With No Carving: Video - Can you say: Paint your pumpkin?
Robert Paul ReyesCreepy Clown Sightings Go Nationwide! Halloween from Hell! - The rash of creepy clown sightings in California appears to have spread nationwide, with reported en-clown-ters in Florida, Indiana and New Mexico.
Robert Paul ReyesChicago Holds Top Spot on Rattiest Cities List - If only Orkin offered a service to exterminate rats of the human variety.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Michelle Obama Releases Ratchet Vine to Promote Healthy Eating - Can you imagine Jackie Kennedy using a phrase with blatant sexual and drug connotations to promote healthy eating?
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Watches NASA astronauts on ISS Spacewalk: Video - As two astronauts aboard the International Space Station made some outside repairs, a UFO appears to hover in the background, as seen on a video released by NASA.
Robert Paul ReyesAlicia Keys Protests Kidnapping of Nigerian Schoolgirls by Islamic Terrorists: Video - Protests, hashtags, and social media campaigns may work to persuade a grocery store chain to ban plastic bags, but these methods are ineffectual in shaming Islamic terrorists into releasing the girls they`ve kidnapped.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Hawk Attacks Drone! Zero Tolerance for Police State Drones! - When we see a drone flying over us we should respond like a hawk, and not a dove.
Robert Paul ReyesSo a Horse Walks Into a Police Station! No, Really! Video! - It wasn`t Jessica Sarah Parker walking into a police station to complain because an officer gave her a ticket for having a long face.
Robert Paul ReyesWendy Davis Evil & Desperate! Her Empty Wheelchair Ad Vile! Video! - Shame on Wendy Davis and shame on anyone who votes for this reprehensible and contemptible politician!
John G. KaysThe Cold Case of Michelle O`Connell, Implying Police Complicity, Reminds Me of Laurie Bembenek! - I`m still trying to wrap my head around how this came about; I suspect Jeff Ashton will be doing the same thing, and will probably get underneath this, what is starting to resemble a classic police cover-up or conspiracy (if you`ll indulge me)...
Robert Paul ReyesArtist Creates Crop Circle Art to Raise Awareness of Ebola Epidemic - Dario Gambarin carved up 37-thousand square metres of field on Tuesday in Castagnaro to mark out a 200-metre long drawing of the Ebola virus.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Excalibur, the Pooch Exposed to Ebola, is Killed! Murderers! - The pet dog of a Spanish Ebola victim was put down today over fears it could transmit the disease, prompting a wave of outrage from animal lovers who chanted 'murderers` outside her home.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Spanish Authorities Plan to Kill Excalibur, The Dog Exposed to Ebola: Video - The Ebola patient`s husband, Javier Limon, pleaded with authorities not to execute his beloved dog.
Robert Paul ReyesSupreme Court's Glorious Inaction Leads to Marriage Equality Nirvana - The Supreme Court on Monday let stand appeals court rulings allowing same-sex marriage in five states, a major surprise that could signal the inevitability of the right of same-sex marriage nationwide.
John G. KaysHas Jesse Matthews Been on a Serial Rampage of Rape and Murder for More Than a Decade? - It boggles your mind! You know it`s true, but still you can hardly believe it`s so; moreover, you know there are quite a few more victims, but you don`t hardly know where to begin.
Robert Paul ReyesAdorable Baby Dressed as Pumpkin for Halloween: Video - Halloween is right around the corner, and it`s not too early to start thinking about Halloween costumes.
Robert Paul ReyesISIS Beheads British Aid Worker Alan Henning - A video purporting to show UK hostage Alan Henning being beheaded has been released by Islamic State militants.
Robert Paul ReyesBigfoot Seeker Takes a 'Respectful' and 'Non-threatening' Approach - An Oklahoma Bigfoot seeker (Farlan Huff) said his "non-threatening` and "respectful` approach to the sasquatch has allowed him to get close to legendary creature.
John G. KaysDid Tammy Kingery Commit Suicide or Was She Abducted? Nothing Adds Up! - Tamera Sue Tammy Kingery, a mother of four, went missing on Saturday, September 20th, from what looks like a rural area in Edgefield County, South Carolina. By tomorrow, that would make it two weeks since Tammy walked out of her family house, leaving a note behind as well as her house keys and her cell phone; furthermore, the house was locked.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Baby Flexes His Muscles - As dad flexes in the mirror while getting baby Hadley ready for a bath, the little tyke flexes his muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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