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Donald Trump Hugs American Flag! Disgusting!

President Donald Trump paused to give the American flag a hug after giving a speech to business owners on Tuesday.

Robert Paul ReyesWatch Kayden Kinckle,2, Take His First Steps Using Prosthetics! - Kayden Kinckle is an inspirational 2-year-old. He's a double amputee who recently took his first steps using prosthetics.
John G. KaysIn Maggie Daniels` Sad But Unusual Homicide Case, What Are the Promising New Leads? - Why would anybody want to kill the popular, lovely, and upbeat school counselor and teacher, Maggie Daniels? Over the past week, which includes the drudgery of a three-day 4th of July holiday, we`re hearing that Newton (which is a small town in North Carolina, in between Knoxville, Tn. and Charlotte, NC) detectives are making considerable progress (according to them).
Robert Paul ReyesIs There a UFO on Mars? Video! - Is that a UFO on Mars? A photograph taken by the Navcam onboard NASA`s Curiosity Rover has got conspiracy theorists talking about alien life forms again.
Robert Paul ReyesClimate Change Will Eradicate Ginger Kids from the Face of the Earth! Video! - I will gladly live in a world that`s hotter than hell, if it means that I will no longer be terrorized by Ginger Kids.
Robert Paul ReyesCrack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford Can't Promise He Won't Smoke Crack Again - Crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said Friday that he won`t guarantee he will stay sober if he`s reelected, telling a radio show that people will just have to trust him.
Robert Paul ReyesCIA's Latest Tweet Debunks UFO Conspiracy: Video - Only a moron would believe that extraterrestrial visit our little blue planet on a regular basis, and only a fool would risk having his life turned upside down by castings aspersions on the CIA.
John G. KaysDoes Justin Ross Harris Have a Split Personality in the Classic Freudian Sense? - Ross must have left him in the car. Leanna`s comment upon discovering Baby Cooper wasn`t at the daycare center when she tried to pick him up (the day he died, June 18th, 2014). Another one of Leanna`s incidental comments made at the police station...
Robert Paul ReyesWaitress Fired for Facebook Rant - Anybody foolish enough to vent about their job online deserves to be fired. I have no sympathy for Kelly, I hope she lands a job in McDonald`s; she needs to learn what it feels like to work like a dog without getting any tips.
Robert Paul ReyesJoan Rivers Calls Barack Obama 'Gay' and Michelle Obama a 'Tranny': Video - Joan Rivers calling Michelle Obama a tranny is no more outrageous than comparing her to Jacqueline Kennedy.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: University Offers Female Students Extra Credit for Not Shaving Their Armpits - Female Arizona State University students can receive extra credit for defying social norms and refusing to shave for 10 weeks during the semester.
John G. KaysMaggie Daniels` Death Ruled a Homicide; Who`s the Mysterious 911 Caller Who Found Her? - So far, as I see it, news coverage into (what we now know is) a murder investigation, regarding a guidance counselor, 31-year-old Maggie Daniels, who was found dead in her Windsor apartment complex (in Newton, North Carolina), is drifting darkly in the direction of a 911 call placed by an unidentified man.
Robert Paul ReyesJuly 2 is World UFO Day! Hug an Alien Today! Video! - The truth is out there, at the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels, I think I will spend "World UFO Day" getting my drink on.
John G. KaysIs it Possible Rebekah Sue Bletsch Was Executed by a Professional Hitman? - Who shot (and killed) Rebekah Sue Bletsch in the head execution style? Rebekah`s unexplained murder occurred in the early evening hours, on Sunday, June 29th, most likely between 5 and 6 PM, in the 4300 block of Automobile Road (which is in Dalton Township, Michigan).
Robert Paul ReyesOxford University Researchers Prove Bigfoot is a Myth! Video! - If you have a sample of Bigfoot DNA flush it down the damn toilet, and stop wasting the time of the Oxford scientists.
John G. KaysWhy Is Leanna Harris 'Standing By Her Man,' Justin Ross Harris (Ross)? - Leanna researched in car death also; odd coincident? Did parents conspire to eliminate baby Cooper? If they did, what`s the reason (motive) for this? Did Leanna definitely make the ghastly internet search (the slow and agonizing in car child death)? Or was she lying, just covering for Ross?
Robert Paul ReyesAlbino Nanny From Hell Leaves Kids in Car While Tanning: Video - In a perfect world the authorities would lock this pale monster inside a car on a hot summer day until her face is as red as a beet or she`s dead.
Robert Paul ReyesNASA Successfully Launches and Recovers a Flying Saucer: Video - Eat your heart out UFOlogists, and bow down before a real flying saucer!
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Served a Side of Weed With Her Order at Sonic: Video - In a perfect world Sonic Burger would include a bag of weed with every order, and the clerk who gave away the magic herb for free would have received the " Employee of the Month" award.
Robert Paul ReyesTamron Hall Wears Natural Hair for 1st Time on TV! Black Women Stop Being Ashamed of Your Natural Hair! Video! - It`s a shame that a non-black commentator has to school black women to be proud of their natural hair.
Robert Paul ReyesCracker Barrel Fires Vietnam Vet for Giving Beggar a Muffin! - Joe worked as a host at Cracker Barrel, but he thought he was freaking Santa Claus. Joe has plenty of free time now, maybe he can volunteer at a soup kitchen.
John G. KaysWith Justin Ross Harris, Does Appearance Verse Reality Rear Its Ugly Head? - On the surface, and this would be a more innocent take on Justin Ross Harris (and what`s alleged about his now deceased 22-month-old son, Cooper Mills Harris)
John G. KaysWhy Did Childish Brandon Machetto Kill His Very Own Grandmother, Sylvia Schmitt? - Nonetheless, this new one emerging out of Lutz, Florida (just north of Tampa), where an 18-year-old, Brandon Machetto, kills his own grandmother (74-year-old Sylvia Rosalie Schmitt), then drives around town in her minivan (a gold Honda Odyssey) for several hours, toting her corpse in the back, is most repulsive and shocking to me.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video! Weezer Cover Epic Fail! - Four young students from the Grosse Pointe Music Academy in Michigan were performing as the Rubber Band when calamity struck, the keyboardist`s instrument crashed to the ground.
John G. KaysThe Killers, Jerad and Amanda Miller a Peculiar Couple Worthy of Further Consideration! - I realized right from the get-go, the story of the cop killer couple in Las Vegas was an important one, yet I hesitated in reporting on it, thinking we weren`t quite getting an accurate, complete picture. The killers, Jerad and Amanda Miller are indeed a very peculiar pair, worthy of further consideration.
Robert Paul ReyesIn 1975 Hillary Clinton Defended a Rapist, Blamed Child Victim: Video - A woman who says she was raped by an Arkansas man in the 1970s now says Hillary Clinton "took her through hell" as the defense attorney for the man charged in the case.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Park Ranger Fired for Dancing on the Job! Video! - Nelson`s dancing is a manifestation of the joy he derives from his job, city officials should admit they made a mistake and give him his job back.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: City Bans Little Boy's 'Little Free Library'! Video! - A Kansas family was trying to share their love of reading with the entire town of Leawood when they built a free library in their front yard on Mother`s Day, but the city is forcing them to hide that love away.
Robert Paul ReyesMeth Head Mistakes Plymouth Prowler for UFO! Will MUFON Investigate? Video! - Moral of this story: Avoid driving through the South, not only do you have to be wary of speed traps, but the locals might confuse your vehicle for a flying saucer if you`re not driving a rusty pickup.
John G. KaysCircumstances in Dayton, Ohio of a Mummified Hung Man, Edward Brunton, Inconceivable! - Picture this: (Scene: Dayton, Ohio) A curious 12-year-old boy sneaks into a small, vastly overgrown (with verdure), abandoned wood frame-house, on a peaceful and lazy, early summer Sunday afternoon (June 15th, 2014), not with any kind of mischief in mind, but rather as a result of overwhelming, obsessive curiosity.
Robert Paul ReyesNASA Hopes to Launch Flying Saucer After Many Delays: Video - NASA is getting ready to launch a "flying saucer` into Earth's atmosphere to test technology that could be used to land on Mars.
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