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John G. KaysIn Michael Brown`s Shooting by a Ferguson Police Officer, How could the Two Versions of Events Contrast So Starkly? - It`s doesn`t make much sense to me; with the police shooting (in Ferguson, Mo., northwest of St. Louis) of African-American teenager, Michael Brown, Sr., we have two completely unique versions of the event that left Big Mike dead, as the result of multiple gunshots from an as yet unidentified police officer`s service revolver.
Robert Paul ReyesDisgusting Mom Kicked Out of Pizzeria for Changing Baby's Diaper at Table - Proper etiquette dictates that Sowers should have gone to the back of the restaurant and changed the baby`s diaper on the dumpster.
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Scares the Bejesus Out of Germans: Video - A YouTube video depicting a triangular UFO over Kassel, Germany is striking fear in the hearts of Germans. Never mind that the video was posted by a freak who has also posted videos of flying dragons and frolicking mermaids.
Robert Paul ReyesEpic Bloody Mary Topped With Entire Fried Chicken: Video - At only $40 per Beast Oprah Winfrey will be able to get drunk and full after only a dozen of these drinks.
Robert Paul ReyesFatburger's 'Protein Burger' Has Buns Made Out of Meat Patties! - You don` walk into a fast food joint called Fatburger expecting to find watercress sandwiches on the menu.
Robert Paul ReyesTeacher Shows Up for First Day of School: Drunk and Pantless! Video! - Thinking of Googling Lorie Hill hoping to find pics of a hot babe clad only in thongs? Let me save you the trouble. Does she or does she not look like a Cabbage Patch Doll on crack?
John G. KaysJennifer Huston Committed Suicide? Not the 'Hand Of Fate' We`d Ever Suspect! - Gatorade, trail mix, and weak sleeping pills? Then a 38-year-old Oregon mother of two young boys, Jennifer Huston, drives to a woody, rural, private driveway (Gopher Valley Road) and commits suicide? How`d she do it -with a lethal dose of trail mix and over-the-counter sleeping pills, using gatorade to wash it down?
John G. KaysIn Holly Bobo`s Strange Disappearance, When Did Authorities First Suspect Zachary Adams as Camouflage Man? - I must confess, I`m having trouble understanding all these newest disturbing developments, in a case that made the headlines more than three years ago (April 13, 2011), the disappearance of 20-year-old nursing student Holly Bobo, from a rural area in Decatur County, Tennessee. Part of this confusion is due to me not having heard the news of Zachary Adams arrest (on charges of murdering Holly) back in March.
Robert Paul ReyesIndia Building Millions of Toilets for Poor, But They Won't Use Them! - You can lead a horse to water, but you can`t make it drink.
Robert Paul ReyesNancy Writebol and Dr. Kent Brantly Should Have Self-immolated in Liberia Rather Than Risk Spreading Ebola in America - If Writebol and Brantly had a shred of dignity they would have self-immolated themselves in Liberia, rather risk spreading the deadly virus to America.
Robert Paul ReyesTom Willis, Born Armless, Tosses First Pitch at Royals Game: Video - Despite being born with no arms, Tom Willis is garnering attention for a practice that typically requires them -- pitching a baseball.
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Conspiracy Theorist Stan Romanek Arrested for Child Pornography: Video - Of course not all UFOlogists are into child pornography, but they are all certifiably bonkers.
Robert Paul ReyesBabies Effectively Banned at 'Old Fisherman's Grotto' Restaurant in Monterey - Nothing ruins the ambience at a fine restaurant quite like a baby crying, uttering nonsensical words, and pooping or slobbering all over himself.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Tells Cops The Only Guns in His Home Are His Biceps - I`m surprised the police officers didn`t` charge the man with making a terroristic threat when he flexed his biceps.
John G. KaysDid FSU Professor, Dan Markel Have Any Enemies? Or Is It: DID HE HAVE ANY FRIENDS? - Quite a bit more information has been reported on the (what looks like) incredibly baffling and challenging murder of prestigious FSU Professor, Dan Markel. It`s practically more than I can absorb; well, I`m giving it a college try anyhow!
Robert Paul ReyesLittle Girl Cries Because She Doesn't Want Her 3-Month Brother to Grow Up: Video - "I don`t want him to grow up, he`s so cute", the little girls pleads with her mother.
John G. KaysWhere Did Jennifer Huston Disappear To After Gassing Up? 'I`m Just Waiting On A Friend!' - Jennifer Huston leaves her house (in Newberg, Oregon) to run some incidental errands Thursday (July 24th) evening (around 5:30 PM), and totally disappears! What`s up with yet another story of an attractive, missing, stay-at-home housewife and mother of two boys?
Robert Paul ReyesSamsung Phone Caught Fire Under Sleeping Girl`s Pillow: Video - If I had a 13-year-old daughter I would be more worried if she slept with a cell phone under her pillow, than if she slept next to her boyfriend.
Robert Paul Reyes2009 Underwear Bomber Plot Failed Because He Wore Same Drawers for 2 Weeks! - Nigeria is a hellhole populated by scammers, drug traffickers, Islamic militants with a penchant for kidnapping young girls, and underwear bombers with poor personal hygiene.
Robert Paul ReyesWalmart's Ice Cream Sandwiches Won't Melt in the Sun! Boycott Walmart! Video! - Walmart ice cream sandwiches are a perfect treat for souls burning in hell, but I would strongly urge parents not to give them to their vulnerable children.
Robert Paul ReyesMegadeth Drummer Nick Menza Films UFO - The drummer from American thrash metal band Megadeth has filmed a UFO in the sky above his house in California.
John G. KaysWhy Did Christopher Lee Move Erin Corwin`s Blue 2013 Corolla Only 100 Feet Off The Road? - This might look like Monday Morning Quarterbacking to you, but I sure do wish that Erin Corwin hadn`t of taken that footloose hunting trip with Christopher Lee (when I saw his name, my eyeballs pert near popped clean out of their sockets) on June 28th!
Robert Paul ReyesWas Joseph Rudolph Wood's Execution Botched? Hell No, the Animal Died! - Many newspapers have described Wood`s execution as a botched execution,the only botched execution is one where the low-life scum who richly deserves to be put to death survives.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Twitter Staff 3% Hispanic, 2% Black, 30% Female! - Twitter and other social media giant corporations don`t mind if minorities access their sites, but they are loathe to welcome us as employees.
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin Blames Speeding Ticket on Sammy Hagar: Video - Sarah Palin was jamming out to some classic rock while driving in Alaska and it apparently got her motor running a little too fast.
Robert Paul ReyesSnoop Dogg Smoked Weed at the White House! Did Obama Join Him? Video! - Snoop Dogg hosted Jimmy Kimmel as a guest on his Internet talk show and told Kimmel that he once smoked weed in a White House bathroom.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video! Old Man Throws Away Canes, Drops it Like it's Hot! Dancing Machine! - A video starring an old dude dancing has temporarily eclipsed all the cat videos on the Internet.
John G. KaysWho Wanted Respected FSU Law Professor, Dan Markel, DEAD? - Who executed respected law professor, Dan Markel, in his home in Tallahassee, Florida? Why`d they do it? What was the specific motive, we`d like to know? Was it family related, or did it, perhaps, have something to do with his professional affiliations?
John G. KaysWhy Did African-American Teenager, Renisha McBride Go Knocking On Ted Wafer`s Front Door? - What happened exactly on November 2, 2013, when Theodore Wafer discharged his shotgun through the screen, killing 19-year-old Renisha McBride? Why did Renisha choose Wafer`s particular house for assistance, when leaving the scene of an accident, apparently about a half a mile away?
Robert Paul ReyesSheriff Gets Rid of Orange Jumpsuits Because They are too 'Cool' - All-orange jumpsuits are cool and a real turn-on but if I made a pass at Red, or even Piper or Soso they would tear me a new a-hole. But if a nerdy girl dons an orange jumpsuit, I will be all over her like white on rice.
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