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Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq

U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, conducting 34 strikes consisting of 56 engagements Nov. 13-16, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Robert Paul ReyesDenmark's Agricultural Minister: Animal Rights Come Before Religion! Amen! - A civilized society must not allow a Jew, a Muslim or a practitioner of Santeria to slaughter animals inhumanely.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Russia Bans Lacy Panties! Video! - If Putin thought that the Pussy Riot girls were a pain in the a**, he ain`t seen nothing yet, millions of panties-deprived women will bring down his regime.
John G. KaysWhy Was Yvette Smith Shot to Death By Bastrop Deputy Daniel Willis, When Merely Opening the Door? - Did Bastrop County Deputy Sheriff, 28-year-old Daniel Willis (only on the force since last May), really believe that Yvette Smith, 47, had a gun in her hand when she answered the door at 105 Zimmerman Avenue (north of Bastrop)?
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Jailed for Failing to Return Jennifer Lopez Video She Rented in 2005: Video - Kayla is a hottie and I don`t care if she`s a deadbeat. Listen up girlfriend, I`m hooked up with cable and Netflix, move in with me and you can watch just about any movie for free.
Robert Paul ReyesSelfie Church Burglar Nabbed by Cops: Video - Dude looks like a total meth head! Notice his tightly pursed lips; homebody doesn`t want anyone to see his rotting teeth.
John G. KaysWhy did Leanne Bearden Commit Suicide? And What Was So Depressing Her? - Finding Leanne Bearden`s body yesterday is upsetting for me; moreover, (I should emphasize) it must be even more unsettling for her friends and for her family. Today is Valentine`s Day, so I better not touch that in terms of what the impact must be on everyone who`s been following this story closely.
Robert Paul Reyes'Movie Title Breakup' Viral Video Perfect for Valentine's Day - It`s such a cliché for a couple to see a romantic movie on Valentine`s Day! Dudes, how many times is your girlfriend going to force you to sit through a chick flick on Valentine`s Day?
Robert Paul ReyesInsanity: 56 New Gender Options for Facebook Users: Video - I would be afraid to poke a Facebook user who identified as "two-spirit" or "non-binary"; in fact I`m seriously considering terminating my Facebook account.
Robert Paul ReyesManhattan Restaurant Offers a $30,000 Valentine's Day Dinner - Whether you celebrate Valentine`s Day at the Waffle House or a gourmet restaurant, I wish all my readers a happy and romantic Valentine`s Day.
Robert Paul ReyesO.J. Simpson Goes on Hunger Strike: Wants to Kill Himself! Video! - Disgraced former American Football star O.J. Simpson has gone on hunger strike in jail in a bid to kill himself.
Robert Paul ReyesMcDonald's Accepting Reservations for Valentine's Day: Video - Two Tampa-area McDonalds are offering couples a chance to have romantic dinner together under the golden arches.
John G. KaysWas Roving Carnival Ride Operator Lloyd Lee Welch a Serial Killer Back in the 1970s? - I paid careful attention when watching KXAN News (an NBC Austin affiliate) last night, once they featured a story on a missing persons` case, dating back to the Spring of 1975. Sheila and Katherine Lyon were heading up to the Wheaton Plaza Shopping Center, which was about a half-mile from their home, on Plyers Mill Road (in Kensington, MD).
Robert Paul ReyesEight Corvettes Swallowed by Sinkhole at National Corvette Museum: Video - Life is so capricious and unfair, why didn`t a sinkhole swallow the Kentucky Moonshine Museum instead of the National Corvette Museum?
John G. KaysWhy Were Domesticated Camels Included In The Book of Genesis? Yarn or History? - The revelation that camels probably wern`t around in the earliest of Bible times (The Book of Genesis), and so, therefore, shouldn`t have been mentioned by the writers of these ancient, sacred texts (whoever they might be?), caused me a great deal of consternation.
John G. KaysJose Salvador Alvarenga`s Castaway Saga of Lost At Sea Survival Only Slowly Accepted as Truthful! - For the most part, the Jose Salvador Alvarenga castaway saga is coming to a head, what with yesterday`s departure from the Marshall Islands on a three-legged trip, first to Hawaii, then onward to California, and finally back to what was once his place of origin, El Salvador.
Robert Paul ReyesCrackpipe Vending Machines Installed in Vancouver! Good Idea? Video! - I wish Dr. Kevorkian were still alive, and he would set up shop in Vancouver.
Robert Paul ReyesSuicide Bomb Instructor Accidentally Kills 22 Terrorists - This story will make even an atheist cry out "Allahu Akbar" or "Praise Jesus."
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video of Kid Fed Up With Shoveling Snow Illustrates Absurdity of Human Condition - In this viral video a little boy shovels snow for a while before he grunts and then looks up to the heavens and screams Jesus, Make it Warm. "
Robert Paul ReyesDude Submits Crudely Drawn Illustration to MUFON to Prove He Saw UFO! Video! - This character actually drew a square with arrows pointing to the direction in which the thing was flying. Priceless!
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Extra Wide Seats For Fat Fans Are Half-Price For World Cup: Video - Obesity shouldn`t be classified as a disability; it`s a moral failing, a weakness, and one of the seven deadly sins.
John G. KaysPhilip Seymour Doesn`t Act His Roles, He Becomes the Person, Such As Andy Hanson in 'Before the Devil!' - Philip Seymour Hoffman`s death made me very sad, since he`s been my favorite actor for quite a few years. I`d say, it was since Almost Famous (2000); I had met Lester Bangs in the Fall of 1980, and had spoke with him in depth (about Rock "N` Roll) on a number of occasions.
Robert Paul ReyesInsult to Injury: Fake Lesbian Pop Act t.A.T.u. To Peform At Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony: Video - I`ve had all I can take of Putin`s fake democracy and pseudo lesbians; I have no intentions of watching the Sochi Winter Olympics.
John G. KaysIn the Troubling Alfred Wright Case, Is a Hate Group Operating Out of the CL&M Grocery Package Store? - KSLA News 12 out of Shreveport, La. has, I believe, reported the most substantive, breaking news regarding the highly controversial case of Alfred Wright from Southeast Texas. I mean, of course, what they learned from Sheela Bennett...
Robert Paul ReyesWife is Accused of Assaulting Hubby with Toast and Butter! - Domestic abuse is a serious issue, but women are often given a pass when they are the perpetrators. I hope Evans is slapped with a lengthy prison sentence.
Robert Paul ReyesCan a Singing Pets Commercial Save Obamacare? Video! - This ad is an insult to young women; a cute cat isn`t going to make them forget that the Healthcare.gov website is a disaster, and it won`t convince them that the Affordable Care Act is actually affordable.
John G. KaysIn Bradenton, Florida, 79-Year-Old Doreen Landstra Backs Over 7 Elderly People, Killing 3! - It`s only with a great deal of difficulty, that I`m able to cover the troubling story of 79-year-old Doreen Landstra, who ran over 7 people with her white Chevrolet Tahoe SUV, killing 3 and seriously injuring 4 other senior citizens in Bradenton, Florida (between Sarasota and St. Petersburg).
Robert Paul ReyesSchool's Snow Day Message Set to Queen`s 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Rocks: Video - Nerds of the world, unite! Sing along with the video!
Robert Paul ReyesArthur Chu: The Most Hated Contestant in History of Jeopardy: Video! - We like to believe that we are a post-racial society but it irks us that some Asian nerd is showing up saintly Jeopardy host Alex Trebex and showing no respect for his fellow contestants.
John G. KaysHow Could Michael David Elliot So Easily Escape from the Michigan Department of Corrections in Ionia? - An add-on of mesmerizing stress, coupled with yesterday`s Wall Street tumble and a phoned-in Super Bowl that caught the Broncos on automatic snooze control, I had to take a grimacing glimpse at the daring and brazen prison escape of Michael David Elliot from the Michigan Department of Corrections in Ionia.
Robert Paul ReyesWho Rocks A Fur Coat Best: Joe Namath, the IKEA Monkey or Macklemore? Videos! - The Seattle Seahawks pulverized the Denver Broncos; they are clearly the best team in the NFL. After last night`s blowout victory by the Seahawks, the only question remaining is who rocks a fur coat best: Joe Namath, the IKEA Monkey or Macklemore?
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