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Permissive Parents Allow Toddlers From Hell to Engage in Unholy Tomfoolery

I would have made the toddlers clean their room, spanked the hell out of them, and believe me they would have bit their lips and gone to sleep.

John G. KaysWhy Was Frank Finkel`s Claim that He Survived the Little Big Horn Dismissed in the 1920s? - The History Channel repeated Custer`s Last Man - "I Survived Little Big Horn" (original broadcast was on May 4, 2011) on Saturday, so with the strength of the content, which was readily grabbing my attention, I impulsively hit the red record button on my Time Warner Cable remote!
Robert Paul ReyesOlivia Wise, Teen With Brain Cancer, Sings Katy Perry's 'Roar', Touches Millions: Video - Olivia is as weak as a kitten, but she roars like a lion.
Robert Paul ReyesOnly 6 People Enrolled in Obamacare On First Day: Obamacare Fiasco! Video! - Healthcare.gov isn`t glitchy it`s a fiasco, a failure of biblical proportions, and maybe that`s a good thing because it`s a portal to hell: Obamacare!
Robert Paul ReyesCute Video! Baby Smiles & Cries When She's Seranaded By Her Mom - The infant`s crying is tempered by intermittent smiles; the angelic creature seems to understand that life is sweet and sour
Robert Paul ReyesWise Woman To Hand Out 'Fat Letters' Instead Of Candy To Fat Kids: Video - Fat kids shouldn`t go trick or treating, period! Shame on parents who send their chubby kids to beg for candy on Halloween.
Robert Paul ReyesObamacare Girl, We Hardly Knew Ye! Video! - Where is the Obamacare Girl? The sweet child has probably entered the Federal Witness Protection Program, or perhaps she`s found a more honorable gig gracing the front page of a Ukrainian porno Web site.
Robert Paul ReyesCheerleader Mikayla Clark Performs 44 Back Handsprings: Video - Mikayla's impressive gymnastic display lasted only 34 seconds.
Robert Paul ReyesPreacher: 'Wicked' Girl Scouts Promote Lesbianism & Abortion: Video - When an average American sees a girl scout selling cookies, these words come to his mind: Innocence, all-American, wholesomeness, goodness...
Jay ForteOut From Behind The Machines Service Age Redefines Hiring, Work and Engagement - Much of manufacturing has moved offshore; today`s economy is now service-based. The movement from the make things to the provide service economy means two important
John G. KaysWere the Murders of Hailey Nicholls and Jesse Robledo in San Marcos Premeditated by Daniel Stillwell? - I saw the news story of the double homicide of Hailey Nicholls and Jesse Robledo at the hands of Daniel Stillwell down in San Marcos, thinking I would forget about it, but I didn`t. After reading about the tragic incident last Thursday evening, I went about my everyday activities normally...
Robert Paul ReyesClueless Cops Mistook Jolly Rancher Candy For Meth: Video - Not even in his worst nightmare would Olatunjiojo have imagined that an innocent trip to a candy store would have resulted in his arrest and strip search. Were the police hoping to find contraband Twizzlers in his rectum?
Robert Paul ReyesNASCAR Race & Bacon and Beer Milkshake: Redneck Heaven! Video - I`m not a NASCAR fan, but I plan on making a pilgrimage to the Texas Motor Speedway, hit on a Daisy Dukes- clad country floozy, get drunk on Shake 'N Bacon Brews, and pretend I`m interested in the race.
John G. KaysWith Madeleine McCann`s Labyrinthian Mystery, Are the E-Fit Suspect Images Fantasy or Real? - I`m sorry to say, yesterday was the first time I`ve gotten around to taking a look at the Madeleine McCann abduction from 2007, since some relevant new developments are coming into place, seemingly. HLN`s Jane Velez Mitchell dedicated the first half of her show to Madeleine McCann`s Room of Mirrors, labyrinthian case.
John G. KaysThe Strange Saga of JoAnn and James Nichols Up In Poughkeepsie, NY, Is a Perfect Halloween Tale! - Eureka! I did discover what I was searching for in the not too pleasant account, of a tardy discovery of the remains of a missing teacher, a Southern Belle by the name of JoAnn Nichols, back in late June, early July.
Robert Paul ReyesPrincipal Cancels Classes Due to Beautiful Weather: Video - Mr. McWilliams you sir are a gentleman, a scholar and an all-round cool dude; I hope there will be many beautiful days in your retirement.
Robert Paul ReyesMan Dies After Overdosing On Hero Instant Energy Mints - One hapless man dies from a caffeine overdose after gobbling Hero Instant Energy Mints, and now some do-gooders want to ban them.
John G. KaysHow Did Kendrick Johnson Get Stuck In a Gym Mat, Then Die of 'Positional Asphyxia?' - After I got home from work last night, I turned on HLN and watched some very good investigative news reports, filed by CNN reporter Victor Blackwell, on the Kendrick Johnson case coming out from Valdosta, Georgia.
John G. KaysHow Did Lynne Spalding Find Her Way into This Mysterious Stairwell of San Francisco General Hospital? - With the unhinging discovery of Lynne Spalding`s body in an isolated stairwell (of San Francisco General Hospital) on Tuesday (around 10AM, Oct 8th), the contours of what possibly happened to her, way back on the 21st of September, are only barely coming into focus (remote as it is from any kind of clear focus).
John G. KaysIs NYDP Detective Wojciech Braszczok a Member of Motorcycle Group Who Attacked Alexian Lien? - How could it be true? A New York Police Department detective, 32-year-old Wojciech Braszczok joined in on the assault of Alexian Lien and his Range Rover? One, why did the detective support the attack of Lien`s SUV by a group of bikers out for a little fun on a Sunday afternoon?
Robert Paul ReyesSasquatch Surfer May Have Really Big Feet, But Dude Can Surf: Video - LONG LIVE BIGFOOT!
Robert Paul ReyesPETA Offers to Defray Costs of Flattening Penis-Shaped Bollards: Video - This is an offer that is too good to refuse; Township Manager Denise Fitzgerald should accept PETA`s generous offer.
Robert Paul ReyesRussian President Putin Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize! Eat Your Heart Out Obama! Video - The Nobel Peace Prize Committee can atone for its reprehensible decision to award Obama the Peace Prize in 2009 by selecting Putin as the 2013 recipient.
John G. KaysAlice and Gerald Uden`s Petrifying Past Finally Catches Up with Them! - Why did it take so long for authorities to arrest the elderly couple, Gerald Uden, 71, and Alice Louise Uden, 74, who were now living in the rural Ozarks, close to Chadwick, Missouri? Is it because they had just found the remains of Ronald Holtz (Alice Uden`s husband), deposited in a gold mine somewhere in Wyoming?
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: CNN's Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain Insults World Famous Frito Pie: Video - Shame on Anthony Bourdain for besmirching the reputation of the United States, New Mexico, Santa Fe, The Five and Dime store, and Frito pies.
John G. KaysThe Mostly Successful Launching of The Affordable Care Act Reminds Us of Medicare`s Birth! - The Affordable Care Act was launched yesterday with an unexpected high level of enthusiasm, which naturally caused some glitches in the system. The government web site had many more visitors shopping for insurance than could have been predicted, and this resulted in delays.
Robert Paul ReyesGod Save Us From Obama & ObamaCare: Video - I hate Obama and ObamaCare, the only thing that keeps me from going insane if the relief knowing I didn`t vote for Obama, and therefore not to blame for this monstrosity.
Robert Paul ReyesMarina Shifrin Quits Job, Uploads Video of Herself Dancing to Kanye West! Marina Will You Marry Me? - If there`s a God in heaven Marina will find a great new job and eternal happiness with me.
John G. KaysDid Pastor Ronald Harris Rape Woodrow Karey`s Wife? - A sketch of how a heavily armed Woodrow Karey entered the Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center in Lake Charles, Louisiana Friday night (at 8:20 PM), and shot Pastor Ronald Harris in the back with a shotgun, has made its petrifying appearance in the news.
Robert Paul ReyesLittle Miss Hispanic Delaware Stripped Of Title: Little Fraud Is Black With No Proof Of Hispanic Ancestry - The young girl has a quintessentially black first name, and her surname is Anglo. I doubt Jakiyah knows Jack about Latino culture.
Jay ForteHow to Be Happy In An Unhappy World - I have two friends who came out to their families. Both were kicked out of their houses and told it would be better for them to be dead than to be
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