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Donald Trump Considering Pardon for Boxer Jack Johnson

Is Donald Trump serious about granting a full pardon to this African American icon? Trump values celebrity above everything else, and if Stallone recommends pardon for Johnson, he may very well follow through.

John G. KaysDid Shellie Zimmerman Tell a 911 Operator the Truth About What George Did? - How could Shellie Zimmerman`s chilling saga of domestic violence (by George Zimmerman) just suddenly disappear? Did a skillful attorney, Mark O`Mara, manage to turn Shellie`s story into a fairy tale, a mere figment of our imagination? Alright, so what about the 911 call; did George punch Shelly`s father (David Dean) in the face?
SOP newswire2A Lesson in Second Chances By Carol Lind Mooney - The hospital room where my father lay deathly ill from emphysema was small and sterile. All of his friends in Alcoholics Anonymous were gathered in the waiting room
Robert Paul ReyesIs Diana Nyad The Rosie Ruiz Of Marathon Swimming? Video! - Journalists, whose default mode should be skepticism, shouldn`t take Nyad`s word that she completed her miraculous swim without cheating.
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Spotted At A Canadian Baseball Game: Video - A UFO could land in centerfield, and a 3-foot green alien being could step up to the pitcher`s mound and strike out the side, and nobody would care. Who gives a flying fig about a minor league baseball game in Canada?
Robert Paul ReyesLG End Of The World Prank Video Goes Viral: Best Video Ever? - The Earth is evil indeed; I hope life on Earth ends with a bang, and not a whimper.
Robert Paul ReyesScottish Couple Spend Only $1.56 on Their Wedding: Video - The average American couple spends a fortune on their wedding. What a wonderful way to start a new life together, by getting in debt to your eyeballs.
Robert Paul Reyes'Obama's Presidential Library' Is An Outhouse: Video - Is it in bad taste, an insult to the presidency, blatant racism, a crappy publicity stunt, or an expression of free speech above everything else?
John G. KaysLong Beach Police Beat Up an Unarmed Porfirio Santos-Lopez, But a Smart Bystander Records Atrocity! - The viral YouTube video (shot by a canny unidentified bystander) doesn`t lie; the Long Beach Police Department beat the HELL out of Porfirio Santos-Lopez on Monday, which was Labor Day! A spokesperson for the LBPD claims the video takes the incident out of context, yet 5 minutes...
John G. KaysWhy Did Leslie Jenea Chance Shoot Her Husband Todd Chance in a Remote Almond Field? - Why did a Bakersfield elementary school principal, Leslie Jenea Chance, 46, shoot her husband, Todd Chance, to death multiple times (in his 2011 black Ford Mustang), for some odd reason, which was positioned in a remote almond field?
Robert Paul ReyesIs It A Bird? A Plane? A UFO? No It's A Cloud, Fool! Video! - When I stare at cloud formations sometimes I see Miley Cyrus twerking or Lindsay Lohan doing a line of coke, but I don`t call People magazine.
Robert Paul ReyesIs ISON Comet Being Escorted To Earth By UFO's? Video! - Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes a video depicting a cigar-shaped UFO is a fake created by a dude with a really small penis.
Robert Paul ReyesGeraldo Rivera's Appearance At University Canceled Over Semi-Nude Selfie: Video - For an old man to post a semi-nude selfie of himself online is an unpardonable sin, the second Rivera dies Satan will have his claws on him.
Robert Paul Reyes96-Year-Old Man's Song for Late Wife Goes Viral: 'Oh Sweet Lorraine' Video - Oh Sweet Lorraine is number seven on US iTunes and has 2 million YouTube views.
John G. KaysWhat Was Christopher Ducret Up To at the Shops at Starwood in Frisco, Texas at 1 in the Morning? - The shooting by Christopher Ducret (who has a permit to legally carry a concealed handgun) of an unidentified man (who was apparently in some kind of row with another unidentified woman), in the parking lot of an exclusive shopping center, Shops at Starwood (Frisco, Texas), is on the surface, an innocuous one column story.
John G. KaysFor the 50th Anniversary of The March on Washington, 'Primary Sources' Are Your Best Bet! - Today is the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for jobs and freedom (August 28, 1963); I`m searching for primary sources that are not already saturated with interpretation. Those sources inundated with interpretation or opinion would have to be classified as secondary in nature.
Robert Paul Reyes'Pavlov Poke' App Delivers Shock To Losers Who Spend Too Much Time On Facebook - This certainly gives a new definition to poking " a friend on Facebook "
Robert Paul ReyesAstronaut Sees UFO Outside International Space Station! UFO = Antenna Cover! Video! - Yep, even solid citizens see UFO`s, but there`s always a rational and sometimes mundane explanation.
Robert Paul ReyesChristopher Lane, Delbert Belton & Obama's Failure To Address Black On White Crime - Post-racial America my a**! Obama`s failure to objectively address the race problem has exacerbated racial tensions.
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Caught On Video Over Taj Mahal? Tomfoolery Or UFO Invasion? - If a UFO mothership landed in front of the Taj Mahal and a green naked extraterrestrial beauty stepped out and asked me to make love to her to cement our universal friendship, I would tell her: B**** Please! I`m taking photographs of the Taj Mahal!
John G. KaysWhy Was Delbert 'Shorty' Belton Beaten to Death By Teenagers in the Eagles Lodge Parking Lot? - Why was 88-year-old Delbert Shorty Belton, a WWII veteran of Okinawa, beaten to death by teens in the parking lot of the Eagles Lounge, in Spokane, Washington? Did the teenage suspects know Delbert, had they ever met him, or was it totally random, possibly just for the thrill of it?
Robert Paul ReyesMurder Of Christopher Lane Hate Crime: Killers Anti-White Racists! Speak Out Obama! - Not a word from President Barack "If I had a son he would look like Trayvon" Obama.
John G. KaysNixon`s Not So Secret Audio Tapes Released by the National Archives and Records Administrations! - The National Archives and Records Administration has released the last of the Nixon audio tapes, apparently 340 hours of the desperate 37th president talking on the telephone, cutting deals with powerful people of the day.
Robert Paul ReyesIf Obama Had A Son He Would Look Like Christopher Lane - Why hasn`t Obama declared, If I had a son he would look like Christopher Lane "? The irony is that if Obama had a son he would look like the promising athlete and college student Christopher Lane and not like the hoodie-clad, grill-wearing Trayvon Martin.
John G. KaysWhy Did Christopher Pariseleti Commit Suicide at Olivia Newton-John`s Jupiter Inlet Colony Home? - Why did Christopher Pariseleti commit suicide at Olivia Newton-John`s charming Miami home (Jupiter Inlet Colony)? Pariseleti, president of his own construction company, must have shot himself at the celebrity`s home a little before noon on Monday, August 19th.
Robert Paul ReyesWhite College Baseball Player Christopher Lane Murdered By 3 Black Teens For 'Fun Of It' - Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Why aren`t they screaming that Christopher Lane`s civil rights have been violated?
John G. KaysDunwoody Widow Andrea Sneiderman Guilty on 9 of 13 Felony Charges; How Much Jail Time Will She Do? - Yesterday Andrea Sneiderman was found guilty on 9 of 13 felony charges; they got her on perjury primarily. Her sentencing will come today (Tuesday, August 20, 2013); the fact that the DeKalb prosecutors got a conviction (at all) tells us they were smart in dropping the murder charges (they didn`t overcharge, which probably would have rendered a not-guilty verdict).
Robert Paul ReyesCIA: Area 51 Is Real! Video! - Duh, you can even look up Area 51 on Google Earth!
Robert Paul ReyesIslamic Female Terrorists To Hide Bombs In Breast Implants: Video - This latest terrorist threat gives new meaning to the term "booby trap."
John G. KaysWhy Are Randy Taylor`s Stories About Alexis Murphy and Samantha Clarke`s Disappearances So Similar? - I thought I had PEAKED OUT in confusion yesterday with the information I was absorbing in the case of missing teenager Alexis Murphy, but my befuddlement surged even higher this morning after digging into the cold case of Samantha Clarke, who vanished on September 13, 2010, after crossing paths with this same Randy Taylor character (we`ve been hearing so much about).
Robert Paul ReyesCops To Hand Out Doritos At Hempfest 2013: Video - With all that marijuana smoke wafting through the air at Hempfest, I predict that a spirit of brotherhood will prevail, and even the cops will be blowing bubbles and dancing with strangers.
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