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The Chuck and Nancy Oval Office Emasculation of Donald Trump Rendered Mike Pence Mute

Trump invited cameras to his Oval Office meeting with Chuck and Nancy, the narcissist thought the photo-op of him berating the Democratic Congressional leaders over their refusal to allocate funds for his wall would play well with his base.

John G. KaysSouth By Southwest (SXSW) Hit with Nightmare of Double DWI Vehicular Homicide! - When I first heard the news at 2:30 AM (on Facebook), regarding the horrible DWI double vehicular homicide incident, that occurred on Red River (Austin), plowing his car right in the middle of crowds gathered for the first night of South By Southwest (SXSW), I ducked for cover...
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Insanity! Over 1,000 UFOs Spotted in Canada Last Year! Video! - UFO sightings in Canada are sky high, hitting a total only seen once before in the past 25 years.
John G. KaysLeanne and Joshua Bearden Survive Superbly When Traveling Abroad, But Not In US; Huh? - I just saw Joshua`s thoughtful tribute video to Leanne this morning and was very much moved by it! Leanne had a great sense of humor and actually was convincing as a singer as well.
Robert Paul ReyesTarget's Epic Photoshop Fail! Boycott Target! Video - Target has apologized and removed the offensive images from their Web site, but it`s too little too late. If you don`t want your identity to be stolen, and your young daughter`s fragile psyche to be irreparably harmed: Boycott Target!
Robert Paul ReyesLux the Ferocious Cat Will Undergo Therapy: Video - Move over Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Snoopy the Cat and Colonel Meow, Lux the Cat is the new Superstar Cat of the Internet.
Robert Paul ReyesLux the Cat Holds Family Hostage! Frantic Parents Call 911! Video! - We all know who the pus** is in this story, and it ain`t Lux!
John G. KaysWhy Did Gabriel Campos Martinez Toss Head, Hands, and Feet of Hervey Medellin Near the Hollywood Sign? - Well, I might emphasize, the current case of victim Hervey Medellin, 66, and that of Elizabeth Short, 22, (born July 29, 1924, died January 15, 1947) have a few similarities, but many more differences.
Stan PopovichHow To Deal With Paparazzi and Media Lies - Many celebrities and entertainers sometimes have to deal with the paparazzi and the media lies that follow. Here are a few suggestions on how to deal with these kinds of false media reports.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Little Doggie and Big Pooch Enjoy Ice Cream Cone - I love to watch pet owners interact with their pets, often we show tenderness and compassion to our furry friends that we don`t extend to other human beings.
Robert Paul ReyesBindi Irwin Announces She's Youth Ambassador for SeaWorld, Video - Shame, shame, and shame I say on Bindi Irwin! Bindi might as well have announced that she has joined a Japanese baby seal clubbing expedition.
Robert Paul ReyesApp Turns iPhone into Bacon Scent Alarm Clock: Video - I can`t think of a more useful app than a device than awakens sleepyheads to the sizzle and smell of frying bacon. I`d rather wake up to the smell of bacon, than to a bikini-clad Angelina Jolie kissing me on the lips.
John G. KaysIs the 'Secession Movement' In Crimea Grass-Roots, Or Is It a Plant By The Russian Federation? - Is the so called Secession Movement in Crimea legitimate, or is it simply a fabrication provoked by the Russian Federation? Are the Russians placing their own people in Crimea?
John G. KaysWhat Will Be the Western Response to the Russian Invasion of Crimea, Appeasement? - A simple way to put it is: Russia loses its inside man in Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, so it decides to send 16,000 troops into Crimea, disguised as self-defense units (or is it well-trained militia forces?), possibly, with annexation in mind; also, Russia would then have an option to occupy the Ukraine, if it doesn`t get what it wants.
John G. KaysWhy Have Interpretations of The Battle of The Alamo Changed So Drastically Over the past 60 Years? - Why, for example, did Sam Houston tell Jim Bowie to go and blow up the fortress? Why didn`t (at least initially) Sam think it of strategic importance? Why did the movie make the claim that defending the Alamo would help get Houston time to train his men, when really he was attending the Washington-on-the-Brazos convention?
Robert Paul ReyesSan Francisco Bar Bans Google Glass - For me Google Glass is a symbol of the oppressive surveillance state, and anyone wearing the infernal device should be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail.
John G. KaysThe Times-Picayune Offers of Rich Archive on Mardi Gras and New Orleans` History! - My Mardi Gras for Dummies definition (since, all my life, I`ve neglected to study its real history) is, just squeeze in as much sin and decadence as possible before Ash Wednesday, when it will be necessary to include a bit more prudence and abstinence in your daily schedule.
Robert Paul ReyesPope Accidentally Drops F-Bomb During Sermon About Crisis in Ukraine: Video - This honest mistake only serves to underline Pope Francis` reputation as a man of the people.
Robert Paul ReyesBarack Obama Joe Biden Workout Video Goes Viral! - The dynamic duo are wearing dress shoes, dress shirts and ties throughout their workout, thank goodness for small favors, I`d hate to see Biden in short shorts and a wife beater shirt.
John G. KaysIn the King City, California Police Scandal, How Exactly Did the 'Free Cars for Cops Scheme' Work? - Police corruption stories are a dime a dozen, but the shapes in which this new case in King City, California are taking on, are unique from any others I`ve experienced in my lifetime. I had to take a look at a map of King City (clueless), which is about 125 miles south of San Francisco...
Robert Paul ReyesGeek Wearing Google Glass Attacked In San Francisco Bar! Duh! Video! - I don`t condone violence, but if a tech geek wears Google Glass in public, responding with violence is a moral imperative.
John G. KaysIn Leanne Bearden`s Travel Blog, No Clues of Instability Leading to Her Suicide! - I don`t have any inside information, but nevertheless, Leanne Hecht Bearden`s suicide is a total mystery to me and makes absolutely no sense at all! All I can do is study the world travel blog of Josh and Leanne (which is vast, with two years of entries), looking for clues that would tell me something about her frame of mind.
Robert Paul ReyesPublic Humiliation: From Stocks & Pillory to Online Slut-Shaming! Video! - Today technology, namely Smartphones and social media, has brought public humiliation back in vogue.
Robert Paul ReyesMayor Bill de Blasio Brazen Traffic Scofflaw! Impeach the Hypocrite? Video! - Just days after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced an aggressive plan to prevent traffic deaths, CBS 2 cameras caught the driver of a car carrying the mayor violating a number of traffic laws.
Robert Paul ReyesGirl Scout Sells High Number of Cookies Outside SF Pot Club - This is what girl power " is all about; it`s a stroke of genius for a Girl Scout to set up shop outside a medical marijuana clinic.
John G. KaysIn the Alfred Wright Case, Justice Department Gets Involved; Heated Rallies in Jasper and Hemphill! - Several news organizations (especially, Jeffrey L. Bones with the Houston Forward Times and Deborah Feyerick with CNN, who initially exposed this miasma of injustice), have updated recent dramatic developments in the extremely controversial Alfred Wright case, emerging out of East Texas, much better than I can, but I thought I might intimate a few of my thoughts to you anyhow.
Robert Paul ReyesPussy Riot Girls Whipped by Cossacks: There is a God! Video! - I give Pussy Riot credit for the coolest name in the history of punk music, but other than that they haven`t accomplished jack.
John G. KaysLeanne Bearden`s Suicide Is Hardly Explained By 'Anxious,' Such As Josh Had Told ABC! - Still, after Leanne Bearden`s body was located last Thursday (February 13th), in a woody area behind a home (21600 block of Fairview Circle) in Garden Ridge, I was left with an uneasy feeling, sensing that really no issues whatsoever had been resolved.
Robert Paul ReyesDenmark's Agricultural Minister: Animal Rights Come Before Religion! Amen! - A civilized society must not allow a Jew, a Muslim or a practitioner of Santeria to slaughter animals inhumanely.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Russia Bans Lacy Panties! Video! - If Putin thought that the Pussy Riot girls were a pain in the a**, he ain`t seen nothing yet, millions of panties-deprived women will bring down his regime.
John G. KaysWhy Was Yvette Smith Shot to Death By Bastrop Deputy Daniel Willis, When Merely Opening the Door? - Did Bastrop County Deputy Sheriff, 28-year-old Daniel Willis (only on the force since last May), really believe that Yvette Smith, 47, had a gun in her hand when she answered the door at 105 Zimmerman Avenue (north of Bastrop)?
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