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Donald Trump's Bastardization of Capitalization

Screw you Trump! You are a Disgrace and a Joke, and I hope and Pray you are Impeached and Removed from office!

John G. KaysPhilip Seymour Doesn`t Act His Roles, He Becomes the Person, Such As Andy Hanson in 'Before the Devil!' - Philip Seymour Hoffman`s death made me very sad, since he`s been my favorite actor for quite a few years. I`d say, it was since Almost Famous (2000); I had met Lester Bangs in the Fall of 1980, and had spoke with him in depth (about Rock "N` Roll) on a number of occasions.
Robert Paul ReyesInsult to Injury: Fake Lesbian Pop Act t.A.T.u. To Peform At Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony: Video - I`ve had all I can take of Putin`s fake democracy and pseudo lesbians; I have no intentions of watching the Sochi Winter Olympics.
John G. KaysIn the Troubling Alfred Wright Case, Is a Hate Group Operating Out of the CL&M Grocery Package Store? - KSLA News 12 out of Shreveport, La. has, I believe, reported the most substantive, breaking news regarding the highly controversial case of Alfred Wright from Southeast Texas. I mean, of course, what they learned from Sheela Bennett...
Robert Paul ReyesWife is Accused of Assaulting Hubby with Toast and Butter! - Domestic abuse is a serious issue, but women are often given a pass when they are the perpetrators. I hope Evans is slapped with a lengthy prison sentence.
Robert Paul ReyesCan a Singing Pets Commercial Save Obamacare? Video! - This ad is an insult to young women; a cute cat isn`t going to make them forget that the Healthcare.gov website is a disaster, and it won`t convince them that the Affordable Care Act is actually affordable.
John G. KaysIn Bradenton, Florida, 79-Year-Old Doreen Landstra Backs Over 7 Elderly People, Killing 3! - It`s only with a great deal of difficulty, that I`m able to cover the troubling story of 79-year-old Doreen Landstra, who ran over 7 people with her white Chevrolet Tahoe SUV, killing 3 and seriously injuring 4 other senior citizens in Bradenton, Florida (between Sarasota and St. Petersburg).
Robert Paul ReyesSchool's Snow Day Message Set to Queen`s 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Rocks: Video - Nerds of the world, unite! Sing along with the video!
Robert Paul ReyesArthur Chu: The Most Hated Contestant in History of Jeopardy: Video! - We like to believe that we are a post-racial society but it irks us that some Asian nerd is showing up saintly Jeopardy host Alex Trebex and showing no respect for his fellow contestants.
John G. KaysHow Could Michael David Elliot So Easily Escape from the Michigan Department of Corrections in Ionia? - An add-on of mesmerizing stress, coupled with yesterday`s Wall Street tumble and a phoned-in Super Bowl that caught the Broncos on automatic snooze control, I had to take a grimacing glimpse at the daring and brazen prison escape of Michael David Elliot from the Michigan Department of Corrections in Ionia.
Robert Paul ReyesWho Rocks A Fur Coat Best: Joe Namath, the IKEA Monkey or Macklemore? Videos! - The Seattle Seahawks pulverized the Denver Broncos; they are clearly the best team in the NFL. After last night`s blowout victory by the Seahawks, the only question remaining is who rocks a fur coat best: Joe Namath, the IKEA Monkey or Macklemore?
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Drops Groundhog! Impeach Him? Video! - `Staten Island Chuck` just doesn`t have the same ring as `Punxsutawney Phil`; the Mayor of New York City shouldn`t try to compete with the famous groundhog from Pennsylvania.
Robert Paul ReyesGoundhog Day: Punxsutawney Phil Predicts Six More Weeks of Winter: Video - Phil you are such a cute devil, your real fans will love you even if you suck as a meteorologist.
Robert Paul ReyesCharges Dropped Against Brits Who 'Stole' Food From Supermarket Dumpster - These hungry gentlemen stole " mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese and Mr. Kipling cakes. Had these blokes not helped themselves to the food it would have ended up in a landfill.
Robert Paul ReyesGeorge Zimmerman Agrees to Celeb Boxing Match: I'll Fight Anyone! Video! - The perfect matchup would pit White Hispanic Zimmermann against a Black Hispanic celeb; there are many Black Hispanic baseball players who would love to knock Zimmerman out.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Survives Fall Through Wood Chipper: Video - Arce suffered a broken pelvis, shattered ankle, bruised liver, broken leg, collapsed lung, seven broken ribs and a deep body-length cut; but remarkably his head and family jewels survived intact.
Robert Paul ReyesPope Francis Superhero! Video! - Long live Pope Francis Superhero!
Robert Paul ReyesBudweiser 'Puppy Love' Video Goes Viral - A cute puppy makes friends with one of Budweiser`s iconic Clydesdale horses.
Robert Paul ReyesCheerios Brings Back Multi-Racial Family for Super Bowl Ad: Video - Support racial equality and buy Cheerios!
Robert Paul ReyesWeather Icon Jim Cantore Knees Student In Groin During Live TV Shot: Video - Cantore, a true professional, dealt the moron a blow to his groin, without breaking stride; he just kept right on talking.
John G. KaysWith Alfred Wright`s Confounding Death, Areas of Mystery Permeate Every Step of the Narrative! - While little new information is emerging in the strange and yet unexplained death of Alfred Wright from East Texas, and as we wait and see whether the Texas Rangers or the FBI are getting anywhere in their investigation, and I might add, whether Eric Holder and the Department of Justice get involved...
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Delivers Baby In Her Driveway: Wind Chill -13 Degrees - Abigail`s hubby, who was inside the house probably watching highlights on ESPN, came out to hear the baby crying. Typical dude: Utterly clueless and useless when the sh** hits the fan or when a baby is born.
Robert Paul Reyes'Weedman' Allowed to Leave Jail Once a Month to Smoke Weed: Video - The same judge who sentenced Ed Forchion to nine months in jail for marijuana possession also lets him fly to California for 10 days each month to smoke marijuana.
Robert Paul ReyesLady Tells Cops Some Dude Named 'Ted' Stole Her Obama Phone: Video - Moral of this story: If a chick, who owns an Obama Phone, rings you up for a booty call, hang up!
Robert Paul ReyesLondon Police Reports Indicate Clowns are Menace to Society - For God`s sake don`t hire a clown for your child`s birthday party, might as well hire a serial killer or a child molester.
Robert Paul ReyesAre You OK With Mural Of Smiling Vagina In A Junior High School? - I`m not intimidated by a mural of female genitalia, regardless if it is smiling, frowning or winking. But is this controversial work of art appropriate in a junior high school?
John G. KaysWith Vincent Asaro`s Arrest, Will We Finally Know How the Lufthansa Heist Was Pulled Off? - It`s good to know, I`ve held on to my weathered, yellowing paperback edition of Nicholas Pigeggi`s classic monograph, Wise Guy; as I read of Vincent Asaro`s arrest yesterday, gripped with some elusive mixture of epiphany...
John G. KaysWill Edgar Tamayo`s Execution Further Compromise Relations With Mexico? - The execution of Edgar Tamayo,46, in Huntsville was much more high profile than others here in Texas, since he was a Mexican national. Tamayo died by lethal injection, administered by the State; a sedative pentobarbital, which will no longer be available once stocks are depleted, was used.
Robert Paul ReyesRussian Politician: Obama Should Divorce Michelle - Any couple that`s been married as long as the Obamas engage in sex as often as they do their taxes, and the sex is as enjoyable as doing their taxes.
Robert Paul Reyes'Anorexic' Doll Provokes Controversy: Should 'Nenuco Won't Eat' Doll Be Banned? - To argue that the Nenuco Won`t Eat " doll encourages young children to develop eating disorders is patently absurd.
John G. KaysIn Alfred Wright`s Mysterious Death, What`s the Connection Between a Thin Dime Found Near the Body and - Appropriately, I read the news (Beaumont Enterprise) of the protest march for justice, in the case of Alfred Wright, through downtown Beaumont
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