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Donald Trump's Base is an Evangelical Cult

Impeach Trump.

Robert Paul ReyesDo-Nothing Congress Introduces Resolution Defending Christmas - In 2013 Congress passed just 64 bills, that`s the lowest amount in modern history.
Robert Paul ReyesObamacare's 'Pajama Boy' Symbol of Wussification of America: Video - God damn Pajama Boy, Obama, and Obamacare straight to hell!
Robert Paul ReyesBloody Santa on a Cross with Crown of Thorns Sparks Outrage: Video - If you are offended by the religious imagery (the crown of thorns and the cross), make a sign of the cross as you drive by and thank your lucky stars that we live in a country that guarantees every citizen freedom of speech.
John G. KaysThe Student Operated Press Remains The King of Electronic (Internet) News! - I love writing for The Student Operating Press; why? Because it represents a new internet version of an older Print News Maxim: FREEDOM OF THE PRESS (not an item to joke around about, Friendo)!
Robert Paul ReyesSanta Warns Christmas May Be Canceled In Wretched Greenpeace Video - Santa with his red face, bulbous nose, and imposing girth symbolizes the greed, debauchery, mindless consumerism and gluttony of Christmas. Good old freaking Santa Claus is the ideal symbol for capitalism gone awry.
Robert Paul ReyesKmart's 'Shipped My Trousers' Commercial Goes Viral - This sh** just ain't funny!
Robert Paul ReyesNelson Mandela Fake Interpreter Steals Spotlight From World Leaders: Video - The only sign language I know is flipping the bird, but I could tell that this Flip Wilson lookalike mental basket case was just flailing his arms and winging it.
John G. KaysThe BBC Documentary 'The Real Bonnie & Clyde' Brings Me Much Closer To Home! - I`ve spent just about my entire life searching for the truth about Bonnie & Clyde; reliable information has been rather scarce, yet recently, in 2009, some documents have emerged (a book and a BBC documentary), which are getting closer to "The Real Bonnie and Clyde.`
Robert Paul ReyesObama Humiliates Wife & Disrespects Memory of Nelson Mandela With Selfie At Mandela Funeral: Video - Obama has humiliated his wife, disrespected the memory of Nelson Mandela, and made an abject jackass out of himself.
John G. KaysCould Miniseries 'Bonnie & Clyde' Been Historically Accurate and Still Get High Ratings? - I`m thankful for The History Channel (Lifetime and A & E) miniseries, Bonnie & Clyde, since it prods me to take a closer look at their real chronicle (if that`s even possible), which has some sharp contrasts with the entertaining miniseries, textured (as it is) by a clever blend of fact and fiction, and probably motivated by a grab for ratings.
Dr. Judith Orloff (Mentor)Soulful Giving Generates Abundance - In my book, Positive Energy I describe the Four Laws of Energetic Attraction that manifests positive relationships in our lives.
Robert Paul ReyesA Heartwarming Christmas Story! - This story makes me feel Christmasy all over, from head to toe. Bless Faith, her parents, the John Lewis store, and all my readers.
John G. KaysBill Keller`s New York Times Obituary On Nelson Mandela Is A Good Starting Place! - Although I`m doing a great deal of reading this morning on the life of Nelson Mandela (1918-2013), my knowledge of the inspirational leader of South Africa, who successfully spearheaded a movement to end apartheid (apartness) in that third world country, is limited, coming mostly as an impression of his myth, his legacy.
Robert Paul ReyesOwner of Electric Car Arrested For Stealing 5 Cents Worth of Power: Video - It is un-American to buy a car with a brand name " Leaf", the word "leaf" conjures up images of a leaf gently floating in the air, not an automobile burning rubber on the freeway.
John G. KaysWhy Is Income Inequality in the US Widening, If Our Economy Is Actually Improving? - Why is it that in 2013 the income gap between the rich and poor is still widening? A BBC article (US income inequality at record high) states that the income of the richest households in the US (top 1%) rose 19.6%, as opposed to the rest of the American population (the remaining 99%), which only rose 1% in 2012.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Takes Selfie With Man Threatening To Jump From Brooklyn Bridge! Any Hope For America? - This god-awful woman metaphorically and literally turned her back on a suicidal man on the Brooklyn Bridge and took a selfie.
Robert Paul ReyesCaroline Berg Eriksen's Postpartum Selfie: Sickening Abomination! Video! - Ericksen`s husband should publicly denounce his wife, divorce her, and seek sole custody of the baby.
Robert Paul ReyesSaga of Pig-headed Woman's Fight to Keep her Pot-bellied Pig Continues - I admire this woman`s gumption; hey she`s won me over. I say grandfather the damn pig!
Robert Paul ReyesChristmas Outrage: Girl, 11, Barred From Selling Mistletoe to Fund Braces: Video - The precocious girl got her first set of braces on Monday; I hope Santa melts when he sees her smile and gives her tons of presents.
Robert Paul ReyesZombie Apocalypse Is Here! Zombies Hit Department Stores For Christmas Sales! Video! - The Zombie Apocalypse isn`t just an Internet meme; it`s a dead-cold reality. Tens of thousands of zombies lined up outside of retail stores Thursday night November 28, 2013, anxious to buy crap they don`t need, with money they don`t have, to impress people they don`t like.
Robert Paul ReyesPizza Hut Reinstates Manager Fired After Refusing to Open Thanksgiving - It`s anathema, communist, and downright evil for a pizza joint to open on Thanksgiving. It`s an affront to goodness, love and everything that`s decent in the world for Pizza Hut to open their doors on Thanksgiving.
Robert Paul ReyesRobert Paul Reyes: What I'm Thankful For This Thanksgiving: Video - I`m thankful " That`s an attitude I hope I will continue to have throughout the year!
Robert Paul ReyesChristian School Threatens To Expel Black Girl Being Bullied Over Natural Hair! Video! - Little Vanessa has no plans to straighten or cut her natural hairstyle, and her mother has her back. Let`s hope that the Pharisees at Faith Christian Academy will have an epiphany and let Vanessa rock her beautiful hair.
John G. KaysMichael McStay Would Have To Be Nostradamus Reincarnated To Predict His Brother`s Fate So Accurately! - Early on in the McStay case I was very cautious and skeptical of Joseph`s younger brother, Michael McStay; not that I had any reason to be, but this is just my nature. I watched a lot of detective TV shows while growing up, such as Columbo (my personal favorite), Kojak, Barnaby Jones, and The Streets of San Francisco.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayerv Hires Katie Couric As Yahoo Global Anchor - Katie Couric is the most annoying, cloying and overhyped anchor is the history of broadcast journalism. Couric has the gravitas of a buttermilk pancake that has been run over by a Mack truck.
John G. KaysWhat Motive Would Chase Merritt Have for Doing Joseph McStay and His Family Any Harm? - The McStays` remains found in a shallow grave out in Nowheresville (an isolated Mojave desert near Victorville, California)? Are we left with more clarity or rather more obscurity in the McStays` intriguing case, 45 months after they went missing?
Robert Paul ReyesIndia Seeks To Become Open-Defecation Free State: Video - India isn`t doing squat about overpopulation, what good is it if they install toilets in every home when tons of little crappers are born every day?
Robert Paul ReyesInsanity! Thousands Search For 'Mr. Rabbit', Stuffed Animal Lost By Little Girl: Video - This is a classic case of tomfoolery run amuck "
John G. KaysArnold Rowland Saw a Man with a High-Powered Rifle in the Southwest Corner Window of the TSBD (12:15 PM)! - Focusing on one individual witness at a time, or on one distinct moment in time, can provide clarity, a mind-altering window into the Assassination of JFK, that tells us conclusively, the shooting was wrought with a sophisticated construction, involving multiple parties, but that (necessarily) excludes Lee Oswald.
John G. KaysDid Lee E. Bowers See Too Much From Behind THE GRASSY KNOLL? Had to Die? - As I watch so many of the newly produced specials for the 50th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy`s assassination in Dallas, I`m noticing a paradigm, a return to the belief that Lee Oswald acted alone and was solely responsible for shooting the President and Officer J.D. Tippit in Oak Cliff.
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