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Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders Better Not Run for President in 2020

Of the nine candidates officially running in the Democratic presidential primary, only one is a heterosexual white man.

Robert Paul ReyesUFO Mystery Solved! UFO Was... Video! - Another UFO fantasy dashed by such a mundane explanation; I`m surprised more UFO true believers don`t commit suicide.
Robert Paul ReyesGas Station Taking Heat for Posting Sign with Anti-Gay Slur: Video - The saggy pants look originated in prisons where gay men let their pants slide down their butts to advertise they were sexually available.
Robert Paul ReyesObama Revives Birther Issue at FBI Snitch Al Sharpton Rally: Video - I have to give Obama credit, he got away with the greatest deception in American history, and then he has the gall to joke about it.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Christian School Teacher Calls Student, 12, 'Sassy Slut': Video - There should be zero tolerance for hateful language in a school (especially emanating from a teacher), regardless if it`s a private Christian school or a public school.
Robert Paul ReyesFalse Prophet John Hagee: Blood Moons Portend End Times: Video - When you witness the moon turning blood red on April 15, don`t reach for your rosary, reach for your bong and enjoy the show.
Robert Paul ReyesGrandma, 78, Rides Roller Coaster for First Time: Video - The old woman scoffed at the notion that she might have lost her dentures and soiled her diapers, and she rode that mother like a champ, laughing like a child from start to finish.
Robert Paul ReyesIs NASA Photo of Strange Light a UFO? Video! - Leave it to UFOlogists to turn a pixel into an alien bonfire on the surface of Mars.
John G. KaysWhy Was Ana Lilia Trujillo So Teeming With Ravenous Rage On June 9, 2013? - An initial impression of mine: Ana Lilia Trujillo is one extremely tough moll; I sure wouldn`t care to tangle with that dame! This gut-reactive feeling I get may be colored by the, at times, lurid, sensational, or even histrionic press coverage...
John G. KaysWas LBJ So Shocked By the Tet Offensive, that He Gave Away His Presidency? - Vietnam War with Walter Cronkite, naturally produced by CBS, was originally published on 3 videocassettes (funny to hear Mr. Cronkite say what will be covered on this videocassette chapter) in early July of 1985. This is an amazing production; the total time adds up to 12 hours...
Robert Paul ReyesSeventh-Grader, Ethan Chaplin, Suspended for Twirling Pencil Like a Gun: Video - A zero tolerance policy is synonymous with zero intelligence, stop the insanity now!
Robert Paul ReyesDeer Lord! Deer Cam Captures UFOs! Video! - Evidently these UFOs were on a mission to discover intelligent life in Mississippi, and deer are the closest thing that resembles intelligent life in the deep South.
Robert Paul ReyesInternational Hero Vladimir Putin Banned from all Mighty Taco Locations - Putin doesn`t suffer fools gladly, Obama would be well-advised to get out of his grill, and Mighty Taco would be well-advised to end their silly promotion.
Robert Paul Reyes5-Year-Old Hacker Exposes Microsoft Xbox Security Flaw: Video - A 5-year-old boy who wanted to play video games that he wasn`t supposed to figured out a way around his dad`s password and discovered a major security flaw in Microsoft`s Xbox Live service in the process.
Robert Paul ReyesLady Falls Into Well During Sex, Gentleman Flees! Can You Say 'Awkward'? Video! - Spanish police are hoping to speak to a man who left 21-year-old Edelia Aponte at the bottom of a well after she fell in while they were having sex.
Robert Paul ReyesBill Clinton Talks UFOs, Roswell & Area 51 with Jimmy Kimmel: Video - Captain James Kirk bedded more than a few alien females, if there were extraterrestrials deep in the bowels of Area 51, Clinton would have given birth to children with green skin and huge eyes
John G. KaysIs Miranda Barbour the Next Lady Serial Killer, Taking the Lives of 22? - Is Miranda Barbour the new Aileen Wuornos? Are her startling claims of a murderous rampage over a time-span of 6 years, that include three different states (Alaska, Florida, and North Carolina), absolutely fictitious? What about a simpler claim she`s made, that at one time she worked as a stripper at Club La Vega in Panama City, Florida?
Robert Paul ReyesTown in Germany Builds Landing Pad for UFOs! Roswell: Get with the Program! - Roswell needs to get with the program, and become the first city in the United States to build a landing pad for flying saucers. Roswell could invite the crack-smoking mayor of Toronto, and the cracked-in-the-head Vice President Joe Biden to participate in the opening festivities.
Robert Paul ReyesPepsi Max Pranks Brits into Thinking UFOs Attacking London! Bloody Brilliant! Video! - Pepsi Max set up an augmented reality billboard at a London bus top. Passengers were fooled thinking they were seeing unbelievable things happen through the screen. Mutant tentacles would snatch pedestrians, and giant robots or UFOs would attack the city.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.I Must Have Lost My Freeking Mind When I Ran For US President in 2000 - Now, I'm in Ukraine dealing with a Revolution, a Russian Invasion of Crimea, Ukraine and trying to prevent Civil War.
Robert Paul ReyesMalaysia Airlines Flight 370: Orange Object Turns Out to be Dead Jellyfish - If we can land a man on the moon, and if an NSA satellite orbiting the Earth can read a license plate, why can`t we find out what happened to the plane?
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Mothership That Looks Like Giant Jellyfish Spotted Hovering Over Hong Kong! Video! - Did Waring really see a UFO that looks like a jellyfish in Hong Kong? I don`t know, but just to play it safe, I ain`t planning on vacationing in Hong Kong anytime soon.
John G. KaysAn Article in Texas Monthly on The Lake Waco Murders (July 1982) Turns Me Upside Down! - I first read Careless Whispers by Carlton Stowers in 1988; yesterday when I was doing some research at the Bee Cave Public Library, I picked up the newest issue of Texas Monthly (April, 2014) and began reading Michael Hall`s article The Long, Dark Shadow of The Lake Waco Murders, but only managed to get through the first couple of pages.
Robert Paul ReyesNancy Grace Obsessed With Porn! Video - Someone needs to tell Nancy Grace that the Blade Runner isn`t on trial to determine if he is a porn addict. The court is trying to decide if Pistorius killed his girlfriend in cold blood.
John G. KaysMark Fuhrman`s 'Murder In Brentwood' Takes Me Back to the Day, June 13th, 1994! - I didn`t exist in the present anymore; whatever you might want to say about Mark, one thing is certain, he`s a very gifted detective, and explains clearly exactly what he was thinking and what procedures he took when arriving on the scene; you know, 875 South Bundy Drive...
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Christian School Complains Girl, 8, Isn't Feminine Enough! Video! - I guess Becky Bowman, the elementary school`s principal, wouldn`t be satisfied unless Sunnie had a pink bow on her hair, a Hello Kitty shirt, and girly shoes.
Robert Paul ReyesJimmy Carter Reported Seeing a UFO in 1969, But... - I don`t think Jimmy Carter is a more credible witness than a bored suburban housewife or a drunk-as-a-skunk hillbilly.
Robert Paul ReyesStaten Island Clown Terrorizing Residents: Video! - A clown is inherently evil, and his presence alone is enough to scare the bejesus out of us.
John G. KaysDid Charles Hattenbach and Kathyrn Hubbert Act Alone in Their Serial Post Office Box Robberies? - Charles Hattenbach, 39, and Kathyrn Hubbert, 28, were arrested in Temple on March 11th for a very unusual string of Post Office Box robberies; the numbers are staggering, 50 of those were blue drop boxes and 30 were individual post office boxes! I`ve never seen a crime-spree of this magnitude in my entire lifetime...
Robert Paul ReyesGirl Suspended for Shaving her Head in Support of Cancer Patient: Video - I rock a chrome dome, and naturally my sympathies lie with the darling young girl who shaved her head in solidarity with her friend who is undergoing chemotherapy.
Robert Paul ReyesObama Proposes Ending NSA Collection of Metadata! Vindication for Edward Snowden! Video! - Obama needs to declare that Snowden won`t be prosecuted or persecuted if he returns to the United States.
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