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Will Says...

Donald Trump is Like a Divorced Dad Who Lets the Kids Watch Pornhub Videos and Smoke Weed

We come from a broken family, we are a little unsettled. Sometimes you spend the weekend with divorced dad. That feels like fun but then you get sick. That is what America is going through. We are living with divorced dad.

John G. KaysWhy Did Fatima Perez So Trust Her Gardener, Carlos Alicea-Antonetti? - Try to imagine the horrific manner in which Fatima Perez (from Camden, New Jersey) met her death, buried alive! And what should we say about these two grimy gardeners (or landscapers) who carried out this outlandish crime, Carlos Alicea-Antonetti (boss), 36, and Ramon Ortiz (helper), 57?
John G. KaysKelli Bordeaux Update, and Arrest of Nicholas Holbert, Puts to Rest Lingering Serial Killer Theories! - The horrid finding of Kelli Bordeaux`s remains yesterday, in a remote, woody area, not too far from where The Froggy Bottoms once was, came as a shock to me. Aerial news footage of the telling location off River Road (in Fayetteville, North Carolina), informs me of its marked isolation, in candid living color (mainly greens and browns).
John G. KaysShaky Mom, Julie Schenecker, Transparently COCKOO FOR COCOA PUFFS!!! - Julie Schenecker is, and always has been, I would think, CUCKOO FOR COCOA PUFFS! Boy, I bet Parker wishes he`d thought of that before he hitched up with this Crazy Bird, who ended up killing his daughter Calyx and his son Beaux.
Robert Paul ReyesMichael Sam First Openly Gay Player to be Drafted Will Change NFL, America! Video! - Michael Sam has made a stunning debut in the NFL, the hottest selling rookie jersey is Johnny Manziel`s, and the second best-selling is Sam`s. Who would have thunk, that fans would be proud to wear the jersey of an openly gay football player?
John G. KaysWhen and Why Did Russell and Shirley Dermond Leave New Jersey? - Great Waters was a near perfect community, at least, up to one week ago, when an unnamed neighbor discovered the decapitated body of 88-year-old Russell Dermond sprawled out dead on a floor of the family garage.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Reducing Violence during 25th of May, 2014 Elections in Eastern Ukraine. - Reducing Violence during 25th of May, 2014 Elections in Eastern Ukraine. My suggestion and question...
Robert Paul ReyesUFOlogist Claims One in Four People Abducted by UFO Aliens - One in four people has been abducted by aliens, so claims a UFOlogist who has a vested interested in propagating the flying saucer tomfoolery
Robert Paul ReyesMother's Day is Also For Those of Us Who Have Lost our Mothers! - Happy Mother's Day!
Robert Paul ReyesVideo Depicts UFO Destroying Taliban Base - This video is obviously fake, if alien beings interfered in Afghanistan it would be on behalf of the Taliban.
Robert Paul ReyesTop Five Awful Mother's Day Gifts - Husbands, play it safe on Mother`s day and get your wife flowers, chocolate or treat her out to a romantic dinner.
John G. KaysWho Would Do Harm to Successful Retirees, Russell and Shirley Dermond? - What to make of the weird case of an elderly retired couple (wealthy Georgians), Russell and Shirley Dermond? It`s known that Russell was murdered, since his decapitated torso was found lying on his garage floor; the whereabouts of his head, however, are unknown.
John G. KaysCrazy Julie Schenecker Easily Purchased a .38 at the Lock N Load in Oldsmar! Why? - The prosecution gave us the remainder of what they had on Julie Schenecker Wednesday; this includes an audio tape (with a transcript) of her post arrest interview, mainly conducted with Tampa detective Gary Sandel (in late January of 2011). Incidentally, one witness that was called yesterday, Gerald Tanso, the Lock N Load...
Robert Paul ReyesHappy Mother's Day (In Remembrance of My Mom) - Happy Mother's Day!
Robert Paul ReyesCreepiest Mother's Day Ad, Ever! Video! - Happy Mother`s Day!
John G. KaysDoes Julie Schenecker`s Insanity Seem Clearer with Col. Parker Schenecker`s Icy Testimony? - UGLY, UGLY, UGLY! This is my short but sweet summary of Julie Schenecker; this includes what she did to her kids, and the way she went about doing it. Capability for objectivity has to be thrown out the window in the face of this repulsive person, who looks more like The Wicked Witch of The West (on Hillbilly Heroin)...
Robert Paul ReyesParents: For God's Sake Don't Neglect to Give your Children Middle Names! - Middle names are often an afterthought when it comes to naming your baby. But according to a new study, published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, parents could put their little one on the path to success if they choose to give her a middle initial(s).
Robert Paul ReyesCardwell UFO Festival a Senior Citizen Freakfest! - From aliens to men in black, flying saucers and strange lights, 'UFOlogists' gathered to share their stories and theories at the inaugural Cardwell UFO Festival.
John G. KaysWas Julie Schenecker 'Legally Insane' When She Killed Her Two Kids, Calyx and Beau? - Yesterday Julie Schenecker`s trial began in Tampa (HLN calls her the Shaky Mom, but I`ve been calling her the Twitching Mom); we know the demented soccer mom shot and killed her two kids, Calyx, 16, and Beau, 13, but the real question is, was she legally insane at the time?
Robert Paul ReyesSteve Wiles 'Anti-gay' GOP Candidate Outed as a DRAG QUEEN - Just another example that the GOP is the last refuge of self-loathing closeted gays.
Robert Paul ReyesNew Fantasyland Ride Features Seven Dwarfs: Video - After a book, films and a musical about Snow White told from the perspective of the princess, it`s about time that at least an amusement park ride is told from the perspective of the little people.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Parents Break News of Baby to Overjoyed Children - The reaction of the kids is priceless. See if you can keep your eyes dry when the little girl tells her mother: I can`t thank you enough.
Robert Paul ReyesDonald Sterling Receives Lifetime Ban from Bunny Ranch Brothel - Donald Sterling can`t watch his players on the court in California -- and now he can't play in Nevada.
Robert Paul ReyesBaddie Winkle: Social Media Star is 86! - The Internet`s latest star is a twerking, pill-popping granny who loves tie-dye T-shirts and selfies.
John G. KaysDoes the Bungled Execution of Clayton Lockett Argue for Capital Punishment`s Elimination? - Clayton Lockett`s vein exploded during a botched *(fumbled, bumbled) lethal injection execution, yesterday at the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, in McAlester? Why would a vein break on a 38 year-old-man? Could it have something to do with the chemical makeup of Midazolam...
John G. KaysThe Midwestern Tornado Stories Contrast Sharply with Hokey Beverly Hills Celebration Saga! - After researching the Midwestern tornado tumult a good deal, I suddenly happened on a social and economically contrasting item in the news that caught my eagle eye, sent my head a spinning; okay, so it dominated my attention!
Robert Paul ReyesLA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling is a Racist Scumbag: Video - All vestiges of racism must be eliminated by the NBA; Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA must have a private conversation with Sterling and persuade him to sell his team for the good of the NBA.
Robert Paul ReyesBaby Found Crawling Across 4 Lanes of Traffic: Frogger Nightmare! - Police say a baby found crawling across a busy four-lane street in northern Utah after his 7-year-old sister took him out of his crib is safely back home.
Robert Paul ReyesResidents, Tourists, Merchants, Kooks Enjoy Pine Bush UFO Fair: Video - Get your UFO tomfoolery on at UFO Fair!
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Korean Dancers Twerking to Classical Music: Video! Abomination! - Twerking and raunchy rap music go together like eggs and bacon or hamburger and fries, but twerking and classical music?
Robert Paul ReyesPat Robertson Says Doomsday Asteroid Could Strike Earth Next Week: Video - Robertson was absolutely giddy at the prospect of an asteroid destroying our little blue planet. For Robertson the vision of the Almighty smiting billions of men, women and children isn`t a nightmare, it`s a wet dream.
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