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British Supermarket Chain B&M Seeks 'Chicken Nugget Connoisseur'

B&M, one of Britains largest variety store chains, announced on its website that it is seeking a chicken nugget connoisseur to taste-taste the chicken nuggets for its new line of store-brand frozen and fresh foods.

John G. KaysAt the Battle of Gettysburg, Is the Struggle at John Rose`s Wheat Field the Heart and Soul of Day Two? - Exactly 150 years ago, as of today, July 2nd, the Second Day of the Battle of Gettysburg took place; because of problems of coordination amongst the Confederate high command, the fighting didn`t commence in earnest until 5 PM.
Robert Paul ReyesAirline Recruits Hot Slim Female Flight Attendants To Save Fuel - I applaud GoAir for thinking outside of the box, and coming up with an innovative and aesthetically pleasing way to save money.
Robert Paul ReyesCover Of New Yorker Magazine Suggests Bert And Ernie Are Gay: Video - The current issue of The New Yorker magazine depicts Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie cuddled on a sofa in front of a TV on which the Supreme Court justices are shown.
Robert Paul ReyesRachel Jeantel: The Most Fascinating Woman In America: Video - Rachel Jeantel is an indictment of the laissez faire attitude towards education prevalent in the inner city, and she`s a symbol of the state of Florida`s weak case against George Zimmerman.
John G. KaysNatasha Jugo Washes Up on Gilgo Beach; Eerie Similarities With Shannon Gilbert! - Not so fast! Well, we do know now, this watery body is Natasha Jugo, but how did she get in the sea? And when did she get in the sea? Was it more than three months ago, when her blue Prius was found on the beach? What was the cause of her death?
John G. KaysThe Camera Doesn't Lie: Ex-Patriots` Superstar, Aaron Hernandez`s Murder Plot Against Odin lloyd - A mountain of compelling evidence against Ex-New England Patriots Superstar, Aaron Hernandez, enabled prosecutor William McCauley to paint a clear picture of how a supposed friend of Hernandez`s, Odin Lloyd, was taken to a scary industrial park (near a contrasting sprawling mansion, owned by the done for tight-end), and shot five times execution style.
Robert Paul ReyesSupreme Court Delivers Landmark Victory For Same-Sex Marriage - If the fundamental right to marry the person you love is denied to gays and lesbians, it diminishes the freedom and equality for all of us.
John G. KaysOn the 50th Anniversary of JFK`s 'Ich bin ein Berliner' Speech, What`s Its Real Historical Significance? - One can`t hope to fathom the significance of President John F. Kennedy`s "Ich bin ein Berliner` speech, delivered on June 26, 1963 at the Schoneberg Rathaus square in West Berlin, without first studying the circumstances associated with the construction of the Berlin Wall, which began in earnest on November 20, 1961.
Jay ForteHow to Create the WOW! In Life - Thoughts create beliefs create actions; little thoughts, little beliefs, little actions. Our motto at The Greatness Zone is life`s too big to play small.
Robert Paul ReyesLittle Brat Punches Dad For Missing Foul Ball: Video - The beleaguered father should have whacked his son across the butt until his little rear end was as red as Paula Deen`s blotchy red face.
John G. KaysDoes Paula Deen Accurately Represent the 'Southern Hospitality Culture' of Savannah? - Can Paula Deen survive this downward spiral, which is a result of her antiquated Southern lifestyle and values? Paula just lost her endorsement partnership with Smithfield Foods, who are known mostly for their hams. Yet, her biggest problem is that her cooking shows have been dropped by the Food Network.
Vanessa VerdugaAchievement vs. Success - Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose; the attainment of popularity or profit; the outcome of an undertaking, specified as achieving or failing to achieve its aims.
John G. KaysWhy Were Patriot`s Aaron Hernandez` Pronouncements of Character Reform So Easily Believed? - How could a star tight-end for the New England Patriots, 23-year-old Aaron Hernandez, be suspected of murdering a supposed friend of his, 27-year-old Odin L. Lloyd...
Robert Paul ReyesUK Closes UFO Desk: It Serves No Useful Purpose, Video - The UK has many tabloids; one of them can pick up the slack by opening a UFO hotline.
Kaihan KrippendorffThe Magic Sweet Spot Between Need And Love - Let's start with "need." LES fills the gaps in our country's education system, focusing not on producing traditional bachelor's degrees or even helping knowledgeable workers advance their careers.
Vincent GonzalezVinyl, an Untimely Tradition That's Making a Comeback - Whether it is aesthetically appealing to the eyes, more artistic, or just plain good to the ears vinyl continues to harbor a particular position in society; allowing listeners of all ages to learn something about themselves in the process.
Robert Paul ReyesDoes Red Robin Commercial Diss Vegetarians? - Vegetarians: Stop having a cow and be grateful that Red Robin put a damn vegetarian burger on the menu.
John G. KaysFBI Still Finding Bodies from Jimmy The Gent Burke`s Notorious Crime Sprees! - Another Fed dig pops up, coincidentally (arbitrarily) synchronized with the stalemated Detroit dig of Jimmy Hoffa, the sensational trial of Whitey Bulger...
John G. KaysWhy Such an Arduous Search for Jimmy Hoffa`s Remains? Americans Need to Know Their History! - Bobby knew what was going on, but could do little to stop it; organized crime and the Teamsters Union, via Jimmy Hoffa, had forged an alliance that was beneficial for both, clearly impenetrable and unstoppable.
Robert Paul ReyesMiss Utah's Brain Fart Goes Viral: Video - All you haters on Twitter give the young lady a break! Under the glare of TV cameras you`d be channeling Sarah Palin also.
John G. KaysReal Deal? Will Jimmy Hoffa`s Remains Be Found This Time at Oakland Township? - The substantial tip comes from Tony Zerilli, who is the son of a former Detroit mob boss Joseph Zerilli.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo Of Man, 86, Singing 'You Are My Sunshine' To His Wife - Today I will forego my daily dose of satire and phlegm, and instead I`m sharing this video this is guaranteed to bring a tear to your eyes.
Robert Paul ReyesKidney Patient, 13, Holds Dance Recital At Hospital: Video - The show must go on! Don`t give up, keep fighting, and keep living!
Jay ForteTornadoes, Bombings and Kidnappings: Trying To Make Sense Out of Tragedies - In what seems to be a period of an unprecedented amount of tragedies, we ask what is happening with our planet and with the people in our world?
Robert Paul ReyesSebastien De La Cruz Returns To Sing National Anthem Before Spurs-Heat Game 4: Video - All the hate that was poured on De La Cruz backfired; he was invited back for an encore performance for Game 4 of the NBA Finals.
John G. KaysBollywood Actress, Jiah Nafisa Khan`s Heart-Breaking Suicide Letter Reveals Suraj Pancholi`s Flagrant Abuses! - Jiah Nafisa Khan`s (a beautiful Bollywood actress) five-page, hand-written letter, apparently a stirring confessional suicide note, is most heart-breaking! India Today has published the missive in its entirety; one can assume from the despairing tone of Jiah`s admissions, (in her own mind) she is already deceased. This is how I take it; her life, love, and career are in ruins!
Robert Paul ReyesMexican-American Boy's National Anthem Provokes Racist Backlash: Video - In a city with a rich Hispanic heritage, a Spanish name, and a Latino mayor is it any surprise that a gifted young Latino was chosen to sing the National Anthem?
John G. KaysIs Whitey Bulger the Last Standing Legendary American Mobster? - Whitey Bulger`s trial began yesterday with a bang; time again to fact check, pulling out all our most reliable sources that will tell us truthfully the chronicle of the New England Mob (not by way of Scorsese`s The Departed). My guess is that a good starting place would be the archives of The Boston Globe and of course, the Boston Herald.
John G. KaysOn the 50th Anniversary of Medgar Evers` Death, What`s Its Meaning in American History? - It`s been fifty years as of today (June 12, 2013) since Medgar Evers was slain when standing on his own home driveway in Jackson, Mississippi. President Kennedy had just delivered his famous civil rights speech that night (June 11, 1963), and Medgar`s wife (Myrlie) and children had just watched the speech.
John G. KaysBrett Seacat Left Behind Lots of Tangible Evidence Proving He Murdered His Wife Vashti! - Has the prosecution in the Brett Seacat Murder Trial (in Kingman, Kansas) merely presented circumstantial evidence to convict the former CSI lawman, or rather do they have some tangible, direct proof that he clearly shot his wife in the head, then started a raging fire (which has been documented on film) to cover up what he did?
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