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Bruce Jenner (Caitlyn Jenner) Distancing Himself From Donald Trump

Freak of the Week: Bruce Jenner or Donald Trump?

John G. KaysIn Jodi Arias Trial, Defense Star Witness Lisa Diadoni Paints Travis Alexander as a Two-Faced Janus! - Yesterday`s quintessential witness was a former girlfriend of Travis Alexander, a blonde Lisa Andrews Diadoni, who was only 18 years old when she first met and dated the charming and persuasive Alexander (Travis was a gifted motivational speaker) back in 2007.
Gloria LoringCoincidence Is All I Need When I Need It: Facts vs. Truth - I love the way coincidence provides me with what I need, exactly when I need it.
Robert Paul ReyesThe More Housework Married Men Do, The Less Sex They Have - This may sound sexist but if a man does manly things around the house, and a woman keeps the place clean, harmony and good sex will prevail.
John G. KaysFormer JonBenet Ramsey Grand Jury Members Speak Out - Parents Guilty! - Amazing that the Boulder Daily Camera has unveiled the grand jury rulings from 1999 in the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation! In a nutshell
Robert Paul ReyesThe Brolly Umbrella: For Tech Savvy Hipsters - I`ve been considering buying an iPhone as a chick magnet, but I think I will keep my android phone and buy a Brolly umbrella instead.
Robert Paul ReyesIs Bubble Wrap The Greatest Invention In History? - I don`t care what my friends get me for Bubble Warp Appreciation Day ", as long as they wrap my gift in Bubble Wrap.
John G. KaysThe McStays Never Left Their Immediate Neighborhood of Fallbrook, California! - The McStays dropped off the face of the earth on February 4th, 2010; this coming Monday will mark the 3rd anniversary of a mind altering day, that affected so many of us, and especially Joseph and Summer`s families. I got involved in the story about a week after they disappeared, when my editor, Judyth Piazza...
SOP newswire2Is President Obama Poised to Strike Down Second Amendment? - Two million marched in Washington DC to protest the millions of innocent children that are slaughtered each year in America through abortion, and it received no media coverage at all.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo:PTC Complains Kate Upton Mercedes-Benz Commercial Too Sexy - The Parents Television Council is tilting at windmills.
Robert Paul ReyesFox News Kicks Sarah Palin To The Curb - I am so glad Palin is gone from Fox News, listen girlfriend you just couldn`t compete with hotties the likes of Megyn Kelly.
Kaihan Krippendorff5 Steps to Reinventing Yourself That Really Work! - I`m sitting at the smooth, cool, luminescent bar at the Grand Hyatt in New York City, overlooking bustling 42nd Street, people streaming like ants to, from, and past Grand Central Station. In about 10 minutes I have a rendezvous with my secret weapon.
John G. KaysWho Is Jason Smith Really, an Exterminator Charged with Melissa Ketunuti`s Murder? - Who is Jason Smith, really, the suspect in Melissa Ketunuti`s Monday afternoon strangulation? Mugshot eyes look glassy; is he hooked on prescription pills? Little record, a 2004 DUI, maybe traffic citations, but no major felony arrests, until Wednesday night`s arrest in Levittown, which is 25 miles northeast of Philadelphia.
Robert Paul ReyesFifth-Grade Girl Scolded For Bringing Paper Gun To School - Was the little terrorist's backpack searched for a paper magazine capable of holding 30 paper bullets?
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Is Woman With Biggest Hips In The World A Menace To Society? - Miss More Bounce to the Ounce is setting a horrible example for her daughters, one of which is only a few Big Whoppers from looking just like her mother.
John G. KaysImtiaz Khan, Older Brother of Deceased Lottery Winner Urooj Khan, Tells A Tale that`s Cinematic! - A Chicago Sun Times article (dating from yesterday) on the latest revelations in the sudden, bizarre death of lucky lottery winner, Urooj Khan, looks more like a movie script for an Oscar winning film, than it does a flash of news regarding what`s possibly behind Urooj`s untimely demise last July.
Robert Paul ReyesDo You Feel Envious, Depressed And Lonely After Visiting Facebook? - Dude, don`t feel depressed after visiting Facebook, your friends are also needy and hopeless, but they are excellent liars.
John G. KaysDid Melissa Ketunuti Know Her Killer? Why Didn`t Pooch Bark? - No, it makes little sense, as I watch news footage of a medical crew loading her remains in a blue body bag, into an ambulance at the curb of her front door. Melissa Ketunuti was killed on our Martin Luther King holiday and on Barack Obama`s Inauguration Day, I must note with some bitter irony.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Morons Gawk At DeLorean Hovercraft In San Francisco - The natural beauty of the Golden Gate and the architectural magnificence of the Golden Gate Bridge is enough to take your breath away.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Ice Cubes Will Alert You When You're Drunk - Sounds like a cool I idea, but upon further review it sucks!
Robert Paul ReyesGirl, 5, Suspended For Threatening To Shoot Girl With Pink Hello Kitty Gun That Shoots Bubbles! - Only a mindless bureaucrat, a crazed terrorist, or a hardline Communist would take offense at a 5-year-old girl threatening to shoot bubbles at another girl with her Hello Kitty toy gun.
Zoneziwoh MbondguloRestaurant for Non-Waste Eaters - This morning, on a 3hr transit to another province, I decided to stop by my mum`s restaurant to help her out.
John G. KaysDid Blackbeard The Pirate Have a Problem with Spirits and Drug Abuse Also? - Blackbeard is the most famous pirate ever to roam the shores of America! Why waste an evening and a morning deciphering the rusty chronicles of the dastardly pirate once again? Isn`t there any more important news to cover? Not really, unless you aren`t already absolutely bored with the Lance Armstrong/Oprah Winfrey interview.
John G. KaysRussian Mafia Boss Grandpa Khasan Assassinated in Moscow! Changing of the Guards? - Who`s behind the assassination of Russia`s biggest mafia boss, Aslan Usoyan, otherwise known as Grandpa Khasan? It happened just yesterday (1/16/2013) in Moscow near the Kremlin, as Khasan was leaving the Karetny Dvor restaurant, the Russian Godfather sustained a single fatal shot in his face from a sniper`s rifle.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Dude Run Over By Subway After Defecating Between Cars - There should be a zero tolerance attitude for the homeless, a few are in need of medical or psychiatric assistance, but most of them need a good swift kick in the butt.
Robert Paul ReyesEurope Court: British Airways Flight Attendant Can Wear Cross - Europe and America are secular and democratic societies, and if citizens choose to wear religious symbols it doesn`t weaken our secular or democratic ideals.
Robert Paul ReyesStudy: Male Jurors More Likely To Find Fat Females Guilty - A fat female defendant would be well-advised to call Jenny Craig, even before she calls her lawyer.
Vincent GonzalezThe Twisted Road of Grenada, Definitely a Road Less Traveled - Nearing the end of the Cold War who would have suspected that a tiny Caribbean island would have captured the attention of the international community?
SOP newswire2The Fiscal Cliff, Obamacare and Guns: Obama`s Second Term - If Obama wishes to succeed during his second term, he must address the quagmire of DDG "deadlock, debt, and guns.
John G. KaysWhy Did Lead Detective Esteban Flores Believe that Jodi Arias Shot Travis First in His Shower? - I wonder why Mesa, Az. lead Detective Esteban Flores initially thought that Jodi Arias Shot Travis Alexander in the shower first before proceeding with her malicious stabbing campaign? On Thursday the defense called for a mistrial, based on the erroneous claim of Det. Flores that the vituperative assault began with a gunshot.
Sean StubblefieldIndians Are An Endangered Species - Some of the most important issues today between the American Indians and the United States federal government is a fight for sufficient land and social, medical and educational services for tribal members.
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