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Lawrence O'Donnel's Epic Off-air Rant! MSNBC Should Have Him Committed to an Asylum

Lawrence O'Donnell is freaking nuts.

John G. KaysBritish Museum Brings 400 Artifacts from Ancient Pompeii and Herculaneum to London! - I just heard about the new exhibit at the British Museum in London, Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum, and it looks fascinating *(it runs from 3/28-9/29)! Unfortunately, I live in Austin, Texas, so I won`t get a chance to see it.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo:Thousands Of Detroit Residents Heckle Legendary Red Dwarf - It`s untrue that Danny Devito was playing the part of the red dwarf.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Parents Force Girl, 13, To Hold Sign For Getting Bad Grades - If Jesus witnessed the young girl`s humiliation, he would force the parents to hold a sign saying: I`m a clueless parent with no respect for my daughter.
Robert Paul ReyesAmusing American Eagle Outfitters Fake Spray-On Jeans Video - Some women wear their jeans so tight (not that I`m complaining), that I`m surprised they don`t pop a button when they fart.
John G. KaysWhy Did White Supremacist Parolee Evan Ebel Kill Domino`s Pizza Driver Nathan Leon? - The Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Corrections Tom Clements, 58, is shot dead, answering the doorbell at his secluded home (in Monument, Colorado) at 8:30 PM Tuesday. Last Sunday, a Domino`s Pizza delivery man, Nathan Leon, 27, was shot dead also (was it a robbery?).
John G. KaysWhy Did Natasha Jugo Go to Gilgo Beach? Was Someone Following Her? - Natasha Jugo`s 2009 blue Toyota Prius is found abandoned Sunday on the south side of Ocean Parkway (which is in Nassau County, New York). At 11:20 AM on Sunday 911 received a call, a resident of Gilgo Beach reported finding a driver`s license and wallet on the beach near Ocean Walk. Furthermore, some clothing items were found down on the beach.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Lululemon Recalls Expensive See-Through Yoga Pants - Ladies, just buy a pair of sweatpants for $10 at Walmart, and give the money you save to charity.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! House Across From Anti-Gay Westboro Baptist Church Painted Colors Of Rainbow - The little house has been painted the colors of the rainbow and it is an aesthetic delight and a life-affirming statement against bigotry and intolerance.
John G. KaysWill Who`s Behind the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist of 1990 Ever Be Revealed? - The 'mostly unsolved` Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum art heist, dating from March 18, 1990 ( the day after St. Patrick`s Day, in Boston no less), is the grandest art heist ever in the United States! $500 million is a rough estimate of the thieves getaway. Johannes Vermeer`s 1664 marvel alone, The Concert is (or was) valued at $200 million.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Human Statue Punches Effete Tourist - This video has garnered over seven million views; obviously folks enjoy watching the street performer teaching the creep a lesson.
John G. KaysFocus of Documentary 'West of Memphis' Is On Viable Suspect Terry Hobbs! - Isn`t it odd that what really happened in West Memphis, Arkansas on May 5, 1993 is just now coming to light? When I saw that West of Memphis (directed by Amy J. Berg) was showing at the Arbor in North Austin, I thought to myself, "I probably won`t go see it, since it will simply repeat everything I already know.`
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Google Glass: Most Controversial High-Tech Gadget In History - I will not consider anyone who wears the high-tech eyewear as human; they will be anathema to those of us who cherish our humanity.
Robert Paul ReyesHappy St. Patrick's Day To All My Readers! - The vast majority of Americans will pay homage to Irish culture by downing dozens of green beers and dancing a jig while drunk out of our gourds.
Robert Paul ReyesNadya Suleman (Octomom) Has A License To Smoke Weed - Octomom you made your bed, now lie in it with your 14 kids, and marijuana cookies
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! School Stops Cruel Mom From Forcing Her Kids To Wear Demeaning Shirts - Jessica Rocha is the real bully in this incident, by sending her children to school wearing demeaning T-shirts; she will succeed only in making them the object of ridicule.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Pic Of Ahmadinejad Hugging Chavez's Mom Causes Controversy In Muslim World - The fact that Ahmadinejad`s act of compassion has caused a storm of controversy in the Muslim world tells you everything you need to know about the nature of Islam.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Steals Smartphone, Accidentally Posts Pic Of Himself to Victim's Facebook Page - Mugging victims for their smartphones, especially iPhones, is becoming an epidemic.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Lady, 82, Dragged Off Train For Refusing To Sop Singing Gospel Hyms - The old woman is a scofflaw who thinks the rules don`t apply to her. It`s not OK for her to break the rules because she was singing religious hymns.
Robert Paul ReyesPrincipal Goes Ballistic Because Kid Brought Cupcakes With Toy Soldiers - Principal Susan Wright has ruined a little boy`s birthday, and dissed our brave warriors.
John G. KaysAfrican Lion Cous Cous`s Deadly Attack at Cat Haven Takes the Life of Dianna Hanson! Why? - A 24 year old intern Dianna Hanson has been mauled and killed by an African Lion at Cat Haven, a wildlife center near Fresno, California. Dianna came from Seattle and started a six-month internship at Cat Haven in early January. The lion`s name was Cous Cous; he was four-years-old and weighed 350 pounds.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! The Harlem Shake Meme Shakes Up The Universe! - It`s not too late to get on the bandwagon, and upload your own Harlem Shake video. It doesn`t matter if you don`t have any friends, record it with your cat, dog or broom.
John G. KaysFull Dimensions of Florida Sinkhole Story and Death of Jeff Bush Still Reverberating! - From a distance, the full dimensions of the Florida sinkhole story, and a man who lost his life (Jeff Bush, 37) in a highly unusual manner, are still reverberating!
Robert Paul ReyesAnatomy Of A UFO Sighting - MUFON claims that there`s a video of the sighting, but no one has been able to open the video of the file to see it.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Some Thrilled, Some Terrified By Giant Ice Balls On Shores Of Lake Michigan - Massive ice balls washing ashore has an apocalyptic feel, it`s as if Mother Nature has serious issues and she`s hurling everything at us, except for the kitchen sink.
John G. KaysPimping Desperado Ammar Harris Finally Captured! Notorious BAD MONEY Video Surfaces! - Now we know three women were with him when Harris shot 5 times into Ken Cherry`s speeding Maserati. The identity of only one has been revealed. And I just saw Harris` BAD MONEY video on YouTube this morning; most disturbing (footage ever) and most vile to behold!
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Maintaining a Strong Dollar through Perot Type Reforms - Maintaining a Strong Dollar through Perot type Reforms; by Harvey Carroll, Jr. a 2000 Reform Party Presidential Candidate.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Tree-Climbing Anti-Abortion Fanatic No Longer Banned From D.C. - This dude belongs in the chimp exhibit in the zoo; hopefully he would refrain from flinging his poop at spectators.
John G. KaysBrilliant Graffiti Artist, A Reincarnated Romanesque Painter, Discovered by Father Ramon Borr! - Is House (Raul Sanchez Araque) a Neo-Romanesque artist using aerosol cans to simulate a 12th and 13th century style? Was Romanesque mural painting once as colorful and bright as House`s freshly rendered (just completed) graffiti-style fresco on the ceiling of the Santa Eulalia Church in L`Hospitalet (near Barcelona, Spain)?
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Miss Delaware Teen USA Gives Up Tiara After Adult Movie Surfaces! - Miss Delaware Teen USA not only had to relinquish her tiara, but she also lost good name. Learn from her mistake, and don`t post any questionable images online.
John G. KaysPope Benedict XVI Abdicates Gracefully! But Is Old Age Real Reason for Retirement? - Pope Benedict XVI never particularly addressed these troubles in the Church, which wouldn`t go away, no matter what. The reason given for stepping down was his old age, which is 85 years, yet one has to ask, is this the real reason why Benedict abdicates?
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