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Will Says...

Melania Can't Stand Donald Trump

We should share Melanias disgust for her husband, and by any means necessary get rid of him.

Robert Paul ReyesRussell Brand Tells The Truth About Sarah Palin In A Vulgar Way - Comics and wise-guy commentators should have a wide latitude to express their political views. Conservatives need to put on their big girl panties, and get over it.
John G. KaysIs Mary Kristene Chapa's Second Police Sketch More Accurate than Her First Sketch? - I was a bit startled when looking at the new police sketch of the suspect, realized from the memory of Mary Kristene Chapa.
Robert Paul ReyesGang Of Drunken Young Girls Stab Old Man In Subway: Evil Runs Rampant - I hope the elderly gentleman recuperates quickly from his injuries, and I pray that the "young ladies" are thrown behind bars.in the zoo, where they belong.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.INCOTERMS and The Building of An American Virtual World Trade Center - INCOTERMS and the building of an American Virtual World Trade Center that returns America to Supply Side Economics instead of the current Buy Side Economics that has us at a near 1 Trillion Dollar a year Trade Imbalance.
Robert Paul ReyesPanhandler Called 'Weed Head' A Big Star In The Big Apple - Who wouldn`t want to have his picture taken with a dude with pictures of marijuana on his head?
Robert Paul ReyesBird Crashes Into Face Of Teen Riding Roller Coaster! - In a perfect world the bird would have dived into his mouth, but this is far from a perfect world and the young punk's parents will probably sue and win a million bucks.
Robert Paul ReyesLovely Ladies Fail To Set Bikini Parade World Record - It's hard to believe that a majority of the Madison Lake City Council had expressed opposition to the bikini event on the grounds that it wasn't "family-friendly."
Robert Paul ReyesWhat Is The Manhattan Monster? Top Ten Possibilities - Bo the White House dog: Obama skinned Bo and was ready to roast him, when the poor thing ran away and died on the beach.
Robert Paul ReyesCops Tase Teen High On 'Blotter Acid' - I hope the cops tased his family jewels, Haviaras needs a jolt to wake him up from his destructive lifestyle.
John G. KaysIn Jacque Waller`s Murder, Prosecution Has A Strong Case Against Clay Waller! - The lead story on a popular (HLN) talk show quickly projected the image of an attractive woman, who I seem to `ave remembered from somewhere before. The bottom caption of the television screen read: Jacque Sue Waller!
Robert Paul ReyesThe Manhattan Monster, Son of Montauk Monster? - Some speculate it may be the remains of Rosie O'Donnell, but she hasn't been reported missing.
SOP newswireJacques Rueff - The Most Important Economist of the 20th Century? - Jacques Rueff is one name any daring analyst may well consider for crediting as the most important economist of the past century.
Robert Paul ReyesLas Vegas Wedding Wagon Delivers Nupitals For $99! Tacky Or Thrifty? - A dude should think twice before he asks his girlfriend if she wants to be married by the Wedding Wagon, she just might think that he's a cheap bastard and break up with him.
John G. KaysDid Any of Sarah Greenhalgh`s Investigative Journalism Probes Get Her Killed? - Who killed news reporter Sarah Greenhalgh? Why did they do it? And what`s the story (for the Winchester Star) she was working on at the time of her death?
Robert Paul ReyesHotel Replaces Gideon Bibles With 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'! Smart Move Or Satan's Handiwork? - Think of this mighty tome as Slutty in Seattle.
John G. KaysMegan Sharpton`s Homicide in Tullahoma, Tn is Highly Unusual! - The circumstances of Erika Megan Sharpton`s death (which has been ruled a homicide) are quite unusual. Megan was suppose to drop by her family`s house that day (a Sunday, July 1st), since her sister was in town.
Robert Paul ReyesZombie, 70, Bites Boy, 11, On The Face! Zombie Apocalypse? - All 70-plus men walk like zombies, so there's a slight chance this old goat could have been your run of the mill old perv.
John G. KaysPARANOIA! Yea Sure, 'Happiness Is A Warm Gun' - But Let`s Turn It On Its Head! - John Lennon`s enticing slogan 'Give Peace a Chance` will ring on deaf ears, in light of the Aurora massacre. Nothing will get done in the way of much needed gun control. Why? The NRA are bullies!
SOP newswireColorado Shootings - A Chaos Beyond Description - Paul Louis Cole of Christian Men's Network responds to the Colorado Shootings of July 20.
Robert Paul ReyesOctomom Feels Empowered By Starring In Self-Pleasuring Video! I Am Woman! - Octomom feels empowered by starring in a self-pleasuring adult flick; I'm sure she reached the heights of, hmm, spiritual bliss.
Robert Paul ReyesPerfect Running Mate For Mitt Romney: Octomom - Nadya Suleman, better known as Octomom, would be the perfect running mate for Mitt Romney.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Guns Do Not Kill People, People Kill People - In this story, I plan to do two things. Take a look at the falsehood that America is Arming the World with as well as take a look at who is Arming America`s misguided streets and creating assault rifle deaths in America.
Robert Paul ReyesMoral Coward Joe Paterno's Statue Should Be Smashed To Smithereens - Paterno`s statue should be destroyed with axes and sledgehammers, and the first blow should be delivered by one of Jerry Sandusky`s victims.
Robert Paul ReyesSF Wants To Ban Outdoor Smoking, Except For Medical Weed! Bravo! - I`m glad that an exception would be made for medically-prescribed marijuana, but even the recreational use of marijuana should be permitted.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Leaves Girl, 7, In Truck While She Gets Her Freak On In A Dive - You need a license to drive and a prescription to purchase a controlled substance - sometimes I wish that a woman should have to pass psychological exam before she could be a mother.
Robert Paul ReyesObama Punching Bag Should Not Have Been Removed From Indiana County Fair - The Obama punching bag is available for sale on the Internet, be prepared to shell out between $15 to $20.
John G. KaysSuddenly, Daniel Morrissey and Misty Cook`s Criminal Records Emerge! - The timbre of the investigation of the case of two missing girls (Elizabeth Collins, 8, and Misty Cook, 10) in Evansdale, Iowa takes on a sudden, sharp turn on Wednesday. The parents of Lyric (Daniel Morrissey and Misty Morrissey) have been transparent with the press, saying what they know openly, as they deal with the overwhelming shock of knowing their girls have vanished.
Robert Paul ReyesWonderful Woman Seeks To Set Record For Bikini-Clad Marchers! God Bless Her! - God bless Cynthia Frederick, Vitamin D and bikini-clad hotties!
John G. KaysThomas Jack Fritz Shoots Himself! Biographical Picture clears up. - Thomas Jack Fritz took his own life in a remote cabin in Sistersville, West Virginia, which is just across the border of Ohio and the Ohio River. U.S. Marshals were closing in on him, after receiving a tip of Fritz`s possible whereabouts. Apparently, Fritz had worked with the cabin owner previously, and knew where an extra key to the cabin was.
Robert Paul ReyesSheriff Joe Arpaio: Obama Birth Certificate 'Definitely Fraudulent' - Investigators for Joe Arpaio declared that Barack Obama's birth certificate is "definitely fraudulent."
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