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Donald Trump Considering Pardon for Boxer Jack Johnson

Is Donald Trump serious about granting a full pardon to this African American icon? Trump values celebrity above everything else, and if Stallone recommends pardon for Johnson, he may very well follow through.

Robert Paul ReyesPostal Workers Go On Hunger Strike! Nobody Notices, Nobody Cares! - Let`s stop being nostalgic and go to a four or three-day per week mail delivery.
Robert Paul ReyesOlympian Suzy Favor Hamilton Worked As A High-Priced Wh[o]re - Olympian Suzy Favor Hamiltions' real talent is knocking boots with strangers.
Robert Paul ReyesNYC Health Clinic Video Depicts Santa Giving Away Free Condoms & Needles - What`s wrong with Santa giving free clean needles to drug addicts?
Robert Paul ReyesSchool Districts Cancel Classes Due To Mayan Doomsday - For the Mayan`s God sake, stay home dude.
John G. KaysTIME Chooses President Barack Obama as Their Person of the Year - Obama Represents a New American! - TIME has chosen President Barack Obama as their Person of the Year for 2012. This choice doesn`t come as much of a surprise to me
Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)Seasoning is the Key To Success - One of the joys of living in the Southern part of the United States is the cooking traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.
Robert Paul ReyesEnd Of The World Is Nigh: Thousands Of Santas Gather In Trafalgar Square! - Thousands of Santas = End of the World!
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Pre-Christmas Thought About the Differences Between Religion, Faith, and War - Comedian George Carlin claimed Religion is Bullsh!t. He makes a number of witty points and jokes at religions and perhaps at God`s expense.
Robert Paul ReyesEnd Of The World Is Nigh! Where Do You Want To Eat Your Last Meal? - Where do you want to eat your last meal? Send us your suggestions.
Robert Paul ReyesSandy Hook School Shooting: How Do We Respond To Mindless Violence? - My advice: hug your children a little bit tighter, hold on to your guns, and reach out in love and empathy to the victims of this mindless assault on decency and our humanity.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Jesus Christ Kicked To The Curb At Darts Tournament - No room for Jesus Christ at a darts tournament.
Robert Paul ReyesOnly Dweebs Go Overboard With Christmas Decorations! - A simple wreath will suffice!
John G. KaysDid Brandon Lincoln Woodard Know Too Much? - Is this real life or is it a movie? Brandon Lincoln Woodard shot down in broad daylight, execution style with movie cameras rolling! This is the opening scene, then it shifts (alternatively) to Queens, then way west to Los Angeles. How do these different locations fit together? That`s your job, or better yet, a job for trained Manhattan homicide detectives. What did Brandon do that was so bad?
John G. KaysWhy Did Cleveland Police Shoot at Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams 137 Times? - A November 29th Cleveland police shooting of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, where Russell`s 1979 Chevrolet Malibu was pummeled with 137 police rounds, was a local story, but now is in the national spotlight. I heard about the shooting last night on NPR while stuck in a traffic jam, driving home from work.
Robert Paul ReyesThe End Of The World Is Nigh: Apocalypse Dec.21, 2012? Mayan Nightmare! - Humankind is incapable of achieving nirvana or utopia, and the End of the World will only further divide us.
SOP newswire2Winston Churchill Was A Racist? - How I forgave Winston Churchill for being a racist, and why America should forgive Thomas Jefferson
SOP newswire2Jesus and Muhammad are Cut From The Same Cloth? - During the Christmas season, Christian families seek to maintain a focus on Jesus and his legacy.
Robert Paul ReyesBandits Steal Christmas Decorations From 11 Ann Arbor Homes - Some people do go overboard with Xmas decorations, what does a plastic penguin have to do with Christmas?
Harvey Carroll, Jr.The Proposed Egyptian Constitution Excludes Rights and Freedoms - The United States of America was founded on a "Secular Principle" of separation between Church and State...
John G. KaysHow Did Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins` Bodies End Up at Seven Bridges Park? - Very little is known surrounding the identification of the remains of the Iowan girls, Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins at Seven Bridges Park in Brewer County, 25 miles north of Evansdale, Iowa.
John G. KaysIs Ki-Suk Han`s Death on a New York Subway Track an Example of the 'Genovese Syndrome?' - When witnessing on the news (vicariously, of course) the shocking event Ki-Suck Han pushed off a New York subway platform (49th Street station with a Q train
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Australian Prime Minister Warns Of Zombie, K-Pop Apocalypse - The Australians have Julia Gillard to prepare them for the Apocalypse, we have Obama. We`re screwed.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Office Complex Bans Poinsettias For Sake Of One Employee - I hope the Bell Canada employees refuse to be bullied and show up to work wearing poinsettias on their hair or lapels.
John G. KaysWhat Led Confessed Serial Killer Israel Keyes Down a Twisted Path of Random Killing Sprees? - I was most surprised to encounter an article on CNN (Suspect in Alaska murder tied to other killings) about Israel Keyes` suicide, as well as a slipshod sketch of his misdeeds, as confessed to Alaskan police, but given only in bits and pieces, whereas at times, clamming up and refusing to confess to his crimes.
John G. KaysWho Used Kara Nichols` Modeling Photos in a Las Vegas Escort Service Ad? - The Kara Nichols missing persons` case is not what it appears to be. Especially, with regards to the way the media has portrayed it. This problem of a faulty
John G. KaysWhy Did Jill Kelley and General John Allen Exchange so Many Emails? - Jill Kelley`s attorney Abbe Lowell is trying to put the lid back on the bottle; the only problem is, genie is already out of her bottle (Barbara Eden) and ready to serve her master (Larry Hagman).
John G. KaysWas Jerry Leon Poe Possessed with 'Black Friday Hysteria' when Discharging His Gun in Oak Ridge, TN? - What came over Jerry Leon Poe, 62, when he fired his semi-automatic .40-caliber pistol out the window, apparently at a lady`s car ahead him?
Robert Paul ReyesRussian 'End Of The World' Kit Includes Vodka And A Rope - The Russian kit really sucks; I would trade the vodka for weed, the fish for Twinkies, and the buckwheat for popcorn.
Robert Paul ReyesTop 5 Bing News Searches For 2012: iPhone 5, Hurricane Sandy, Honey Boo Boo - Then there`s Honey Boo Boo Child, a hurricane that wreaked incalculable devastation to the moral landscape of our country.
John G. KaysWas a Serial Shoplifter, Vidal Calloway Murdered in a Walmart Parking Lot? - A serial shoplifter at a Georgian Walmart, who died under suspicious circumstances early Sunday morning, has now been identified as Vidal Cornelius Calloway
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