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Donald Trump's Base is an Evangelical Cult

Impeach Trump.

Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Miss Delaware Teen USA Gives Up Tiara After Adult Movie Surfaces! - Miss Delaware Teen USA not only had to relinquish her tiara, but she also lost good name. Learn from her mistake, and don`t post any questionable images online.
John G. KaysPope Benedict XVI Abdicates Gracefully! But Is Old Age Real Reason for Retirement? - Pope Benedict XVI never particularly addressed these troubles in the Church, which wouldn`t go away, no matter what. The reason given for stepping down was his old age, which is 85 years, yet one has to ask, is this the real reason why Benedict abdicates?
John G. KaysDid the Cecil Hotel`s Haunted Past Catch-Up with an Apparently Doomed Elisa Lam? - Cecil Hotel has a rich, haunted past; it won`t leave! Elisa Lam`s performance in a spooky elevator surveillance tape reanimates musty memories, undisturbed, but not entirely put to rest. Is Elisa happy or is she paranoid (on the viral elevator tape)? One moment she moves her hands in mellifluous lyrical play...
Robert Paul ReyesGrocery Store Removes 'Offensive' Obama Chicken Ad - Michelle Obama, who is a health food advocate, would probably give her blessing to an ad featuring her husband touting organic chicken.
John G. KaysWhat`s Behind An Argument Between Pimp Kenneth Cherry and Men in a Black Range Rover? - Helicopter cam shots on the Las Vegas Strip show vehicle wreckage strewn about, resembling a war-zone bombing in Iraq (2005). The driver of a (silver) Maserati, Kenneth Cherry or Kenneth Clutch was shot to death while driving down the strip, by assailants in a brand new black Range Rover.
John G. Kays38, 329 Drug Overdoses in 2010! 57% Were a Result of Prescription Drugs! - A letter published in JAMA, outlining a shocking report generated by the National Center for Health Statistics tells us drug overdose deaths are up 11 years in a row. The particular statistic cited is 38, 329 drug ODs culled from 2010 raw stats. What about 2011 and 2012 figures, you might want to know?
Robert Paul ReyesFashionista Alert! Postal Service To Launch Trendy Clothing Line - What hipster dude wouldn`t want to look like that chump from Cheers, Cliff Craven?
Robert Paul ReyesWould You Rent A Fake Facebook Girlfriend For $250 A Week? - A fake girlfriend isn`t exactly cheap to rent at $750 for a three-month commitment, but she`s a lot less expensive than a real girlfriend.
John G. KaysBladerunner Brouhaha: Pistorius` Story Shot Full of 9 MM Bullet Holes! - Blade Runner`s affidavit full of bullet holes. One hour of non-stop shouting, a neighbor hears (between 2-3 AM, 2/14). Police find .38 caliber ammunition for an unregistered handgun at Pistorius` Silver Lakes Golf Estate. One source says they found the actual illegal .38.
Robert Paul ReyesKate Middleton: Plastic Mannequin With Dead Eyes, No Soul and No Charm! - Enough already about Kate Middleton, I`d rather read about Lindsay Lohan`s skanky shenanigans or Honey Boo Boo`s endearing country bumpkin antics.
Jay ForteWhat is Your Greatness Factor? - We hear about the X-Factor that special something that extra that separates the great from all others. Do you have the Greatness Factor?
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Guinness World Record For Cartwheels Set In Virginia Beach! - Nothing symbolizes the carefree attitude of youth more than a cartwheel.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Giant Sculpture of Peeing Dog A Masterpiece? - Kudos to Jackson for his accessible, playful, delightful and charming work of art.
John G. KaysLAPD`s Mishandling of Entire 'Christopher Dorner Affair' Worthy Theme of Saturday`s Protests! - True, the Christopher Dorner fiasco is finally totally over with, but leaves a very bad taste in the collective throats of most Americans, and especially citizens living in the Los Angeles, Ca. area.
Robert Paul ReyesPope Benedict's Successor? How About Honey Boo Boo Child? Amen! - The cardinals should heed Holy Scriptures: A little child shall lead them.
John G. KaysSaint Valentine Turns Over in His Grave! History`s Five Rickety-Est Couples of Deadly LOVE! - History`s cycle is moved by what these famous or better infamous LOVERS did, within the context of their place and times. What binds them together in stone
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Is Your Child Prone To Sleep Texting? - There`s a hundred and one things worse that kids can do in bed: Wetting their beds, smoking a joint, sneaking in a girlfriend, eating snacks and making a mess -- you get the picture.
Robert Paul ReyesThe Nerve: Woman Sues After Losing Thumb While Dancing At Strip Club - Berry should stop whining, attend college, and get a real job.
Robert Paul ReyesGas Station Pulls Racist 'Illegal Immigrant Hunting Permit' Bumper Stickers - The term "illegal immigrant" in itself is offensive, there is no such thing as an illegal human being.
Ignatius FernandezThe Best Things in Life are Free - Common things, vital to life, we take for granted, because they are free. It is time we changed that.
John G. KaysCop Killer Christopher Dorner Mesmerizes Los Angeles with a REAL FEAR! - How scary is it when an ex-cop (Christopher Jordan Dorner) turns into a cop killer? The levels of apprehension amongst any police officers in the Southern California area are as high as they possibly can be!
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Black Parents Sue Disneyland, Claim White Rabbit Refused To Hug Their Kids - America isn`t a post-racial society and there are many legitimate incidents of racial discrimination, but cases like this make a mockery of all claims of racial discrimination.
John G. KaysA Young Woman Kepari Leniata Accused of Sorcery in Papua New Guinea - Burned Alive! - A suburb of Mount Hagen City, in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea (a country in Oceania, known as Melanesia in the 19th century), is the scene of a superstitious public slaying just Wednesday morning, around 7 AM. A 20 year-old mother, Kepari Leniata was stripped, tied up with rope, rubbish and old tires tossed on top of her, then lit afire; burned alive!
Robert Paul ReyesWill Jodi Arias' Delicate Hands Save Her From The Death Penalty? - Jodi was cool as a cucumber, calm as a sleeping baby, and as demure as a nun. I was hypnotized by her soft voice, reassured by her glasses, and I was mesmerized by her delicate hands.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Is Way Too Fat To Be President - Christie should forget about running for president, and concentrate on running around the track until he loses about 300 pounds.
John G. KaysJodi Arias Takes the Witness Stand! Sex, Lies, and Washable Digital Cameras (Part 37)! - Jodi Arias coached to the tee, demeanor poised, soft-spoken, cool, calm and collect, memory sharp as a razor! Lies, Sex, and Videotapes (rather, digital cameras)? Calming blue shirt, wan and smooth in her (memorized) responses, straight dark brown hair (looks like it`s been ironed), and eyeglasses, she looks like a Nun.
Jay ForteWhen to Go from Parent to Coach to Mentor - Kids grow up. Thank goodness. At every stage in this process they need something different from parents or guardians. What kids need
John G. KaysWhy Did Eddie Ray Routh Shoot War Hero Chris Kyle to Death at a Gun Range Rough Creek Lodge? - 'Dark Irony` is the best adage I can come up with to describe the shooting death of Iraqi-an War-Hero Chris Kyle (and Chad Littlefield) by another veteran Eddie Ray Routh, at an isolated gun range, Rough Creek Lodge. This dark irony is the first feeling I had as the tragic story bombarded the internet and airways late Saturday!
Robert Paul ReyesPunxsutawney Phil, Groundhog Weather Dude, Predicts An Early Spring - The cute as a button groundhog predicts an early spring!
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Barney, George W Bush's First Dog, Dies - Barney we mourn your death, but you will live forever in the dozens of videos you left behind.
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