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Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq

U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, conducting 34 strikes consisting of 56 engagements Nov. 13-16, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Robert Paul ReyesMale Flight Attendant, 83, Retires After 63 Years Of Service - Congratulations Mr. Akana, but for the love of God, I hope there aren`t any other old coots serving as flight attendants.
Robert Paul ReyesStop Hatin' On Prince Harry, What Happens In Vegas Should Stay In Vegas - Vegas is a neon city of refuge where even God looks the other way, as you walk a tightrope between indulging in what is slightly wicked and what is really wicked.
Robert Paul ReyesGabriella Cooperman, 12, A Good Egg: Her Lemonade Stand Raises Money For Charity & Has Corporate Sponsors - This is a Norman Rockwell image updated for the 21st century, this little girl's lemonade stand is festooned with corporate logos.
SOP newswireAverting the Nuclear War The Role of Russia and the Church - In 1917, the year of the Bolshevik uprising, the Blessed Virgin appeared at Fatima, Portugal, and warned of the annihilation of nations that would come if Russia
John G. KaysDid Cecilia Gimenez Destroy a Spanish Fresco Masterpiece, Ecce Homo, by Elias Garcia Martinez? - I don`t believe it will serve any purpose to poke fun at Cecilia Gimenez for her restoration job of a 200-year-old Spanish fresco titled Ecce Homo, by Elias Garcia Martinez (which is painted on a wall of a Roman Catholic church, Santuario de la Misericordia in Borja, Spain). Cecilia did the best job she could.
John G. KaysDid LAPD Use Excessive Force with Skateboarder Ronald Weekley Jr.? - Did LAPD use deadly force when they subdued Ronald Weekly Jr. for skateboarding on the wrong side of the street, near his home in Venice, Ca. (at around 6 PM on Saturday)? A problem for LAPD is this incident, or really the police beating, is that it was carefully documented with so many eyewitnesses and a clear video.
John G. KaysDid Kortne Stouffer Leave Her Apartment on her Own Accord the Morning of July 29th? - Still the question remains, what happened to Kortne Stouffer in the early morning hours of July 29th (in Palmyra, Pa)? I thumbed back through my growing, voluminous file, convinced I must have missed something obvious. Had to catch up on the news of the two men Kortne was with that last night
Robert Paul ReyesTodd Akin, Paul Ryan, Legitimate Rape & The Hypocrisy Of The Republican Party - The Mitt Romney/ Paul Ryan ticket will go down in inglorious defeat if the electorate realizes that an anti-female spirit permeates the Grand Old Party.
SOP newswireA Relative Truth in the Age of Cheats: the Olympics? - Is it cheating to lie about your opponent? John Graves sheds light on an important ethical issue in sports.
Robert Paul ReyesPTC: Prime Time Nudity Rises By An Astonishing 407% - Red-blooded Americans need to say no to blurred nudity, let us see the whole shebang in high definition.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Paul Ryan 13 Years of Failure at the American Taxpayers Expense - Paul Ryan, 13 years of failure at the American Taxpayers expense and Romney offers even less
Robert Paul ReyesDiana Nyad, 62, Attempts To Swim From Cuba To America - I doubt that Nyad will be able to swim all the way from Cuba to Florida, but if she is successful it won`t be much of an accomplishment.
John G. KaysCircumstances of Pregnant 23-Year-Old Deanna Ballman`s Death Most Disturbing! - It must be Tuesday, July 31st, when Deanna Ballman`s mother, Lori Ballman, last talked to her daughter on her cell phone. Deanna was doing a cleaning job for some unnamed client. Well, I say unnamed client, but I do believe the authorities know who this client of hers is.
Robert Paul ReyesMom Leaves Son, 3, Alone At A Dollar Tree Store For An Hour - Don`t hate, if you were named "Philleana" you`d be a pothead also.
Robert Paul ReyesHBO Star Bill Maher Won't Apologize For Any Controversial Jokes! Amen! - Expecting a comic to apologize for pushing the envelope is like condemning a prostitute for going all the way.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Tackles Armed Robber: Hero Or Moron? - I commend Daiker for his courage in tackling an armed robber, but I wouldn`t recommend that anyone follow his example.
SOP newswireIran Not a Threat to Israel - Douglas Reed believes it is the Iranian people who are under existential threat, not the undeclared nuclear weapon state of Israel!
Robert Paul ReyesTop Ten Captions For Obama The Wizard AP Photograph - This photograph of President Obama wasn't Photoshopped or digitally altered in any way, it was taken by a photographer for the Associated Press as Obama was speaking in Iowa's Bayliss Park.
John G. KaysJulie Harper Had Two Handguns and a Truck Load of Powerful Prescription Drugs! - Enough new information has emerged to warrant an update on the disturbing and petrifying saga of a dissipated housewife turned murderess, Julie Harper.
Robert Paul ReyesDude High On Fake Weed Takes Off His Clothes And Runs Around His Apartment Complex - This 23-year-old dude, whose name wasn't released by the police, should be sentenced to at least a year in jail for giving weed lovers a bad name.
Robert Paul ReyesGuards Gone After Adding Hot Female Inmate As Friend On Facebook - There's a lesson to be learned for all of us: Don't have any unwanted Internet communications with a fellow employee.
Robert Paul ReyesF-bomb, Sexting, Earworm & Man Cave Added To Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary - I don't have to explain "sexting" to my faithful readers; they're a bunch of freaks.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Miss Italy Beauty Pageant Does Away With Bikinis - Officials with the Miss Italy beauty pageant seem to be unclear on the concept, it's a beauty pageant not a spelling bee or a debate.
John G. KaysWho Kidnapped a Spirited Palmyra, Pa. Young Lady, Kortne Stouffer, and Why? - What did the Palmyra police find when they searched Kortne Stouffer`s apartment, after the spirited, 21-year-old (young) lady vanished in the wee hours of July 29th (which by then had turned from a Saturday night to a Sunday morning)? What evidence led them to suspect kidnapping or unlawful restraint?
Robert Paul ReyesHundreds Of Thousands Of Dead Fish Wash Ashore On Gulf Coast Beaches - What do you think, is there something fishy about all these reports of dead fish? Send us your thoughts.
Sean StubblefieldSpace City Con premier in review - Houston Texas gets a new science fiction Convention: Space City Con. Sean Stubblefield comments on his experience there.
John G. KaysJulie Elizabeth Harper`s Changing Appearance Tells Us Much About Motive for Murder! - I was surprised and even a little shocked when I saw news footage of Julie Elizabeth Harper making an appearance in court Friday, charged (as she was) for murdering her husband, Jason Harper. I mean, I had seen an earlier photo, broadcast prodigiously on every news service under the sun.
Robert Paul ReyesTacky, Tacky, Tacky: Las Vegas Denny's To Include Wedding Chapel - What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas; I hope the concept of a Denny`s wedding chapel stays in Sin City.
Robert Paul Reyes'Lady' Leaves Kids, 4, 3 & 10 Months Home Alone To Knock Boots With Neighbor - It`s a shame that whorish women who have one child after another, with no means to support them, can`t be forcibly sterilized.
John G. KaysWhere Did Neo-Flower Child Kortne Stouffer Disappear To? - What happened to Kortne Stouffer? Kortne was last seen at 3:45 AM on Sunday, July 29th, at her apartment 810 W. Main St.) in Palmyra, Pennsylvania by a police officer answering a disturbance call. Palmyra is a small town that`s 17 miles east of Harrisburg, Pa., in case you`ve never heard of it, such as myself.
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