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British Supermarket Chain B&M Seeks 'Chicken Nugget Connoisseur'

B&M, one of Britains largest variety store chains, announced on its website that it is seeking a chicken nugget connoisseur to taste-taste the chicken nuggets for its new line of store-brand frozen and fresh foods.

John G. KaysBody of Jessica Ridgeway Possibly Found! Focus of Investigation Back to Arvada, Colorado! - A barrage of data. Some of it false. Mass hysteria! Focus back on Arvada, Colorado. Is the body found at Pattridge Park in Arvada that of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway? Little Jessica never made it to Chelsea Park last Friday morning, where she was suppose to meet with friends to walk to school, Witt Elementary.
John G. KaysIn Jessica Ridgeway Case, Why Aren't News Services Running with 'Candy Man' Police Sketch? - In the Jessica Ridgeway missing person`s case, it makes very little sense. HLN is the only news service releasing a police sketch, who I`ll dub the 'Candy Man`. This man was trying to lure children at Witt Elementary School into his (what has been described as) a blue sedan, most likely manufactured in the 1990s, using the enticement of candy,
John G. KaysIn Jessica Ridgeway Case, Police Don`t Suspect a 'Random Child Abductor'! Why Not? - Something`s not right? 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway was last seen walking to Chelsea Park at around 8:30 AM last Friday morning (in Westminister, Colorado). The implication here, is that Jessica must have been abducted right around this time and in this place. Last night HLN shows us a new sketch of suspicious man who had been trying to lure children at Witt Elementary School (which is Jessica`s school) into his car a few weeks with the usual candy.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Elderly America Listen to What Romney is Saying - Old White Folks need to turn up their hearing aid, and listen to what Romney and Ryan are really saying, and how it affects their Golden Years and realize that they make up the majority of the 47% of the Government Dependents that Romney was referring too.
Robert Paul ReyesDisabled Granny Repels 13 Intruders With Bear Spray! They Were After Her Medicinal Pot - This poor woman has lost her sole source of income, stoners in Dixon should give come to her financial assistance.
Dr. Annabelle R. CharbitThe Rules of Friendship Have Changed - When did it become okay for friends to have strong opinions about my diet, lifestyle and marriage? I grew up in a world where you supported your friends no matter what, and the only grounds for dumping a friend was if they were unpleasant directly to YOU.
Robert Paul ReyesHot New Trend: Do It Yourself Obituary - This is an excellent idea, and I think it`s going to catch on, and not only with writers.
John G. KaysWith Charity Pulley`s Sept. 18th Disappearance, Are There Levels of Complicity? - In sizing up what may have happened to Charity Pulley, 17, with the handful of information we`re given (either from law enforcement or infrequent media coverage), I sense some complicity on her part in leaving her Grand Saline home. This theory may be due to the fact that her screen had to be removed with a screwdriver, so she could escape from her bedroom window, late in the evening on September 18th, which was a Tuesday, a school night no less.
John G. KaysPoor Oregon Farmer Terry Vance Garner Devoured By Own Beloved Gigantic Hogs! - A good bit more investigation needs to be done in the confounding case of Terry Vance Garner, 70, where it looks as if he was nearly entirely devoured by his own hogs, on his farm just outside of the town of Brandon, Oregon. Portions of his remains were found in his hog pen last Wednesday (September 26th), but not enough to conduct a proper autopsy.
SOP newswire2Radical Madmen: The Scarring Remains - It was 6:30 AM, September 1977. I clenched my teeth as the madman shoved the muzzle of cold steel against my lips.
Robert Paul ReyesCampaign Urges Neighbors To Greet Each Other! Kumbaya Nonsense! - I don`t need no stinkin` pamphlet to teach me how to make small talk to my moron neighbors.
John G. KaysChloie Leverette and Gage Daniel Vanish at Scene of A Raging, Suspicious Fire! - A tremendously hot burning fire broke out at a farm home (in Unionville, Tennessee) on Sunday, September 23rd! The elderly couple who lived there perished; they are 72-year-old Leon "Bubba" McClaran and his wife, Molli McClaran (Molli was 70). The cause of the fire is unknown at this time, but it was reported by HLN last night that a good number of propane tanks were in the basement.
John G. KaysBonnie and Clyde: Closing the Wide Gap Between Legend and 'Historical Reality!' - I`ve been staring tirelessly at some of the photos of Bonnie and Clyde, confiscated by the police after the legendary outlaws hightailed
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Brain Sayers the new "Lord of War"... - This type of show is more for those that hunt and destroy Army`s. I declined to attend the show.
Robert Paul ReyesShould Prisoners Be Entitled To HBO, Cinemax & Showtime? - I can`t afford HBO or Showtime, maybe I should break into a prison.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Is Texas Being Invaded By Pink UFO's? - Google Street View has unearthed a lot of anomalies, has it now discovered a UFO?
John G. KaysHoustonian Michelle Warner`s case is Looking More Like a Homicide! - Local news stations for Houston have been all over Michelle Warner`s case, whose primary scene of crisis and tragedy appears to have transpired last Saturday night, September 22nd. The contours of what must have happened that night are focusing more clearly as I type this!
John G. KaysFaith Hedgepeth Was Found By FRIENDS at Hawthorne On the View! Who Are These FRIENDS ? - With virtually no information whatsoever coming out on UNC student Faith Hedgepeth`s murder, one is forced to read between the lines. We have to test the tea leaves of random, scarce evidence, while knowing that the Chapel Hill Police Department has good reason for withholding important clues. I believe the nature of these exclusions has to do with some initial witness(es)...
John G. KaysJuvenile Zachary Davis Commits Horrific Matricide with a Sledgehammer! Why? - When a mental picture appears in your mind of what Zachary Davis, 15, did to his own mom, Melanie Davis, 46, at around 11 PM on August 10th (in Hendersonville, Tennessee, which is located 18 miles northeast of downtown Nashville), internal mechanisms shut down (like Chernobyl).
John G. KaysWas Mentally-Ill, Double Amputee Brian Claunch Really Such A Threat to Houston Police? - It`s still not clear what happened when a mentally-ill, double amputee Brian Claunch, was shot in the head by Houston police officer Matthew Marin early Saturday morning. For example, what`s the exact time Brian was shot? One news story I read, says the police arrived at the Healing Hands home (4309 Polk) at 2:30 AM.
Robert Paul ReyesIn Praise Of New Zealand's 'Art-Literate' Cops - Oh how we artists and writers suffer...
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Dude Uses Girlfriend's Pooch To Beat Her - The two worst things a man can do are hit a woman and abuse an animal. This sorry excuse for a human being used his girlfriend`s tiny pooch as an instrument to beat her.
John G. KaysDid Heather Bird Leave Cheaters Gentleman`s Club With A Biker or With A Total Stranger? - Dancer Heather Bird has been missing since August 28th. That`s 26 days, so why has it taken so long to bring her case before the public?
Robert Paul ReyesMayor Triolo Blasted For Declaring 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' Aaarrgghh! - Shiver me timbers mateys, how can anyone be against Talk Like a Pirate Day?
Robert Paul ReyesOld Man Swept Away By Massive Wave On Beach In Los Cabos Mexico - But our prayers, dreams and aspirations reach no higher in the heavens than bubbles blown by a kid.
Robert Paul ReyesWorld Gone Mad: Working Girls Posing Behind Windows Must Cover Up! - Mayor Daniel Termont of the city of Ghent is off his rocker, working girls behind windows, displaying their wares is part of the local color.
John G. KaysMighty Strange! David Viens Slow-Cooked His Wife`s Body on a Marathon Four-Day Boil! - If you`ll excuse me, I just had to post Tommy Tutone`s 8675309 on FB; needed to hear it badly, for some odd reason. But it`s maybe only an anodyne for my ghastly efforts to peck out an analysis of what may have got into David Viens, when he packed up the body of his wife, Dawn Viens, and took her over to his sandwich shop (Tyme), and stewed her in a gigantic pot (a 55-gallon drum, actually) for 4 days straight.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Cecilia Gimenez Who Ruined 19th Century Spanish Fresco, Suing Church - The church should retaliate by suing the old woman for ruining the painting, and they should demand the police arrest her for vandalism.
John G. KaysHarvard Professor, Karen King Unveils Legitimate Coptic Papyrus - Jesus May Have Had a Wife! - Is a tiny fourth-century Coptic papyrus, hinting that Jesus had a wife, a legitimate, authentic document? Karen King, a Harvard professor and an expert in the history of Christianity, believes it is authentic. I wish I could have attended a six-day conference in Rome, where Karen King presented a paper on her revelatory findings on the papyrus!
John G. KaysIn 'Fatal Vision' Case, Evidence Surrounding Helena Stoeckley`s Role Is Still Emerging! - When these new hearings commenced yesterday, in the seasoned and infamous 'Fatal Vision` case of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald (who`s been characterized as a narcissistic psychopath), a humongous can of worms reopened for me. I had admired, if not worshipped Joe McGinniss`True Crime classic, Fatal Vision.
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