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Permissive Parents Allow Toddlers From Hell to Engage in Unholy Tomfoolery

I would have made the toddlers clean their room, spanked the hell out of them, and believe me they would have bit their lips and gone to sleep.

Sean StubblefieldBack To The Future: Viewing the future through literature of our past - Contemporary science fiction is generally lacking the grand visions of tommorrow that Classic sci-fi literature commonly presented.
John G. KaysRussian Mobster Semion Mogilevich Emerges Out of the Break-up of Soviet Union! - What are his crimes, you might ask? Money laundering, extortion, complex energy fraud, art fraud, illegal armament sales, stock market scams (YBM), prostitution, and even murder.
Robert Paul ReyesRodney King's Legacy: Can We All Get Along? - Rodney King was no Rosa Parks, he was an accidental symbol in the long march towards equality for blacks. But it`s not Rodney King the petty criminal that we should remember, it`s the Rodney King, who with his voice chocking with emotion, pleaded with his brothers and sisters: Can we all just get along?
John G. KaysWith Goodfella Henry Hill`s Passing, We Need to Reference His Story One Last Time! - My ears perked up when (a few days ago) I heard on the news that Henry Hill had died (last Tuesday, June 12th). Reverie sets in, and millions of memories streamed through my head, as I recalled my own embracing of the Real Goodfella`s story, dating back to Martin Scorsese`s 1988 film.
John G. KaysWas the'Jockstrap Incident' the Real Reason Why Carl Ericsson Shot Norman Johnson? - My eyeballs nearly bugged-out of my eye sockets when hearing of Carl Ericsson`s motive for shooting Norman Johnson twice at his home in Madison, South Dakota. Did Norman Johnson, or some of his high school buddies, actually put a jockstrap on Carl`s head in the locker room sometime back in the 1950s?
Robert Paul Reyes'Let's Pizza' Pizza Vending Machines Coming Soon To America! - There is a God, the Let`s Pizza vending machines will soon be available in a mall, grocery store or gas station near you.
John G. KaysIn Morgan Harrington`s Case, Can We Rely on the Composite Sketch of Suspect? - I`m not linking an image of the sketch, since I`m not convinced of it`s accuracy. Somebody knows this man, but I don`t believe they recognize him from this sketch. Therefore, they have rationalized to themselves their suspected person must not be the man who did this.
Robert Paul ReyesBurger King's New Bacon Sundae: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread! - I urge all fast food lovers to buy a bacon sundae as an expression of liberty, democracy and common sense.
John G. KaysIn A Shiner Texas Beating Death, News Coverage Too Sketchy to Render an Opinion! - On the surface, news accounts of a father (in Shiner, Texas) beating to death a ranch hand, who he caught molesting his 4-year-old daughter, appear to be cut and dry. The father kills the molester to protect his daughter, a valid manifestation of Vigilante Justice. Yet surface is a key word here!
John G. KaysUnidentified Photographs from The Museum of the Confederacy Tell Us So Much About Our History! - The Museum of the Confederacy, which is located in Richmond, Virginia, is attempting to identify eight Civil War Era photographs (with lost provenance) from their collection of 6,000 images. Who are these little girls? How did their lives turn out after Appomattox?
Robert Paul ReyesWise Principal Bans 'God Bless The USA' From Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony - There`s a thin line between patriotism and xenophobia, "God Bless the USA" tramples that line.
John G. KaysID Special, Mystery in the Desert, recalls a Harrowing 1962 Double Homicide in the Sonoran Desert! - An interesting hobby of mine, is to look back at unsolved cold cases, which for some reason, still get our attention, or remain in the news.
Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)Simon Says Find Your Spark - When you find your spark, it sets in motion a series of events, circumstances, situations, and chance encounters that I like to call "living in the flow."
SOP newswireThe Wages of Fear - Pedro Gonzalez Munne daringly brings up the topic of mob control in America and the victimization of journalists who attempt to unveil the perpetrators.
SOP newswire2A Closer Look at Harvey Carroll, Jr.'s Background Investigations - Harvey's kind chat and Judyth`s journalistic curiosity resulted in an exclusive interview that turned out to be world changing that could only be compared to those of the great men of the past.
Robert Paul ReyesDon Rickles Compares Obama To Janitor! That's Humor, Not Racism! - There was nothing improper about Rickles` Obama joke; I would have joined in on the applause.
Robert Paul ReyesPrez Praises Michelle Obama's Prowess At Push-Ups! - Obama criticized her push-up technique, complaining "she doesn't go down all the way." I'm not going to touch that one with a ten-foot pole.
Robert Paul ReyesZombie Bullets Selling Like Hotcakes! Are You Ready For Zombie Apocalypse? - I suspect that during the zombie apocalypse even blue-haired grannies will enjoy mowing down zombies.
John G. KaysWhy Did Jasmine Diaz Run Over Frankie Hernandez with her Lincoln Aviator? - A pic of Jasmine Diaz, 25, in court gives the impression of one tough, mean chick. This is just an impression, but what I am able to gather from news reports, this appears to be a spot-on perception. The best question we can ask, is whether she intentionally ran over her 17-year-old boyfriend, Frankie Hernandez.
Robert Paul ReyesEx-NFL Player Out Of The Closet! Profile In Courage -- Not! - I challenge gay baseball, football, and basketball stars to come out of the closet: Man Up!
SOP newswireMarxism Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Antichrist - The eighth chapter of Daniel concerns the Antichrist of the last times which Christ himself verifies in the Gospel, and from this context is the following scriptural commentary presented. The interpretation given is not intended to anticipate the judgment of the Church but to simply show how these prophecies pertain to our time.
John G. KaysLuca Rocco Magnotta Is Certainly No Match with Jeffrey Dahmer! - Now that Luca Rocco Magnotta, or whatever his name is, has been arrested on Monday at a Berlin Internet cafe, we need to move on and worry about why he killed Jun Lin, why he did it in such a sensational fashion, and whether he`s ever done such a thing before.
SOP newswire2The Extra-Judicial Killer: The Drone - DRONES. The very word connotes the violent, screaming death of innocent bodies torn apart by today`s version of Hitler`s V2pilotless bombs.
Robert Paul ReyesMom Arrested For Screaming For Daughter At Graduation! Thank You Jesus! - I hope Shannon Cooper`s mugshot is published in her local newspaper, we must take a stand against stupidity and self-centered behavior.
John G. KaysDid Donna Rae Williams Turn into a Zombie when Bludgeoning Husband with a Hammer? - What leads up to a May 14th hammer bludgeoning of Mark Williams is not all that clear. Lots of drink and drugs are a partial reason for this obscurity. Donna Rae Williams lets her husband lie dead in his bed up until Wednesday, May 30th.
Robert Paul ReyesElderly Doo-Wop Groups Terrorize Residents Of New York City! Big Apple On Edge! - These dear old crooners don't have anything to do but go to the store and buy Depends, feed pigeons and sing in street corners.
Robert Paul ReyesPresident Barack Obama Pardons Fifth-Grader Who Skipped School - Hell, I would call in sick to work for a chance at meeting Angelina Jolie, or even a third rate reality star like JWoww.
John G. KaysA Burned-Out SUV with 5 Charred Bodies is Discovered in Isolated Az Desert! - A shocking photograph of a burned out SUV in an Arizona desert , with the attractively tall carneglea gigantea cactus dotting the landscape, caught my attention. I thought, well, just another story about the drug trafficking and gratuitous violence of the Mexican cartels.
Robert Paul ReyesFight Tyranny: Eat A Donut & Enjoy A Big Gulp! - The Food Police will have to pry my donut and large drink from my cold dead hands.
Robert Paul ReyesJohn Edwards: I Don't Think God Is Through With Me - Edwards would be perfect as a televangelist, he has the hair, the expensive suits, the facile ability to deceive, the desperate need for adoration, and the silver tongue.
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