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'See Detroit Like We Do' Billboard Depicts Only White People

The sign could not have been more honest, Dan Gilbert the CEO of a real estate development company and the Detroit Chamber of Commerce see only the predominantly white people who work downtown and patronize the upscale restaurants and fancy boutiques.

Robert Paul ReyesNew Zealand Prostitutes Use Traffic Signs To Pole-Dance! - If I saw an obese prostitute bend a pole, I would run for my life afraid what she might do to my tiny pole.
John G. KaysDouble Homicide of Amy Merrill and Lisa Gritzmaker Shatters Tranquil Blissfield, Mi.! - The last time there was a homicide in Blissfield, Michigan was 1975, the Toledo Blade has reported. That changed last Friday night (just after 11:40 PM) when Amy Merrill and her sister, Lisa Gritzmaker were shot to death at Amy Merrill`s home at 304 N. Lane St.
Robert Paul ReyesNew Carriers Won't Have Urinals! Commie Plot To Destroy Sailors' Fighting Spirit? - I hope the male sailors will fight communism, by urinating, standing up like warriors, out the side of the gender-neutral carriers.
Robert Paul ReyesIs It Free Speech To Flip Cops The Bird? - My heart wants this coward to lose his lawsuit, but my head tells me he has the law on his side.
John G. KaysClaudia Hidic`s Aberrant Behavior Is Better Explained in a Police Report! - Vivid as can be! The Star-Telegram has made public the Warrant For Arrest of Curtis Fortenberry, which details the botched robbery at 3016 Overton Park Dr W (in Tanglewood, Fort Worth), that resulted in the confusing death of Claudia Hidic.
Robert Paul ReyesStarbucks To Open Inside A Funeral Home: Fantastic Idea! - There is nothing odd, sacrilegious, or tacky about a funeral home that includes a Starbucks restaurant.
John G. KaysTheme of Hans Kristian and Eva Rausing`s Lives: Chronic Drug Addiction! - I enter the picture at what looks like the ending to a sorry saga. I`m just like you - in utter disbelief at the disconnect between Hans Kristian Rausing and Eva Rausing`s vast wealth, and what they had turned into, total drug addicts.
Robert Paul ReyesInstant Karma: Yoga Teacher Fired For Giving Facebook Employee Stern Look - How dare she think that achieving cosmic bliss is more important than using your cell phone to update your Facebook status?
John G. KaysA Police Sketch of Mollie Olgin`s Killer released! Is it Accurate? - The release of a police sketch of the suspect in the vicious shooting of lesbian couple, Mollie Olgin and Mary Kristene Chapa, is a step forward. One can only hope the sketch is accurate, since this is not always the case. The witness who authenticated the description of the shooter remains anonymous.
Robert Paul ReyesIs Swedish Sausage Ad Too Sexy? You Be The Judge - I don't know who are more insufferable, hardcore feminists or religious fundamentalists.
John G. KaysDid Popular Teenage Beauty Queen, Claudia Hidic Have a Dark Side? - All we get is a thimble-full of the truth. The June 28th robbery, implicating Claudia Hidic, Terrance Crumley, and Curtis Fortenberry, plays like an old black and white reel film in my head. But some frames are dark and I can`t tell what`s happening!
John G. KaysAfter Matthew Burton`s Arrest, Some Reconsideration of What`s behind Nicole Bennett`s Tragic Death! - Seemingly, a good number of loose-ends are now tied up neatly in Nicole Bennett`s most troubling of homicides. I say seemingly, since with the arrest of this free-lance custodian, Matthew Burton, the case is solved, but not too fast!
SOP newswireIsrael: The State beyond the Pale - Douglas Reed casts a glimpse at the history of Israel in relation to apartheid regimes and socialist ideals.
John G. KaysHow Are the Lafayette Police Able to Charge Brandon Lavergne with Mickey Shunick`s Murder? - I pictured in my mind this Lavergne creep parking his white Chevrolet Z71 atop the bridge, then taking Mickey`s (crashed-out), distinct black, Schwinn bicycle down to the river and tossing it in.
Robert Paul ReyesSurviving The Derecho Windstorm & Power Outage Of 2012 - To my friends and faithful readers: I am bored to death without Internet access, miserable that I am unable to express myself in the published word. But I am grateful that my power has been restored, and that my house didn`t suffer any damage.
John G. KaysWhat Was Aspiring Actress Claudia Hidic Doing in Tanglewood? - Let`s start here. Claudia Hidic lies dead at the back of a large rental house near TCU. That`s easy enough. But why is she dead? Who shot her and why? Who kicked in the back door of this upscale home in the 3000 block of West Overton Park Drive. Oh, this is in Fort Worth, Texas.
John G. KaysAn Original Print of Martin Waldseemuller`s Map of America Discovered in Munich! - Now it`s been verified, the unusual cut-out map is a fifth copy of the break-through map by German cartographer Martin Waldseemueller.
John G. KaysIn the Nicole Bennett Murder Case, Two Plus Two Doesn`t Add Up to Four! - No news whatsoever in the Nicole Bennett murder investigation, I`m reporting, which makes me all the more curious. I`m visiting the Google news stream 3 or 4 times a day, but nothing new comes up. What was the cause of death? Do they have any good forensic evidence left at the scene at rural Swamp Road?
John G. KaysWas Shooter of Mollie Olgin and Kristene Chapa a White Male or a 'Light-Skinned Hispanic?' - I thought my research was complete when, just minutes ago, I noticed ABC released information that Mary Kristene Chapa remembers the night that she and Mollie Judith Olgin were shot at Violet Andrews Park (June 22nd).
Sean StubblefieldTo Disturb and Suspect: a different kind of police corruption - In my experience and observation, it seems to me that the vast majority of police type personnel are out to get you, rather than try to help you.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Cops Arrest Houston Lady For Warning Motorists Of Speed Trap - Plummer is green-friendly, conscientious, and extremely hot to boot -- Houston needs more solid citizens like her.
John G. KaysRudy Eugene`s Bizarre Behavior Becomes a Big Part of Miami`s History Now! - Why did Rudy Eugene turn into a Zombie/Cannibal? Science can`t yet answer the question, nor can psychology. And now we hear that, the merely benign-inducing behavior of marijuana may be the trigger for Rudy`s Mephistophelean metamorphosis over Memorial Day weekend.
Robert Paul ReyesSupreme Court: Obamacare Stands! Obama Will Win Reelection! - This Supreme Court decision will be spun a 100 ways by politicians, pundits and legal experts, but bottom line this is a huge victory for President Barack Obama, and it almost guarantees that he will be reelected. A win is a win is a win, and a loss is a loss is a loss.
Robert Paul ReyesPoll: Obama Better Suited Than Romney To Handle Invaders From Outer Space - Anyway who better to deal with aliens than illegal alien Obama? Just kidding, we all know Obama wasn`t born in Kenya or Indonesia.
John G. KaysWith Bob Bashara`s Arrest, I Needed to Rewind the Tape Back to the Beginning! - Who is Bob Bashara? Who was Jane Bashara before someone did her in (Jan 24th)? Bob Bashara was arrested on Monday at his rental property on Mack Avenue (in Detroit, Michigan)
Robert Paul ReyesEvangelicals Go Bonkers Over Oreo Cookie With Rainbow-Colored Filling! - I support love and yummy treats, I will continue to buy Oreo cookies and other delicious Kraft products.
John G. KaysWas Shooting of Mollie Olgin and Mary Chapa at Violet Andrews Park a 'Hate Crime?' - How many witnesses were in Violet Andrews Park near midnight Friday? Did anyone see the killer lead the two girls into the deep grass, underneath a wooden site-seeing deck, with a beautiful view of the gulf. A nearby resident hears two loud bangs, thinking they were firecrackers.
John G. KaysDid Multi-Millionaire Guma Aguiar Stage His Own Disappearance on Stormy Seas? - Why did Fort Lauderdale multi-millionaire, Guma Aguiar, take his boat (T. T. Zion) out on a cruise at 7:30 PM on Juneteenth, when seas were stormy? Did Guma purposely enter the tumultuous seas, hoping it would be his last excursion? What exactly weighed on his mind when a surveillance video...
Sean StubblefieldWhither ApolloCon 2012? - This year, the sci-fi convention demonstrates an unfortunate case of when less is not more.
Robert Paul ReyesIs Obama A Muslim, Christian, Atheist Or Does He Only Worship Weed? - I don`t care if Obama is a Muslim, Christian, atheist or if the former Choom "Choom Gang" member only worships weed.
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