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Pope Francis Looks Mortified to be Taking Photo With Donald Trump

It looks like they posed for a photograph before they split ways, the Trumps to attend a Black Mass, and the pontiff to hear confession.

John G. KaysRudy Eugene`s Bizarre Behavior Becomes a Big Part of Miami`s History Now! - Why did Rudy Eugene turn into a Zombie/Cannibal? Science can`t yet answer the question, nor can psychology. And now we hear that, the merely benign-inducing behavior of marijuana may be the trigger for Rudy`s Mephistophelean metamorphosis over Memorial Day weekend.
Robert Paul ReyesSupreme Court: Obamacare Stands! Obama Will Win Reelection! - This Supreme Court decision will be spun a 100 ways by politicians, pundits and legal experts, but bottom line this is a huge victory for President Barack Obama, and it almost guarantees that he will be reelected. A win is a win is a win, and a loss is a loss is a loss.
Robert Paul ReyesPoll: Obama Better Suited Than Romney To Handle Invaders From Outer Space - Anyway who better to deal with aliens than illegal alien Obama? Just kidding, we all know Obama wasn`t born in Kenya or Indonesia.
John G. KaysWith Bob Bashara`s Arrest, I Needed to Rewind the Tape Back to the Beginning! - Who is Bob Bashara? Who was Jane Bashara before someone did her in (Jan 24th)? Bob Bashara was arrested on Monday at his rental property on Mack Avenue (in Detroit, Michigan)
Robert Paul ReyesEvangelicals Go Bonkers Over Oreo Cookie With Rainbow-Colored Filling! - I support love and yummy treats, I will continue to buy Oreo cookies and other delicious Kraft products.
John G. KaysWas Shooting of Mollie Olgin and Mary Chapa at Violet Andrews Park a 'Hate Crime?' - How many witnesses were in Violet Andrews Park near midnight Friday? Did anyone see the killer lead the two girls into the deep grass, underneath a wooden site-seeing deck, with a beautiful view of the gulf. A nearby resident hears two loud bangs, thinking they were firecrackers.
John G. KaysDid Multi-Millionaire Guma Aguiar Stage His Own Disappearance on Stormy Seas? - Why did Fort Lauderdale multi-millionaire, Guma Aguiar, take his boat (T. T. Zion) out on a cruise at 7:30 PM on Juneteenth, when seas were stormy? Did Guma purposely enter the tumultuous seas, hoping it would be his last excursion? What exactly weighed on his mind when a surveillance video...
Sean StubblefieldWhither ApolloCon 2012? - This year, the sci-fi convention demonstrates an unfortunate case of when less is not more.
Robert Paul ReyesIs Obama A Muslim, Christian, Atheist Or Does He Only Worship Weed? - I don`t care if Obama is a Muslim, Christian, atheist or if the former Choom "Choom Gang" member only worships weed.
John G. KaysIs Nicole Bennett`s Homicide Somehow Related to Her Conversion to the BSCC? - Nicole Bennett`s intriguing case, which unfortunately turns out to be a homicide, has some characteristics to it that you seldom see. The issue of her religious affiliations seems to come up frequently when researching her case. I sensed (from the video explaining her conversion) the change in Nicole was wrought with peril.
SOP newswireA Furious Warning to Israel and today`s Warmongers - Douglas Reed looks at today`s warmongers in the context of Paul Fussell`s observation aboou the same in the 1940s.
Robert Paul ReyesTwitter Crashes! Millions Lose Will To Live! Facebook No Substitute! - Twitter is back online, and everything is right with the world.
John G. KaysHow Did NY Detectives Link Rodney Alcala to Cornelia Crilley and Ellen Hover? - Come to think of it, my real purpose in writing this piece this morning, is that I want to see how detectives in New York were able to link Rodney to the 1971 Cornelia Crilley murder and to a 1977 case, Ellen Hover.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Black Lady Beats Up Random White Dude On Bus! Where's The Outrage? - If that woman had selected me as her victim, she probably would have ended up dead.
Robert Paul ReyesMom Found Naked & Eating Ice Cream After Crash! Zombie? Bath Salts? - I don`t think she's zombie on bath salts -- she`s an obese woman with no shame in her game.
John G. KaysDoes the Tarbosaurus Fossil Sale at a NYC Auction Have a Backstory of Conspiracy? - How did a nearly in tact Tarbosaurus fossil get sold at an auction house, before what looks like a conspiracy of sorts, can be unveiled? I carefully studied over a half dozen stories on the Tyrannosaurus bataar (otherwise Tarbosaurus) scam, baffled as I was by what happened here, where the pristine dinosaur skeleton fetches more than $1 million at a May 20th auction in New York City.
Robert Paul ReyesModel Zoe West Undeterred By False Arrest: Will Continue To Perform - Zoe is a fighter, not only is she suing New York City for false arrest, but she will be participating in another nude body painting performance on June, 21, 2012.
Robert Paul ReyesNude Model Zoe West Sues New York City Over Arrest - Instead of being arrested Zoey should have been given a key to the city, for instilling in New Yorkers a love for art.
Sean StubblefieldBack To The Future: Viewing the future through literature of our past - Contemporary science fiction is generally lacking the grand visions of tommorrow that Classic sci-fi literature commonly presented.
John G. KaysRussian Mobster Semion Mogilevich Emerges Out of the Break-up of Soviet Union! - What are his crimes, you might ask? Money laundering, extortion, complex energy fraud, art fraud, illegal armament sales, stock market scams (YBM), prostitution, and even murder.
Robert Paul ReyesRodney King's Legacy: Can We All Get Along? - Rodney King was no Rosa Parks, he was an accidental symbol in the long march towards equality for blacks. But it`s not Rodney King the petty criminal that we should remember, it`s the Rodney King, who with his voice chocking with emotion, pleaded with his brothers and sisters: Can we all just get along?
John G. KaysWith Goodfella Henry Hill`s Passing, We Need to Reference His Story One Last Time! - My ears perked up when (a few days ago) I heard on the news that Henry Hill had died (last Tuesday, June 12th). Reverie sets in, and millions of memories streamed through my head, as I recalled my own embracing of the Real Goodfella`s story, dating back to Martin Scorsese`s 1988 film.
John G. KaysWas the'Jockstrap Incident' the Real Reason Why Carl Ericsson Shot Norman Johnson? - My eyeballs nearly bugged-out of my eye sockets when hearing of Carl Ericsson`s motive for shooting Norman Johnson twice at his home in Madison, South Dakota. Did Norman Johnson, or some of his high school buddies, actually put a jockstrap on Carl`s head in the locker room sometime back in the 1950s?
Robert Paul Reyes'Let's Pizza' Pizza Vending Machines Coming Soon To America! - There is a God, the Let`s Pizza vending machines will soon be available in a mall, grocery store or gas station near you.
John G. KaysIn Morgan Harrington`s Case, Can We Rely on the Composite Sketch of Suspect? - I`m not linking an image of the sketch, since I`m not convinced of it`s accuracy. Somebody knows this man, but I don`t believe they recognize him from this sketch. Therefore, they have rationalized to themselves their suspected person must not be the man who did this.
Robert Paul ReyesBurger King's New Bacon Sundae: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread! - I urge all fast food lovers to buy a bacon sundae as an expression of liberty, democracy and common sense.
John G. KaysIn A Shiner Texas Beating Death, News Coverage Too Sketchy to Render an Opinion! - On the surface, news accounts of a father (in Shiner, Texas) beating to death a ranch hand, who he caught molesting his 4-year-old daughter, appear to be cut and dry. The father kills the molester to protect his daughter, a valid manifestation of Vigilante Justice. Yet surface is a key word here!
John G. KaysUnidentified Photographs from The Museum of the Confederacy Tell Us So Much About Our History! - The Museum of the Confederacy, which is located in Richmond, Virginia, is attempting to identify eight Civil War Era photographs (with lost provenance) from their collection of 6,000 images. Who are these little girls? How did their lives turn out after Appomattox?
Robert Paul ReyesWise Principal Bans 'God Bless The USA' From Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony - There`s a thin line between patriotism and xenophobia, "God Bless the USA" tramples that line.
John G. KaysID Special, Mystery in the Desert, recalls a Harrowing 1962 Double Homicide in the Sonoran Desert! - An interesting hobby of mine, is to look back at unsolved cold cases, which for some reason, still get our attention, or remain in the news.
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