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The Chuck and Nancy Oval Office Emasculation of Donald Trump Rendered Mike Pence Mute

Trump invited cameras to his Oval Office meeting with Chuck and Nancy, the narcissist thought the photo-op of him berating the Democratic Congressional leaders over their refusal to allocate funds for his wall would play well with his base.

John G. KaysOn the 50th Anniversary of Medgar Evers` Death, What`s Its Meaning in American History? - It`s been fifty years as of today (June 12, 2013) since Medgar Evers was slain when standing on his own home driveway in Jackson, Mississippi. President Kennedy had just delivered his famous civil rights speech that night (June 11, 1963), and Medgar`s wife (Myrlie) and children had just watched the speech.
John G. KaysBrett Seacat Left Behind Lots of Tangible Evidence Proving He Murdered His Wife Vashti! - Has the prosecution in the Brett Seacat Murder Trial (in Kingman, Kansas) merely presented circumstantial evidence to convict the former CSI lawman, or rather do they have some tangible, direct proof that he clearly shot his wife in the head, then started a raging fire (which has been documented on film) to cover up what he did?
Robert Paul ReyesObama The Most Authoritarian and Dangerous President In History - Power has absolutely corrupted President Barack Obama, and talk of impeachement shouldn't be out of the question.
John G. KaysBrett Seacat Murder Trial Has Some Strange Qualities: A Former CSI Cop As Perpetrator? - Brett Seacat meticulously carried out a clever plan to murder his wife Vashti, just as if, as a seasoned Kansas detective, he was putting on the shoes of a diabolical perpetrator, and carrying out his wife`s murder from that warped perspective.
Robert Paul ReyesSydney Cafe Lets Couples Pay For Coffee With A Kiss: Video - I`m all in favor of anything that promotes romance; I hope this creative promotion is a great success.
Robert Paul ReyesDeadbeat Baby Daddy Has 22 Kids With 14 Women: Video - I`m not a rocket scientist, a social worker, or a psychologist, but I will venture to guess that not one of Shaw`s children will grow up to be a teacher, scientist, lawyer, accountant or physician.
Stan PopovichTips On How To Get Through A Disaster - I sometimes wonder what I would do if a man-made or natural disaster would strike.
Robert Paul ReyesBrittany Minder's Breasts Too Big For High School Prom: Video - The buxom young lady was publicly humiliated, and she deserves a public apology from the school administrators.
Robert Paul ReyesCheerios Ad With Interracial Family Brings Racists Out Of Woodwork: Video - Fight racism: Buy a box of Cheerios
Robert Paul ReyesLife On Mars? 'Lizard' Spotted On Surface Of Mars Is Just A Rock: Video - UFO believers aren`t content with mistaking airplanes in the sky for UFO`s, now they are mistaking rocks on the surface of Mars for lizards.
SOP newswire2Food & Spirituality: A Great Combination - No particular source definitively explains spirituality and there is a reason. At the onset, your sense of enlightenment, peacefulness and serenity is much different than mine would be.
Robert Paul ReyesKindergartener Gets Detention For Brandishing Lego Gun Size Of A Quarter: Video - There such be zero tolerance for zero tolerance anti-toy gun bans in schools
John G. KaysAre the Ricin-Laced Letters Sent to Mayor Bloomberg a Copycat Crime of James Everett Dutschke? - Who sent the two letters laced with ricin to Mayor Michael Bloomberg and to Mark Glaze, who`s the director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns? Both the letters, which have this suspicious pink-orange oily substance, were postmarked in Shreveport, Louisiana; what possible significance does this mailing locale have?
Robert Paul ReyesAnti-Binge Drinking Ad Shows Dude Vomiting Up His Girlfriend - Drink responsibly!
John G. KaysWhat`s Behind Yanira Maldonado`s Arrest in Hermosillo, Mexico for Marijuana Smuggling? - An Arizona mother, Yanira Maldonado, is jailed in Nogales, Mexico for trying to smuggle 12 pounds of marijuana into the United States; how did this happen, or better, why did it happen? The answer to this mystery is still blanketed with cumulous clouds!
John G. KaysAmerican Civil War Casualties Ran at 750,000, 130,000 Higher than First Estimated! - The most important news story I could find, or the one that had the greatest effect on me, appropriate for Memorial Day, was posted on the BBC, "Who, What, Why: How many soldiers died in the US Civil War?` The traditional number of Americans who died in the Civil War has been given as 620,000...
John G. Kays50th Anniversary of JFK`s Assassination in Dallas Commemerated a Hundred Fold! - An article caught my eye this morning, as I quickly scanned Google News for stories that would appeal to me. It was JFK commemorations dot 2013 calendar, by David Jackson, posted on the USA TODAY page. I was glad to see it, since I`m a JFK enthusiast...
John G. KaysWas Ibragim Todashev`s Confession of Simple Drug Robbery Real Motive Behind Waltham Triple Homicide? - Did FBI agents have ample reason to shoot Ibragim Todashev to death Wednesday? Prior to shooting him, did these same FBI agents squeeze a good enough confession out of Todashev, for the 9/11/2011 horrific murders of Brendan H. Mess, Rafael M. Teken, and Erik Weissman in Waltham, Massachusetts?
Pamela JohnstonHumans Are Born Complaining - Social media has in some ways accelerated our human instinct to complain. Remember he who can rain on a parade in the desert?
Robert Paul Reyes"Clouds' Singer Zach Sobiech Dies Of Cancer At 17: Video - Sobiech`s "Clouds" video inspired millions suffering from cancer, and encouraged the rest of us to do something positive with our lives.
John G. KaysDid Matthew Royer Disappear on His Own Volition? - What became of Matthew Royer? Why did it take him so long to travel from Kingstown, Rhode Island to Skippack,Pennsylvania? What was Matthew up to during this time, when supposedly, he was merely driving back to his folks house? We hear Matthew was a very good student...
John G. KaysWhat ties the Roger and Mary Brumback Homicides to the 2008 Dundee Double Slayings? - Omaha Nebraska Police Chief Todd Schmaderer (in a 1 PM Monday press conference) let us know that the public will not get the inside scoop on the mysterious homicides of Dr Roger Brumback and his wife Mary Brumback. The reason why we`ll learn very little, is that Schmaderer also announced he`s forming a task force.
John G. KaysKai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker Goes Viral One Last Time! But For Murder ! - Caleb Kai McGillvary, AKA Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker, was arrested Thursday evening at a Philadelphia bus station for murdering Joseph Galfy, Jr. A second viewing of Kai`s viral video from February, where he spoke to a reporter (Fox affiliate KMPH) in Fresno, will be viewed more negatively in light of these shocking new developments.
John G. KaysWho In Our Government Leaked Vital Information to the Associated Press? - As we debate whether it was right for the Justice Department to bypass the courts, and directly subpoena confidential phone records of Associated Press
Dr. Judy Kuriansky (Mentor/Columnist)Is Mastectomy a Death Sentence for Sex? - Noted clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist Dr. Judy Kuriansky comments on sex and mastectomy, in light of the revelation about her double mastectomy of legendary sexpot Angelina Jolie.
Robert Paul ReyesWalmart Apologizes For Refusing To Print Breastfeeding Photo - Only a moron or a prude would consider a photo of a mom breastfeeding her baby to be offensive or inappropriate.
John G. KaysThe New Orleans Shooting On Mother`s Day Speaks of Deeper Problems, Dating to Katrina! - Why did 19-year-old Akein Scott randomly shoot a gun into a crowd of innocent citizens at a Mother`s Day parade in New Orleans, wounding 19? Were there other shooters? Was Akein engaged in a gunfight with a rival gang?
SOP newswire2In Guns We Trust - The rebuttal examines the very spirit of the Constitution. Our second amendment rights guarantee us the right to keep and bear arms without infringement.
John G. KaysWas the Scene of a Quadruple Homicide in Waynesville, Ind. Really a Meth Lab? - Initially, and following the shocking news of Saturday`s (May 11) quadruple gunshot homicide in rural Waynesville, Indiana
Robert Paul ReyesHappy Mother's Day! Snoop Dogg 'I Love My Momma' Video - If a bad a** like Snoop can publicly express his love for his mother, the least you can do is buy your mom some flowers, take her out to dinner, and give her a big hug.
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