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Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders Better Not Run for President in 2020

Of the nine candidates officially running in the Democratic presidential primary, only one is a heterosexual white man.

John G. KaysCan the Simon Wiesenthal Center Nab 60 Nazis 68 Years After the End of WWII? - Nearly 70 years later, there are still Nazis living in freedom in Germany? As shocking as it is, the answer to this question is yes! A BBC News article got my undivided attention late yesterday afternoon as a substantial story, tied to history, tossed in amongst a bunch of white noise filler stories.
Robert Paul ReyesHero George Zimmerman Rescues Car Crash Victims: Video - This incident illustrates the civic-minded spirit and heroic nature of George Zimmerman.
John G. KaysDoes Rosy Esparza`s Fall from the Texas Giant Roller Coaster Ride Have a Rational Explanation? - Somehow, someway, Rosy Esparza, whose real name is Rosa Ayala-Goana, fell to her death from her Texas Giant roller coaster car at around 6:30 PM Friday evening (July 19, 2013), at Six Flags Over Texas amusement park, in Arlington, Tx (the original location).
John G. KaysStephen Stippo Rakes Found Dead; Is there a Tie-In with the Whitey Bulger Trial? - Stephen Stippo Rakes is found dead Wednesday, in the woods, and it`s not suspicious, possibly suicide? No way! No wallet or cell phone found on or near the body, which looks as if he died somewhere else, then was dumped by this walking trail in Lincoln, Mass., west of Boston.
Robert Paul ReyesMSNBC Host Chris Matthews Apologizes To Black Guest On Behalf Of All White People: Damn Idiot! Video! - Speak for yourself, you damn idiot!
Robert Paul ReyesDeer Trail Considers Hunting Licenses for Drones: Video! Cool Idea! - I can`t think of a more patriotic act than shooting down an unmanned drone.
John G. KaysFinding Andrea Sneiderman Guilty as a Co-Conspirator in the Murder of Her Husband Rusty Sneiderman Wrought with Peril! - Andrea Sneiderman, the widow of her slain husband Rusty Sneiderman, indicted for his murder as a co-conspirator (in cahoots with Hemy Neuman), is set to go on trial ten days from now, beginning July 29th. I became interested in the case right from the get-go, when hearing on the news of Rusty`s slaying at a Dunwoody day care (I got involved on November 19, 2010).
John G. KaysMexican Zetas` Cartel Kingpin Trevino Morales Nabbed; What`s the Hidden History Here? - The capture of yet another Mexican drug lord near Nuevo Laredo early Monday morning, the notorious kingpin of the Los Zetas cartel, Miguel Angel Trevino Morales (Z-40), went by mostly unnoticed, smothered by other stories in the news that have been overhyped.
John G. KaysDoes George Zimmerman`s Not Guilty Verdict Make Racial Profiling and Vigilantism Legal? - Yes, George Zimmerman was acquitted; the letter of the law was satisfied, but not the spirit of the law. Those who say race is not an issue in the shooting death of a young black man, Trayvon Martin, must be living on another planet.
Robert Paul ReyesJustice Prevails: George Zimmerman Not Guilty! - On July 13, 2012 a jury of his peers declared George Zimmerman not guilty, and if our nation is ever going to overcome our racial problems, we must start by respecting the verdict.
Robert Paul ReyesNBA Basketball Star Baron Davis: I Was Abducted By Ugly Aliens! UFO Lunacy? Video! - Davis` hilarious and expletive-laden account of his close encounter of the third kind while on a car trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles is more credible than the typical UFO tall tale told by an inebriated hillbilly.
SOP newswire2My PR Truth: Like it or Not ... - It`s still laughable to me whenever a client asks, When will you get me on the 'Today` show?' The reality: If you and your topic are a good fit for 'Today', know that I am pitching Today " and other similar shows.
John G. KaysDid Chuck Foley Have Any Idea How Popular Twister Would Become? - Chuck Foley (who was 82), the co-inventor of the sexy, `60s Baby Boomer party board game, TWISTER, has passed on July 1st, in St. Louis Park, Minn. I heard about Chuck Foley`s passing on NPR as I was sluggishly commuting home from work, at around 5:15 PM yesterday.
John G. KaysDid Terry Smith`s (Juju) Angry Stepbrother Murder him Last Saturday Night? - The missing person`s story of an autistic 11-year-old boy, Terry Smith (Juju), took a dramatic twist on Wednesday, when the real circumstances of what happened to the boy suddenly surfaced. It appears as if Terry Smith never even left the premises of his own home in Menifee, California (80 miles east of Los Angeles).
John G. KaysDoes the Loaded Term 'Coup' Aptly Describe What Happened to Mohamed Morsi? - Was there a military coup in Egypt, ousting Islamist President Mohamed Morsi, on July 3rd? Initially, this was downplayed in the media as too harsh a word, explaining a seemingly benign move by the military, with popular support.
Robert Paul ReyesBritain's Oldest Man Turns 110: Video - Britain`s oldest gentleman is a down-to-earth bloke who freely admits that he doesn`t have a bloody clue why he`s lived so long.
John G. KaysDocumentary 'Inside Waco' Clarifies Hostility Between FBI Negotiators and Hostage Rescue Team! - More than twenty years (4/19/`93) after the final, fiery siege, that saw Ranch Apocalypse`s (a catchy power phrase used by True Crime writer Clifford L. Linedecker in his book, Massacre At Waco, Texas, 1993) ultimate consummation (I mean Mount Carmel was practically burned down to powder ash), we still don`t know what really happened!
Robert Paul ReyesRoswell, UFO Mythology & What Is Says About America: Google Doodle Video - When individuals imagine they see UFO`s in the sky they are unconsciously expressing a fear that American satellites are keeping track of their every move.
Jay Forte3 Ways To Access Your Inner Hero and Live Your Greatness - True heroes live among us " they are the talented, quiet and decisive people who show up each day committed to being their best, connected to their purpose, doing their best and bringing their best to their world (and the people in it).
Robert Paul ReyesRussian Patriot Anna Chapman Proposes To American Patriot Edward Snowden: Video - These two young idealists are patriots to their respective countries, and millions of Russians and Americans would rejoice if they tie the knot.
John G. KaysHaunted Gettysburg: How Can We Deny the Authenticity of Other Worldly Spirits Here? - After studying the Battle of Gettysburg intensely for more than two weeks, I`m convinced this scene experiencing three days of intense fighting between the Blue and Grey, is HAUNTED beyond description or belief! The basis for an abundance of paranormal activity has to be that more than 50,000 men were killed or wounded here, between July 1st and July 3rd, 1863.
Robert Paul ReyesLoch Ness Monster Caused By Earthquake Fault: Video - The Sea Serpent is an optical illusion on the surface of the lake cause by an earthquake fault. End of story.
John G. KaysIs the Mythology Surrounding Pickett`s Charge Perhaps True? - With 150 years to the day in the rear view mirror, I have some news to report regarding the chivalric assault by the Confederacy (known as Pickett`s Charge), on the last day of Gettysburg: the night before (July 2, 1863):
John G. KaysAt the Battle of Gettysburg, Is the Struggle at John Rose`s Wheat Field the Heart and Soul of Day Two? - Exactly 150 years ago, as of today, July 2nd, the Second Day of the Battle of Gettysburg took place; because of problems of coordination amongst the Confederate high command, the fighting didn`t commence in earnest until 5 PM.
Robert Paul ReyesAirline Recruits Hot Slim Female Flight Attendants To Save Fuel - I applaud GoAir for thinking outside of the box, and coming up with an innovative and aesthetically pleasing way to save money.
Robert Paul ReyesCover Of New Yorker Magazine Suggests Bert And Ernie Are Gay: Video - The current issue of The New Yorker magazine depicts Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie cuddled on a sofa in front of a TV on which the Supreme Court justices are shown.
Robert Paul ReyesRachel Jeantel: The Most Fascinating Woman In America: Video - Rachel Jeantel is an indictment of the laissez faire attitude towards education prevalent in the inner city, and she`s a symbol of the state of Florida`s weak case against George Zimmerman.
John G. KaysNatasha Jugo Washes Up on Gilgo Beach; Eerie Similarities With Shannon Gilbert! - Not so fast! Well, we do know now, this watery body is Natasha Jugo, but how did she get in the sea? And when did she get in the sea? Was it more than three months ago, when her blue Prius was found on the beach? What was the cause of her death?
John G. KaysThe Camera Doesn't Lie: Ex-Patriots` Superstar, Aaron Hernandez`s Murder Plot Against Odin lloyd - A mountain of compelling evidence against Ex-New England Patriots Superstar, Aaron Hernandez, enabled prosecutor William McCauley to paint a clear picture of how a supposed friend of Hernandez`s, Odin Lloyd, was taken to a scary industrial park (near a contrasting sprawling mansion, owned by the done for tight-end), and shot five times execution style.
Robert Paul ReyesSupreme Court Delivers Landmark Victory For Same-Sex Marriage - If the fundamental right to marry the person you love is denied to gays and lesbians, it diminishes the freedom and equality for all of us.
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