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Melania Trump Hasn't Bought Donald Trump Any Christmas Gifts

FIRST LADY Melania Trump is yet to buy her husband any Christmas presents, with the couple frequently not exchanging festive gifts at all, it has been claimed.

Robert Paul ReyesTrump G7 Photo Becomes Internet Classic - A viral photo of Angela Merkel and other world leaders standing over a seated Donald Trump at Fridays G7 summit has been given the meme treatment on social media, with Twitter users quick to liken the image to everything from renaissance art to a scene from the Apprentice.
Robert Paul ReyesChild Molester Joe Biden Shouldn't Run for President - Former Vice President Joe Biden was confronted by a heckler about the women that Biden molested during Senate swearing in ceremonies at a book tour stop in Biden's hometown over the weekend.
Robert Paul ReyesRobert De Niro Deserves Nobel Prize for Saying 'F Trump' at the Tony Awards - Impeach Trump Now!
Robert Paul ReyesPic of Kim Kardashian Meeting Donald Trump at the White House Proves We're Living in a Simulation - If there is one image that encapsulates the absurdity of the Trump administration it's the photograph of Donald Trump seated behind the Resolute desk in the Oval Office, his dentures exposed in a rictus befitting a clown, a serial killer, or the crazy uncle who lives in the attic.
Robert Paul ReyesMarilyn Monroe Statue Near Stamford Church Draws Ire - A 26-foot tall statue Marilyn Monroe statue recently installed in a Stamford, Conn. park is scandalizing locals - because the movie starlet's derriere is pointed straight at a neighboring house of worship.
Robert Paul ReyesThere Will be a Day of Reckoning for Donald Trump - If Trump rapes or murders someone while he's president, handcuffs will be slapped on him faster than Mike Pence can plant a big sloppy kiss on his fat butt.
Robert Paul ReyesMike Pence is an Abomination and an Affront to the Almighty - You don't have to be a political science major, a historian or a particularly insightful individual to deduce that Donald Trump is a vulgar ignoramus who is an unqualified disaster as President of the United States.
Robert Paul ReyesDonald Trump is a Liar - Donald Trump is a liar. Not just in the sense that we are all fallible human beings who probably say things that aren't true sometimes - he has made flagrant disregard for the truth a hallmark of his approach to business and politics.
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Huckabee Sanders is the Worst White House Press Secretary in History - Sanders' act is growing old, and I hope she resigns or is fired very soon. White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Rah Shah would make an excellent replacement.
Robert Paul ReyesProsperity Gospel Televangelist Seeks Donations for $54 Million Private Jet - Jesse Duplantis, the Destrehan-based prosperity gospel televangelist with a global reach, is asking disciples for money to buy a jet that costs $54 million so we can go anywhere in the world in one stop.
Robert Paul ReyesTrump Bemoans 'Young and Beautiful' Lives Destroyed by Russia Probe! Say What? - President Donald Trump has taken to bashing the ongoing Russia investigation in a whole new way-bemoaning the effect the probe has had on the young and beautiful lives ... with stars in their eyes.
Robert Paul ReyesWhere in the Name of God is Melania? - Questions around Melania Trump's reported hospitalization for kidney surgery have intensified as it's been noted by White House reporters and on social media that the first lady hasnt been seen in public for at least 15 days.
Robert Paul ReyesIn the Age of Trump Does Truth Matter? - Babies are safe around me, I still believe the truth matters.
Robert Paul ReyesPhotos of Scaly Patch on Donald Trump's Face Scaring the Hell Out of Americans - Donald Trump hasn't aged well, looking at his face on TV for more than a couple of seconds is as psychologically damaging as it is physically damaging to look at the sun.
Robert Paul ReyesWould You Rent a Drug Sniffing Dog to Raid Your Kid's Bedroom? - Would you rent a drug dog to raid your kid's bedroom? It's an option now available to Kansas City-area parents, and it's one some people are choosing to find out if their children are using drugs.
Robert Paul ReyesMike Pence Claims Religion Is Gaining Ground! Wrong It's Losing Ground Because of Hypocrites Like Him - Speaking at a commencement ceremony at Hillsdale College in Michigan, Vice President Mike Pence told the graduates that religion in the United States is going strong.
Robert Paul ReyesKendrick Lamar Calls Out White Girl for Rapping 'Nigga' on Stage! He Wrote the Song! Nigga Please! - My reaction: Nigga, please!
Robert Paul ReyesHillary Clinton for God's Sake Just Go Away! - Hillary Clinton has publicly mocked US president Donald Trump by pulling out a Russian hat in the middle of a speech at Yale University.
Robert Paul ReyesHasbro Just Trademarked the Scent of Play-Doh - Hasbro has trademarked the scent of Play-Doh.
Robert Paul ReyesRock Icon Keith Richards Says America Must Get Rid of Donald Trump - Keith Richards, guitarist for the legendary rock 'n roll band the Rolling Stones, said the US should get rid of President Donald Trump -- and recalled when he said he did the same during a 1989 tour by wielding a knife.
Robert Paul ReyesOldest Living Person in the World Says Life is a Punishment - A woman purported to be the oldest living person ever at 128 says she hasn't lived a single happy day in her life and her longevity is a punishment.
Robert Paul ReyesTry Not to Vomit As You Watch John Travolta Dance with 50 Cent on Stage At Cannes - To keep things gangsta real, once a rapper reaches the age of 40, some homeboy should cap his ass if he doesn't retire.
Robert Paul ReyesNight Night Donald Trump, You Disgusting Halfwit - Since June 2, 2016 Dan Rebellato, a distinguished professor, has tweeted the following message to Donald Trump, every night, before going to bed: Night night you disgusting halfwit. xx
Robert Paul ReyesJim Carrey Taunts 'Psycho' Mike Pence - Actor Jim Carrey shared his latest politically motivated piece of artwork on Friday, this time the Hollywood star's portrait taking aim at Vice President Mike Pence.
Robert Paul ReyesMelania Trump Doesn't Share a Bedroom With Donald Trump! - Can anyone blame the First Lady for not sharing a bedroom with her husband? Ladies, imagine if you can, sleeping in the same bad with the Donald, and waking up to the pervert gabbing your goodies with his freakishly small hands?
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage! April Ryan Says Melania Trump Isn't 'Culturally American' - CNN contributor April Ryan was not impressed with Melania Trumps Be Best campaign, saying that the first lady was not culturally American.
Robert Paul ReyesDisgraced Televangelist Jim Bakker Selling Apocalypse-Proof Condos and $150 Water Bottles - Jim Bakker slipped out of most peoples collective consciousness after he fell from grace following a sex scandal and his 1989 fraud conviction. But the disgraced televangelist is back, focusing on the apocalypse and urging people to buy both real estate and eye-poppingly expensive extreme survival warfare water bottles from him to prepare.
Robert Paul ReyesJohn McCain May Be On His Deathbed But He Doesn't Deserve Any Praise - John McCain (R-Ariz.) said he regrets choosing former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) to be his running mate during the 2008 presidential campaign.
Robert Paul ReyesMike Pence and Donald Trump: Locked Together in Sexual/Political Embrace - Vice President Mike Pence is known as a bedrock religious conservative, and as an unapologetic supporter of the short-fingered vulgarian, Donald Trump.
Robert Paul ReyesWhite House Has Regular Bible Studies and Prayer Sessions! It's the Most Evil and Corrupt Administration in History! - This Bible study-loving and praying administration is leading or democracy straight to hell!
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