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Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq

U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, conducting 34 strikes consisting of 56 engagements Nov. 13-16, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Robert Paul ReyesMadness In Sweden: Drunk Intruder Found Sleeping In Child's Bed - Man up America! Don't be a wimp like this Swedish father.
John G. KaysSteve Ruiz Apprehended At a Fresno Days Inn! Why Still in the Dark? - Most of all, we want to know what measures Ruiz took to evade and avoid capture for 3 and 1/2 months? Where was he all this time? Who helped him in hiding out from the long arm of law enforcement? He had to have help, didn`t he? Were there confederates from the Hells Angels` motorcycle gang contributing to his concealment?
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Calling for an "Education Race with Russia - I call for an "Education Race with Russia"... The hell with another arms race, lets have an "Education Race" that will benefit both our nations... Harvey Carroll, Jr.'s "Lecture on American Capitalism in Russia and the former Soviet States behind the Iron Curtain, written while visiting a former Communist/Socialist State of Ukraine, next door to Russia."
Robert Paul Reyes71-Year-Old Dude Earns Fourth-Degree Black Belt In Karate - You go James, I'm sure that any 6-six-year-old brat will be afraid to walk on your front lawn.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Muslim Women Lost Many Rights and Freedoms in The Arab Spring and Winter - Muslim Women took to the streets because they were tired of being covered from head to toe in searing heat.
Robert Paul ReyesWeb Site For Cheaters: D.C Best Place To Have An Affair - Shame on AshleyMadison.Com for making it easier for politicians to be unfaithful to their spouses.
Robert Paul ReyesRepo Company Sued For $5 Million Over Half A Tank Of Gas - Heed the advice of Public Enemy: Fight the Power!
John G. KaysAndrea Sneiderman`s Behavior Erratic and Passionate, Before it Was Dispassionate? - And tiny facts from Thursday`s testimony have me scratching my head in bewilderment. Other GE employees actually saw Hemy Neuman at the office after he shot Rusty, and said he was completely normal and calm.
John G. KaysAndre Sneiderman Erratic Behavior Passionate, Before it`s Cold and Dispassionate? - I`ve changed my mind again. Andrea Sneiderman is not quite the person that I perceived her to be originally. More feisty, confrontational, perhaps capable of lying? Friday`s log of the trial, published in AJC, gives me the kind of details about her demeanor, on the day of the shooting, that were unknown to me heretofore.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.War on Drugs vs. War Within Ourselves to Take Drugs... - War on Drugs takes me back to my suggestion for the "Panama Invasion Operation Just Cause" to keep hardcore drugs from entering the United States... I am still wondering if the end, justified the means...
SOP newswire2"Electability" of Republican Candidates - John McCormack takes a quick look at the potential constituents of the candidates from a reporter's view who worked in Washington for a decade.
Robert Paul ReyesAmazing Survey: 100% Of Respondents Admit They Steal Pens! - When I worked for an insurance company there was a fellow who had a habit of upgrading, he would purloin an expensive pen and leave a cheap Bic pen in its place.
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin Wee-Weed Up Over Santorum Satan Controversy - You can use all wee-weed up in just about any context for example: Palin is hot, I get all wee-weed up when I hear her babbling nonsense on the Fox News channel.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Expanding Upon Paul Krugman's "Pain without Gain" Article Focusing on Local Government Solutions - Noted economist Paul Krugman discusses Global/American economics, compares and contrast austerity with stimulus and feels those funds should go to State and Local Governments. I agree
John G. KaysGeorge W. Huguely V Clearly Should`ve Been Convicted of First-Degree Murder! - George W. Huguely V clearly should have been convicted of first degree murder, but instead was guilty of second degree murder, according to the jury. Moreover, since he stole Yeardley`s laptop, while she lay bleeding and dying, the added charge of murder while in the commission of felony robbery should have been rendered.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Political Correctness is Simple Respect - Respect for the basic freedoms and expressions as set out in the United States Constitution. Others would like to associate it with Socialism, Marxism and a lot of other isms.
John G. KaysAndrea Sneiderman and Hemy Neuman Never Had an Affair! - I`ve changed my mind. I believe Andrea Sneiderman when she says no affair with Hemy Neuman ever happened. It didn`t look like she was lying when on the witness stand yesterday. It could have been, it almost occurred, but she brushed off Hemy`s advances before things got too out of hand. Here`s the pickle.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Housing Bubble Scheme to Destabilize Financial Markets? - I call BS on the cause of the Housing Bubble problem being poor bank underwriting, and Washington blaming the American home-buyer
Robert Paul ReyesHemy Neuman Insane: Thinks Barry White Is Demon & Olivia Newton-John An Angel - Clearly somebody who equates Barry White with evil, and Olivia Newton-John with good can't tell the difference between right and wrong.
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin Catches Linsanity! Should Todd Palin Be Worried? - Sarah Palin is the latest basketball fan to come down with a case of Linsanity.
Dr. Judith Orloff (Mentor)7 Vows of Compassion for Political Leaders - These candidates need to become more than talk show hosts or master of ceremonies trying to woo us for votes.
John G. KaysWas the Olympia Museum Robbery a Contracted Professional Job or Was it Merely Amateurs? - Can the video tape of the two robbers ransacking precious artifacts dating back to the earliest of the Olympic Games help to identify them? Were they contracted by someone else to pull off the heist?
Harvey Carroll, Jr.United States Should Develop a Comprehensive Strategy for Energy... - The United States should develop a Comprehensive Strategy for the Arctic as the melting polar region offers vast Oil drilling of an estimated 30 billion barrels of Oil.
Robert Paul ReyesOMG! Two Daring Ladies Grab Obama's Behind When Posing With Him - There's a double standard, if I grabbed Sarah Palin's butt during a photo op, her body guards would be on me like white on rice. That's not fair I would love to pick Sarah Palin's brain, by touching her booty.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.United States Covert and Military Involvements in Iran from 1952 to Present - The U.S. and Great Britain's MI6 was accused of orchestrating a coup that overthrew Iran`s democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh.
John G. KaysIs It Possible a Serial Predator Spotted Katelyn Markham at the Sacred Heart Festival? - John Carter is obviously a nice guy, loved (or loves) Katelyn a great deal, and doesn`t have anything to do with her disappearance.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.President Obama's Responsible Budget Slams Social Security Lock-Box on McConnell and Boehner's fingers - The Obama Budget reflects a continued commitment, his Re-Distribution of Wealth, which shuts the Social Security Lock-Box on the squandering scoundrels of Washington,
John G. KaysGeorge Huguely`s Metamorphosis of Demeanor Is Our Key To Understanding! - I`ve never heard of someone dying from having their brain twisted? I do see the end result though, from a photo I developed of pall bearers carrying Yeardley Love`s casket with flower garlands on the wooden top. Evidence of suffocation? Well, one thing is certain.
Robert Paul ReyesInsanity: Dude Gives Girlfriend His Kidney For Valentine's Day - Next Valentine's Day Trisha will still be walking around with Terry's kidney, but will he still be in her heart?
John G. KaysWas Samantha Koenig Too Isolated at the Common Grounds Coffee Shack? - Something new! The abductor fidgeted with the surveillance camera when he took Samantha Koenig from the Common Grounds coffee shack. He did not show his face to the camera.
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