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Melania Trump: Donald Trump and I are Fine

US First Lady Melania Trump has dismissed speculation about the state of her marriage, saying her husband's alleged extra-marital affairs are not her concern or focus because she has better things to do.

Robert Paul ReyesHundreds Of Thousands Of Dead Fish Wash Ashore On Gulf Coast Beaches - What do you think, is there something fishy about all these reports of dead fish? Send us your thoughts.
Sean StubblefieldSpace City Con premier in review - Houston Texas gets a new science fiction Convention: Space City Con. Sean Stubblefield comments on his experience there.
John G. KaysJulie Elizabeth Harper`s Changing Appearance Tells Us Much About Motive for Murder! - I was surprised and even a little shocked when I saw news footage of Julie Elizabeth Harper making an appearance in court Friday, charged (as she was) for murdering her husband, Jason Harper. I mean, I had seen an earlier photo, broadcast prodigiously on every news service under the sun.
Robert Paul ReyesTacky, Tacky, Tacky: Las Vegas Denny's To Include Wedding Chapel - What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas; I hope the concept of a Denny`s wedding chapel stays in Sin City.
Robert Paul Reyes'Lady' Leaves Kids, 4, 3 & 10 Months Home Alone To Knock Boots With Neighbor - It`s a shame that whorish women who have one child after another, with no means to support them, can`t be forcibly sterilized.
John G. KaysWhere Did Neo-Flower Child Kortne Stouffer Disappear To? - What happened to Kortne Stouffer? Kortne was last seen at 3:45 AM on Sunday, July 29th, at her apartment 810 W. Main St.) in Palmyra, Pennsylvania by a police officer answering a disturbance call. Palmyra is a small town that`s 17 miles east of Harrisburg, Pa., in case you`ve never heard of it, such as myself.
Robert Paul ReyesMom Vents On Facebook About 'Hooker' Clothes For Young Girls - Parents should care more about instilling proper values in their children, than in trying to be cool parents who will let their daughters were the latest fashion trends, even if they make them look like midget prostitutes.
SOP newswire2Is Political Zionism a Democratic Movement for Peace? - Why have all American presidents, since Nixon, turned a blind eye to Zionism's undeclared nuclear weapons program?
John G. KaysMystery Only Deepens, as We Learn Max Shacknai Murdered in Coronado Mansion! - As we focus closer on the scene of the Coronado Mansion Mystery, interpretations of the ghastly events deposited there (on July 11th and July 14, 2011) approach a pivotal mass of profoundly charged metamorphosis. The persistence of Dina Shacknai has paid off.
John G. KaysDid Slain Chiropractor Robert Rainey Know His assailant? - Who killed chiropractor Robert Rainey, early in the morning of May 31, at his Culver City office? Who is the shadow of a man seen with a pipe or a bat at the strip mall (9200 block of West Venice Boulevard in Palms) that morning? Did Robert Rainey know his assailant?
Robert Paul ReyesTanning Mom Gives Up Tanning For A Month: Looks At Hot As Angelina Jolie - But believe it or not, after a month without tanning, Tanning Mom looks hot! Not hot as in baked by the sun, but hot as I in I want to knock boots with her.
Robert Paul ReyesBlack Women: Stop Hatin' On Gymnast Gabby Douglas' Natural Hair - I know that the quickest way for a man to get slapped, is by poking fun at black women`s hair. Somebody had to go there, and I`m glad I did.
Robert Paul ReyesScottish Lady Dies Ten Minutes After Turning 100 - I hope Allison is enjoying a birthday cake made from manna.
John G. KaysWith Andrea Sneiderman`s Arrest, Billy Wilder`s Double Indemnity Focuses on the Screen! - While I suspected all along (since November 19, 2010) that Andrea Sneiderman was behind the murder (if not the mastermind) of her husband Rusty Sneiderman, it wasn`t until yesterday, when they led Andrea away in handcuffs, that I absolutely knew she`d done it.
SOP newswireIsrael, Human Rights, and Netanyahu's Policies - Douglas Reed comments on Netanyahu's extreme right-wing policies.
SOP newswireUN`s Scheme of Global Gun Control - David Martin comments on the proposed gun control policy in US.
John G. KaysDid Catherine Murch Shoot her Own Children, then Commit Suicide? - What in the world happened in an upper-middle class neighborhood in Glendale, Missouri (10 miles west of St. Louis)? Catherine Murch (42) is dead. Her two children are dead also. They are Mitch Murch III, 10, and Mary Claire Murch, 8.Their father, Mitchell Murch is still alive.
Robert Paul ReyesSilly Kid, 9, Sells Lemonade To Try To Save Disaster Known As Detroit - If anyone wants to know what the Zombie Apocalypse will look like, just visit Detroit.
John G. KaysThe Source of Deceased FBI Agent Stephen Ivens` Depression Remains a Mystery! - It`s fairly clear what happened to FBI agent Stephen Ivens now. That day back in May (10th), he walked up into the foothills above Burbank, and for some unknown reason, went behind the St Francis Catholic Church and committed suicide with his own service revolver.
Robert Paul ReyesWhat Passengers Do On Planes For Fun - The only fun thing I do on an airplane is fantasize that the plane crashes, and I'm the only survivor. The concept of having fun on an airplane is hilarious.
Robert Paul ReyesRussell Brand Tells The Truth About Sarah Palin In A Vulgar Way - Comics and wise-guy commentators should have a wide latitude to express their political views. Conservatives need to put on their big girl panties, and get over it.
John G. KaysIs Mary Kristene Chapa's Second Police Sketch More Accurate than Her First Sketch? - I was a bit startled when looking at the new police sketch of the suspect, realized from the memory of Mary Kristene Chapa.
Robert Paul ReyesGang Of Drunken Young Girls Stab Old Man In Subway: Evil Runs Rampant - I hope the elderly gentleman recuperates quickly from his injuries, and I pray that the "young ladies" are thrown behind bars.in the zoo, where they belong.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.INCOTERMS and The Building of An American Virtual World Trade Center - INCOTERMS and the building of an American Virtual World Trade Center that returns America to Supply Side Economics instead of the current Buy Side Economics that has us at a near 1 Trillion Dollar a year Trade Imbalance.
Robert Paul ReyesPanhandler Called 'Weed Head' A Big Star In The Big Apple - Who wouldn`t want to have his picture taken with a dude with pictures of marijuana on his head?
Robert Paul ReyesBird Crashes Into Face Of Teen Riding Roller Coaster! - In a perfect world the bird would have dived into his mouth, but this is far from a perfect world and the young punk's parents will probably sue and win a million bucks.
Robert Paul ReyesLovely Ladies Fail To Set Bikini Parade World Record - It's hard to believe that a majority of the Madison Lake City Council had expressed opposition to the bikini event on the grounds that it wasn't "family-friendly."
Robert Paul ReyesWhat Is The Manhattan Monster? Top Ten Possibilities - Bo the White House dog: Obama skinned Bo and was ready to roast him, when the poor thing ran away and died on the beach.
Robert Paul ReyesCops Tase Teen High On 'Blotter Acid' - I hope the cops tased his family jewels, Haviaras needs a jolt to wake him up from his destructive lifestyle.
John G. KaysIn Jacque Waller`s Murder, Prosecution Has A Strong Case Against Clay Waller! - The lead story on a popular (HLN) talk show quickly projected the image of an attractive woman, who I seem to `ave remembered from somewhere before. The bottom caption of the television screen read: Jacque Sue Waller!
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