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'See Detroit Like We Do' Billboard Depicts Only White People

The sign could not have been more honest, Dan Gilbert the CEO of a real estate development company and the Detroit Chamber of Commerce see only the predominantly white people who work downtown and patronize the upscale restaurants and fancy boutiques.

Harvey Carroll, Jr.The Tea Party, Coffee Party, and the Occupy Movement - The Tea Party, Coffee Party, and the Occupy Movement; are they Leaders, Doers, Complacent and Resistant Movements for Change?
Robert Paul ReyesPolice: Passenger Smoked Pot On Plane - However, I must admit I'd rather sit next to a stoner than a drunk on a plane; a herb lover might bug your for your pretzels, but a drunk might vomit all over you.
John G. KaysMichelle Parker Lives Her Life Ordinarily on the New KFC Video! - One observation, over and above that it proves Michelle is wearing the commonly observed blue Florida Gators hooded sweatshirt
Harvey Carroll, Jr.M-AID FUND Can Solve the American/Mexican Border Issue... - Is there a problem with Drugs and Illegal Immigration from the Mexican Border? YES
Harvey Carroll, Jr.PEACE PARK and my TWO STATE SOLUTION via "The Venus Project" - PEACE PARK and my TWO STATE SOLUTION via "The Venus Project" could bring peace to the Middle East...
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Kim Jong Un of NORTH KOREA Is No Threat to His Neighbors Or The World - I do not see the new leadership Kim Jong Un of NORTH KOREA to be a threat. They are happy being an isolated nation, and make no State threats outside their borders.
Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)Make This Moment Count! - Welcome to the New Normal! This is the moment when you will stand up on your own two feet and make something happen.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.President Ahmadinejad Did Not Get Any Unexpected Success During His Tour of Latin America and Cuba - President Ahmadinejad did not get any unexpected success during his tour of Latin America and Cuba. Latin America like Cuba has began looking to America to enhance their economics as well as feeding their people.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.H.R. 2121: The Only Bill Ever Presented and Passed Through Congress By Ron Paul - Ron Paul believes that Iraq would have been allowed to take over Kuwait.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Thoughts on the Venus Project - Thoughts on the "Venus Project" from a Professional Public Administrator and Land Developer`s prospective.
John G. KaysDo the Sidney Police Have Any Hard Evidence in Sherry Arnold`s Abduction? - We have two suspects now in Sherry Arnold`s abduction from Sidney, Montana, Lester Vann Waters, 47, and Michael Keith Spell.
Robert Paul ReyesPerry Quits, Santorum Wins Iowa, Romney Implodes, Gingrich's Ex-Wife Tells All - Rick Santorum wins Iowa, Rick Perry quits the race, Newt Gingrich's ex-wife explosive interview to be aired tonight. It's getting very interesting...
Robert Paul ReyesMs. Magazine An Anachronism - Burning bras and magazines belong in the ash heap of history
Robert Paul ReyesBurger King Testing Home Delivery! Horrible Idea! - I'm going to have it my way, and that means having a pizza delivered from Domino's -- not home delivery from Burger King!
John G. Kays'Headless Hollywood Horror!' Nightmare of Severed Head Rolls Out of Grocery Bag! - Headless Hollywood Horror! is our Greek chorus line repeated in streaming cadences of woe and boiling outrageousness! Fresh severed head rolls out of grocery bag and onto the ground on Tuesday, in Bronson Canyon Park just near the iconic 1923 Hollywood sign (the "Land` was dropped in the late 1940s).
John G. KaysMotive Is Undetermined for Black Widow Murderess Michele Williams! - How did this go down? Why did Michele Williams do it? Was she hurting for money? It doesn`t look like it from what we see of this exclusive Keller suburb and this $4.5 million Windsor palace, with a private lake, a pond, and swimming pool. This must`ve been quite a humdinger of a home business the couple had!
Robert Paul ReyesFlorida Strip Club Wants To Hire Casey Anthony! Killer Idea? - Body Talk would make a fortune selling Casey Anthony related merchandise; a T-shirt emblazoned with the words "I survived a lap dance with Casey Anthony" would be a big seller.
John G. Kays'Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend Martin'? (Three Momentous Documents in MLK`s Unsolved Assassination) - Alright, so I have to face the fact that James Earl Ray drove exactly the same make and model car I did (back in the day), a 1966 289 Ford Mustang. Furthermore, the only difference is that Ray`s Mustang (allegedly purchased by Ray at Raul`s request for a gunrunning scheme) was white, mine was yellow.
Robert Paul ReyesStop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) Greatest Threat To Freedom Of Speech - Stop this attack on freedom of speech. Write letters to your political representatives! Tweet your disgust at this proposed legislation!
Dr. Annabelle R. CharbitMake Yourself at Home - Can a bad house guest remain a good friend? "Make yourself at home," is what we tell our house guests. And we mean it.
Robert Paul Reyes2012 Has 3 Friday The 13ths: Omen Of End Of The World? - Three Friday the 13ths spaced exactly 13 weeks apart, an omen of doom and gloom? I don't know about you, but I'm stocking up on canned food, bottled water and adult diapers!
Robert Paul ReyesTerrifying Creature Washes Up On Florida Coast - Carolyn's husband is a fisherman, and he didn't recognize the strange creature. I don't want to cause a panic in Delray Beach, but commonsense tells me that there's more than one of those creatures lurking in the water.
Robert Paul ReyesBald Barbie For Young Cancer Survivors? How Silly Can We Get? - Our society is still relatively intact in spite of Tattooed Barbie and Barbies based on celebs like Niki Minaj and Paris Hilton, but is America ready for Bald Barbie?
John G. KaysThe Past Never Leaves! The 'Mayflower Killer' Can Run, But He Can Not Hide! - After 21 years have passed, the question still remains: Who is the shaggy blonde-haired man seen at Federal Way High School on December 14, 1991? Does he resemble the police sketch? But which police sketch does he resemble more? Who were the witnesses who saw this mystery man (The Mayflower Killer)?
John G. KaysDisappearance of a Popular Math Teacher (Sherry Arnold) Changes an Innocent Community! - This explanation, which is the more nefarious of two possibilities, is semi-reinforced by an eye-witness account of a local resident of Sidney, Lonnie Lyttle. Lonnie thought he saw Sherry jogging last Saturday morning, but hasn`t been able to positively say it was Sherry he saw.
Robert Paul ReyesMan Complains About Sexy Posters On Gym Walls - Of course the image focuses on sex, but what's wrong with that?
John G. KaysWhat Was the Nature of Missing Virginia Student, Ian Burnet`s Holiday Visit to NYC? - Little has been said in the press about the nature of his visit to NYC or the friends he was meeting, other than he seemed to be having a 'horrible time` (WABC).
Robert Paul ReyesOccupy D.C. Locations Infested With Rats - This liberal is sick and tired of the Occupy movement, it's time for the National Park Service officials to grow a pair and evict the protesters.
John G. KaysCassie Cotta`s Was Loved Dearly - The Problem is Ubiquitous Domestic Violence! - Why was the video Bring Cassie Home! pulled from YouTube? Who reported that Cassie Cotta had been drinking heavily the evening of December 30th? Was this inaccurate? Why did Cassie continue to live with Brent after two cases of domestic battery?
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Family Dollar Manager Steals Customer's iPad - The victim must be very happy to get her iPad back, I'm sure she is using it to send instant messages to all her friends warning them not to shop at the Family Dollar store.
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