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Will Says...

Melania Can't Stand Donald Trump

We should share Melanias disgust for her husband, and by any means necessary get rid of him.

John G. KaysDid the Scorching Conflagration of Josh Powell Possess an Inevitability? - As dark as it gets. While still in disbelief, we commit to memory every painful detail of what we know Josh Powell did Sunday afternoon, shortly before the Super Bowl would begin. Mount Carmel revisited? And why did so many already know it would happen?
Robert Paul ReyesHero Cops Use Taser On Moron Blocking McDonald's Drive-Through - I'm surprised there aren't more instances of drive-through rage. Folks are so impatient, they expect that as soon as they place their orders, Ronald McDonald will sprint to their car with their order.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Requesting 10 Billion Dollar Energy Loan to Buy CITGO from Venezuelan People - I need a 10 Billion Dollar Energy Loan to do a Joint-Venture to buy the Venezuelan Oil Company from the Venezuelan People and get it out of the hands of Hugo Chavez and into more progressive and constructive hands..
Robert Paul ReyesIdentity of Dude Who Held Up McDonald's Wearing Obama Mask Remains Mystery - Gingrich looks like a bloated elephant. I bet he robbed the McDonald's, getting away with $1,000 and a thousand Big Macs.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Arab Spring Turns to Arab Winter: When Will Russia and China Support The Arab League? - Deplomacy a hybrid term that combines Defense and Diplomacy, and a bit of White Paint can aid in the transition from Dictatorship, Military to Civilian Control.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Economic Powerhouse America Spreads Its Influence on Africa and other 3rd World Nations - Unfortunately, as America struggles to reduce its trade imbalance with these countries dumping vast amounts of goods into the American Consumer Markets
John G. KaysAn Impromptu Press Release on the Two New GPO NARA JFK Assassination Reels! - The remnants of essential evidence comes by way of two 1/4 inch reel to reel tape left in a box, some personal effects of General Chester Ted Clifton Jr. I easily downloaded (a first for me) these two MP3 files, which ended up on my itunes recently added, as if I had just purchased a new double JFK record!
Robert Paul ReyesDid Researchers Find 2nd UFO On Floor Of The Baltic Sea? - Instead of hoping that a UFO will come down from heaven, maybe we should be looking at the oceans for the possibility of a UFO or SFO (submerged flying object) coming out of the oceans.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Global Economic Reform Based on The Fabrication of Infrastructure and Money - My suggestion is that Money is Money, or is it just an Illusion? I have studied money and baking, finance and have built multi-million dollar subdivisions by creating money from thin air millionaire.
John G. KaysID's Dark Minds: The Eastbound Strangler Brings Back an Atlantic City/Long Island Connection! - A stronger connection between the two clusters of killings failed to materialize, but many still suspected the perpetrator was one and the same. I lean in this direction myself, but only for a muse of intuition, no hard facts.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Is There Any Chance of Lasting Peace Between Israel and Palestine? - IAEA Inspectors still in Iran and Ahmadinejad is welcomed to the discussion table...
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Syria is Already in Civil War - Syria is already in "Civil War" the only option is for Assad to step down and call for Elections
John G. Kays'DEADLY LOVEBOAT' Does Jennifer Trayers` Narrative of the Stabbing Ring True? - Too bad Raymond Chandler`s not alive anymore. He`d have a field day with the Jennifer Trayers Love Triangle Trial. It would be fodder for his next detective crime novel. Possible title: The Deadly LoveBoat, starring the usual icy upstart blonde, a calculating, jealous wife, and the victim, a spineless, teeter-tottering navy doctor.
John G. KaysWith Ayla Reynold`s Blood Found, Tale of Kidnapper Besmacks 'Prince and the Frog'! - Now the notion that a kidnapper stole precious Ayla from the house has been shot down to the ground as the biggest fairytale around, since the Prince and the Frog first hit the airwaves back in the 16th century (I suppose).
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Thoughts on American Global Economics and The Church - My pondering thoughts of American/Global Economics and Peace on Christmas, as a response to the Nigerian Christian Church bombings
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Carmageddon Pile-Up On Interstate 75 In Florida Kills Ten - Life is so uncertain, one moment we can be driving without a care in the world, and the next we may find ourselves in a life or death situation.
Robert Paul ReyesMichelle Obama's $50,000 Shopping Spree Story False: White House - American women who buy their intimate apparel at Wal-Mart will remember Michelle's "let them eat cake" attitude when it comes time to vote this November.
John G. KaysFive Riddles We Need to Consider, as Jennifer Trayers` Murder Trial Continues! - As we await further developments in the San Diego murder trial of Jennifer Trayers, five perplexities or riddles regarding her case begin to coagulate in my feeble mind, as I review but a handful of news stories available to us, so that we might size-up what we have, or better, what we don`t have, since its still hidden behind a veil of a sphinx we often refer to as the Truth.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Time for Manchurian Candidate Mitch McConnell to "PACK YOUR BAGS" - Mitch McConnell has misrepresented Kentucky and America as his influence has vastly undermined America`s economic national security; therefore, I call for Senator McConnell to step down from his Senatorial Seat
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)The Press Focuses Attention on Washington and Away From Local Corruption - The American media is sick. Its invisible bacteria are infecting American politics in destructive ways, diverting attention from hometown and state corruption to Washington and instilling in the public mind the myth that Washington is the root of all evil
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Folks Fighting in Afghanistan Didn't Get The "Memo" to End The War - Apparently, the folks fighting in Afghanistan, and those in the Pentagon spending 2.2 Billion a day failed to get former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld`s May 2003 Memo " that major combat operations has stopped in Afghanistan "
Robert Paul ReyesHeroic Old Lady Holds Young Punk At Gunpoint Until Cops Arrive! - A gun-toting grandma, who curses and drinks, don't you just love it?
Robert Paul ReyesState Sen. Ralph Shortey Introduces Bill To Ban Sale Of Food Using Human Fetuses - We aren't living in a Soylent Green nightmarish world, no food product sold in the United States, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, has ever used aborted human fetuses or human stem cells.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Birds Terrorize Kentucky Neighborhood! Sign Of The End Times? - In a sane world the residents of Kentucky would worry only about mundane problems like a thief stealing their moonshine or the trailer park tramp leaving her trailer without her top again.
John G. KaysWhat Was In Jennifer Trayers` Eight-Page Email to Gorgeous Blonde Mistress Danielle Robins? - Was Jennifer Trayers` eight-page email sent to Danielle Robins on December 4, 2010 composed and delivered before or after she stabbed her husband (Fred Trayers) to death? I suspect it was composed before she did her deed, but I could use a confirmation of this.
Robert Paul ReyesRacist Governor Jan Brewer Disses President Barack Obama - The photo of the Arizona governor wagging her finger at President Obama conveys the disdain that she has for the President of the United States more succinctly that a thousand editorials.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.President Obama Brings America Back From Bush Regime - President Obama is in a position to bring America back as an example as opposed to the Bush Doctrine of Westernizing turf under the hospice of NATO...
Robert Paul ReyesHero Senior Citizen Kills Young Punk Who Knocked Him Off His Bike - Moral of this story: Get a license to carry a concealed weapon, and shoot to kill if your life is in danger.
John G. KaysMartha Moxley`s Murder Comes Back to Haunt Us Once Again! - As I look at these current stories on an ancient case of wealth and privilege gone south for the winter (and what a long winter it is), I had to review some documents to bring me up to speed on the mid-seventies case of Martha Moxley`s murder, which has been swirling in controversy ever since that time.
Robert Paul ReyesSolar Storm Hits Earth! Believers In Maya Prophecies Scared! - It's incumbent on the media, government and scientists to provide the public with rational explanations for these strange events to prevent hysteria and panic.
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