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Melania Trump Hasn't Bought Donald Trump Any Christmas Gifts

FIRST LADY Melania Trump is yet to buy her husband any Christmas presents, with the couple frequently not exchanging festive gifts at all, it has been claimed.

John G. KaysIn 'Fatal Vision' Case, Evidence Surrounding Helena Stoeckley`s Role Is Still Emerging! - When these new hearings commenced yesterday, in the seasoned and infamous 'Fatal Vision` case of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald (who`s been characterized as a narcissistic psychopath), a humongous can of worms reopened for me. I had admired, if not worshipped Joe McGinniss`True Crime classic, Fatal Vision.
Robert Paul ReyesCutout Of Boris Becker Left On German Road Nearly Causes An Accident - Now if a jokester placed a cutout of Maria Sharapova standing up near a highway, it would cause so many wrecks it would look like a demolition derby.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Death Democracy via the Regime Change Doctrine - Death Democracy via the "Regime Change Doctrine" has resulted in the death of "American Diplomats"
Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)Why Respect Has No Color - Life is amazing when you make a daily decision to be open, genuinely listen, and suspend your judgment of others. Recently, my family
Robert Paul ReyesZombie Gnaws On Woman's Head! Zombie Apocalypse Now? - When a dude parks his car in your neighborhood, gets out, and strips buck naked, you know you are in for a bad day.
John G. KaysMeghann Pope`s death Was No Accident, It Was Premeditated Vehicular Homicide! - Did Brian Feltman purposely run over Meghann Pope with his F-150 in Locust Grove, Georgia (which is just south of Atlanta)? We`ll need to rewind the tape of time a bit, to a little less than a month, that is August 19th, when this (what was first thought of as an accident) occurred on a dangerous residential curve.
John G. KaysDid Gifted Native American UNC Coed, Faith Hedgepeth Know Her Murderer? - Who murdered Faith Hedgepeth at the Hawthorne at the View apartment complex, which is just 3 miles north of the UNC campus in Chapel Hill, North Carolina? The police are saying little, not even revealing who discovered Faith dead, at around 11 AM last Friday (we`re hearing).
John G. KaysKathleen Haley Has Been Missing from Newport News, Virginia Since September 1st! - I thought that writing a story on a 37-year-old missing woman (from Newport News, Virginia), Kathleen Haley, was the right thing to do, after seeing the case posted on Michelle Sigona`s International Crime Wire last night (after I got home from work). Okay, so I had my doubts this morning, once I saw how little information has been released.
John G. KaysWhy Did Loretta Jo Gates Go to a Convenience Store in Niagara Falls, New York? - As horrifying as it may appear (and as confusing), with Loretta Jo Gates from Niagara Falls, N.Y., three separate clusters of body parts are discovered, at three different locations and times. The ill-fortuned moll seemingly met up with the wrong party.
John G. KaysWhat Happened to Ivy Dawn Merck After Leaving a Veterinary Clinic in Kingsland, Ga., on Aug. 23rd? - This disturbing realization (of multiple loss) may explain why I often find myself writing on missing persons` cases, such as a new one occurring in Georgia, of 24-year-old Ivy Dawn Merck.
Robert Paul ReyesThe Failed Presidency Of Barack Obama: An American Tragedy - Obama won`t be just a footnote in history; the fact that he was the first black president saves him from that fate.
Robert Paul ReyesDance Teacher Offers Pole-Dancing Class For Young Kids! Apocalypse Now? - Nothing sexual about pole-dancing? Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but a stripper pole is always a phallic symbol.
SOP newswirePlan for U.S. Capitulation in Motion - Has Obama a racial agenda for the U.S. reserved for Part II of his reign? David Martin takes a quick peek inside the state of political affairs in US.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Jennifer Granholm Goes Bonkers At The Democratic Convention - If you want to know the meaning of the word "histrionics", hell if you want to know the definition of "bonkers" watch the video of Granholm's talk.
Robert Paul ReyesGigantic Obama Sand Sculpture Damaged By Rain! Obama's Huge Ego! - The Almighty has delivered the first blow to this abomination; patriots should attack this affront to decency with shovels, and finish the job.
Robert Paul ReyesThe Horror: 1,255 Ginger Kids Gather In The Netherlands - Carrot Top and Lindsay Lohan are gingers.
Robert Paul ReyesHoly Cow! McDonald's Opening A Vegetarian Restaurant In India! Outrage! - A McDonald's restaurant where no beef, or even chicken, is served makes as much sense as a bordello where the customers aren't allowed to touch the prostitutes.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Should Israel or the US Conduct Military Operations in Iran? - Experts Harvey Carroll, Jr. and Richard Haass discuss the use of the Military Option in Iran by Israel and/or the United States
Robert Paul ReyesLady Smoking Weed While Driving Acquitted Of Impaired Driving - The judge is a moron; I wish he would share some of the grass he is smoking with me.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman, 82, Arrested For Burglary Has 21-Page Rap Sheet! - Obama: If my grandmother were still alive, she'd look like like this sweet dear woman. I hope she gets out of prison in tme to vote for me.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo:Clint Eastwood & His Empty Chair Upstage Empty Suit (Mitt Romney) - Eastwood has made a name for himself as an actor and a director, but he's brilliant as a performance artist.
Robert Paul ReyesToo Many Filthy Folks Don't Wash Hands After Using Public Restroom - There is a good chance that if you shake hands with someone, they will contaminate you with their feces and urine.
Robert Paul ReyesCanadian Strip Club Trying To Recruit Female College Students With Tuition Assistance Program - Strip clubs are legal enterprises in America and Canada, but the owners are scumbags who exploit their female dancers, and rip off their male customers.
Robert Paul ReyesMark Zuckerberg Meets With Facebook's Oldest User: Florence Detlor, 101 - By the time Florence figures out how to ping someone on Facebook, all the young people will have switched to Pinterest or another social media site that hasn't been invented yet.
John G. KaysMartin MacNeill is Charged with First Degree Murder in 2007 Drug Death of Wife Michele! - Finally, Martin MacNeill was arrested on Friday for the first degree murder of his wife, Michele MacNeill on April 11, 2007. Formal charges (first degree murder and obstruction of justice) were brought against Martin MacNeil on Monday in a 4th District Court in Provo, Utah, with a backdrop of 5 bitter women holding photos of Michele MacNeil up
Robert Paul ReyesNeil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline' Dropped From Penn State's Play List At Football Games - Penn State has gone from enabling a pedophile, and protecting him from prosecution to diving down the rabbit hole.
Robert Paul ReyesMale Flight Attendant, 83, Retires After 63 Years Of Service - Congratulations Mr. Akana, but for the love of God, I hope there aren`t any other old coots serving as flight attendants.
Robert Paul ReyesStop Hatin' On Prince Harry, What Happens In Vegas Should Stay In Vegas - Vegas is a neon city of refuge where even God looks the other way, as you walk a tightrope between indulging in what is slightly wicked and what is really wicked.
Robert Paul ReyesGabriella Cooperman, 12, A Good Egg: Her Lemonade Stand Raises Money For Charity & Has Corporate Sponsors - This is a Norman Rockwell image updated for the 21st century, this little girl's lemonade stand is festooned with corporate logos.
SOP newswireAverting the Nuclear War The Role of Russia and the Church - In 1917, the year of the Bolshevik uprising, the Blessed Virgin appeared at Fatima, Portugal, and warned of the annihilation of nations that would come if Russia
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