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We Must Never Forgive or Forget Donald Trump and His Evangelical Enablers

Donald Trump may escape impeachment, and he may even be reelected, but he will unquestionably go down in history as the worst president.

Harvey Carroll, Jr.American Economic "Gloom and Gloomiers" and "Biggest Fool Theory" in Gold... - This is for the American economic "Gloom and Gloomiers" and the "Biggest Fool Theory" in the purchasing of Gold...
Robert Paul ReyesLady Sells Her Virginity For $780,000, Dude Sells His For $3,000 - Catarina may be a virgin in the sense that she`s never engaged in sexual intercourse, but only a whore would put her virginity up for auction.
Robert Paul ReyesRussian Refuses To Pay Traffic Ticket: Useless, End Of The World Is Nigh! - But even if you don`t know the Mayan calendar from a Playboy calendar, the popularity of Honey Boo Boo Child should be enough of a warning sign that end is nigh.
Gloria LoringWas It Coincidence? Or Just a Disney Moment? - I am on Google alert for the word coincidence. " I have good reason: My new book delves deeply into the topic.
John G. KaysWhy Was Goth Monster, Austin Reed Sigg Able to Fool Neighbors and Schoolmates As to Identity? - Testimonials as to Austin Reed Sigg`s bizarre, emerging behavior, disguised as education for an equally weird career path, are pouring in. I mean, a few bits from a neighbor, or a crumb from a classmate of Austin`s, and suddenly a portrait of a monster is lumbering slowly into focus, in a foggy pond-like mirror of water, otherwise known as the media.
SOP newswire2Women It is Time to Stand Up for Our Children Against Terror and Slavery - Are we going to allow these radical Muslims Islam Brotherhood Barbarians take away our treasured freedoms? Masala Yousufzai was shot in the head for promoting Western Thinking."
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Secret Service Harass Man Who Hung Effigy Of Obama From Tree - Hanging an effigy of the first black President from a tree may have been racist and in bad taste, but it`s constitutionally protected free speech.
John G. KaysAspiring Mortician, Austin Reed Sigg Is Arrested for Murder of Jessica Ridgeway! Is Austin the 'Candy Man?' - The arrest of Austin Reed Sigg yesterday brings a surging tsunami-like wave of memories, regarding the particulars of Jessica Ridgeway`s frightening abduction and murder, in a rather ordinary, ho hum, middle class suburb, just outside of Denver. Aerial news footage of the ruddy-colored house where Austin Sigg carried out his sickest of crimes.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Trump's Bombshell Obama Scoop Biggest Dud Of All Time! - Of course there`s a bigger chance that Mitt Romney will dance the Macarena wearing only his Magic Mormon Underpants on live TV, than there is of Obama releasing his college transcripts.
Robert Paul ReyesSurvey Says:Voters Pick Obama Over Romney For Burger Buddy - Obama would do better with male voters, if he manned up, and made a campaign stop at Burger King and ordered a Big Whopper, supersized fries, and a 32-ounce soda.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: UFO Hovers Over House For Four Hours! Terror In Scotland! - Nothing exciting ever happens in my life, the only things hovering over my house are defecating birds.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Evil Seattle Elementary School Principal Bans Halloween - Childhood should be about having fun, not about bowing to the gods of political correctness.
John G. KaysThe Oregonian`s Tragic Photo of Clint Heichel Sums Up Unsolved Mystery of Whitney Heichel! - Starbuck`s barista Whitney Heichel leaves the Heatherwood Apartments (in Gresham, Oregon) at 6:45 AM on Tuesday (October 16th) for work, which was just a few minutes away, we`re hearing. And yet Whitney Heichel never arrives at the Starbucks where she works. The Starbucks manager, alarmed that she didn`t arrive, calls her on her cell phone, but can`t reach her.
Robert Paul ReyesDoes Zoo's Halloween Decorations Look Like Blacks Hanging From Trees? - It`s Halloween for God`s sake, lighten up people and have some fun.
Robert Paul ReyesNewsweek Magazine To Go To A Digital Only Format By End Of Year - This announcement from Newsweek is neither surprising nor disappointing, newspapers and magazines are an anachronism in the digital age.
John G. KaysWhy Did George Tiaffay Hire Homeless Handyman Noel Stevens to Kill His Wife Shauna Tiaffay? - A mug shot of George Tiaffay bespeaks of a thugish, cruel man, coal-black eyes, chilly smirk, thick neck, gnarly-nicked nose, etc. etc.; just bad-ass, if we assume one`s physical appearance unveils to us the psychological mischief bubbling and boiling underneath a mask of concealment. Alright, so I`m getting a bit carried away!
SOP newswire2Is Media Playing With Our Thoughts And Beliefs? - The international media covered the Peace March initiated by Imran Khan for two consecutive days.
John G. KaysDoes Alexis Wright`s Zumba Sex Scandal Give the World`s Oldest Profession a New Twist? - The Kennebunk, Maine sex scandal, implicating Zumba dance instructor, Alexis Wright in countless acts of pros[t]itution, hit critical mass yesterday, when Superior Court Justice Thomas Warren decided to issue a list of 21 Johns publicly, publishing their names
Robert Paul Reyes'Pepper Spray Princess' Famous For Attacking Teen With Jalapeno Pepper Spray - I can already hear some folks arguing that if jalapenos are outlawed only outlaws will have jalapenos.
John G. KaysJessica Ridgeway`s Killer MO Emerges; Is He One and the Same As The CANDY MAN? - A furious search for Jessica Ridgeway`s killer begins, with her remains positively identified through DNA, since the body had been dismembered
John G. KaysAppalling Abuses at 'Dozier Reform School' in Marianna, Florida Exposed to Public! - Robert Straley, one of the few survivors of a group known as the 'White House Boys,` has deemed the appalling atrocities of Dozier Reform School
Robert Paul ReyesObama Fails To Condemn Nicki Minaj For Threatening To Kill Mariah Carey - I will not vote for Obama, and I will never watch American Idol again.
Robert Paul ReyesDon't Be A Wimp! Play Hooky From Work! - Don`t be a wimp; you have a constitutional right to play hooky.
Robert Paul ReyesShocking Photo: Sarah Palin Looks Like A Crackhead On Her Deathbed - It won`t be long before Palin will tweet lingerie pics, and have a couple of wardrobe malfunctions.
John G. KaysBody of Jessica Ridgeway Possibly Found! Focus of Investigation Back to Arvada, Colorado! - A barrage of data. Some of it false. Mass hysteria! Focus back on Arvada, Colorado. Is the body found at Pattridge Park in Arvada that of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway? Little Jessica never made it to Chelsea Park last Friday morning, where she was suppose to meet with friends to walk to school, Witt Elementary.
John G. KaysIn Jessica Ridgeway Case, Why Aren't News Services Running with 'Candy Man' Police Sketch? - In the Jessica Ridgeway missing person`s case, it makes very little sense. HLN is the only news service releasing a police sketch, who I`ll dub the 'Candy Man`. This man was trying to lure children at Witt Elementary School into his (what has been described as) a blue sedan, most likely manufactured in the 1990s, using the enticement of candy,
John G. KaysIn Jessica Ridgeway Case, Police Don`t Suspect a 'Random Child Abductor'! Why Not? - Something`s not right? 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway was last seen walking to Chelsea Park at around 8:30 AM last Friday morning (in Westminister, Colorado). The implication here, is that Jessica must have been abducted right around this time and in this place. Last night HLN shows us a new sketch of suspicious man who had been trying to lure children at Witt Elementary School (which is Jessica`s school) into his car a few weeks with the usual candy.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Elderly America Listen to What Romney is Saying - Old White Folks need to turn up their hearing aid, and listen to what Romney and Ryan are really saying, and how it affects their Golden Years and realize that they make up the majority of the 47% of the Government Dependents that Romney was referring too.
Robert Paul ReyesDisabled Granny Repels 13 Intruders With Bear Spray! They Were After Her Medicinal Pot - This poor woman has lost her sole source of income, stoners in Dixon should give come to her financial assistance.
Dr. Annabelle R. CharbitThe Rules of Friendship Have Changed - When did it become okay for friends to have strong opinions about my diet, lifestyle and marriage? I grew up in a world where you supported your friends no matter what, and the only grounds for dumping a friend was if they were unpleasant directly to YOU.
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