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Pope Francis Looks Mortified to be Taking Photo With Donald Trump

It looks like they posed for a photograph before they split ways, the Trumps to attend a Black Mass, and the pontiff to hear confession.

Robert Paul ReyesTerrifying Creature Washes Up On Florida Coast - Carolyn's husband is a fisherman, and he didn't recognize the strange creature. I don't want to cause a panic in Delray Beach, but commonsense tells me that there's more than one of those creatures lurking in the water.
Robert Paul ReyesBald Barbie For Young Cancer Survivors? How Silly Can We Get? - Our society is still relatively intact in spite of Tattooed Barbie and Barbies based on celebs like Niki Minaj and Paris Hilton, but is America ready for Bald Barbie?
John G. KaysThe Past Never Leaves! The 'Mayflower Killer' Can Run, But He Can Not Hide! - After 21 years have passed, the question still remains: Who is the shaggy blonde-haired man seen at Federal Way High School on December 14, 1991? Does he resemble the police sketch? But which police sketch does he resemble more? Who were the witnesses who saw this mystery man (The Mayflower Killer)?
John G. KaysDisappearance of a Popular Math Teacher (Sherry Arnold) Changes an Innocent Community! - This explanation, which is the more nefarious of two possibilities, is semi-reinforced by an eye-witness account of a local resident of Sidney, Lonnie Lyttle. Lonnie thought he saw Sherry jogging last Saturday morning, but hasn`t been able to positively say it was Sherry he saw.
Robert Paul ReyesMan Complains About Sexy Posters On Gym Walls - Of course the image focuses on sex, but what's wrong with that?
John G. KaysWhat Was the Nature of Missing Virginia Student, Ian Burnet`s Holiday Visit to NYC? - Little has been said in the press about the nature of his visit to NYC or the friends he was meeting, other than he seemed to be having a 'horrible time` (WABC).
Robert Paul ReyesOccupy D.C. Locations Infested With Rats - This liberal is sick and tired of the Occupy movement, it's time for the National Park Service officials to grow a pair and evict the protesters.
John G. KaysCassie Cotta`s Was Loved Dearly - The Problem is Ubiquitous Domestic Violence! - Why was the video Bring Cassie Home! pulled from YouTube? Who reported that Cassie Cotta had been drinking heavily the evening of December 30th? Was this inaccurate? Why did Cassie continue to live with Brent after two cases of domestic battery?
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Family Dollar Manager Steals Customer's iPad - The victim must be very happy to get her iPad back, I'm sure she is using it to send instant messages to all her friends warning them not to shop at the Family Dollar store.
Robert Paul ReyesDrunk Woman Damages $30 Million Painting By Rubbing Bare Buttocks On It - It`s an outrage that this iconic painting wasn`t protected by bullet-proof glass, and it`s a shame that there wasn`t a guard armed with a taser to stop her in her tracks before she could damage the painting.
John G. KaysJodi Arias is Starting to Edge Out Casey Anthony for 'Bad Girl' Internet Market Share! - My own primitive survey of internet market share indicates that of the two Bad Girl Queens (Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias) dominating the news in terms of sensation, Jodi is starting to get the upper hand.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: (Alleged) Murderer Casey Anthony Releases Video On YouTube - Casey doesn't mention her murdered daughter, but she does go on and on about how much she loves the pooch she just adopted.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Is Hatred and Fear of Women Behind Our Obsession With Blind Ideology? - We pay a terrible societal cost for our compulsion to be right and to follow ideology blindly, says prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook.
John G. KaysIn Dawna Natzke`s Homicide, Sluggish Bureaucratic Wheels Extenuating Factor! - When viewing photos of the charred remnants, really simply a fossilized outline of where Dawna`s car was left, I`m shocked at the devastation left behind, in terms of the sheer force of the incinerates.
Robert Paul ReyesHomeless Woman, AnnMarie Walsh, Used Twitter To Find Housing - Show support for AnnMarie and her cause by following her on Twitter @padschicago.
Robert Paul ReyesLet Israel Deal With Iran! Obama Should Let Israel Be Israel! - The Iranian ayatollahs don't fear a Muslim-pandering commander-in-chief, but they do fear Israel.
John G. KaysCassie Cotta Tragic Murder Even Sadder After Viewing Video Bring Cassie Home! - The effect on me was disconcerting, and with the awareness that the husband was the culprit, the unfortunate twist of fate added a notion of irony to the unfolding of ill-fated events.
Robert Paul ReyesDead Birds In Arkansas, Dead Fish In Norway: Are Mayan Prophecies True? - The stench of thousands of dead fish must be dreadful, but not as dreadful as the stench of millions of dead human beings. Let's hope that the Maya prophecies turn out to be another Y2K hype.
Robert Paul ReyesAll I Want For Christmas Is A Shotgun! Record Gun Sales This Christmas! - The Maya prophecy that the world, as we know it, will end in 2012 may also have to do something with the record-breaking firearm sales.
John G. KaysMost Telling Statement of Justin DiPietro: Dec 16th 'Just a Normal Night!' - Justin said casually, Friday the 16th of December was: "Just a normal night." How could Justin say this, in the face of the fact that his precious daughter vanished into thin air that 'weirdest of nights?`
Robert Paul Reyes2012 Begins With Dead Birds, Will It End With Mayan Prophecy Fulfilled? - As the signs and omens pile up like the carcasses of thousands of dead birds, I won`t be the only blogger writing in an apocalyptic tone.
Robert Paul ReyesRobert Paul Reyes: My Top Ten New Year's Resolutions - To express my gratitude to those people who have been a blessing to me. I hereby thank Judyth Piazza, the CEO and Grand Poobah of TheSop.Org.
Robert Paul ReyesShe-Devil Hurls Pink Paint At Her Ex-Boyfriend's Car! - A judge ordered the psycho woman to stay away from her ex-boyfriend, and all weapons, including paint. The clueless judge should have thrown her in jail, instead of cracking jokes.
John G. KaysThe Five Most Riveting Cases in the News for 2011! - The backstory (amongst lots of other backstories) is that I knew Casey would get off, even before the trial began, since the prosecution didn`t have the groceries! I`m no Nostradamus, but HLN were tripping over their own two feet for two months straight.
Robert Paul ReyesSpanish Nativity Scene Portrays Mary And Joseph As Jobless - If the Nativity took place in an abandoned tenement building in New York City, Mary and Joseph would be arrested as vagrants and squatters.
Robert Paul ReyesMcDonald's Cheeseburger Looks The Same After One Year! Not Loving It! - After one year the McDonald's cheeseburger still smells slightly like a burger, in other words it still smells exactly as it did the day she bought it.
Robert Paul ReyesAsst. Principal Patrick Lott Arrested For Videotaping Young Boys In Shower - Child molesters will NEVER overcome their sick urges, predators like Lott and Sandusky should spend the rest of their lives behind bars.
John G. KaysWill Surveillance Footage of the Church`s Chicken Shooting Reveal the Killer? - A surveillance tape of the Church`s Chicken shooter chasing an unknown intended victim into the dining area of a popular fast food restaurant exists. The Chicago police have seen it, but the public hasn`t. Dantril Brown, 17, and Jawan Ross, 16, are both dead from random gunshots from this yet unidentified maniac.
John G. KaysThe Suggestion of Foul Play, Even Homicide Prevalent in Ayla Reynolds Disappearance! - Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey is now saying Ayla Reynolds was most likely abducted the evening of December 17th. For most of us this has been a given from day one. The police need to be cautious in their public promulgations, but I suspect this has been their prevailing position all along
Robert Paul ReyesCharming Florida Couple Celebrates 70 Years of Marriage - What a wonderful and sweet story, I wish the McQuaigs nothing but happiness.
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