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Donald Trump Considering Pardon for Boxer Jack Johnson

Is Donald Trump serious about granting a full pardon to this African American icon? Trump values celebrity above everything else, and if Stallone recommends pardon for Johnson, he may very well follow through.

John G. KaysSierra LaMar Case Solved! Safeway Worker Antolin Garcia-Torres Nabbed on a Bevy of Physical Evidence! - Antolin Garcia-Torres, 21, was arrested (on suspicion of the kidnapping and murder of teenager Sierra LaMar) at a Safeway where he worked in Morgan Hill, Ca. at around 6:00 PM Monday evening.
Robert Paul ReyesSweet Old Lady, 99, Gets Her Birthday Wish: Helicopter Ride - Life is short, and one day you may also end up in a rest home -- do a good deed for an elderly person.
Robert Paul Reyes'Topless Queen' T-Shirt Sparks Controversy In Merry Old England - Even The Sex Pistols couldn`t have come up with a better way to honor the Queen!
Robert Paul ReyesSurvey: Vacation Romance Is The Best - There's something awfully romantic about making love in a hotel room; it might improve your sex life if you pretend that your bedroom is a hotel room.
Robert Paul ReyesCrazy Sean Penn Goes On Tirade Against Celebs & Media For 'Haiti Fatigue' - The celeb (Sean Penn) who has taken up Haiti as his cause is disliked by most Americans; I`m liberal but I can`t stand the self-righteous blowhard.
John G. KaysWhy Did it Take a Full Week to Find Truck Crash Victim Michael Sanchez Jr.? - The circumstances when tracing the manner in which a truck crash victim (Michael Sanchez Jr.) was lost then found, near a San Jose freeway (Highway 101), is a labyrinthian mind boggler. Much of the problem is due to random happenstance, but some of it is due to grievous human error.
Robert Paul ReyesBeach Rocks Catch Fire In Woman's Shorts! Space Rocks? Alien Rocks? - You expect a day at the beach, to be well a day at the beach, but misery is like a shadow, it follows us everywhere.
John G. KaysWas Robbery the Motive of 'Fake Cop' in Mississippi Highway Homicide of Tom Schlender? - Some inconsistencies exist in reports of this supposed fake cop working the highways of northwest Mississippi, and shooting people seemingly at random. First of all, we know two people (Tom Schlender, 74, and Lori Carswell, 48) have been killed after having been shot multiple times with a 9-millimeter handgun.
Sean StubblefieldOne God Less: In Defense of Atheism - Rather than attack or critique religion, I want this article to be a defense and promotion of atheism, and atheists.
Robert Paul ReyesJudge Orders Violent Criminal To Be Released On Bail & To Write A Book Report - If Mobley has been accused of selling firecrackers or a sling shot, it would have made sense to release him on bail, but homeboy was trying to sell a grenade launcher to an undercover federal officer.
John G. KaysWhat Was Estrella Carrera`s Secret Motive for Taking 'Sacred Wedding Vows?' - I came very close to rejecting this subject this morning. When I heard that Estrella Carrera, 26, had been found in her Burbank, Illinois apartment bathtub dead, and still wearing her wedding dress, a silver sequin cocktail outfit, I rolled over in my bed and gasped out-loud with a mournful sigh of despair.
Sean StubblefieldAsimov's Luck: Talented Authors Who Go Unnoticed - Isaac Asimov attributed his fame and notoriety to luck, as much as talent. What about all the talented authors who are not so lucky?
Robert Paul ReyesTragedy: Chicago Bride Found Stabbed To Death In Bathtub In Wedding Gown - Carrera was likely a victim of domestic violence -- how sad. We fear the stranger lurking outside, unfortunately it`s the one we sleep with who sometimes turns against us.
Sean StubblefieldWorld Without Wonder Woman - Why, in this era of feminist revolution, is there still no wonder Woman movie or TV series? This question is not so much about a movie or TV show "and its non-existence, but what that represents or indicates.
John G. KaysIn April Kauffman`s Murder, Why Were there Early Reports of an Imminent Arrest? - Why were there reports on Friday the 11th (the day after the shooting) of an imminent arrest in the multiple gunshot murder of popular radio host April Kauffman, 47? April`s funeral was yesterday, the 14th, and yet we arn`t hearing of any action, in the way of an arrest, on the part of the Atlantic County prosecutor.
Robert Paul ReyesVirgin, 70, 'Sexational Pam' Finally Ready To Do The Nasty - Call me cynical but my guess is that a dancer who bill herself as "The Sexational Pam" and wears revealing clothes on stage, has been around the block more than a gazillion times.
John G. KaysWhat Caused FBI Agent Stephen Ivens` Despondency and His Subsequent Flight? - FBI agent Stephen Ivens, 35, takes off from his Burbank home on Friday, apparently distraught about some undetermined issue (at this point). The FBI and the Los Angeles County Sheriff`s Department are engaged in a massive manhunt (the largest in 20 years) for this disconcerted FBI agent Stephen Ivens, who is possibly suicidal (and is carrying his handgun with him).
Robert Paul ReyesJanitor, 52, Graduating From Columbia University! Bravo! - It`s never too late to go to college, I wish Gac and his family nothing but the best.
John G. KaysIs There a Social/Class Angle to Horse Groomer Adan Fabian Perez`s Death? - I was quite surprised when I`ll Have Another pulled out in front at this year`s Kentucky Derby. An equal source of surprise was learning of the death of Adan Fabian Perez, 48, on Monday afternoon.
SOP newswireRepublicans Brought Joblessness to America through NAFTA - The North American Free Trade Agreement Opened The Doors To Destroy American Jobs: These Are The Facts: Ronald Reagan's Vision Realized! The Republican Trick Masters!
Robert Paul ReyesTanorexic Doll Based On Tanning Mom The Most Frightening Toy In The World - May Almighty God save us from the likes of Tanning Mom!
Robert Paul ReyesOhio Prisoners Form 'Real Men Crochet' Group - I never thought a bunch of cons would provide fodder for a heartwarming story.
John G. KaysBobbi Booth Provides Us With a Chilling Portrait of FBI Fugitive Adam Mayes! - No one had any clue this would happen? Some had dark thoughts about Adam Mayes, but let it slide. News: Adam Mayes on FBI Ten Most Wanted List. If caught, capture # 466. Other news: Anderson Cooper`s interview with Bobbi Booth, Teresa`s Mayes` sister. Adam threatened to kill Teresa, if she didn`t participate in the abduction/murder.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Changes Name To Google-Friendly Tyrannosaurus Rex - I would counsel new parents to give their babies Google-friendly names like "Lady Caca" or "Monster Face", a unique name is a gift that keeps on giving.
John G. KaysAs Adam Mayes Is On the Lam, his Plot of Kidnapping and Murder Begins to Focus! - An unraveling of the conspiracy comes in tiny fragments only, where Teresa begins to spill the beans to her sister, Bobbi Booth, who is the one who alerted the police that her own sister was in on it. This is why the FBI knew where to dig for the bodies, which is in the backyard of mother Mary`s Guntown, Miss home.
Sean StubblefieldDearth of Book Sales: Are Sci-fi Books a Lost Art or a Lost Cause? - Independent authors of original science fiction books are not reaching their audience.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Anti-Austerity Parties Sweep Historic French and Greek Election Positions - Poor European economic plans cause a wave of Anti-Austerity Parties to win Historic French and Greek Election positions...
SOP newswireForced Child-Killing, Chen Guangcheng, and Obama`s Disgrace before God - Despite the open violation of basic women rights by the dictatorial Chinese regime, President Obama`s avoidance of the issue makes him disgrace himself before God and Man.
John G. KaysWhat Led Adam Mayes Down the Path of Kidnapping and Murder? - Too many disconnects, loose-ends that make little sense. Why have some neighbors said Adam Mayes seemed like a nice, helpful guy? What was Adam Mayes` real relationship with Jo Ann Bain and her three daughters, Adrienne, Alexandria, and Kyliyah? And, more importantly, why wasn`t Gary Bain awakened on the night of April 27th, when the kidnapping supposedly took place?
Robert Paul ReyesSurvey Says: Ladies Fantasize About Making Out On Eiffel Tower - OK, let`s get real now, the damn structure is a giant phallic symbol, and for women size does matter.
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