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British Supermarket Chain B&M Seeks 'Chicken Nugget Connoisseur'

B&M, one of Britains largest variety store chains, announced on its website that it is seeking a chicken nugget connoisseur to taste-taste the chicken nuggets for its new line of store-brand frozen and fresh foods.

John G. KaysFive Members of the Kerber Family Die in a Tragic Accident Involving their Freightliner Semi! How and Why? - How fast was he going? Did Adam Kerber have any experience driving one of these semis? How many people had on their seatbelts? How could a provisional driver`s license be adequate in Minnesota law to operate this vehicle, which is very difficult to drive?
John G. KaysWhy do 'The Speed Freak Killers' Have So Many Similarities with Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole? - Heretofore I`ve been too afraid to take a closer look at 'The Speed Freak Killers.` The remains of two of their victims (Kimberly Billy and JoAnn Hobson) have been positively identified through dental records and DNA. My fear of studying this case stems from two sources, which I`ll divulge to you at this very moment.
Robert Paul ReyesInsanity: Woman Hides Drugs In Her Dentures! - DeMarco removed the pills from her dentures, and swallowed them in front of the cops. That foolish act earned her a charge of tampering with evidence.
Robert Paul ReyesRace Hustler Al Sharpton And Strip Club Exploit Killing Of Trayvon Martin! - The owners of the strip club have come to their senses, and called off the event, let`s hope Sharpton comes to his senses and shuts the hell up.
John G. KaysFor the Trayvon Martin Case, the Orlando Sentinel is Getting the Scoop! - Whether it`s true or not, is a different story; that is, Trayvon had attacked Zimmerman that rainy night, punched him, and got him down on the ground, and began to slam his head against the concrete pavement. It was only after this attack that George shot the young man.
SOP newswireBrad Pitt: One of Today`s Strongest and Most Versatile Film Actors - In image, performance, popularity, and versatility, Brad Pitt has truly become the lead classic of contemporary Hollywood.
John G. KaysWas Shaima Alawadi Targeted Since She was an Iraqi Muslim Who Wore a Hijab? - Shaima Alawadi, 32, (and her family) is one of these immigrants who just recently came to El Cajon from Detroit, which has the largest Iraqi community in the U.S.. In order to understand this case better, one has to step back in time to the Gulf War.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.FED Printing Cash for Prosperity - A "must read" fun little story of how the FED works, and how it functions with Government policies today...
Robert Paul ReyesHoodies As Symbol Of Solidarity With Trayvon Martin's Family - Trayvon was wearing a hoodie, probably as protection against the rain, when he was gunned down by wannabe cop George Zimmerman.
John G. KaysIs Vermont School Teacher Melissa Jenkins` Killer an Acquaintance or a Total Stranger? - Do the Vermont State Police have a suspect in mind already in the abduction and murder of beloved science teacher Melissa Jenkins? The small town of St. Johnsbury, Vt. (with less than 8,000 residents) is not use to this sort of thing happening in their quaint community.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman, 100, Serves As Reading Tutor! Bless Senior Citizens! - If a 100-year-old lady can serve as a reading tutor, we should be able to do something to make this a better world.
John G. KaysWas Mohamed Merah a Lone Wolf, or Did He Have Jihadist Confederates? - Was Merah a lone wolf or part of a jihadist network, such as al-Quaida? Was he encouraged to carry out these acts by by his brother, Abdelkader Merah? And why did he video-tape his killings, puts it to jihadist music, then sends it to Al-Jazeera?
Robert Paul ReyesHundreds of Dirty Hippies Wait for Doomsday (Dec. 21) In French Village - I want to wait for Doomsday at home with my faithful pooch and my loving cat, drinking a beer and watching the chaos unfold.
Syed Talal Hassan BukhariOur Angels and Our Society - Do you want to buy a warm boiled egg? I kept staring at him, he was trying to convince me it`s very cheap and weather is cold, maybe you need it.
John G. KaysStill Lots of Questions in the Robbery and Shooting at J. T. Tire in Durham, N.C.? - Some facts in a robbery and shooting of at least four people at an East Durham used tire store (J. T. Tire at 2202 E. Geer St.) are clearing up, but other aspects of the troublesome incident yet remain without proper clarification.
Robert Paul ReyesUnspeakable Outrage: Dick Cheney Gets A New Heart! - Giving Cheney a new heart makes as much sense as transplanting an extra stomach in Oprah Winfrey.
Robert Paul ReyesPublic Housing Project Drama: Lady, 81, Terrorizes Her 71-Year-Old Neighbor - She is a violent woman with a rap sheet, who flunked anger management, and who should be spending her golden years behind bars.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Calls 911 To Make His Wife Go To Bed, He Wanted To Fool Around Online In Peace - A married woman may go on Facebook to play Farmville and Mob Wars, but dudes go on social media sites to try to hook up with a woman of easy virtue.
John G. KaysTennessee Death Row Inmate Christa Gail Pikes Fascinates Us Terribly! Why? - What we are learning about Christa Gail Pike breaking out of jail is sending chills down my spine.
John G. KaysAre the Remains Those of Missing Colorado City Teenager, Hailey Dunn? - I often see Hailey Dunn missing persons` flyers on poles on 5th street (between Lamar and Congress) when returning to work from lunch, which is usually at the Flagship Whole Foods (6th and Lamar). Seeing these flyers are a reminder of a nearly classic case, one uniquely Texan, that has some hair-raising ingredients, that in my mind, could only happen in Texas.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Student Suspended For Dyeing Her Hair Pink! ACLU To The Rescue! - The reversal came only after the ACLU intervened on behalf of Brianna -- God bless the ACLU!
Robert Paul ReyesMary Hardison, 101, Sets Guinness World Record For Oldest Paraglider - If Mike Tyson manages to win a boxing match we yours truly strapped to his back, the former heavyweight champ is the one who deserves all of the praise.
John G. KaysIs Social Media a Factor in the Disappearance of Cheerleader Sierra LaMar? - Sierra LaMar went missing just last Friday, March 16th. I had to look up Morgan City, California on the internet. This is Northern California, rural, a population of 37, 882. Some common occupations for this area are: farmers, ranchers, and orchardists, according to Wikipedia.
SOP newswireKirk Cameron's Faith Gets Him in Trouble? - Religion and Politics! Probably the two hottest, most sensationalized and most polarizing issues since the beginning of time.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Drove With Son On Roof! Mitt Romney Drove With Pooch On Roof! What The Heck? - The child complained that he wasn't able to see the cars, the step-dad could have told the kid to stop whining or he could have parked his vehicle and put the kid on his shoulders.
Robert Paul ReyesEarthquake Strikes Mexico: Malia Obama On Spring Break In Mexico Is Safe! - Obama claims that there is no vital news interest about Malia taking a spring break to Mexico. Hello! Whenever the White House fritters away our money, it s a vital news interest.
John G. KaysAre Those Closest to Robert Bales Best Able To Judge His Character? - Who is Robert Bales? Or better yet, who was Robert Bales at one time, and how did his identity change after four deployments in the theater of war? Did Bales completely snap on March 11th, when he allegedly kills 16 Afghan civilians in the province of Pajhwok?
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Driver Fights Traffic Ticket Using Morning Sickness As An Excuse - Justice is blind and shouldn't be able to notice the difference between a pregnant woman and a dude with a beer belly.
John G. KaysNautical Photos of Fariba Amani Only Deepen the Mystery of her Disappearance! - The mystery of Fariba Amani`s disappearance on the cruise ship Bahamas Celebration, on February 29th, only deepens with what I recently learned. At least two photos of Fariba, in an obvious nautical setting, were widely disseminated by several news services.
Robert Paul ReyesKid Steals Skateboard, Mom Makes Him Hold Up 'I'm A Thief" Sign - The young man took his punishment in stride declaring "It's my 15 minutes of shame.
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