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Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders Better Not Run for President in 2020

Of the nine candidates officially running in the Democratic presidential primary, only one is a heterosexual white man.

Robert Paul ReyesSecret Service To Interview Ted Nugent About Obama Comments! Satire, I Think! - Agents: Yes sir! It was an honor to meet you! Love "Cat Scratch Fever." Now where them bimbos be at?
John G. KaysWas Verna McClain Insane when she Shot Kala Marie Golden and Kidnapped Keegan? - Pow pow pow pow pow pow pow! Seven shots. Tia Collins sees it clearly. Capital murder in Texas. Verna McClain shoots Kala Marie Golden to death while in the commission of another felony, the kidnapping of Golden`s 3-day-old baby boy, Keegan Schuchardt.
Robert Paul ReyesMitt Romney Abused His Dog, Obama Ate Dog As A Child! Race Has Gone To Dogs! - Obama should be held accountable for eating dog meat as a child, and not condemning the practice as an adult when he wrote his autobiography.
John G. KaysInvestigation Discovery Probe: Is Shannan Gilbert Connected to the Long Island Case? - Suffolk County believes Shannan died from an accidental drowning after getting stuck in the thicket of brambles and mucky marshlands, that border the exclusive gated community of Oak Beach, where eye-witness Gus Colleti had encountered a highly rattled Shannan Gilbert (6:01 AM May 1, 2010).
Robert Paul ReyesCops Go Medieval On Kindergartner! They Handcuff Her For Throwing Tantrum - The pint-sized transgressor was taken down to the station and booked on charges of simple assault and damage to property. Hopefully the cops went old school on her and gave her a good beating before her mom came to pick her up.
Robert Paul ReyesAnn Romney Crazy Or Evil? Claims Seamus Enjoyed Riding On Top Of Mitt's Car - If I tied Ann Romney to the roof of my Jeep Cherokee and went for a ride in the country, she would crap all over herself, regardless if she ate a ham sandwich or not before the trip.
Robert Paul ReyesIslamic Fighters Free Hundreds Of Their Comrades From Prison In Pakistan - This incident underscores the fact that we should never breathe a sigh of relief when Pakistani forces capture al Qaeda militants or Taliban fighters. Pakistan is too weak and too corrupt to prevent militant victories of this kind.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: The Ramos,The Most Aggravating Alarm Clock In The World - Once it goes off, to stop it you must get out of bed, go into the kitchen or bathroom, and punch the day's date into a telephone-style keypad.
Robert Paul ReyesBarack Obama: Great Role Model For Black Children - Do I still think Obama is a great role model for kids? Yes
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Middle School Student Suspended For Hugging His Teacher - The teacher should have simply had a talk with the young boy, and explained why his action was inappropriate. That's what teacher do: They teach!
John G. KaysTh LAPD Shooting of Unarmed Teenager Abdul Arian is Filled with Ironies! - The circumstances of a LA police shooting of a 19-year-old Abdul Arian on the Ventura Freeway (101) are most peculiar. As Abdul runs from his Crown Victoria (which use to be a police car), he intermittently poses or takes a stance, such as he`s going to shoot a firearm.
Sean StubblefieldMembers Only: Living on the edge - Our civilization only tolerates those who want to belong. But what about those individuals who don't want to be part of that civilization? Or cannot?
Robert Paul ReyesStudy: Drinking Greatly Improves Problem Solving Skills! I'll Drink To That! - The next time I need to make an important decision I`m going to get drunk like a skunk.
John G. KaysWith George Zimmerman Arrested, Will Justice Finally Be Served, Or Is It Too Late? - Several emotionally charged news conferences wax the tumultuous events of the past 45 days as a snapshot in time; a pivotal point in a roller coaster ride of injustice where Zimmerman`s chance freedom has ultimately been reversed.
Robert Paul ReyesMoron Gets 3 Days In Jail For Wearing Saggy Pants To Court! You Go Judge! - LaMarcus will pay a much more serious penalty if he shows his butt in jail, he will be walking bowlegged for weeks.
John G. KaysCharles Manson Parole Hearing Today Conjures Unwanted Family Reverie! - A parole hearing, possibly the final one, will be conducted for Charles Manson this morning at the state prison in Corcoran, California, where Charlie is incarcerated. Manson is not expected to show, but who knows, maybe he`ll surprise us all!
John G. KaysMotive Unknown in a Brooklyn Park, Minn. Day Care Triple Homicide! - For a mother dropping her toddler off at a Brooklyn Park, Minn. day care, it was just another day. But Monday morning (very early, just before 6:30 AM) she spots a suspicious man outside DeLois Brown`s business, and calls the police and calls Delois to alert her of the danger.
Robert Paul ReyesWe Are Zombies! - We peck away at our keyboards in our cubicle world, afraid to rebel against the system because we are afraid to lose our meaningless jobs.
John G. KaysThe Documentary Rush To Judgment is Not Merely a 'Puff of Smoke!' - I was fortunate enough to find a pristine, complete print of Emile de Antonio and Mark Lane`s Rush To Judgment on YouTube yesterday. A fever came over me, as I remembered how the most important criminal investigation (of the 20th century) was virtually turned upside down in a mere 122 minutes.
John G. KaysNYC Construction Crane Long Boom Snaps Only Two Days Before an Inspection! - I recall these accidents, broadcast on the news, that put the fear of God in pedestrians as they navigated the crowded streets of the Big Apple, where they had to gaze upwards when walking, not looking to the pavement as they raced to their chosen destinations.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Outrage, The Easter Bunny Is Arrested - So what if Medema stole a few DVD's, it's an obsolete format anyway.
John G. KaysDid Sierra LaMar Meet Her Abductor By Way of Social Media? - Three clusters of evidence. Sierra LaMar`s Samsung cellphone tossed in a field, a Juicy-brand handbag with a fresh change of clothing inside, and most curious of all, the find of a random box, apparently containing handcuffs once, along with two used condoms.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Nightclub Offers Discount To Food Stamps Recipients - Instead of getting a discount anyone who flashes a food stamp card should get a free can of pinto beans and a kick in the butt.
John G. KaysFive Members of the Kerber Family Die in a Tragic Accident Involving their Freightliner Semi! How and Why? - How fast was he going? Did Adam Kerber have any experience driving one of these semis? How many people had on their seatbelts? How could a provisional driver`s license be adequate in Minnesota law to operate this vehicle, which is very difficult to drive?
John G. KaysWhy do 'The Speed Freak Killers' Have So Many Similarities with Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole? - Heretofore I`ve been too afraid to take a closer look at 'The Speed Freak Killers.` The remains of two of their victims (Kimberly Billy and JoAnn Hobson) have been positively identified through dental records and DNA. My fear of studying this case stems from two sources, which I`ll divulge to you at this very moment.
Robert Paul ReyesInsanity: Woman Hides Drugs In Her Dentures! - DeMarco removed the pills from her dentures, and swallowed them in front of the cops. That foolish act earned her a charge of tampering with evidence.
Robert Paul ReyesRace Hustler Al Sharpton And Strip Club Exploit Killing Of Trayvon Martin! - The owners of the strip club have come to their senses, and called off the event, let`s hope Sharpton comes to his senses and shuts the hell up.
John G. KaysFor the Trayvon Martin Case, the Orlando Sentinel is Getting the Scoop! - Whether it`s true or not, is a different story; that is, Trayvon had attacked Zimmerman that rainy night, punched him, and got him down on the ground, and began to slam his head against the concrete pavement. It was only after this attack that George shot the young man.
SOP newswireBrad Pitt: One of Today`s Strongest and Most Versatile Film Actors - In image, performance, popularity, and versatility, Brad Pitt has truly become the lead classic of contemporary Hollywood.
John G. KaysWas Shaima Alawadi Targeted Since She was an Iraqi Muslim Who Wore a Hijab? - Shaima Alawadi, 32, (and her family) is one of these immigrants who just recently came to El Cajon from Detroit, which has the largest Iraqi community in the U.S.. In order to understand this case better, one has to step back in time to the Gulf War.
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