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Donald Trump is Like a Divorced Dad Who Lets the Kids Watch Pornhub Videos and Smoke Weed

We come from a broken family, we are a little unsettled. Sometimes you spend the weekend with divorced dad. That feels like fun but then you get sick. That is what America is going through. We are living with divorced dad.

Robert Paul ReyesVirgin, 70, 'Sexational Pam' Finally Ready To Do The Nasty - Call me cynical but my guess is that a dancer who bill herself as "The Sexational Pam" and wears revealing clothes on stage, has been around the block more than a gazillion times.
John G. KaysWhat Caused FBI Agent Stephen Ivens` Despondency and His Subsequent Flight? - FBI agent Stephen Ivens, 35, takes off from his Burbank home on Friday, apparently distraught about some undetermined issue (at this point). The FBI and the Los Angeles County Sheriff`s Department are engaged in a massive manhunt (the largest in 20 years) for this disconcerted FBI agent Stephen Ivens, who is possibly suicidal (and is carrying his handgun with him).
Robert Paul ReyesJanitor, 52, Graduating From Columbia University! Bravo! - It`s never too late to go to college, I wish Gac and his family nothing but the best.
John G. KaysIs There a Social/Class Angle to Horse Groomer Adan Fabian Perez`s Death? - I was quite surprised when I`ll Have Another pulled out in front at this year`s Kentucky Derby. An equal source of surprise was learning of the death of Adan Fabian Perez, 48, on Monday afternoon.
SOP newswireRepublicans Brought Joblessness to America through NAFTA - The North American Free Trade Agreement Opened The Doors To Destroy American Jobs: These Are The Facts: Ronald Reagan's Vision Realized! The Republican Trick Masters!
Robert Paul ReyesTanorexic Doll Based On Tanning Mom The Most Frightening Toy In The World - May Almighty God save us from the likes of Tanning Mom!
Robert Paul ReyesOhio Prisoners Form 'Real Men Crochet' Group - I never thought a bunch of cons would provide fodder for a heartwarming story.
John G. KaysBobbi Booth Provides Us With a Chilling Portrait of FBI Fugitive Adam Mayes! - No one had any clue this would happen? Some had dark thoughts about Adam Mayes, but let it slide. News: Adam Mayes on FBI Ten Most Wanted List. If caught, capture # 466. Other news: Anderson Cooper`s interview with Bobbi Booth, Teresa`s Mayes` sister. Adam threatened to kill Teresa, if she didn`t participate in the abduction/murder.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Changes Name To Google-Friendly Tyrannosaurus Rex - I would counsel new parents to give their babies Google-friendly names like "Lady Caca" or "Monster Face", a unique name is a gift that keeps on giving.
John G. KaysAs Adam Mayes Is On the Lam, his Plot of Kidnapping and Murder Begins to Focus! - An unraveling of the conspiracy comes in tiny fragments only, where Teresa begins to spill the beans to her sister, Bobbi Booth, who is the one who alerted the police that her own sister was in on it. This is why the FBI knew where to dig for the bodies, which is in the backyard of mother Mary`s Guntown, Miss home.
Sean StubblefieldDearth of Book Sales: Are Sci-fi Books a Lost Art or a Lost Cause? - Independent authors of original science fiction books are not reaching their audience.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Anti-Austerity Parties Sweep Historic French and Greek Election Positions - Poor European economic plans cause a wave of Anti-Austerity Parties to win Historic French and Greek Election positions...
SOP newswireForced Child-Killing, Chen Guangcheng, and Obama`s Disgrace before God - Despite the open violation of basic women rights by the dictatorial Chinese regime, President Obama`s avoidance of the issue makes him disgrace himself before God and Man.
John G. KaysWhat Led Adam Mayes Down the Path of Kidnapping and Murder? - Too many disconnects, loose-ends that make little sense. Why have some neighbors said Adam Mayes seemed like a nice, helpful guy? What was Adam Mayes` real relationship with Jo Ann Bain and her three daughters, Adrienne, Alexandria, and Kyliyah? And, more importantly, why wasn`t Gary Bain awakened on the night of April 27th, when the kidnapping supposedly took place?
Robert Paul ReyesSurvey Says: Ladies Fantasize About Making Out On Eiffel Tower - OK, let`s get real now, the damn structure is a giant phallic symbol, and for women size does matter.
John G. KaysWhy Are We Seeing Similarities Between Heather Hodges` Case and Kelli Bordeaux`s? - I didn`t hear about Heather Hodges` case until late on Friday, which is a little odd itself, but I`ve pretty much made up for it and digested everything available on the internet about Heather`s mysterious disappearance, since I was so late to hear about it. I can`t quite understand why her case has been so low profile in the news.
John G. KaysDoes Patricia Krentcil (The Bronze Mom) Have a Chronic Addiction to Tanning Salons? - For the Patricia Krentcil tanning booth scandal/debacle, I chose Brian Eno`s Small Craft on a Milk Sea for fodder to urge on a slumberous muse. The ambient music is science fiction-esque and suggests the sensation one might feel (or how I care to imagine it) when burning under the ultraviolet hot lamps of, say City Tropics Salon in Nutley, New Jersey.
Robert Paul ReyesYoung Scholar Spots Mistake In Museum Map - A 13-year-old boy shouldn`t be in a stuffy museum learning about the Byzantine Empire, he should be in the streets getting a real education.
Robert Paul ReyesShock Poll: 15 Percent Of People Worldwide Believe End Of The World Is Nigh - Global Public Affairs, which conducted the poll, is a respected organization, but I believe that the percentage of people who believe the world will end soon is much higher.
John G. KaysThe Isabel Celis Case and The Scream Painting Have a Lot in Common! - In other news, I saw where Edvard Munch`s The Scream fetched $120 Million and I immediately connected real news to Isabel Celis`s baffling case. That is, I realized that her case makes me want to scream.
SOP newswire2High Walls and a Secret Nuclear Arsenal: The Two Are Not Unconnected - In1948, the state of Israelwas imposed in the center of a thousand year old, Muslim Middle East by thethen newly established United Nations that was anxious to submit to politicalexpediency with no thought as to the future consequences.
John G. KaysWhy Is the Isabel Celis Investigation Drifting Down to Mexico? - The investigation of the highly unusual abduction of Isabel Celis is getting scattered, and maybe a little desperate. One setback by the Tucson Police is this misidentification of what was thought to be a pivotal piece of video footage from the pertinent date of early on April 21st.
John G. KaysWho Was With Katie Wilkins at her Parents` Malibu Home the Day She Died? - The Brother, Steve Wilkins, who found her, noticed the house was locked, but the dog had gotten out. One other thing, which is very big. Katie`s car was missing. Katie has a 1998 silver BMW Z3, with a license plate number of 4AMN588. Someone took it.
Robert Paul ReyesSurvey: Moms Prefer Homemade Card Over Diamonds For Mother's Day! Yeah, Right! - Dude don't be an idiot, for Mother's Day give your wife a handmade card and a diamond necklace.
Robert Paul ReyesWill We Forgive Obama For Eating Dog For Main Course & Grasshoppers For Dessert? - A president who eats dogs is anathema.
John G. Kays'A Persistence of Memory' Two Gunmen in RFK Assassination - Recollection of Robert Kennedy`s Assassination on June 5, 1968 defy this persistent pattern, that our minds have constructed to protect us from too much more trauma or pain. It turns out, that in this case, the pain of forgetting is greater than a remembering of a 'consequential historical truth.`
Robert Paul ReyesDude Sold Fruit-Flavored Moonshine And 'Fresh Fish' - I wouldn't trust the freshness of fish of a dude who sells moonshine out of his truck. But I guess if you consumed his moonshine, you wouldn't notice if the fish had maggots coming out of his mouth.
Adil AkhzerHappy Kashmir, a Wrong Verdict! - Adil Akhzer takes a critical look at journalist and editor Manu Joseph's 'verdict' that Kashmir is happy.
Vincent GonzalezCulture Can't Always Lead the Way. . . - Just because our culture accepts something as morally right, are we as an individual suppose to think the same; are we to validate their argument without first examining the evidence for ourselves?
John G. KaysAn Iconic Last Pic of Kelli Bordeaux on her iphone 4s Reveals So Much More! - Kelli Bordeaux looks in a distant mirror and snaps an iconic pic on her iphone 4s. The time she took the snapshot must be shortly before she departed for the Froggy Bottoms bar (near the intersection of Ramsey Street and Andrews Road in Fayetteville, N.C.) on April 13, 2012 (Friday The Thirteenth).
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