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British Supermarket Chain B&M Seeks 'Chicken Nugget Connoisseur'

B&M, one of Britains largest variety store chains, announced on its website that it is seeking a chicken nugget connoisseur to taste-taste the chicken nuggets for its new line of store-brand frozen and fresh foods.

SOP newswire2Today`s Independent Public Opinion Surveys - Here`s a look at today`s independent public opinion surveys for more polling news and information in the areas of politics, business and lifestyle...
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Iranian Actress Marzieh Vafamehr To Be Lashed 90 Times With Whip - If John Travolta was sentenced to 90 lashes for his rotten acting in "Battleship Earth", nobody Democrat or Republican, Muslim or infidel dog would complain.
John G. Kays'It`s Just A Shot Away' - Hells Angel Steve Ruiz Eludes the Cops Again! - 30 members of a swat team, wearing gear fit for a Special Opts in Afghanistan, were trying to nab Hells Angels` fugitive, Steve Ruiz and his girlfriend, Christel Renee Ferguson (or Christel Renee Trujillo), who`ve been on the lam since October 15th.
John G. KaysMisunderstandings and Questions in the Case of a Missing 5-Year-Old Black Girl, Jhessye Shockley! - Why did the media initially release a description of her abductor and a getaway vehicle, then go silent on this important clue?
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Huge Hole Near North Lawn Of White House! What The Heck Is Going On? - Is it a tunnel to Kenya that will allow Obama to secretly visit his place of birth?
Robert Paul ReyesHarrisburg Cancels Christmas Parade! Other Cities Should Do The Same! - Will somebody please organize a parade celebrating the spirit of Scrooge?
SOP newswire2Bankers and Occupy Wall Street - The ugly language used by Occupy Wall Street activists and by liberals such as radio talk show host Thom Hartmann to describe bankers is disgraceful and dangerous.
Sophie AkinyiTrends In Social Networks - When you are new to social sites everything is overwhelming, however, soon you find out they are not as interesting as you originally thought. Does it have to do with you or your friends?
Robert Paul ReyesWhy Seek Answers From Family Or Friends When You Can Ask Google? - I'm shocked that 40 percent of Brits rely on fallible human beings instead of Google-- what a backwards country! No wonder so many English folks are living on the dole.
John G. KaysCan We Debunk the Myth of the Horned Helmeted Viking with the Discovery in Scotland? - My level of fascination with the recent discovery of an intact Viking boat burial site on the Ardnamurchan peninsula in Scotland couldn`t be any higher. The fact that the burial site is undisturbed let`s us know this is just as it occurred one gloomy day more than 1,000 years ago.
Robert Paul ReyesBarbie Gets A Makeover Complete With Tattoos! Should Parents Be Worried? - It's not Barbie's tattoos that are a problem, it's her anorexic figure.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)The News Business is Changing Too Fast for The Mainstream to Keep Pace - Djelloul Marbrook, a prize-winning poet and professional newspaper editor, says the term "mainstream media" has become tricky.
Robert Paul ReyesMom Knocked Unconscious, Her Hero Son, 3, Called 911! - If a mother is knocked unconscious the average two or three-year old will soil his Underoos and bawl like a baby. During an emergency most little kids are as useful as a bag of kitty litter.
Dr. Judy Kuriansky (Mentor/Columnist)Uncovering the Truth in Michael Jackson's Death - As people around the world follow the case against Michael Jackson`s personal physician, many are stunned and riveted.
John G. KaysWhat Happened to Hells Angel, Steve Ruiz After He Shot and Killed Steve Tausan? - We learn that Steve Ruiz is the suspect in Saturday`s shooting of Steve Tausan, a highly respected veteran member of the Hells Angels. Furthermore, we learn that Steve Ruiz disappears shortly after the 1 PM killing of Steve Tausan (which was during the funeral of another slain Angel, Jeffrey Jethro Pettigrew.)
Robert Paul ReyesWhite House In Crisis Mode: Obama's Beloved Teleprompter Stolen! - Obama can get by without having a legitimate American birth certificate, but he's completely lost without a teleprompter.
Robert Paul ReyesHerman Cain: The Pizza Man Is A Fraud And A Racist! - Cain has a bogus economic plan, a racist immigration policy, and no foreign policy platform. The pretender should stick to doing what he does best: Selling pizzas and books.
John G. KaysToo Much Wine - A BLACKOUT is a Match for Desperate Deborah Bradley! - After yesterday`s developments, we attempt to reconstruct precisely what occurred the evening of October 3rd. Timeline is eschew now. Last sees Baby Lisa at 6:40 PM. Neighbor leaves at 10:30 PM; lights in the house were off then. Blackout?
John G. KaysWhy Was a Hells Angel Leader, Steve Tausan Shot to Death at a Funeral? - Steve Tausan, 52, a Hells Angel`s Sergeant-At-Arms for the Santa Cruz chapter of the motorcycle club, was shot and killed on Saturday, while attending the funeral of Jeffrey "Jethro" Pettigrew.
Robert Paul ReyesCalendar Featuring Hot Mail Carriers! Good Idea? - A calendar of postal pin-ups is a good idea, but it ain`t gonna save the US Postal Service from going bankrupt.
Donna CavanaghIs Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan Good for America? - There is a lot of attention being paid to Herman Cain's radical tax reform plan, but when it comes down to it, is it just another way to drown America's middle class?
Robert Paul ReyesPrincipal Bans 'Risque' Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirts - The slogan "Feel the lumps, save your bumps" is as wholesome as apple pie, and it brings awareness to breast cancer.
Robert Paul ReyesShould Eating While Driving Be Banned? - Americans have been eating and driving ever since the heyday of the Model T. The typical mini-van has a hundred cup holders, because drivers and passengers enjoy stuffing their mouths when they are in a vehicle.
Robert Paul ReyesAnita Perry: Rick Perry Brutalized By Media Because Of His Faith! Such Hyprocrisy! - Anita Perry has a hell of a lot of nerve, it's Mitt Romney who has been attacked by members of his own party because of his faith.
Will RobertsPresident Obama is Not Responsible for Creating Jobs, He Is Too Busy Trying to Keep His Own Job! - I don't know if I think it's fair to blame jobs on the President or Washington. Let's look at it this way: If the Republicans were in office the Democrats would stop the progress.
Will NixonProcrastination: The Joy of Waiting - Procrastination takes many forms in a writer's life: house cleaning, reading, even writing itself.
Vincent GonzalezPlato & Hobbes: Two Ideas, One Goal - The theories of the Republic by Plato and Leviathan by Hobbes are both two standing arguments for political thought; each one representing a different idea spun by a common thread.
John G. KaysDo We Read Too Much Into Deborah Bradley`s Purchase of a Box of Wine? - Little news coming out yesterday. Oh, we do have the surveillance film (made public) of Deborah purchasing a box of wine (along with baby food and baby wipes) at the Festival Foods Store, which is about one mile away from her home.
Robert Paul ReyesMichelle Obama Secretly Visits Target And Petco! - Now that everybody, including terrorists and crackpots with a grudge against the Obama administration, knows that Michelle Obama has a penchant to visit Target incognito, she would be a fool to do it again.
Robert Paul ReyesIranian Plot To Kill Saudi Arabian Ambassador? I Have A Bridge To Sell You! - Our illegal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan are morally and financially bankrupting our once great democracy. The last thing we need is to go to war against a nation that may already have nuclear weapons.
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