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Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq

U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, conducting 34 strikes consisting of 56 engagements Nov. 13-16, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Robert Paul ReyesLady Gets Bent Out Of Shape: Starbucks Coffee Cup Had Profanity Written On It - I wouldn't care if my Starbucks coffee cup was riddled with obscenities as long as I didn't have to get a loan to afford it.
Robert Paul ReyesGrandma, 96, Blows Away Her Nephew With .357 Magnum! - This grandma has a beatific smile, and heavenly white hair, but don't let that fool you, her heart is made of stone.
John G. KaysKiller(s) Still at Large in Rural Franklin County, Indiana Slaying of Napier Family! - The cause of death of these five people was revealed by the Franklin County Coroner Wanda Lee at a Tuesday night news conference in Brookville, Ind. Four members of the Napier family died of gunshot wounds to the head.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Leisha Hailey Booted From Southwest Airlines Plane For Kissing Girlfriend - A flight attendant told Leisha that Southwest Airlines was a "family airline" and kissing wasn't allowed. Hogwash! I'm sure that flight attendant doesn't reprimand
John G. KaysRumors Running Rampant in Rural Indiana Where the Napiers Were Killed! - Reporters weren`t exaggerating when they characterized Franklin County, Indiana as rural. Laurel Township, where five people were found dead Sunday, has a population of 510, according to a 2010 census. This rural area is in southern Indiana, about 50 miles southeast of Indianapolis.
Robert Paul Reyes'Undie Run' In Salt Lake City A Smashing Success! There Are Liberals In Utah - I applaud the Undie Run participants for fighting against intolerance in a fun way; I hope the Undie Run will become an annual event.
John G. Kays'A Crime of Silencing by Elimination' - Fractals of Muddlement in the Susan Powell Mystery! - Attempts to unravel this mystery come only with considerable difficulty. But here's a good supposition for you, did Steve believe that Susan was about to go to the cops with some of this grizzly graft?
Robert Paul ReyesGroup Of 6th Graders Find Hiker Who Had Been Missing For 2 Days - When the hapless hiker woke up it was dark, his cell phone was dead, and he quickly became lost when he tried to find his car.
Robert Paul ReyesHerman Cain Wins Florida Straw Poll! Devastating Defeat For Rick Perry And Michele Bachmann - It could be argued that a non-binding straw poll is meaningless, but the results of this poll are devastating for Texas Governor Rick Perry.
Robert Paul ReyesFirst Amendment Hero Larry Flynt Offers Cool Million For Dirt On Rick Perry - James Carville famously said: Drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you will find. If there are any skeletons in Perry's closet
Robert Paul ReyesParaplegic Hunter Shoots Himself With Crossbow: Pinned To Foor Of ATM - To quote Clint Eastwood as "Dirty Harry", "a man's got to know his limitations." It's sheer insanity for a paraplegic to go hunting alone on an all-terrain vehicle, that's difficult for an able-bodied person to control.
Robert Paul ReyesInsanity: Man Breaks Into Home With His Girflriend To Do His Laundry! - Police in Florida said a man arrested on a burglary charge allegedly broke into a home so he could do his laundry.
John G. KaysRebecca Bryan`s 911 Call is Raising Some Questions that Reek of DUBIOUSNESS! - Rebecca Bryan`s 911 call to the Mustang Police will be thoroughly scrutinized. With 3 listenings notched, I didn`t notice a great deal of panic in her voice, as the 25 or 26-year-old home intruder and killer (wearing a hooded sweatshirt) ambles westwardly down Owen Drive, in a small dark colored pick-up truck.
John G. KaysLawrence Brewer Executed in Huntsville for 1998 Dragging Death of James Byrd, Jr.! - Lawrence Russell Brewer was executed Wednesday evening at the Walls Unit in Huntsville, Texas. Brewer is one of 3 men responsible for the notorious dragging death of James Byrd Jr. on June 7, 1998, 13 years ago.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Woman Horrified When TSA Goons Patted Down Her Gigantic Afro - I love Brantley's natural hairdo, but the price of letting her hair grow that that long is extra scrutiny at the airport.
John G. KaysMore Pieces of a Gruesome Jigsaw Puzzle Come Together in the Long Island Serial Killer Case! - The Long Island serial killer(s) case is excruciatingly fragmented. Clues come along looking like tiny pieces of a gigantic (gruesome) jigsaw puzzle.
Dr. Judy Kuriansky (Mentor/Columnist)More Drama For Casey Anthony: George and Cindy's Marriage Meltdown - Dr. Judy Kuriansky, gives her psychological observations about George and Cindy Anthony's marriage being in trouble now more than ever before.
John G. KaysA Widely-Loved Michelle Le Described As A 'Ray of Sunshine!' - A sizable collection of Michelle Le images have been published in articles that have covered Michelle`s case. In nearly all of them, Ms. Le projects a radiant smile that reenforces Elizabeth Valente`s description of the aspiring nursing student as a ray of sunshine.
Dr. Judy Kuriansky (Mentor/Columnist)Shrinking Casey Anthony - The latest news about Casey Anthony`s psychological state is that the young woman accused, but acquitted, of the death of her little daughter Caylee, is about to see a female psychiatrist.
John G. KaysHow Did Paul Ray Castillo Manage to Squeeze Past a San Jose Police Dragnet? - How and when did Paul Ray Castillo escape from the apartment complex dragnet conducted by the San Jose police? It must have been earlier on in the sequence of shocking felonies. Why did Castillo hold up a man pumping gas at a Willow Glen Chevron station Friday morning?
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: 'Jersey Shore' Gets Tax Rebate From New Jersey - A reality show featuring Satan, his mentally-deranged son Dr. Phil, and his promiscuous daughter Lindsay Lohan would be infinitely more edifying than "Jersey Shore."
John G. KaysAccounts of a Falling Eucalyptus Tree Accident in Costa Mesa are conflicting! - Yesterday at 2 PM (at 17th Street and Irvine Avenue in Costa Mesa) a woman in a metallic blue 2002 Hyundai Accent GS waits for a stop light to turn green. Unexpectedly, a 50 foot eucalyptus tree, next to her on the medium, comes tumbling down.
Robert Paul ReyesGoogle Earth Street View Naked Lady Is A Squatter - A Google spokesperson said, "Sometimes we capture odd or unpleasant moments." No kidding, I have been psychologically scarred for life.
Robert Paul ReyesDid Sarah Palin Snort Coke, Cheat On Hubby, And Sleep With Glen Rice? - Most reasonably intelligent people are aware of Palin's scam: She periodically hints that she's running for president to keep her brand name alive.
Robert Paul ReyesDid Sarah Palin Sleep With Basketball Player Glen Rice In 1987? - There's nothing wrong with a single white woman sleeping with a single black, white or brown man; I'm all for people getting their freak on.
Robert Paul Reyes6.0 Earthquakes Hit Cuba, New Zealand And Japan - The recent East Coast earthquake shook me up to the reality that an earthquake can strike anywhere at any time.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: No Blacks Pictured In Time Magazine's 9/11 Commemorative - Hundreds of first responders on 9/11 were African Americans, and of the 343 firefighters killed on that fateful day a dozen were black.
John G. KaysWhy Search for Susan Powell`s Remains in Desert Area of Topaz Mountain? - The discovery of remains at Topaz Mountain by the West Valley City police doesn`t seem to be stirring up much excitement from friends and family of Susan Powell. An underlying skepticism lingers in their facial expressions, gestures, or comments. They`ve been down this road before. But why focus on this particular area?
John G. KaysA Rare Miracle in Logan, Utah, Where a Motorcycle Crashes with a BMW! - It`s hard to explain how Wright slides underneath the car, but that`s what happens. Moreover, the twisted cycle leaks fuel, then catches fire. A random videographer, Chris Garff, enters the picture right about at this frame, and shoots a few minutes of footage that capture what our corporeal world was created for.
Robert Paul ReyesGood News: Smoking Weed Won't Make You Gain Weight - I'm not surprised by the results of this study, most of the heavy pot smokers I know are rail-thin
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