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The Chuck and Nancy Oval Office Emasculation of Donald Trump Rendered Mike Pence Mute

Trump invited cameras to his Oval Office meeting with Chuck and Nancy, the narcissist thought the photo-op of him berating the Democratic Congressional leaders over their refusal to allocate funds for his wall would play well with his base.

John G. KaysNautical Photos of Fariba Amani Only Deepen the Mystery of her Disappearance! - The mystery of Fariba Amani`s disappearance on the cruise ship Bahamas Celebration, on February 29th, only deepens with what I recently learned. At least two photos of Fariba, in an obvious nautical setting, were widely disseminated by several news services.
Robert Paul ReyesKid Steals Skateboard, Mom Makes Him Hold Up 'I'm A Thief" Sign - The young man took his punishment in stride declaring "It's my 15 minutes of shame.
Robert Paul ReyesLA Little League Rejects Donation From A Strip Club! Do You Agree? - I hope than one or more citizens of Los Angeles will step up to the plate and make up for the donation that was turned down.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: American Flag Featuring Image Of Obama Taken Down! Should Have Been Set On Fire! - This isn't a rant against Obama, I would have been just as boiling mad if an American flag bearing the likeness of Ronald Reagan was flying outside the Lake County Republican headquarters.
Robert Paul ReyesBeauty, 22, Accused Of Assaulting Her Live-In Boyfriend, 74 - Chaffin is currently locked up in county jail, no doubt the correctional officers and inmates are praying that the hotter than hot bad girl won't be able to come up with money for bail.
John G. KaysWill Whitey Bulger`s Memoirs Finally Set the Record Straight on the Winter Hill Gang? - Whitey Bulger 101 review this morning. Let`s see, did the Feds have this purported Whitey Bulger memoir document ("My Life in the Irish Mafia Wars") since 1995? Feds kept the lid on it.
John G. KaysPhilip Ward Confesses To Decapitating Veronica Bowen on a NYC Apartment Rooftop! - Philip Ward`s cold case, recently resurrected, got my attention for several reasons. Why wern`t we provided with a photo of the victim, Veronica Bowen, 21, who was the mother of two children with Philip Ward?
Vincent GonzalezRight or Wrong: Who are we to say? - To us, living in reality, knowledge, and our idea of good are neither personal nor make believe. They are rooted in the belief that things happen for a reason and out of necessity.
Robert Paul ReyesFlash Mob Rocks Out To LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem' - The unofficial party rock anthem of America will unite disparate groups: You'll find stoners, students, professionals and all types of folks shufflin' to the beat of this terrific song.
John G. KaysStephanie Lazarus: Taxonomy of a Murderess who was a LAPD Police Officer Also! - It`s over with now! Stephanie Lazarus was convicted of the first-degree murder of Sherri Rasmussen (her homicide occurred on February 24, 1986) last Thursday (March 8th) in a Los Angeles courtroom. Stephanie`s sentencing with be on May 4th. Simple enough, but just one problem,
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Nicole Landkas Wins Florida Pole Dancing Championship - Congratulations to Nicole Landkas, she's a beautiful and talented performer.
Robert Paul ReyesPat Robertson Hears From A Higher Power: Legalize Pot! - I don`t think Robertson will be inviting Cypress Hill to sing "Insane in the Membrane" in his church, but he is moving in the right direction.
John G. KaysFariba Amani Looks Happy in her Cruise Vacation Photos! Where`d She Go? - Okay, so I run the loops one more time and notice something very curious, with my highly polished, detective-like observation skills. Oh, I just recalled what Golshani`s sister had commented to the news about about how the couple seemed so very happy in their cruise pictures.
Dr. Judy Kuriansky (Mentor/Columnist)Anniversary Reactions: From 3/11 to 9/11 Re-Experiencing Trauma in Japan and America - As the first anniversary of the tragic earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan approaches, Tomoko Shibata is experiencing double trauma: her home country`s tragedy just one year ago and the memory of the attacks on the World Trade Towers when she was in New York 10 years ago.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Granny, 55, Wants To Be Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader! Heck No! - When fans see hot cheerleaders on the sidelines they fantasize about making love to them, not helping them to cross the street.
John G. KaysBackstory: Who were Anna Gristina`s Informants within Law Enforcement? - The news of a high-end prostitution ring getting busted, alleged soccer mom Anna Gristina, is interesting, but what is even more fascinating, is what lies beneath the surface of a five year vice sting by NYPD?
Robert Paul ReyesMilkmen A Dying Breed! Do They Get A Lot Of Action? - Skyrocketing gasoline prices, convenience stores and jealous husbands are to blame for the demise of the milkmen.
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin Reveals She Voted For Newt Gingrich! Nobody Cares! - Newt Gingrich, 68, grows more cranky and bitter by the day, not even the endorsements of the Pope and Angelina Jolie would help him at this point.
Robert Paul ReyesRon Paul 0 for 23! Time For The Media To Kick Paul To The Curb! - Rep. Ron Paul is now 0 for 23, he's failed to win a single primary or caucus.
John G. KaysSummer McStay`s Face is Blank! Are Facts in the McStay Case Truly Metaphorical? - We did just pass the two year mark of the McStay disappearance. We look back on the entire investigation, including the way the media has covered the case these past two years, in total disbelief. History has been made, we certainly sense it.
John G. KaysWas Gelareh Bagherzadeh More Deeply Involved with Iranian Dissidents in Paris? - Since the suspicious shooting on January 15th, theories have been formulated that attempt to capture who may have been involved and why these people (or groups) wanted to silence the voice of Gelareh Bagherzadeh. She`s from Iran, arriving in Houston in 2007.
John G. KaysThe Tomato Patch Murder Part III - Katie Crowder`s Harrowing Story! - I`m getting stuck in some thick Georgian mud here, but I think you see what I`m driving at. Contained within this hefty file folder, recently retrieved from my Public Storage unit, is a pristine, typed court transcript of Katie Crowder on the witness stand, when she was questioned by Billy`s defense attorney, Hal Peel.
Robert Paul ReyesDutch Mobile Euthanasia Units Make Housecalls! God Bless The Netherlands! - The doctors and nurses manning these units are angels, freeing patients from misery and pain.
John G. KaysDr Hsiu-Ying 'Lisa' Tseng Arrested for Murder in Prescription Drug Overdoses! - Dr. Hsiu-Ying 'Lisa` Tseng was arrested yesterday on murder charges for prescribing powerful prescription drugs where it wasn`t necessary.
Robert Paul ReyesConservative Activist & Blogger Andrew Breitbart Dead At 43 - Breitbart is best known for posting the infamous Twitter photos of U.S. Rep Anthony Weiner last year, in which he appeared barechested and in his drawers.
John G. KaysAndrea Sneiderman and Shayna Citron`s DEADLY HUG -Andrea`s Dark Side! - Andrea Sneiderman and Shayna Citron hugged one another, after Shayna had essentially framed-up Andrea as a liar. The public display of camaraderie is shallow and seething with irony in light of what Andrea told Shayna just outside a Decatur courtroom, on a bench.
John G. KaysDid Firefighter Jerry Perdomo`s Double Life Lead to His Own Demise? - For the past ten months Jerry Perdomo has been taking very long road trips from Orange City, Florida up to Bangor, Maine. But why in the world didn`t he just fly on a jet plane up there?
Robert Paul ReyesMadness In Sweden: Drunk Intruder Found Sleeping In Child's Bed - Man up America! Don't be a wimp like this Swedish father.
John G. KaysSteve Ruiz Apprehended At a Fresno Days Inn! Why Still in the Dark? - Most of all, we want to know what measures Ruiz took to evade and avoid capture for 3 and 1/2 months? Where was he all this time? Who helped him in hiding out from the long arm of law enforcement? He had to have help, didn`t he? Were there confederates from the Hells Angels` motorcycle gang contributing to his concealment?
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Calling for an "Education Race with Russia - I call for an "Education Race with Russia"... The hell with another arms race, lets have an "Education Race" that will benefit both our nations... Harvey Carroll, Jr.'s "Lecture on American Capitalism in Russia and the former Soviet States behind the Iron Curtain, written while visiting a former Communist/Socialist State of Ukraine, next door to Russia."
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