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Donald Trump's Bastardization of Capitalization

Screw you Trump! You are a Disgrace and a Joke, and I hope and Pray you are Impeached and Removed from office!

Dr. Judith Orloff (Mentor)7 Vows of Compassion for Political Leaders - These candidates need to become more than talk show hosts or master of ceremonies trying to woo us for votes.
John G. KaysWas the Olympia Museum Robbery a Contracted Professional Job or Was it Merely Amateurs? - Can the video tape of the two robbers ransacking precious artifacts dating back to the earliest of the Olympic Games help to identify them? Were they contracted by someone else to pull off the heist?
Harvey Carroll, Jr.United States Should Develop a Comprehensive Strategy for Energy... - The United States should develop a Comprehensive Strategy for the Arctic as the melting polar region offers vast Oil drilling of an estimated 30 billion barrels of Oil.
Robert Paul ReyesOMG! Two Daring Ladies Grab Obama's Behind When Posing With Him - There's a double standard, if I grabbed Sarah Palin's butt during a photo op, her body guards would be on me like white on rice. That's not fair I would love to pick Sarah Palin's brain, by touching her booty.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.United States Covert and Military Involvements in Iran from 1952 to Present - The U.S. and Great Britain's MI6 was accused of orchestrating a coup that overthrew Iran`s democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh.
John G. KaysIs It Possible a Serial Predator Spotted Katelyn Markham at the Sacred Heart Festival? - John Carter is obviously a nice guy, loved (or loves) Katelyn a great deal, and doesn`t have anything to do with her disappearance.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.President Obama's Responsible Budget Slams Social Security Lock-Box on McConnell and Boehner's fingers - The Obama Budget reflects a continued commitment, his Re-Distribution of Wealth, which shuts the Social Security Lock-Box on the squandering scoundrels of Washington,
John G. KaysGeorge Huguely`s Metamorphosis of Demeanor Is Our Key To Understanding! - I`ve never heard of someone dying from having their brain twisted? I do see the end result though, from a photo I developed of pall bearers carrying Yeardley Love`s casket with flower garlands on the wooden top. Evidence of suffocation? Well, one thing is certain.
Robert Paul ReyesInsanity: Dude Gives Girlfriend His Kidney For Valentine's Day - Next Valentine's Day Trisha will still be walking around with Terry's kidney, but will he still be in her heart?
John G. KaysWas Samantha Koenig Too Isolated at the Common Grounds Coffee Shack? - Something new! The abductor fidgeted with the surveillance camera when he took Samantha Koenig from the Common Grounds coffee shack. He did not show his face to the camera.
Dr. Judy Kuriansky (Mentor/Columnist)Whitney Recaptures Stardom With Pre-Grammy Death - Self-abusive, self-destructive and suicidal risk, Whitney Houston picked the perfect time to die.
John G. KaysWhat Was On Hemy Neuman`s Mind on November 18, 2010? What Was Andrea Sneiderman Thinking? - We know the facts. What`s in question, however, is what was on Hemy Neuman`s mind? What`s he thinking now? What was on Andrea Sneiderman`s mind on November 18, 2010?
SOP newswire2Patriot Reflections on Lincoln's Birthday - It doesn't take a learned person to see the difference between Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama.
Robert Paul ReyesIsrael Should Destroy Iran's Nuclear Facilities With Tactical Nuclear Bombs - The survival of Israel, our only reliable ally in the region, is at stake, and our friend must take whatever steps are necessary to make sure there isn't another holocaust.
Robert Paul ReyesIncredible Images: Cloud Tsunami Rolling Over Florida Skyscrapers - JR Hott's photos of the cloud tsunami rolling over Florida's high-rise condos will blow your freaking mind. After seeing these images you might reach for a cigarette or a pen to write down your impressions.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Deadly Attacks in Somalia Prove Failed Policies From All Involved - U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) (The premier United States Military presence in the region asked the following question)
John G. KaysAs Yeardley Love`s Case Comes to Trial, Painful Memories Come Flooding Back! - I re-focus on the stirring Yeardley Love case from less than two years prior (May 2, 2010). Memories flood back as I read news coverage, view photo galleries, and review black and white footage of Yeardley`s apartment. Love`s funeral photos are especially touching.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Judge Orders Domestic Violence Defendant To Take Wife Bowling - This is the type of "slap on the wrist" punishment that women receive when they assault men. Domestic violence should always be taken seriously, regardless if the offender is a male or female.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Basic 'Bill of Rights' and 'Freedoms' Still Lacking in Russia and other Iron Curtin Countries - Tens of thousands go to the Streets in Moscow over basic Freedoms that Americans take for granted...
John G. KaysJennifer Trayers Gets Second Degree Murder, But Will Spend Many Years Behind Bars! - Jennifer Trayers was convicted of second degree murder late yesterday afternoon in a San Diego courtroom. Reporters noticed a great deal of shock and disappointment in her expressions when the verdict was read out loud. I suspect, Jennifer thought she would get off with the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.My Reply to AFRICOM, the Defense/Military Arm of America Operating in and Around Africa - My Comprehensive Planning Tools and African Partnership Plans cannot solve all the issues; however, I think the following can answer the questions that you ask me
Robert Paul ReyesHappy Couple Mark Their 80th Wedding Anniversary! Congrats! - I hope the Flemings and all two of their friends who are still alive enjoyed the party. I'm sure they partied like it was the last day of their lives.
John G. KaysWho Took Samantha Koenig from the Common Grounds Coffee Stand? - It`s been one week now since barista Samantha Koenig was abducted from the Common Grounds coffee shack (Anchorage, Alaska). Surveillance cameras, from several different angles, clearly captured her abduction, when in progress. It happened just before 8 PM last Wednesday, February 1st.
Robert Paul ReyesCNN's Roland Martin's Homophobic Tweet! Is He In The Closet? - Minister Martin should embrace his gayness, and make amends by dedicating the rest of his life to combating homophobia in the black church.
John G. KaysDid the Scorching Conflagration of Josh Powell Possess an Inevitability? - As dark as it gets. While still in disbelief, we commit to memory every painful detail of what we know Josh Powell did Sunday afternoon, shortly before the Super Bowl would begin. Mount Carmel revisited? And why did so many already know it would happen?
Robert Paul ReyesHero Cops Use Taser On Moron Blocking McDonald's Drive-Through - I'm surprised there aren't more instances of drive-through rage. Folks are so impatient, they expect that as soon as they place their orders, Ronald McDonald will sprint to their car with their order.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Requesting 10 Billion Dollar Energy Loan to Buy CITGO from Venezuelan People - I need a 10 Billion Dollar Energy Loan to do a Joint-Venture to buy the Venezuelan Oil Company from the Venezuelan People and get it out of the hands of Hugo Chavez and into more progressive and constructive hands..
Robert Paul ReyesIdentity of Dude Who Held Up McDonald's Wearing Obama Mask Remains Mystery - Gingrich looks like a bloated elephant. I bet he robbed the McDonald's, getting away with $1,000 and a thousand Big Macs.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Arab Spring Turns to Arab Winter: When Will Russia and China Support The Arab League? - Deplomacy a hybrid term that combines Defense and Diplomacy, and a bit of White Paint can aid in the transition from Dictatorship, Military to Civilian Control.
Harvey Carroll, Jr.Economic Powerhouse America Spreads Its Influence on Africa and other 3rd World Nations - Unfortunately, as America struggles to reduce its trade imbalance with these countries dumping vast amounts of goods into the American Consumer Markets
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