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Bruce Jenner (Caitlyn Jenner) Distancing Himself From Donald Trump

Freak of the Week: Bruce Jenner or Donald Trump?

John G. KaysThe Barbarous Slaughter of Five at Forum Roller World is Far from Explained! - Tan`s attitude about Trini`s apparent upward mobility in business is especially in need of elaboration. And his choice of a family roller rink reeks of a twisted mind. Tan surely lured Trini`s family to their death.
Robert Paul ReyesOhio Judge Rules Barking And Hissing Not Protected Speech - A judge has ruled that barking and hissing are not protected by the First Amendment.
Ron G AnselmRupert Murdoch Scandal: Does This Mean the End the Murdoch Empire and Fox News? - From the everyday bad job reports to the news about another executive in hot water, those dollar Bud Lights are sounding pretty good.
John G. KaysThe Half-Solved Missing Person`s Mystery of Cindy Sambueso - Less is explained than is left for guessing. Cindy Sambueso, 50, went missing last Tuesday, but was located on Saturday by the Fresno Police Department. Sambueso was traced from a financial transaction, apparently, with a bed and breakfast inn at an unknown location.
Robert Paul ReyesCops Warn: Improperly Installed A/C Window Units Invitation For Burglars - Milwaukee police are warning residents about a string of burglaries involving improperly installed window-mounted air conditioners.
Robert Paul ReyesStudy: Going Offline As Hard As Quitting Smoking Or Drinking - The majority of people feel upset and lonely when they are deprived of access to the internet, according to consumer research.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage! New York City Cop Issued Tickets To Dead People - The New York Police Department said investigators discovered an officer had written 36 fraudulent tickets, including some issued to dead people.
Robert Paul ReyesIs Michele Bachmann's Husband The Gayest Man In America? Yes! - Marcus Bachmann has such a dainty manner about him, if he walked into a china shop I would expect him to twirl around and dust the china.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Texan Teen Kills 'Chupacabra' - A Texas teen shot a weird-looking animal that he believes is the legendary Chupacabra.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Why Do We Tout Jamestown and Plymouth Over Tolerant New Amsterdam? - We celebrate the less-than-tolerant Pilgrims and their leader, John Winthrop, but we don't listen to him.
John G. KaysA Family Portrait of the Hadleys with a Gigantic Python is Unsettling! - A photo of the Hadley family puzzles me endlessly. It shows Blake Hadley, 54, Mary-Jo Hadley, 47, and Tyler Hadley, 17, smiling in a fairly traditional family portrait. The only problem, however, is that a huge python twines about the father and son as they pose a grin.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage! Man Gets Only 16 Years For Killing Wife And Microwaving His Dog - A Glendale man will serve 16 years to life in prison for killing his wife and microwaving his Pomeranian dog, a jury has decided.
John G. KaysSean Hoare's Mysterious Death - 'Unexplained,' 'Non-Suspicious,' or Perhaps Shady? - What`s the likelihood that Sean Hoare would die of natural causes (at the age of 47) just when the NoW scandal was blowing up and just when Sean was going public with more graft on how the hacking (at NoW) worked?
Robert Paul ReyesChurch Holds Mock Retrial of Tot Mom Casey Anthony: Hung Jury! - Is it so difficult to find a jury with commonsense, and a basic understanding of the law? If a judge picked 12 jurors from a drunk tank and held a mock trial, I bet Casey Anthony would be found guilty of murder.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Drops Off Dope In Goodwill Collection Box - A Lawrence, Kan., Goodwill donor dropped off some marijuana with other items, officials say.
Robert Paul ReyesMutant Albino Snake With Two Heads Dead-Ringer For Casey Anthony - A snake with two heads, each able to think and eat separately and even steal food from each other, has become a popular attraction at a Ukrainian zoo.
Robert Paul ReyesTaco Bell Employee Quits By Writing 'I Quit Expletive You' On Taco Bell Billboard - A former employee at the Taco Bell / KFC at Transit and Losson Roads in Depew chose to make a bold statement when he decided to leave his position at the restaurant.
SOP newswire2Punergathan Movement Shall Flood from 'Mandian and Kandian' - The Implementation Committee with the co-operation of district president Jammu rural S. Hari Singh and district president Samba Shri Shiv Charan Singh (retd. ZEO)
John G. KaysCircumstances Surrounding Jacque Waller`s Disappearance Are Most Suspicious! - The day after Jacque went missing, her blue Honda Pilot was found broken down on the shoulder of Interstate 55, right near the Fruitland exit. The front right tire was flat and neither her keys, her purse, nor her cell phone were left in the car.
Robert Paul ReyesCarmageddon As Scary As Pig-Tailed Girl Scout Sticking Her Tongue Out - Motorists largely heed the warnings about 'Carmageddon' and stay off the freeways and roads officials feared could be gridlocked.
John G. KaysCasey Anthony Walks Out of Jail - HLN Makes a Mountain Out of a Molehill! - Casey Anthony nonchalantly walked out of the Orange County jail at 12:10 AM EST. Jose Baez accompanied her. Much ado about nothing.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Woman Tries To Kill Casey Anthony Look-A-Like - An Oklahoma woman said a woman crashed into her truck, causing it to flip two and a half times, because she bears a resemblance to Casey Anthony.
Robert Paul ReyesTit For Tat: Female Passenger Gropes Female TSA Agent's Breast - Court records show 61-year-old Yukari Mihamae grabbed the left breast of the female agent Thursday at the Terminal 4 checkpoint.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Murdoch Lesson: A Misinformed Public is in Corporate America's Best Interests - Rupert Murdoch's sleazy media circus is hardly all that's wrong with American journalism. But the controversies now engulfing it offer a good opportunity to examine all that is wrong with it.
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin's Newsweek Cover Photo Is Sizzling Hot! God Bless America! - The Newsweek cover reads "I Can Win", and there's no doubt in my mind that the former governor of Alaska can win a hot body contest.
John G. Kays'Those were the Days' A Tall Texas Tale - T. Cullen Davis and Priscilla Davis! - Priscilla`s notion of a fine gown required a bare minimum of material, yet she thought nothing of spending $20,000 a month on clothes.
John G. Kays'Side-Stepping A Wiretap' - A Tale of the Telling of James 'Whitey' Bulger! - This is not the three parts of The Godfather; you know, the days in Sicily, when Vito Cascio Ferro (Don Vito) goes to New York (in 1901) and creates the American version of La Cosa Nostra.
Robert Paul ReyesFreak 'Magnet Boy" Claims His Body Attracts Metal Objects! - An 11-year-old Brazilian boy has doctors scratching their heads as they try to figure out whether the boy is truly able to attract metal objects with his body.
Robert Paul ReyesTot Mom Casey Anthony's Top Ten Employment Opportunities - Casey Anthony's only skills are murdering young children, lying, and partying. Tot Mom's job prospects aren't very bright, however here are some possibilities.
Robert Paul ReyesTim Pawlenty Says He Loves Lady Gaga! Is T-Paw Hinting He's Gay? - T-Paw putting his paws up for Lady Gaga, interesting, very interesting.
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