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Donald Trump Considering Pardon for Boxer Jack Johnson

Is Donald Trump serious about granting a full pardon to this African American icon? Trump values celebrity above everything else, and if Stallone recommends pardon for Johnson, he may very well follow through.

Robert Paul ReyesSilly Swedes Sell Scrumptious Sausages Under Name "Obama" - What food item would you name after Obama? "Twinkies" should be renamed "Obamies", the Leader of the Free World is a wimp without a backbone.
John G. KaysMichelle Parker`s Cherished iphone 4 Was Found in Lake Conway at 1924 Belle Isle? - Why are other media sources saying they don`t know where the police found Michelle Parker`s iphone 4, with a distinguishing plaid Hurley case, when the Orlando Sentinel is saying they clearly found Michelle`s beloved iphone at the bottom of a lake in Belle Isle?
Robert Paul ReyesHeadless Body Found In Vero Beach - The cops say they will treat this case as a homicide until they can rule out otherwise.
John G. KaysShannan Gilbert Is Now Famous! Levels of Mordancy Stacked Ever Higher and Higher! - evels of mordancy stacked higher on more levels of sardonicism, is all I possess this morning, when contemplating the latest developments in the Shannan Gilbert mystery, that has endured obstinately for the past 18 months.
Robert Paul ReyesGrandmas Shed Clothes To Pose For Calendar Fundraiser! - The Lake Helen women featured in the calendar, ages 44-87 don't exactly bare it all.
Robert Paul ReyesSnoBars: Alcoholic Popsicles the Devil's Treat? - I hope any fool who eats a SnoBar will get brain freeze.
Robert Paul ReyesHerman Cain: The Rise And Fall Of An Arrogant Scam Artist - We get the leaders that we deserve, and a nation in intellectual and moral decline deserves to have Gingrich in the White House.
John G. KaysIs GBI Correct in Saying Jorelys Rivera`s Murder Was a Well-Thought-Out Crime? - The River Ridge Apartments in Canton, Georgia look exactly like thousands of other apartment complexes all across the nation. An abandoned apartment, # 9102, which is adjacent to the Rivera family`s unit, is the crime scene where 7-year-old Jorelys Rivera was killed.
Inactive WriterSitting Atop a House of Cards; They All Fall Down - Consideration of the self-destruction of the Republican candidates
John G. KaysAccounts Still Unclear in a 'Triple Waterfall Calamity' (July 19th) at Vernal Fall! - To me, from looking at photos and news footage, the Vernal Fall looks perfectly terrifying, while exquisitely enchanting, simultaneously. And when viewing investigators taking photos from the guardrailing, gazing out on a sheer drop of 317 feet, I can`t even imagine a daring soul venturing out beyond the security of the safety rail.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: TSA Goons Detain Pregnant Teen Over Purse With Design Of Gun - I've been told that the FBI won't hire any applicants with an IQ below 120, what's the minimum requirement for a TSA Agent, room temperature?
Robert Paul ReyesTop Ten Reasons Why Vanessa Griffin Long Is Divorcing Bishop Eddie Long - *The bishop's obsession with Justin Bieber! When the bishop bought a Justin Bieber wig, that was the last straw!
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)One Word Describes American Society Today: Incest - The incestuous relationship between America's richest one percent and their political lackeys and lobbyists is sickening American society, and yet the press pretends that everything will be just hunky-dory when housing starts pick up.
John G. KaysWhat Actually Happens when John Hinckley Jr. Visits a Barnes and Noble? - As I read the many articles on these recent court proceedings, I needed to rewind the tape and review some of those dramatic events, dating from March 30, 1981. Memories flooded back in my head, as I recalled how I had recently moved to Houston.
Robert Paul ReyesWatch A Commercial Instead Of Paying ATM Fee! Good Idea? - I wonder what's next? Will commercials be played on video monitors over urinals? Corporations won't be satisfied until they can implant computer chips in our brains that will play commercials in our minds.
John G. Kays'A Cantankerous Path of Malicious Malfeasance' - Catch Him If You Can! - Images of desolate, brushy beaches with hundreds of roving, searching cops cascade `cross my I-Mac screen. Pix of the identified women flashing in a random slideshow time capsule, shatter my world for a thousandth time. I know them by now.
John G. KaysCould Paige Johnson Have Been the First Victim of A Cold-Blooded Serial Predator? - I hate to say it, but the way these five women completely vanish from the face of the earth, reminds me more of Ted Bundy. If you have the guts, you may want to read Ann Rule`s book, The Stranger Beside Me. I don`t myself, because Ted`s case still haunts me from when I first read about it in The Rolling Stone.
Robert Paul ReyesJustice For Michael Jackson! Conrad Murray Sentenced To 4 Years! - The millions of fans of Michael Jackson are breathing a sigh of relief, we can't bring back the King of Pop but a small measure of justice has been achieved.
John G. KaysRemoval of a Diamond-Studded Decal, Glow-Mobile Tanning, Best Clue Yet in Michelle Parker`s Disappearance! - Why did the Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney name Dale Smith as the primary suspect in Michelle Parker`s disappearance, so publicly (during Monday`s press conference)? This rarely occurs, unless the clues, pointing in the direction of guilt, are plentiful and obvious.
Donna CavanaghYes, We Are a Penn State Family - Hatred even in the name of social justice accomplishes nothing. Just thought I would give a personal perspective.
Robert Paul ReyesFrosty The Snowman Kicks Police Dog And Pummels Cop with Frosty Head - This creep committed the unpardonable sins of defiling the character of Frosty, scaring children, and abusing a dog.
Robert Paul ReyesToilet Paper Scam: Con Artists Prey On The Elderly - We should respect, value and protect the elderly, we're all going to be in their shoes one day.
Robert Paul ReyesNotorious 'Hamburglar' Turns Himself In To Police - This dude must have had a severe case of the munchies, to turn into the Hamburglar.
Robert Paul ReyesUFOs Turn Out To Be Transformer Fires - I'm not denying the possibility that extraterrestrial ships may be visiting our neck of the galaxy, but before we accept the fantastical we must first rule out the mundane.
John G. KaysIs There A Connection Between the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and David Grubbs Grotesque Murder? - A woman riding her bike down a path in Ashland, Oregon (Saturday, November 19th, around 4:30 PM, just at sunset) comes upon another man who has discovered another young man, apparently passed out, but this turns out not to be the case.
John G. KaysDaniel Morgan`s Axe Murder at the Golden Lion (1987) Opens Pandora`s Box! - On March 10, 1987 Daniel Morgan and Jonathan Rees, business partners with Southern Investigations, met for a beer at the Golden Lion pub in Sydenham, in a southeast district of London.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Hottie Russian Anchor Flips Warmonger Obama The Bird - Limanova claims she didn't realize she was on the air -- all I can say is "You Go Girl!"
Robert Paul ReyesHonest (Crazy?) Man Gets To Keep $700 He Turned Over To Cops - The average dude who finds a paper bag containing a stash of cash, without any identification, will imagine that he sees the words "From God to You" written on the bag.
Robert Paul ReyesKid, 4, To Cops: Daddy Shot Mommy With A Gun, Bang, Bang! Classic! - If wee Brody is allowed to testify in court "Daddy shot my Mommy, Bang, Bang", Jason will spend the rest of his life behind bars.
John G. KaysShould We De-Construct the Myths Surrounding the Origins of Thanksgiving? - After some cursory research on these misty (mystical) events (that supposedly are anchored in history) of Pilgrims at Plymouth Plantation, who gathered together with Native Americans in a harmonious harvest feast, I find myself questioning the integrity of this entire affair we call Thanksgiving.
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