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Robert Paul Reyes: What I'm Thankful for This Thanksgiving Day

TheSop.Org an online soapbox that allows me to spread my opinions with my community and with the world.

Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Clueless Parents Upset Over Teacher Who Writes Romance Novels - Some parents at a Pennsylvania school said they were upset to learn a high school English teacher has a second job writing erotic romance novels.
Robert Paul ReyesBreaking News: Obama Finally Releases Birth Certificate! Donald Trump A Hero! - The White House today distributed copies of Barack Obama's Hawaii birth certificate, saying the president had long ago settled any questions about where he was born.
John G. KaysWas Krista Dittmeyer`s Abandoned Nissan Sentra at a Ski Resort a 'STAGED SCENE?' - What are you thinking when you come upon an abandoned vehicle in an abandoned parking lot of a ski lodge? Oh, it`s Saturday, April 23rd, and it`s 6:30 AM. Oh, there`s a baby left alone in the back seat.
Robert Paul Reyes3rd Grader Gives Her Teacher Pot - Authorities in Florida said an 8-year-old girl who brought marijuana to school identified it to her teacher as the substance her mother 'puts in blunts'."
Robert Paul ReyesHottest Reporter Covering Royal Wedding? Victoria Arbiter Of CBS News - I'm enthralled by Victoria's British accent, if Rosie O'Donnell had a British accent I might be tempted to hit on her.
Robert Paul ReyesAmericans Are Justified In Believing Obama Is An African Muslim - In my opinion Obama is neither Muslim nor Christian; he is most likely an atheist (not a bad thing) who pretends to be a Christian out of political expediency.
Robert Paul ReyesDopey Mexican Girl Fasted For 16 Days In Bid For Invitation To Royal Wedding - A 19-year-old Mexican woman who fasted for 16 days in a bid for an invitation to the royal wedding of Prince William has finally been granted her wish.
Robert Paul ReyesRussians Bake 3-Ton Easter Cake Monstrosity - Bakers in St. Petersburg, Russia, celebrated Easter by serving a 3-ton cake known as a kulich during celebrations in the south of the city, organizers said.
John G. KaysA 'Queen of Hearts Cold Case Playing Card' Lends A Helping Hand in A 32-Year-Old Murder! - On that day (Good Friday) an unnamed 57-year-old suspect from Seattle was arrested, a result of a mysterious string of compounding events. It was a most unusual way that he was linked to this coldest of cases; a dealing of cards makes this break through arrest utterly unforgettable, fabulously intriguing!
Robert Paul ReyesHomophobic "Don't Say Gay" Education Bill May Become Law In Tennessee - A Tennessee state Senate committee approved a bill to ban teachers from discussing homosexuality with students who have not yet entered the ninth grade.
Robert Paul ReyesMonster Tornado Hits Lambert International Airport In St. Louis - The National Weather Service reports that the storm that ripped through the region late Friday was the worst it has seen in more than 40 years.
Robert Paul ReyesCharlie Sheen Is The Man! He Dismisses Sarah Palin As 'Lunatic From Alaska' - Thank you Charlie Sheen! "A lunatic from Alaska" is a perfect description of Sarah Palin. With one pithy sentence Sheen devastated Sarah Palin.
SOP newswire2Syria Deserves Sovereignty: Is There an Israeli Conspiracy? - The Gholan Heights of Syria continue to be under illegal occupation of Israel and now the Zionist State intends to disintegrate Syria.
Robert Paul ReyesWhat The Heck? Folks Are Snorting Bath Salts To Get High! - "Effective immediately, bath salts are now banned in Washington state.
John G. Kays'Holly Bobo Abduction Case' Wrought with Confusion, Contradictions and Evasiveness! - Don`t mean to beat a dead horse, but why are the authorities hiding from the public the 911 call made by Clint? And I want to know, what is the time difference between the actual abduction and the 911 call?
Robert Paul ReyesBeer Laced With Viagra Created For Royal Wedding - A British brewery said it has created the world's first beer laced with Viagra in honor of the upcoming royal wedding.
George Curry (Former Featured Editor)An Uncelebrated Warrior: Rev. Al Sampson - This is the first major civil rights organization of our culture that has given me an honorary opportunity with this particular gift.
Robert Paul ReyesCNN Poll: 51 Percent Of Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage - Support for same-sex marriage has received a boost, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research survey.
Robert Paul ReyesBobby Jindal Will Sign 'Birther Bill" Obama Quaking In His Boots! - Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal said he will sign a proposed bill requiring presidential candidates to present a birth certificate before having their name added to the state's ballot.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Corporate Media and Government Stooges Threatened By Social Networks - The social networking media threaten the mainstream media's gatekeeping role. Received ideas perpetuated by the press are crumbling as we watch
Robert Paul ReyesDonald Trump: I Won't Release Tax Returns Until Obama Releases Birth Certificate - Donald Trump says he'll disclose his finances if he runs for president, but may not release his income tax returns unless President Obama releases his birth certificate.
Robert Paul ReyesHippie Gov. Neil Abercrombie: I Saw The Baby Obama! Yeah, And I Saw Elvis! - It doesn't matter who saw the Baby Jesus, the Baby Obama, or Tinkerbell. What really matters is that nobody has seen Obama's birth certificate.
Robert Paul ReyesCharlie Sheen A Birther? He Questions Validity Of Obama's Birth Certificate! - Charlie Sheen doesn't always elicit cheers when he utters some nonsense about Tiger Blood or winning, but the crowd went wild when he challenged the notion that Obama was born in Hawaii.
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin And Donald Trump Are Right: Obama Must Release Birth Certificate! - Sarah Palin came to the defense of Donald Trump on Tuesday night in the wake of criticism coming from both sides targeting the potential presidential contender.
Robert Paul Reyes'Disabled' Lady Posts Belly Dancing Pics Online, Judge Cuts Her Alimony In Half - A New York City woman's alimony has gone belly-up after images that showed her belly dancing appeared online.
Robert Paul ReyesHong Kong Airline Cabin Crew Gets Kung Fu Training! Good Idea? - A Hong Kong airline is making all its cabin crew take kung fu lessons to help them to deal with drunk and unruly passengers.
Robert Paul Reyes6-Year-Old Brat Crashes Family Van - Police in Oregon said a 6-year-old boy who took his family's van to go buy some food was not injured when he crashed head-on into a pickup truck.
Vincent GonzalezThe Budget Deals Unfortunate Victim - The financial showdown that has beset Washington these past few weeks has ensnared an unfortunate victim, the grey wolf.
Robert Paul ReyesWrong Statue Of Liberty Graces New Stamp Issued By US Post Office - The post office had egg on its face after realizing that a stamp showing the Statue of Liberty in close up was not taken in New York's harbor, but Las Vegas.
Robert Paul ReyesJesse Jackson In Hiding After He's Sued For Sexual Harassment By Gay Man - A former employee of Jesse Jackson has filed a wrongful termination and discrimination case against him.
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