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For God's Sake Bill Clinton Embrace Your Black Son, Danney Williams

Danney Williams is tenaciously pursuing a relationship with the man he claims is his father.

SOP newswire3Obama Offers Condolences To People Of Japan Following Earthquake - President Obama wasted no time in offering his condolences and America's assistance to the people of Japan
Robert Paul ReyesBristol Palin Loves Her Homophobic Boyfriend - He supports homophobic websites, mocks people with Down's Syndrome and has ridiculed her mother's reality show - but Bristol Palin's new boyfriend has somehow won over her family.
Robert Paul ReyesHorrible Earthquake Hits Japan! Tsunami Reaches Hawaii! - Television images showed waves of more than 12 feet roaring inland. CNN reported that air and land transportation was severely disrupted.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Deficit Hawk Rep. Peter King Starts a Muslim-Baiting Witch Hunt - Rep. Peter King of New York, a deficit hawk, plans to spend a boodle of taxpayer money on a bogus inquiry into the radicalization of American Muslims.
Steve SelengutWall Street: Is the Party Almost Over! - Clearly, we are still in a rally. But the longer and the faster we surge upward, the more likely that the next correction will be painful --- and there absolutely will be another correction.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Brave NYC Woman Thwarts Flasher On Subway - A woman who refused to be a victim was honored Wednesday night. She stood up against a subway flasher, and made sure he was brought to justice.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Clueless Cops Grill Student Over T-Shirt - A Florida high school student was questioned by authorities for wearing a T-shirt they found threatening.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Drives 100 mph With Wife On Hood Of Minivan - A U.S. man high on methamphetamine drove with his wife on the hood of their minivan for more than 40 miles, hitting speeds of 100 mph, according to police.
Robert Paul ReyesGod Bless America And God Bless Russian Spy Anna Chapman! - Today patriotic American boys are likely to have a poster of Anna Chapman cradling her face in hands adorned in Communist-red nail polish.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Would Capitalism Work Better If We Screwed The Poor Even More? - Most of the big chain booksellers are kitsch barns decorated with books. If they ever had any sense of responsibility to empower the country's many small poetry presses they're not showing it now.
John G. KaysFull-Tilt-Boogie! Was Rusty Setting Up Hemy for a Fall, Professionally Speaking? - For me, I believe that Rusty becomes "proactive` in August, even having lunch with Hemy on August 12th. This is, I think (again), when things started to get tense and psychological games (warfare) were played full tilt boogie.
Robert Paul ReyesTearjerker: Little Girl Gives Coins To Cash-Strapped School - The principal of a Texas school said she was brought to tears when a second-grader brought a sack of coins to help the cash-strapped school district.
Vincent GonzalezEastern Cougar Declared Extinct - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Wednesday declared the eastern cougar to be extinct.
Robert Paul ReyesEvil Cop Brings Shame To Houston Police Department - The Houston Police Department said an officer was relieved of duty after allegedly throwing a tear gas canister during a barbecue cook-off.
Ron G AnselmBest and Worst Places to Find Jobs - With the Negative Spin of the Middle East Crisis comes a Little Positive News of the Best and Worst Places to Find Jobs
Robert Paul ReyesShame On America: Nine Boys Killed By NATO Helicopters In Afghanistan - Nine boys collecting firewood to heat their homes in the eastern Afghanistan mountains were killed by NATO helicopter gunners who mistook them for insurgents
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)The Two Faces of Arab Culture Revealed in The Current Unrest - The revolts sweeping North Africa and the Middle East are imbued with a kind of Bedouin spirit, an irreverence toward central authority and invisible government.
Robert Paul ReyesLady Unfriends Her Man From Facebook: Holy Hell Ensues - Authorities in Florida said a fight that landed a couple in jail began as an argument about their status as Facebook friends.
John G. KaysWhat Will Electronic Records Between Andrea Sneiderman and Hemy Neuman Reveal? - For reasons unknown to me, I returned this morning to the public statement by the brother Steve to the news media, right after the shooting. I know what it is now, I wanted to hear again for myself how much he thought his brother was loved.
Robert Paul ReyesBasketball Coach Amber Branson: Feminist Icon Or Self-Centered Loser? - Branson doesn't symbolize how far women have come, she represents the self-centered woman who puts her career ahead of everything and everyone else.
Vincent GonzalezSaudi Arabia: Are they Next and Will the King Go Bye Bye? - Political disarray that has engulfed the Middle East is predicted to push the price of oil to a record high in the coming weeks. Nations including Iran and Bahrain
Robert Paul ReyesDude Sues Strip Club, He Got Hit In The Face By A Flying Stripper's Shoe - An Indiana man's lawsuit for injuries he suffered when a stripper's shoe flew off during a performance and hit him in the teeth isn't far-fetched, lawyers say.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)The Media Neglect The Biggest Story of All: Bees Dying, Famine Looming - The worldwide collapse of honey bee colonies threatens famine and yet the press pays it scant attention, treating it as an exotic feature story.
Robert Paul ReyesIs It Sexist To Call Sarah Palin A Bimbo? - Somebody needs to declare that the empress isn't wearing any clothes, I'm willing to take the flack by stating the obvious: Palin is a bimbo.
Robert Paul ReyesOnly Fools Believe Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates... - The line from a movie that best describes the life philosophy of Americans is from 'Forrest Gump,' a U.S. survey indicates.
Robert Paul ReyesKilljoy Cops Shut Down Pizza Joint Selling Pizza And Joints - In Toronto last week, police shuttered a downtown pizza restaurant after they found more than $1 million of marijuana and other drugs on site.
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin To Give Speech In India! Palin Will Embarrass America! - Sarah Palin is going to India next month to speak at the 10th annual India Today Conclave.
John G. KaysWas Pricilla Ristick Really Abducted By A 'Nancy In A White Van?' - It makes a difference. Why does Pricilla look happy as she approaches the curb? Photography lies just as easily as people lie.
Robert Paul ReyesExcuses For Being Late To Work: Crazy Cat, Bad Karma, Killer Bees - A Chicago-based Web site said its survey found workers late for their jobs gave excuses including a car infested with bees and problems with karma.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Books Often Look Better Than They Are, Says Poet...So He Reads Them Backwards - I often read from back to front and bottom to top, says prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook. It's rooted in his childhood in a boarding school where he witnessed the cover-up of many abuses.
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