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Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders Better Not Run for President in 2020

Of the nine candidates officially running in the Democratic presidential primary, only one is a heterosexual white man.

Robert Paul ReyesDelightful Lady, 106, Loves Her Some Pizza And Having A Good Time - Margaret, you are my idol! I wish I could mail you a pizza with a dozen toppings.
John G. KaysDoes Karen Johnson Swift`s Case Tie In with Other Cases, Such as Holly Bobo? - Bill Warner`s brilliant theory is the perpetrator is a short haul trucker of some kind. He probably has some glaring priors, that would make it easier for the authorities to identify him by.
Robert Paul ReyesHerman Cain, For God's Sake Quit! - Cain is like that last slice of leftover pizza in the fridge, it's been picked up and put back in the fridge by every member of the family.
Inactive WriterCurmurring With Andy Rooney - A Tribute to Andy Rooney: Prickly. Witty. Cranky. Grumpy. These are a few of the words used to describe Andy.
John G. KaysProbing the Sources for the Controversial Death of William Bruce Pitzer - Pitzer killed himself! The JFK conspirators didn`t do it! But why am I left with such an uneasy feeling when reviewing what Dennis David said in his appearance on The Men Who Killed Kennedy?
John G. KaysWhen Exactly Did Karen Johnson Swift Return Home with Her Daughter on Oct. 30th? - In an effort to decipher news reports on missing Tennessee mother of four, Karen Johnson Swift, the first item that strikes me most...
Inactive WriterRemembering Joseph Carlini - Remembrance Day - I didn`t know Joseph Carlini. Terri, my wife, told me about his death on September 29.
John G. KaysWhat Did Jack Anderson Uncover in a Final Interview with Johnny Roselli? - One scene from the special is a simulation of crime boss Johnny Roselli`s ghastly death. On August 9th, 1976 a 55-gallon steel fuel drum was spotted floating in Dumfounding Bay, near Miami. Johnny`s body had been stuffed in this drum and dropped in the Gulf of Mexico.
Robert Paul ReyesHerman Cain Scandal: Race, Gender Politics And Hypocrisy - If one of the victims makes a public appearance, and it turns out that she is white, Cain's presidential campaign will be over.
John G. KaysThe Yoga Shop Murder Besmacks Social Disenfranchisement as a Subconscious Motive! - With all of yesterday`s extensive news coverage on the finale of a trial that has especially impacted the Washington DC area, (after all is said and done), there still isn`t any mention of what Brittany Norwood`s real motive was.
Tom SkiThe Road to a Better Life and a Successful Future! - Innovative and unique are adjectives that can not be in play for many. In fact, as time goes forward, innovative and unique are hardly used at all anymore.
Dr. Judy Kuriansky (Mentor/Columnist)Ruth Madoff's Suicide Attempt and Lessons for Life - Ruth Madoff's admission of the double suicide attempt she and her husband made raises some interesting issues about death wishes thousands of people sadly have.
Robert Paul ReyesNightmare Halloween At White House: Barack And Michelle Obama Hand Out Dried Fruit - I'm sure the kids were searched for bombs and guns, but were they searched for eggs? Those little brats must have been furious that they got dried fruit for Halloween.
Will RobertsOccupy Las Vegas Protest: Will Roberts Plan You Can Bank On! - Well, it's not bad enough that 99% of this country feels left out and broke.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Dude Borrows Car, And Sells It On Craigslist! - Lessons to be learned from this incident: Never let anyone borrow your car! Even if a nun wants to borrow your ride, tell her to hitchhike. Never buy anything from Craiglist!
Robert Paul ReyesGym Teacher Fakes Bomb Threat, Didnt' Feel Like Going To Work That Day! - Jennifer Gomes told the police she left a note saying there was a bomb in the school, because she didn't want to go to work that day.
John G. KaysA College Instructor, Amy Ahearn Goes Missing August 22nd - Derailing Factors Come in to Play? - Amy Ahearn was last seen on September 9th when visiting some law offices in Norwalk, Ca. August 22nd is the day she went missing, since she was a no show for her teaching position at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo. That`s better than a month and half since Amy was last seen.
Will NixonAre Zombies the Guilty Conscience of Post-9/11 America? - Ten years after 9/11 zombies are more popular than ever. Do they threaten to remind us of all we've done wrong in Afghanistan and Iraq?
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: US Dismantles Colossal Super Duper B-53 Nuclear Bomb - I'm not sleeping any easier because this cold war relic has been destroyed, the US and Russia have a gazillion nuclear bombs and we can destroy our little blue planet a hundred times over.
John G. KaysThere is No Simple Rebuttal for 'THE THIN MAN IN WHITE' Toting Baby Lisa! - A dumpster fire on Oct 4th at 2:30 AM near the Irwin`s? A thin man in white sighted three times, twice holding a baby? Once emerging from the woods ambling down the road? A cadaver dog hits on the scent of death near the point where Baby Lisa was sleeping?
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)The Internet is The Real Story Behind Occupy Wall Street, and It's Endangered - Police across the nation are moving against the First Amendment, proving themselves the servants of a so-called free press that isn't free at all.
Will NixonAre Zombies the Cure for Overpopulation? - We know why people are obsessed vampires: s(e)x and the fear thereof. But what is it about zombies? Here's my theory for the day.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Northern Lights (Aurora) Greatest Show In The Universe - I'm glad that I was able to pull myself from the foolishness on the boob tube, and witness the majesty of the Northern Lights.
SOP newswire2Today`s Independent Public Opinion Surveys - Here`s a look at today`s independent public opinion surveys for more polling news and information in the areas of politics, business and lifestyle...
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Iranian Actress Marzieh Vafamehr To Be Lashed 90 Times With Whip - If John Travolta was sentenced to 90 lashes for his rotten acting in "Battleship Earth", nobody Democrat or Republican, Muslim or infidel dog would complain.
John G. Kays'It`s Just A Shot Away' - Hells Angel Steve Ruiz Eludes the Cops Again! - 30 members of a swat team, wearing gear fit for a Special Opts in Afghanistan, were trying to nab Hells Angels` fugitive, Steve Ruiz and his girlfriend, Christel Renee Ferguson (or Christel Renee Trujillo), who`ve been on the lam since October 15th.
John G. KaysMisunderstandings and Questions in the Case of a Missing 5-Year-Old Black Girl, Jhessye Shockley! - Why did the media initially release a description of her abductor and a getaway vehicle, then go silent on this important clue?
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Huge Hole Near North Lawn Of White House! What The Heck Is Going On? - Is it a tunnel to Kenya that will allow Obama to secretly visit his place of birth?
Robert Paul ReyesHarrisburg Cancels Christmas Parade! Other Cities Should Do The Same! - Will somebody please organize a parade celebrating the spirit of Scrooge?
SOP newswire2Bankers and Occupy Wall Street - The ugly language used by Occupy Wall Street activists and by liberals such as radio talk show host Thom Hartmann to describe bankers is disgraceful and dangerous.
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