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Catrina McGhaw Renting a Haunted House of Serial Killer Maury Travis, Transcends Paranormal!

The moving parts of a horror/paranormal story, just zapping the Yahoo news stream is: Catrina McGhaw unknowingly rents a house once occupied (and used as killing charnel pad) by a serial killer, Maury Travis, was thrice rejected by yours truly.

Devinder SharmaOneness the Door to Enlightenment - Principle of Oneness states that all life is connected and sentience flows from one source and cognizance of this Oneness is highest humans, followed by animals and then plant life.
Robert Paul ReyesYeti Terrorizes Bikini-Clad Teen - TERRIFIED teen claims a YETI spied on her as she took a dip in her bikini in a remote stream.
Devinder SharmaBefore you Attempt Chakra Meditation - The true awakening and rise of kundalini from the base chakra to the final one are always individual experiences and different
Devinder SharmaHow Chakras Affects You - In what follows is a simple explanation of blocked chakras and some exercises to unblock them.
Henry Ocansey Ghosts Are An Illusion - Ghosts are real images which people have seen, however, they are not the souls of people who have died as many people are led to think.
Robert Paul ReyesUFOs As Real As Easter Bunny Or Tooth Fairy - A cluster of UFO sightings over Britain in 1996 may have had more to do with public fascination with TV shows like the 'X Files' than extraterrestrial activity
Mark Frederic JenningsMan's Worst Enemy: A Supernatural Encounter - This report may remind you of my book because like so many of the incidents covered therein, this too occurred more than just a few years ago.
Devinder SharmaDivining and Solving Real Life Problems - There is a belief that planetary positions, past thoughts, feelings, sentiments and actions, one`s past and interactions with other people etc.
Todd RohrerDemotic Induced Neurosis - Written language education has silenced the complex right brain and made everyone extreme left brain inadvertently.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Sean Hannity Investigates UFOs - Sean Hannity's TV show is a magnet for birthers, tea baggers, pro-life zealots, Palin fanatics, goons who disrupt town meetings, evangelical nuts, and assorted riff -raff.
Rouben AlikianThe Horrors of Beirut Parking - Oh, see, see what thou hast done, Beirut! In a bad quarrel, slain a virtuous son!
Mark Frederic JenningsWhat Deja Vu Is - I guess it`s supposed to be some big mystery or something, but when something happens to you as often as Deja Vu has happened to me, after a while, you figure it out.
SOP newswire2The Truth and Myth about Ghosts - Haunted places and ghosts have long been the subject of innumerable books, movies, stories, and documentaries.
Robert Paul ReyesPress Secretary Robert Gibbs Talks About UFOs - A C-SPAN caller asks Gibbs about UFOs.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Mayhem on Marine Street - St Augustine Florida is America`s oldest city and some say the most haunted as well. Furthermore, the most haunted of streets may very well be Marine Street.
Robert Paul ReyesJust What We Need: Another UFO Club - Mae told a small group at a library about her experiences with alien abductions, mysterious men in dark suits and her ability to foresee events, such as a neighbor's house fire.
Robert Paul ReyesStoned Wallabies, Not UFOs, Responsible For Crop Circles - Australian wallabies are eating opium poppies and creating crop circles as they hop around "as high as a kite."
Robert Paul ReyesBlack Ring: UFO, Sign From God Or Smoke From Volcano? - A Virginia family believes the black ring they saw in the sky during a trip to an amusement park was a sign from God.
Robert Paul ReyesMilitary Planes Frequently Mistaken For UFOs - Spy and stealth planes - some with bizarre, bat-shaped wings, others with triangular silhouettes that imply otherworldly designs - have long generated UFO sightings
Robert Paul ReyesAre UFOs Invading Vail Valley, Colorado? - Recently there have been reports of Unidentified Flying Objects around the Vail Valley area, including five in Eagle County.
Robert Paul ReyesStarchild Skull: Human Or Alien? - The Starchild skull is a very unusual humanoid skull which has been found around 1930 by a girl in a long-abandoned mine tunnel in Mexico.
Robert Paul ReyesCampers Scared Silly By UFOs - CAMPERS who spent a night in Pendle were baffled after spotting what they have described as four UFOs flying over Nelson.
Robert Paul ReyesIs Blue Banana Shaped UFO A Threat To Humankind? - Lady sees a blue banana-shaped UFO with dangling human-like arms and legs.
Robert Paul ReyesDid Google Ocean Discover Atlantis? - Has the fabled lost city of Atlantis been discovered by Google Ocean?
Robert Paul ReyesIs New Jersey Being Invaded by UFOs or Sky Lanterns? - "Once again, mysterious red lights in the sky have residents in north-central New Jersey scratching their heads."
Robert Paul ReyesDude With Two Cameras Unable To Snap Pic Of UFOs - Dude saw two UFOs in one night, but he claims he was unable to take a pic because both of his cameras malfunctioned.
Robert Paul Reyes2 British Cops: One Sees Flying Saucer, Pal Spots Beast Of Essex - Keystone Cops In The UK? British finest report sightings of flying saucers and Beast of Essex.
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Hovers Over Houses Of Parliament - "A multicoloured spacecraft seen floating opposite the Houses of Parliament was among the hundreds of UFOs reported in 2008, it has been disclosed."
Robert Paul ReyesBritish Politician: I Will Share Any Info About UFOs - David Cameron: I will bring an end to era of government secrecy over UFOs
Robert Paul ReyesPub Patrons In The UK See UFOs - "A group of drinkers who claim to have spotted UFOs as they came out of their local pub were also plunged into darkness.
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