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Catrina McGhaw Renting a Haunted House of Serial Killer Maury Travis, Transcends Paranormal!

The moving parts of a horror/paranormal story, just zapping the Yahoo news stream is: Catrina McGhaw unknowingly rents a house once occupied (and used as killing charnel pad) by a serial killer, Maury Travis, was thrice rejected by yours truly.

Robert Paul ReyesDid Extraterrestrials Attend Barack Obama's Inauguration? - The high-speed object appears to streak behind the Washington Monument and then disappear into the clouds.
Robert Paul ReyesDid A Flying Saucer Destroy A Wind Turbine? - "Green energy company Ecotricity is investigating what mangled a wind turbine in England over the weekend, a spokeswoman for the company said.
Robert Paul ReyesNew Jersey Family Terrified By UFO Sighting - "Between 8:30 and 9 p.m., the Hurley family in Whippany captured images of a bizarre object in the sky and contacted WCBSTV.com.
John LillpopCastration Plot Leaves Delaware Man Holding the Bag - This yahoo decided to liven up his dreary life by contracting with a thug to bring about the castration of his ex-son-in-law.
Robert Paul ReyesSwamp Gas Or UFO: Watch Video Make Up Your Own Mind - Most sightings of UFO`s are reported by hillbillies after they`ve had too much moonshine. Upon investigation there`s usually a
Robert Paul ReyesDid Japanese Climbers Discover Proof of Yeti? - "Japanese climbers returning from a mountain in western Nepal said Tuesday they had found footprints they think belonged to the abominable snowman or Yeti.
Robert Paul ReyesMassive UFO Fails To Materialize Over Alabama -
Robert Paul ReyesSedona Attracts Nature Lovers, UFO Fans And New Age Followers - But it`s not just nature lovers who come to Sedona; this wonderful locale has become the Mecca for New Age devotees.
Glenn JamesBill on the Spot - Skaler, the New-Romantic Vampire, introduced himself in a dream to Gothic Artist and Writer Glenn James in 1994.
Glenn JamesFrankenstein Fiction - Far, far above, crowning thick walls that seemed higher than anything he had ever seen was a sturdy wooden roof with a very large trapdoor.
Edward PerezTrading Card Phenomenon Reluctantly Needs a Ghost Hunter - Currently the biggest issue at the United Nations is population. More and more people are having more and more children and modern medicine is keeping the
Edward Perez(Part 2) Popular Social Networking Site Reluctantly Needs a Ghost Hunter - I have always enjoyed the local news; it always seems to affect me directly with it being as close by as it is. There was another bizarre death, the body was found with the front part
Edward PerezRussian Superstar Reluctantly Needs a Ghost Hunter - The paparazzi have too much freedom in this day and age. They can dive over the speeding limit, they can block ambulances and it is all
Edward PerezPopular Social Networking Site Reluctantly Needs a Ghost Hunter - Some websites like MySpace have even crashed due to the number of people logging on and talking with people they do not even know.
SOP newswire2Paranormal Activity, Ghosts, & One Limited Edition Audio CD! - The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a real building in Louisville Kentucky, and one of the most haunted places in the United States.
Glenn JamesGhost-Hunter Artist's 'Unwelcome' Guests - It began when we moved into an old Georgian Cottage, which we were renting in Worcestershire, in England. At heart I was reluctant to move in, and perhaps the standing tenant could sense this.
SOP newswireNew Kids Reality TV show to launch where KIDS find the Ghosts - During each episode the kids will work side by side with the paranormal investigator using thermal imaging, EVP and EMP testing, along with normal videotaping from the crew and their on helmet cameras.
Sean StubblefieldThis Isn't Happening - UFO Sightings in the US - They actually investigated, then wrote and posted online an article about town folk seeing UFOs in the night sky. My first reaction was to wonder why.
Aviva GatPredicting the Future - A girl with psychic abilities can see the future through her dreams
Askin Ozcan (Mentor)Martian Logic - As the extra terrestrial friends left Vero Beach yesterday and a huge crowd gathered to see them off.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza chats with Will Clarke, Author of The Worthy: A Ghost's Story - Clarke's novel, subtitled A Ghost's Story, is a winning comedy of collegiate (bad) manners, set at Louisiana State University.
SOP newswireSATIRE - Union of Galaxies Chooses TheSOP as Their Official Newspaper on Earth - Upon revealing the top-secret information on the crushed UFO sixty years ago, in the vicinity of Roswell Military Base, in the U.S.A, on Earth, Union Of Galaxies appointed theSOP and its Editor Judyth Piazza, as their official reporter on Earth.
SOP newswireSo UFOs Were Real, Just Check the Blue Book - Last year, as Lieut. Walter Haut who was a PR officer at Roswell Military Base in New Mexico, passed away, the letter he left to be opened after his death
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Operation Stargate and Psychic Spies - A Closer Look at a Journalist's Work - Early in my career (08/18/2004), I wrote and published a feature called "Operation Stargate". My reason for covering such a controversial topic was in part an attempt to draw attention to myself. (Which it did) Unfortunately, upon doing so I neglected
Krista BellesShould the Witch be Pardoned? - Granddaughter of woman jailed in WWII as witch seeking posthumous pardon
Natasha KalafatisHouse of Spooks - Davyn ventures into a haunted house to find his sister, Nearra. I wrote this based on a song from band.
Sean StubblefieldNikola Tesla: Will To Power - We tend to categorize people in specificity, making them static rather than dynamic entities-- which everyone really is. Especially when these people happen to be famous, and famous for a particular aspect. For example, the eccentric Nikola Tesla...
Sean StubblefieldGreys Matter...is There Anybody Out There - In 1947, U.S. Army Lieutenant Walter Haut was ordered to announce, in an official Army news release, that a flying saucer had landed in Roswell, New Mexico.
Sean StubblefieldSight Unseen - If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If a thing of beauty goes unnoticed and unappreciated, is it truly beautiful? It is a natural, inevitable, and sometimes unfortunate, side effect of our nature that things tend to fall to the edge of our attention...
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