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World's Oldest Cat, Nutmeg, dies at 32

Nutmeg, believed to be the worlds oldest cat, died in England at the age of 32 earlier this month, his owners said.

Robert Paul ReyesOnce Abused Dog Cries Out in Fear When She's Shown Affection for First Time: Video - A video of a terrified dog crying as it gets stroked for the first time is sure to pluck at the heart-strings of even the most reluctant animal lover.
Robert Paul Reyes2-Year-Old Amputee and Her Family Adopt Three-Legged Kitten: Video - A couple in Trabuco Canyon, Calif., has adopted a kitten who recently lost one of her legs, as a pet for their 2-year-old daughter who is missing a left arm.
Robert Paul ReyesHarley the Cockatoo is an Internet Sensation! - Harley the cockatoo is a one-trick pony, he has dozens of videos posted on YouTube, and all of them involve him knocking over stacks of plastic cups.
Robert Paul ReyesAdorable Young Koala Responds to Her Name - A young koala being nursed back to health by rescuers in Australia has learned to respond to her name and climb on her caretaker.
Robert Paul ReyesCone-hating Kitty is a Genius: Video - A Swedish man whose kitten recently underwent surgery shared video of the ingenious feline making the best of her plastic cone by using it to drink.
Robert Paul ReyesPics of Fluffiest Cats in the World! Happiness is a Fluffy Cat! - Who doesn`t love a fluffy cat? Hugging a fluffy cat is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.
Robert Paul ReyesIs There a Solution for Dog Breath? - I love my pooch, Mandy, and I don`t mind her demonstrating how much she loves me, but sometimes her dog breath almost knocks me out.
Robert Paul ReyesMet Buttercup the Adorable Moggy! Grumpier-looking Than Grumpy Cat - This grumpy kitty looks like he is already fed up with Christmas just like `The Grinch`
Robert Paul ReyesOfficer Rescues Beaver on Busy Highway - You may think I should have more important things to write about, but I like to spotlight individuals who are caring and loving to animals.
Robert Paul ReyesKitten Saved From Trash Compactor: Video - A kitten that was thrown into the garbage ended up at a waste management center in Galt. There, an employee noticed the kitten on the conveyor belt and saved her before she went into the compactor.
Robert Paul ReyesRaccoon From Hell Terrorizes Family - Raccoons are Satan`s pets; they are the most ornery creatures on the face of the Earth. I`d rather deal with a dozen masked burglars, than face off against one raccoon.
Robert Paul ReyesAlaskan Malamute Named Luca Sleeps With Stuffed Animal! Cuteness Overload! - Are you ready for an overload of adorableness? Check out these pics of Luca when she was a puppy, and Luca as she is now sleeping with her stuffed animal
Robert Paul ReyesMama Cat Introduces Kittens to Pooch: Video - When a mother cat has young kittens, introducing them to a full-grown carnivore from another species isn`t usually a high priority. But that`s what happens in the video above, which was filmed in Russia and recently posted on YouTube.
Robert Paul ReyesFight of the Century: Adorable Cat Mauls Stuffed Tiger: Video - The funny clip shows the black moggy exhibiting some impressive boxing skills - albeit against an inanimate opponent.
Robert Paul ReyesThe Most Adorable Panda Video Ever? - Enjoy this video featuring this cute as a button panda running circles around his keepers to the delight of the visitors to this zoo in Japan.
Robert Paul ReyesBlind Dog Abandoned on Bench Finds Home - The heartbreaking story of a blind pit bull abandoned on a park bench shortly after giving birth outraged animal lovers everywhere. But Poly's story will have a happy ending -- sort of.
Robert Paul ReyesPooch Freaks Out After Seeing Soldier Dad For First Time in 7 Months: Video - Army Sergeant Paul DiPaolo`s family was very excited for him to return home following a seven-month deployment in Afghanistan but his dog Simba just couldn`t stop jumping and kissing his dad.
Robert Paul ReyesCecil the Safeway Cat Is An Internet Sensation - A cat who likes to hang out daily at a Southeast Portland Safeway has become a social media sensation.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet the Adorable Cat With the Swollen Red Nose - We`ve all heard about Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, now meet the Red Nosed Cat. Curiosity didn`t quite kill the cat in this incident, but a cat`s fascination with a bumble bee earned her a swollen red nose.
Robert Paul ReyesDog Owner Snaps Awesome Thanksgiving Pic - A dog owner with a good sense of humor is making Thanksgiving history.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet BooBoo the Fashionista Cat - The brilliantly named BooBoo the cat was found by his owner, Carla Hervert, as a stray in 2005. He`s now 10 years old and has worn a total of 75 super fashion-y outfits.
Robert Paul ReyesBless Your Dog With a Dignified Name - My pooch, is a person and I christened her with a name worthy of a dignified individual: Mandy. I would never name a dog Spot, Rover or Lassie.
Robert Paul ReyesLil Bub Releases New Single: New Gravity! Video! - Lil Bub has musical artistry, but extremely bad timing. There's no way on Earth any single, by a human or a cat, will get any attention on the same week that Adele dropped a new album.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet Miu the Heaviest Cat in the World - It`s a miracle that this Vietnamese kitty hasn`t ended up on a dinner table, not as a pampered guest, but as the main course.
Robert Paul ReyesDon't Forget Your Pets on Thanksgiving - In families that include cats and dogs, the pets partake in the gluttony. My 25-pound cat, Tico, may weigh 30 pounds by the end of Thanksgiving day.
Robert Paul ReyesLive Puppies Found Inside Cemented Glass Aquarium: Video - A Mississippi man stumbled upon two puppies sealed inside a glass aquarium with cement and left to drown.
Robert Paul ReyesBarn Cat Adopts Mouse as Pet: Video - Dog chase cats and cats chase mice, that`s the way of the world. But try telling that to Gypsy Rose Lee, a barn cat, who is supposed to chase away and kill mice. Gypsy is such a sweet-natured cat that she prefers to play with mice.
Robert Paul ReyesTumbles the Two-legged Puppy Will Melt Your Heart: Video - Thanks to compassionate human beings and high-tech, Tumbles in now walking all over his foster parent`s home in 3-D printed wheelchair.
Robert Paul ReyesWolf Acts as Surrogate Mom for Kitten: Video - Enjoy this delightful video! Amazing how the kitten and the wolf look so much alike!
Robert Paul ReyesNovember 17 is National Black Cat Day: Video - Whether it`s due to myths and superstition, or because they might not stick out in a room full of colorful cats - black cats have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate of all adoptable cats. That's why days like National Black Cat Day are so important.
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