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Top Ten Ways to Celebrate International Cat Day

Wake up your partner by biting her toe.

Robert Paul ReyesAustralian Police Officer Adopts Baby Kangaroo - An orphaned baby kangaroo turned over to Australian police was given a new home with a constable.
Robert Paul ReyesChimpanzee BFF Can't Stop Holding Hands: Video - A sweet moment between two new friends will make your heart melt. Hand in hand, two chimpanzees who were recently introduced don't seem to want to let go of each other despite having very different backgrounds.
Robert Paul ReyesPink Elephant Spotted in Kruger National Park - A pink elephant was spotted in South Africa. The calf is believed to be albino, which is an incredibly rare sighting in African elephants
Robert Paul ReyesDog With No Legs Leaves South Korea For A New Home In America: Video - A dog that was left in a garbage bag behind a South Korea meat market has a new life and new limbs on the other side of the world in Arizona.
Robert Paul ReyesCat Flees Monster Rat: Video - This cat vividly illustrates the proverb that "discretion is the better part of valor."
Robert Paul ReyesHipsters are Scum, Except for Toby the Hipster Dog: Video - Toby is a little Maltese who can rock glasses, a hat and a bow-tie better than you ever could -- and he knows it.
Robert Paul ReyesWatch Lazy Dog Hitch a Ride on Back of Tortoise - A San Diego pet owner shared video of her patient tortoise serving as a low-speed taxi for her lazy but ingenious small dog.
Robert Paul ReyesCat Hates Mail: Video - But there's one kitty who hates postal workers, or maybe just mail, more than any pooch. This unidentified feline in an unidentified city attacks the mail as the postal worker attempts to slip it through the mail slot.
Robert Paul ReyesGiraffe Greets Spring With Happy Dance: Video - It is a sure sign that spring has arrived at Brookfield Zoo when the giraffes can be seen outside at the Habitat Africa!
Robert Paul ReyesPooch is Helping Sell Houses in Australia - Tiffany, a five-year-old Shih Tzu Cavalier cross, has been helping sell properties in Australia by being a model in photos.
Robert Paul ReyesLion Cubs Play With Steel Ball: Video - These adorable lion cubs may be strengthening their muscles by playing with a steel ball, but they are always providing entertainment for zoo visitors and YouTube viewers.
Robert Paul ReyesHappiness is a Fluffy Cat: Video - Happiness is a fluffy cat! When my 25-pound fluffy cat, Tico, sits on my lap and purrs it's a more potent high than sharing the world's biggest blunt with Snoop Dogg!
Robert Paul ReyesAdorable Pooch is Fitted With Braces - A Michigan veterinarian has earned the title of 'doggie dentist' for his practice of fitting dogs with braces and performing root canals.
Robert Paul ReyesSave the Birds: Don't Let Cats Outside! - Our beloved cats are killing machines that take down some 200 million birds a year in Canada, one study found.
Robert Paul ReyesWatch Vet Cradle Scared Puppy After Surgery - Meesha needed a few hugs and kisses to calm her down as she recovered after being spayed. She was scared and disoriented because her body felt so weird.
Robert Paul ReyesAdorable Baby Elephant Rescued From Drowning: Video - A baby elephant at a South African national park was saved from drowning after falling into a drainage well.
Robert Paul ReyesCat Cuddles Puppy Like It's Her Kitten - In this video, a big, fluffy cat holds a tiny little puppy in bed. Cats may have a cold and aloof reputation. But this cat feels protective of her little pup, and cradles the dog like its one of her own.
Robert Paul ReyesWatch Wheelz the Paralyzed Baby Bunny Wheel Around in Miniature Skateboard - This baby bunny was reportedly found paralyzed from his belly down, unable to use his rear legs. Instead of putting him down, some kind people at Overlook Acres Farm in New York built him a custom ride from a miniature skateboard.
Robert Paul ReyesSurfing Dogs Ride the Waves in Australia: Video - A dog trainer in Australia has been teaching dogs to surf in order to promote discipline and teach owners to have a healthy relationship with their pets.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet Angel the Two-legged Lamb: Video - Angel doesn't look like a freak, he walks gracefully and effortlessly with only two legs.
Robert Paul ReyesBaby Kangaroo Begs for Milk: Video - This baby kangaroo followed his caretaker around and grasped at his leg begging for milk. His caretaker, however, ignored his pleas and continued stirring the milk until it was ready.
Robert Paul ReyesWatch Hot Russian Chick Wrestle Adorable Tiger Cub at Russian Zoo - A visitor to a Russian zoo shared video of her wrestling match with a playful 6-month-old tiger that likely would have gone differently with an older big cat.
Robert Paul ReyesWatch Kitten Groom Baby Fox - A Florida pet owner shared an adorable video of a kitten snuggling and grooming its unusual companion, a baby fennec fox.
Robert Paul ReyesCheetah Cubs Play With Mom: Video - What`s more adorable than a video depicting a cheetah cub playing with her mother? How about a video showing four cheetah cubs interacting with mom!
Robert Paul ReyesBagel is the Coolest Cat in Town: She Wears Sunglasses & Has a Trendy Wardrobe - But she's no poseur, she wears sunglasses because she has sensitive eyes, and she wear clothes due to the sad fact that she can't regulate her body temperature.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet the New Queen of the Internet: Frowny Cat - Step aside Grumpy Cat, there's a new cat in cyberspace determined to take your crown as Queen of the Internet.
Robert Paul ReyesRat Loves Cat! Video! - Behold the beauty of a mouse and a cat at play!
Robert Paul ReyesGinger the Rescue Dog is a Dancing Sensation: Video - A rescue dog in a Florida shelter likes to express itself through dance.
Robert Paul ReyesEpic Seal Sneeze Attack - Ever seen a Hawaiian monk seal have a sneeze attack? ...Wait for it...
Robert Paul ReyesMother Panda Catches Baby As He Attempts To Climb Tree - The Smithsonian National Zoo`s latest panda cub, Bei Bei, had his first taste of climbing a tree.
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Subcsribe to theSOP's Pets/Animals audio podcast.
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