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Stray Dog Adopted as Newest Friar by Bolivian Monastery

A Franciscan monastery in Bolivia adopted a stray dog and allowed it to join its ranks as the newest friar.

Robert Paul ReyesDog Owner Snaps Awesome Thanksgiving Pic - A dog owner with a good sense of humor is making Thanksgiving history.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet BooBoo the Fashionista Cat - The brilliantly named BooBoo the cat was found by his owner, Carla Hervert, as a stray in 2005. He`s now 10 years old and has worn a total of 75 super fashion-y outfits.
Robert Paul ReyesBless Your Dog With a Dignified Name - My pooch, is a person and I christened her with a name worthy of a dignified individual: Mandy. I would never name a dog Spot, Rover or Lassie.
Robert Paul ReyesLil Bub Releases New Single: New Gravity! Video! - Lil Bub has musical artistry, but extremely bad timing. There's no way on Earth any single, by a human or a cat, will get any attention on the same week that Adele dropped a new album.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet Miu the Heaviest Cat in the World - It`s a miracle that this Vietnamese kitty hasn`t ended up on a dinner table, not as a pampered guest, but as the main course.
Robert Paul ReyesDon't Forget Your Pets on Thanksgiving - In families that include cats and dogs, the pets partake in the gluttony. My 25-pound cat, Tico, may weigh 30 pounds by the end of Thanksgiving day.
Robert Paul ReyesLive Puppies Found Inside Cemented Glass Aquarium: Video - A Mississippi man stumbled upon two puppies sealed inside a glass aquarium with cement and left to drown.
Robert Paul ReyesBarn Cat Adopts Mouse as Pet: Video - Dog chase cats and cats chase mice, that`s the way of the world. But try telling that to Gypsy Rose Lee, a barn cat, who is supposed to chase away and kill mice. Gypsy is such a sweet-natured cat that she prefers to play with mice.
Robert Paul ReyesTumbles the Two-legged Puppy Will Melt Your Heart: Video - Thanks to compassionate human beings and high-tech, Tumbles in now walking all over his foster parent`s home in 3-D printed wheelchair.
Robert Paul ReyesWolf Acts as Surrogate Mom for Kitten: Video - Enjoy this delightful video! Amazing how the kitten and the wolf look so much alike!
Robert Paul ReyesNovember 17 is National Black Cat Day: Video - Whether it`s due to myths and superstition, or because they might not stick out in a room full of colorful cats - black cats have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate of all adoptable cats. That's why days like National Black Cat Day are so important.
Robert Paul ReyesOMG! Cats are Terrified of Cucumbers! Video! - But there is one thing that terrifies felines, and it`s not your water spray bottle or the dirty drawers you left on the bathroom floor.
Robert Paul ReyesCat Rescued From Irrigation Pipe - The Riverside County Animal Services said a 1-year-old black cat got stuck inside an irrigation pipe.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet Brian, the Cat With Three Ears! - All cats are unique in their own special way. Brian, for example, has just a little bit extra to love.
Robert Paul ReyesMiracle: Cat is Excited to See Owner Come Home - There is no better feeling in the world than coming home to someone who`s excited to see you.
Robert Paul ReyesHow to Make Your Home Cat-Friendly! - Taking on a cat is one thing. Catifying your home to rise to true Cat Person status is another.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet the Lykoi Cat, A Breed That Resembles a Werewolf: Video - Meet the Lykoi cat, a breed that resembles a werewolf. According to LykoiKitten.com, 'The Lykoi Cat is a natural mutation from a domestic shorthair that has the appearance of a werewolf.'
Robert Paul ReyesPizza-loving Pooch Almost Sets House on Fire: Video - A curious black lab put her front paws on the oven while sticking her head into a pizza box on top of the stove to steal a slice, she didn`t manage to steal a slice, but she managed to turn on the gas ignition knob.
Robert Paul ReyesStray Dog Will Only Respond to People With French Accent - There aren`t many English blokes who speak with a French accent, but this dog is so adorable that maybe someone will learn French, or at least affect a French accent, and adopt this cutie.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Crafty Crow Catches a Fish - Crows are among the smartest birds, let alone animals, in the world. In fact, scientists have found they're at least as smart as a seven-year-old human. So it shouldn't come as a shock when they find ways to show off their intelligence.
Robert Paul ReyesStudy: Your Cat Wants to Kill You! - Cats show the same dominant, impulsive traits as the lions who want to eat you, researchers say.
Robert Paul ReyesLana, the Saddest Dog in the World, Happy With Her Foster Family: Video - After a heartbreaking photo of Lana the shelter dog went viral, thousands offered to adopt her. Terrific news, Lana the Saddest Dog in the World, has settled in with her new foster family and she is deliriously happy.
Robert Paul ReyesWorld's Largest Cat Painting Sells for Almost $1 Million: Video - It is a painting so large and so heavy that Sotheby`s had to build a special wall to display it. When hung on a normal wall, it pulled out the nails. At 1.9 by 2.6 metres, it`s believed to be the world`s largest painting of cats.
Robert Paul ReyesCaracal Kittens Simply Adorable: Video - The Oregon Zoo shared video of its 6-week-old caracal kittens exploring their outdoor habitat with their mother by their side.
Robert Paul ReyesBest Job in the World: Panda Cub Nanny - At Bifengxia Panda Base at Ya'an City, a panda nanny requires taking care of panda cubs, spending 365 days with the pandas and sharing in their joys and sorrows.
Robert Paul ReyesPaco the Pooch Stays Put Where His Owner Was Killed - A picture is worth a thousand words, and the photograph of the pooch lying in the road speaks volumes about a dog`s loyalty and love for his human owner.
Robert Paul ReyesCat Suffers Serious Hangover After 7 Weeks Trapped in Wine Cellar - Good thing cats have nine lives, or how else could a kitty have survived a seven-week bender where he opened $44 worth of wine and drank the contents, with a subsequent three-day hangover to boot?
Robert Paul ReyesDog Rescued From South Korean Meat Farm Plays on Grass For First Time: Video - Pocket was one of over 100 dogs that was rescued from South Korea in a meat farm. Pocket had never seen or walked on grass, smelt a flower, seen the sunshine. This is Pocket`s first grass experience.
Robert Paul ReyesCat Welcomes Soldier Home: Video - Cat welcomes home soldier after drill, proving that not only dogs get excited!
Robert Paul ReyesCrazy Cat Has Epic Fight With His Own Tail: Video - Cats love boxes, and once a feline is comfortably ensconced in a box he will defend his prized possession from any man or beast.
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