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Pic of Mystery Cat Sleeping on Hospital Patient Goes Viral

Andrew Falloon's father was fresh out of an operation when he was visited by a surprise guest. After his wife went out, leaving the door slightly ajar, Mr. Falloon was found sound asleep with a cat resting on him. Mr. Falloon does not own a cat.

Robert Paul ReyesPooch Learns to Use Refrigerator Water Dispenser - Amanda Hathorn posted a video showing her family's German shepherd, Max, using his tongue to push in the lever of the water dispenser and give himself a drink one lick at a time.
Robert Paul ReyesWho's Cuter Grumpy Cat or Earl the Grumpy Puppy? Videos! - Who is the Grand Ruler of the Internet: Grumpy Cat or Earl the Grumpy Puppy? You will decide the winner of this epic battle!
Robert Paul ReyesEpic Pomeranian Puppy Sneeze: Video - Roux the Pomeranian maybe a tiny four-legged fluff ball, but his sneezes are of a completely different league altogether.
Robert Paul ReyesPampered Pooches Playing in Pool: Video - A Michigan doggie daycare that bills itself as cage free is going viral with a video of a pooch pool party in a bone-shaped pool.
Robert Paul ReyesMom Finds Missing Dog Snuggling With Her Toddler: Video - A North Carolina mother who went searching for her missing dog shared a video of the precious place she found the pup -- snuggled up with her toddler daughter.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Pug Snoring In His Tiny Pool is Simply Adorable! - A video going viral online shows a summer-loving pug relaxing with a snore-filled snooze in a miniature pool while wearing some classy shades.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Adorable Baby Hedgehogs Sneeze - Hedgehogs don`t look particularly cute or cuddly; in fact they look like Brillo pads. But these hoglets look absolutely adorable as they sneeze when being marked with nail polish to tell them apart.
Robert Paul ReyesScreaming Deer Will Scare the Bejesus Out of You: Video - At first this deer makes strange whining sounds (which is scary enough) but then it lets out an infernal scream that sounds like it emanated straight out of the bowels of hell.
Robert Paul ReyesSpitting Armadillos are Spreading Leprosy in Florida! Sign of the End Times! - And you thought alligators were the only creatures you had to fear if you moved to Florida ...
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Pooch Shows Off Table Tennis Skills - A multi-talented black collie with a knack for sports showed off his skills at table tennis for a video going viral online.
Robert Paul ReyesPolice 'Arrest' Stalker Squirrel, Feed it From a Bottle - Police in Germany said a squirrel 'arrested` for stalking a young woman showed signs of exhaustion and was fed apple slices and honey tea.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Dallas Zoo's Baby Penguin's First Swim - Adorable penguin Marina takes her first plunge into the penguin pool. This 5 pound, 3-month-old chick is a natural! Marina`s parents, Tulip and Tazo, also joined in for a dip. You know what they say... the family who swims together, stays together.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: You Will Fall in Love With This Irrepressible Pooch! - A woman in northeast England shared a video showing how her high-jumping dog keeps track of her while walking in a field of tall grains.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: How to Weigh a Koala Joey - The San Diego Zoo shared video of a koala joey clinging to his stuffed toy koala for security while being weighed during a health check.
Robert Paul Reyes62 Hair Bands, Eight Pairs of Undies Removed From Dog's Stomach: Video - A Pennsylvania dog with a curious appetite is recovering from surgery to remove 62 hair bands, eight pairs of underwear and other items from her stomach.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Photo: Adorable Squirrel Devours Evil Snake - Rock squirrels eat mostly plant material, fruits and nuts, but don`t let their humble appearance fool you. They will also eat bird eggs, lizards and snakes.
Robert Paul ReyesEnglish Bulldog Born With Half a Body Will Melt Your Heart: Video - Bonsai may have only half a spine, no pelvis and no hind legs, but like a typical puppy he`s a whirling dervish of fun and excitement.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Man Punches Cougar in Face to Save His Pooch - Moral of this story: Don`t mess with a man and his dog!
Robert Paul ReyesAnd The World's Ugliest Dog is Quasi Modo: Video - We have a winner! Quasi Modo, a hunchbacked mixed breed, has earned the title of World`s Ugliest Dog after winning a pet competition in California on June 26.
Robert Paul ReyesToday is 'Take Your Dog to Work Day' - I hope "Take Your Dog to Work Day" will be a resounding success, and that the outcome will be that thousands will be inspired to adopt dogs from their local animal shelters.
Robert Paul ReyesBruiser the Bear Takes a Swim in Sanctuary's Pool: Video - A Florida animal sanctuary shared video of a brown bear beating the summer heat with a dip in an above-ground pool.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Brave Cat Scares Away Bear - An Alaska woman shared video of her house cat rallying her courage to scare a black bear off her owner's porch.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Dog Comforts Autistic Woman - A video showing a Tempe woman being comforted by her service dog during a meltdown has gone viral.
Robert Paul ReyesIt's Now Legal to Dine With Your Dog in New York - The 'Dining with Dogs` bill would permit customers to bring their pet dogs into outdoor dining areas of restaurants that wish to provide this service, as long as the restaurant can ensure that there will be no contamination of food and tainted utensils or equipment.
Robert Paul ReyesHero Moggy Cat Saves Owner From Fire - A huge moggy jumped up and down on his sleeping owner`s chest to alert him to a kitchen fire.
Robert Paul ReyesStudy Finds Watching Cat Videos a Purr-fect Idea: Video - Nearly 2 million cat videos were posted to YouTube in 2014 alone, according to Myrick, who noted that these videos received almost 26 billion views.
Robert Paul ReyesDucklings Get Ride to Safety From Cabbie - A Canadian Checker Cab Cabbie from Calgary went the extra mile to save a mother duck and her nine ducklings.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet Matilda, The Extraterrestrial Cat: Video - Meet, Matilda. She's an ordinary Tabby cat -- except for the fact that she has gigantic eyes that make her look like she should be an extraterrestrial`s pet on a flying saucer.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Beaver Gets a Suprise Welcome at National Zoo - I`ve shared dozens of videos featuring cute cats and adorable puppies, and now for something completely different here`s on featuring beavers.
Robert Paul ReyesNewborn Pudu Welcomed at New York Zoo - Visitors to New York City's Queens Zoo are fawning over a newborn southern pudu, the world's smallest deer species.
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Subcsribe to theSOP's Pets/Animals audio podcast.
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