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Thug Cat Knocks Over Laptop

Cats are drawn to laptops like mice are drawn to cheese and dogs to bones. Whenever I power up my laptop my cat wakes up from hibernation and plops down on the keyboard, making writing my articles a tedious and cumbersome enterprise.

Robert Paul ReyesCat Travels 12 Miles to Former Home After Family Moves Across Town - An Oregon cat traveled more than 12 miles across Portland to get back to his old stomping grounds after his family moved from St. Johns to Parkrose Heights.
Robert Paul ReyesPooch Survives 15-story Fall in Florida High-Rise: Video - A Florida woman's dog is recovering Saturday after it plunged 15 stories down an air conditioning vent.
Robert Paul ReyesPuppy, Cheetah Cub at San Diego Zoo Become Best Friends: Video - How sweet, BFFs! Well maybe not best friends forever, the cheetah might eat the dog for dinner in a year.
Robert Paul ReyesBoots the Two-Legged Cat Becomes Internet Star: Video - Boots lost her back paws in an accident when she was a kitten, but the fashionista pussy really rocks her electric blue OrthoPet prosthetic boots, and she`s able to navigate her way through her home.
Robert Paul ReyesZarathustra the Fat Cat Conquers the World of Art: Video - Cats have conquered the Internet, and now they are seeking dominion over the world of art.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Moe the Cat an Expert at Playing Jenga - Moe the cat is impressively good at Jenga!
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Depressed Goat Reunited With Donkey Best Friend Starts Eating Again - This heartwarming tale of interspecies love and friendship between a donkey and a goat doesn`t need commentary or explanation from a human being, watch the video and wonder at the beauty of the animal kingdom.
Robert Paul ReyesDog Treats From China Killing Dogs! For God's Sake Don't Buy Anything From China! Video! - As of May 1, more than 1,000 dogs have died as a result of the toxic treats.
Robert Paul Reyes24-Year-Old Poppy is World's Oldest Cat - Congratulations to Poppy and her owners Marguerite Corner and her daughter Jacqui. Twenty-four feline years in equivalent to 114 human years.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video! Heroic Cat Saves Child From Dog Attack - A California child pulled from his bike by an attacking dog was saved by his family`s cat, which quickly rushed in and attacked the dog.
Robert Paul ReyesHeartless Creep Kicks Cat 20 Feet Through The Air: Video - Andre Robinson, 21, is seen laughing as he lures the unsuspecting kitty toward him before he kicks it with full force, sending it flying 20 feet through the air.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Tiny Hamster Eats Tiny Burritos - In this viral video a hamster-lover expertly and with much panache prepares tiny burritos for his tiny pet. Dude sets out the burrito on a tiny table with a white tablecloth for his hamster to enjoy, while he prayerfully looks on. Evidently this is the first time he has prepared Mexican cuisine for his tiny pet.
Robert Paul ReyesCreep Gets Year in Jail for Pouring Hot Sauce on Puppy: Video - If God loves puppies as much as he loves children, Myles will be walking bowl-legged in jail.
Robert Paul ReyesToday April 29 is Grumpy Cat's Birthday: Her Birthday is the Cat's Meow! Video! - Friskies Party Mix is throwing a big party for Grumpy Cat in the city on April 29, Grumpy Cat`s owner, Tabatha Bundesen, said.
Robert Paul ReyesHank the Milwaukee Brewers' Mascot to Get his Own Dog House at Miller Park: Video - Hank is an adorable pooch who wandered into the Milwaukee Brewers spring training camp in Arizona in February; he has been adopted as the Brewers mascot.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video! Cat Taunts Another Cat With Fake Mouse on a Stick! - Cats are cute and fluffy and they make perfect companions, but never forget they are predators with a sadistic streak.
Robert Paul ReyesCATable Desk: Purrfect for Writers and their Cats! - The CATable desk accommodates people and cats at the same time.
Robert Paul ReyesPet Cat Attacks Family, Sends Three to Hospital - This temperamental kitty needs love, pampering and the tender ministration s of a cat whisperer. Calling Jackson Galaxy!
Robert Paul ReyesEaster Miracle: Kittens Accidentally Shipped from LA to San Diego Survive: Video - Celebrate Easter by adopting a kitten or a puppy from your local animal shelter.
Robert Paul ReyesBucket List for Pooch Dying from Cancer: Video - Who says bucket lists are only for people?
Robert Paul ReyesTwin Polar Bear Cubs at Munich Zoo named Nela and Nobby Rock the House: Video! - We are in desperate need of a video that will make us smile and feel warm inside; enjoy this video of these playful Polar Bear cubs!
Robert Paul ReyesOne-Ton Crocodile Captured in Uganda: Video - A monstrous, man-eating crocodile that tips the scales at 2,204 pounds has been captured in Uganda.
Robert Paul ReyesCat Whisperer to Visit Lux the Cat that Attacked Baby and Trapped Family in Bedroom - This is my second update in the saga of the ferocious feline that attacked a baby and trapped an Oregon family and their pooch in a bedroom.
Robert Paul ReyesTiny Pooch Confronts SWAT Team: Video - This doggie is protesting the militarization of the police; even small town police departments are equipped with tanks, armored vehicles and machine guns.
Robert Paul ReyesPooch Carries Injured Puppy Around Town in Basket: Video! Too Cute for Words! - When the Chinese citizens see Black Tiger carrying the puppy in a basket do they feel compassion, incredulity or hunger pangs?
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Lion Cubs Meet Dad for First Time - I hope this video inspires dads to spend quality time with their children. Life is too short; spend quality time with your loved ones.
Robert Paul ReyesDenver Vets Seeing More Dogs Eating Edible Marijuana: Video - So far there hasn`t been a reported case of a pooch lighting up a bong and taking a few hits, but an increasing number of canines are eating marijuana cookies.
Robert Paul ReyesCats Love Earwax: Video - Everyone knows that cats love catnip, but only those of us who research all things cat related online know that they are crazy about earwax.
Robert Paul ReyesJapan's Cat Island: Paradise for Cat Lovers! Video! - I`m not a misanthrope, but an island where there are thousands of cats and only a few people is my idea of paradise.
Robert Paul ReyesBronte the Singing Cat Commercial Goes Viral: Most Adorable Video of All Time? - Only a cute spunky 5-year-old girl and a cute kitty with chubby cheeks and a handlebar mustache could make us forget that the execrable " We Built This City" is the soundtrack for this commercial.
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