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Cat-In-The-Bag Carrier is the Cat's Pajamas! Video!

What's cooler than a cat in a hat? A cat in a bag! Get with the damn program for your kitty, you will both love it!

Robert Paul ReyesEaster Miracle: Kittens Accidentally Shipped from LA to San Diego Survive: Video - Celebrate Easter by adopting a kitten or a puppy from your local animal shelter.
Robert Paul ReyesBucket List for Pooch Dying from Cancer: Video - Who says bucket lists are only for people?
Robert Paul ReyesTwin Polar Bear Cubs at Munich Zoo named Nela and Nobby Rock the House: Video! - We are in desperate need of a video that will make us smile and feel warm inside; enjoy this video of these playful Polar Bear cubs!
Robert Paul ReyesOne-Ton Crocodile Captured in Uganda: Video - A monstrous, man-eating crocodile that tips the scales at 2,204 pounds has been captured in Uganda.
Robert Paul ReyesCat Whisperer to Visit Lux the Cat that Attacked Baby and Trapped Family in Bedroom - This is my second update in the saga of the ferocious feline that attacked a baby and trapped an Oregon family and their pooch in a bedroom.
Robert Paul ReyesTiny Pooch Confronts SWAT Team: Video - This doggie is protesting the militarization of the police; even small town police departments are equipped with tanks, armored vehicles and machine guns.
Robert Paul ReyesPooch Carries Injured Puppy Around Town in Basket: Video! Too Cute for Words! - When the Chinese citizens see Black Tiger carrying the puppy in a basket do they feel compassion, incredulity or hunger pangs?
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Lion Cubs Meet Dad for First Time - I hope this video inspires dads to spend quality time with their children. Life is too short; spend quality time with your loved ones.
Robert Paul ReyesDenver Vets Seeing More Dogs Eating Edible Marijuana: Video - So far there hasn`t been a reported case of a pooch lighting up a bong and taking a few hits, but an increasing number of canines are eating marijuana cookies.
Robert Paul ReyesCats Love Earwax: Video - Everyone knows that cats love catnip, but only those of us who research all things cat related online know that they are crazy about earwax.
Robert Paul ReyesJapan's Cat Island: Paradise for Cat Lovers! Video! - I`m not a misanthrope, but an island where there are thousands of cats and only a few people is my idea of paradise.
Robert Paul ReyesBronte the Singing Cat Commercial Goes Viral: Most Adorable Video of All Time? - Only a cute spunky 5-year-old girl and a cute kitty with chubby cheeks and a handlebar mustache could make us forget that the execrable " We Built This City" is the soundtrack for this commercial.
Robert Paul ReyesChicken at the Honolulu Zoo Plays the Piano: Video - Why did the chicken cross the road? In Hawk`s case she crossed the road to ring a bell, leap through a hoop and play the piano.
Robert Paul ReyesOwl Attacks Canadian Trapper - A Canadian trapper says an owl viciously attacked him while he was checking his rabbit snares one night this week, leaving his face bloodied.
Robert Paul ReyesSpenser the Cat Loves Drinking Craft Beer & Sipping Wine - Spenser`s owners don`t intentionally give him alcohol, but the mischievous cat always finds a way to get his drink on.
Robert Paul ReyesPittsburgh Mourns the Death of Canine Officer Rocco: Video - Canine Officer Rocco died in the line of duty, saving the life of his human partner and other police officers. The canine hero was buried with full police honors.
Robert Paul ReyesRuth the Quadriplegic Cat & Idgie the Tiny Dachshund: A Love Story! Video! - Videos of Ruth and Idgie have gone viral, this unique animal couple has taught thousands the meaning of love, loyalty and companionship.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Nathan the Bald Dog Dances To Madonna's '4 Minutes' - Check out this video as Nathan, a rescued Chinese Crested dog, dances to Madonna's '4 Minutes' in his favorite green chair.
Robert Paul ReyesPuppy Rescued From Heating Duct: Video - A mother will take pains to baby-proof her home, but too many owners of kittens and puppies fail to pet-proof their homes.
Robert Paul ReyesBaby Panda Bao Bao Meets The Press & Public At National Zoo: Video - Enjoy the antics of this delightful baby!
Robert Paul ReyesRunaway Cat Lived Near Home For Three Years: Video - Moral of this story: Microchip your kitty, even if he is an indoor cat. Your feline may be strictly an indoor pet, but there`s always the chance that he will dash out of your front door never to be seen again.
Robert Paul ReyesLost Pooch In A Doggy Wheelchair Reunited With Owner - Moral of this story: If you are a homeless wheelchair-bound citizen wandering the streets of a big city: Good luck to you pal. But if you are a lost wheelchair-bound pooch, kind-hearted folks will come to your rescue.
Robert Paul ReyesMother Cat Adopts 3 Ducklings: Video - When we see a cat with a duckling in her mouth, we automatically think Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Evil Mom and Adult Son Put Puppy In Freezer Bag: Video - The law should dispense some old school justice, and tie up Engel and Snell inside heavy duty garbage bags for a couple of minutes.
Robert Paul ReyesNational Outrage: National Park Service Kills Playful Elk: Video - Park officials tried to rationalize their murderous deed, by insisting that the animal has grown accustomed to receiving food from park visitors, and had to be euthanized for the safety of visitors and staff.
Robert Paul ReyesGreat Dane Follows Owner To Hospital To Make Sure He's OK - I lost faith in humanity a long time ago, but I will never lose faith in the kindness, loyalty and courage of man`s best friend.
Robert Paul ReyesCowardly Creep Gets Two Years In Jail For Shooting Dog With Crossbow - This pathetic sadist was sentenced to two years in jail for shooting the Husky while it was peacefully lying down.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet Adorable Rupee, the First Dog to Ever Climb Mt. Everest: Video - An abandoned puppy, starving to death in a dump in India, has now reached the pinnacle of success: The summit of Mount Everest and Internet celebrity.
Robert Paul Reyes2013 NYC Halloween Dog Parade A Smash Hit: Video - However everyone, pets included, should let their freak flag fly high on Halloween. Halloween is the only day of the year when it`s appropriate for a dog to wear a silly costume.
Robert Paul ReyesDog Earns MBA From Sham Online University: Video - Do your doggone research before you spend good money enrolling in an online university.
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