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A Therapy Dog in a Dental Office Is a Wonderful Idea

Going to the dentist is something many people dread, but one Wichita dental office is trying to make the experience a little easier on patients.

Robert Paul Reyes2013 NYC Halloween Dog Parade A Smash Hit: Video - However everyone, pets included, should let their freak flag fly high on Halloween. Halloween is the only day of the year when it`s appropriate for a dog to wear a silly costume.
Robert Paul ReyesDog Earns MBA From Sham Online University: Video - Do your doggone research before you spend good money enrolling in an online university.
Robert Paul ReyesThousands Mourn Death of Great George, The World's Tallest Dog: Video - Giant George died a month shy of his eight birthday, and his fans all over the world are mourning his passing.
Robert Paul ReyesDog Starts Apartment Fire! Emergency Crew Performs Mouth-to-Snout Resuscitation - Here`s a story about a dog who started a fire, although truth to told he`s not really to blame.
Robert Paul ReyesJapanese Company Sells Wine For Cats: Video - The company also produces Wan Wan Beer for dogs. How appropriate, dogs strike me as beer drinkers and finicky cats as wine imbibers.
Robert Paul ReyesNorman the Scooter Dog Officially Sets Guinness World Record: Video - Karen Cobb has trained her French sheepdog to ride bikes, scooters and skateboards.
Robert Paul ReyesPit Bull Saves Kitty From Coyotes: Video - Two coyotes had Kitty and were shaking her violently, but Jack came to the rescue and fought off the wild beasts.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: 300-Pound Probation Officer Shoots 12-Pound Dog: Video - PETA should dog this cowardly and reprehensible probation officer until he resigns in disgrace.
Robert Paul ReyesBoogie The Dog Runs Half-Marathon, Wins Ribbon, Gets Neutered: Video - Yikes! Makes me think twice about entering a marathon.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Owner Of Wheelchair-Bound Cat Fined For Not Using Leash! Video! - Yvonne Steel is a lady, a scholar and an animal lover; she deserves a commendation from animal services for taking such good care of her disabled kitty.
Robert Paul ReyesEgghead Professor: Cats Hate To Be Petted! Video! - Ignore this eggehead, dogs love to run, Mike Tyson loves to nibble on human ears, Miley Cyrus loves to to be a skank, and cats love to be petted.
Robert Paul ReyesCat Massage Video Goes Viral! Maryjean Ballner Is The Cat's Meow! - Cats rule the Internet; it`s not surprising that a video tutorial on how to massage your feline has elicited millions of views.
Robert Paul ReyesPetco Says Don't Forget About Pets When Preparing For Zombie Apocalypse - Dear friends prepare for Halloween by buying a costume for your cat or dog, and prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse by stocking up on pet food.
SOP newswireCaring Rescuers Join Hands to Save Homeless Dogs in South Florida - Denise Carey-Costa invites readers to help the compassionate rescuers of homeless dogs in South Florida.
Robert Paul ReyesSimon The Guide Dog Dies After Saving Boy From Speeding Car: Video - We never know what tragedy lurks right around the corner, hug your children a little bit tighter, and spend a little bit longer time petting your pets.
Robert Paul ReyesHow To Train Your Cat To Use The Toilet: Videos - Why not think outside the litter box, and train your cat to use the toilet?
Robert Paul ReyesUnited Bamboo's Cat Calender Featuring Cats Wearing Clothes An Abomination: Video - Where`s PETA when you need them? They should be protesting this catastrophic calendar that robs felines of their dignity and respect.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Palestinian Strings Up Mouse Who Ate His Cash - The dirty rat in this incident is the Palestinian; only a moral coward would torture a poor defenseless creature and then post a pic of his unspeakable crime on the Internet.
Robert Paul ReyesPurrfect Idea: Cat Cafe Opens In Paris! Video! - I have friends who love cats, but live in apartments that don`t allow pets; a cat café would be perfect for them.
Robert Paul ReyesDog Shoots Owner, 78 - I`m all for a homeowner having a shotgun at the ready, but 78 may just be too freakin` old to own a weapon of any kind.
Robert Paul ReyesMother Pooch Adopts 3 Newborn Kittens - Adopt a kitten or a puppy from your local animal shelter; it will be the best move you`ve made this year.
Robert Paul ReyesRussian Couple Agrees To Pay Fine After Pet Cat Is Kidnapped: Video - Russia is owned and operated by organized crime, from the Kremlin in Moscow to a two-bit village in Siberia.
Robert Paul ReyesItalian Dog Rides Bus Every Day Without Help From Owner - The driver never asks Camillo for his fare, his ticket to ride is his smile and his wagging tail.
Robert Paul ReyesDanish Cat Turns Up In England - The Cats Protection in England has been unable to match the cat`s ID number to an owner. How civilized of England to have on organization called The Cats Protection. "
Robert Paul ReyesSarah The Pet Chicken Swallows Diamond Earring: Fried Chicken Recipe Video - PETA should recognize Claire as Pet Lover of the Year, and send her enough chicken feed to last her eight years.
Robert Paul ReyesNorm Lopez The Cat: 26 Pounds Of Love! Video! - It doesn`t matter if you aren`t wealthy, talented or beautiful; you too can touch lives simply by being loving and loveable like Norm Lopez.
Robert Paul ReyesNiki The Russian Cat Sits Just Like A Human Being! Video! - Many cat lovers ascribe human tendencies to their beloved pussycats, but Niki really does act like a human being.
Robert Paul ReyesLil Bub The Cat Meets Grumpy Cat: The Most Epic Encounter In History! Video! - This is bigger than Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé competing in a twerking face-off (butt-off?)
Robert Paul ReyesCops Free Skunk With Its Head Stuck In Jar: Video - The officers walked away from this incident smelling like roses, they are scholars, gentlemen, and knights in shining armor.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet Colonel Meow, Cat with Longest Fur: Video - This feline celeb is the cat`s meow, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber would be well-advised to bow down and give him his props.
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