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Pic of Mystery Cat Sleeping on Hospital Patient Goes Viral

Andrew Falloon's father was fresh out of an operation when he was visited by a surprise guest. After his wife went out, leaving the door slightly ajar, Mr. Falloon was found sound asleep with a cat resting on him. Mr. Falloon does not own a cat.

Robert Paul ReyesNiki The Russian Cat Sits Just Like A Human Being! Video! - Many cat lovers ascribe human tendencies to their beloved pussycats, but Niki really does act like a human being.
Robert Paul ReyesLil Bub The Cat Meets Grumpy Cat: The Most Epic Encounter In History! Video! - This is bigger than Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé competing in a twerking face-off (butt-off?)
Robert Paul ReyesCops Free Skunk With Its Head Stuck In Jar: Video - The officers walked away from this incident smelling like roses, they are scholars, gentlemen, and knights in shining armor.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet Colonel Meow, Cat with Longest Fur: Video - This feline celeb is the cat`s meow, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber would be well-advised to bow down and give him his props.
Robert Paul ReyesBald Eagle Crashes into Window Inside Oral Roberts University Chapel: Video - Oral Roberts is dead and gone (Thank You Jesus), unfortunately the university that bears his name is still in business.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet Sunny Obama's Adorable New Pooch: Video - Everybody loves Obama's new pooch!
Robert Paul ReyesMost Americans Would Save A Dog Over A Foreigner: Video Tribute To Dogs - Given the choice between saving my own pooch or anybody else, it`s a no-brainer: I would save my pet.
Robert Paul ReyesMark 'Black Cat Appreciation Day' By Adopting Black Cat: Video - Black cats like all felines are mysterious and mischievous, but they aren`t evil.
Robert Paul ReyesDog Purse Elicits Outrage In New York City - A pet owner was recently spotted on the streets of New York with her small pup dangling from a brown and camouflage cross-body carrier. The pooch purse appeared to be some kind of harness with long straps, so the woman was able to wear it like a satchel.
SOP newswireGeorgia Makes It with Help from Caring Souls - Denise Carey-Costa tells the story of Dobermans Georgia's survival through the trials of extreme illness.
SOP newswireRuin Creek Animal Protection Society Committed to Saving Animals from Death - Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society in Henderson, NC, cares and they works tirelessly to save as many dogs and cats as possible from death.
Robert Paul ReyesDastardly Thieves Steal Mother Rabbit & Her Babies From Petting Zoo - What other unspeakable crimes have these dastardly evildoers committed? Stolen candy from a baby? Grabbed a tin cup from a blind beggar? Thrown an old lady under a bus?
Robert Paul ReyesDog Owners Get Poop Delivered! Doggone Outrage! - Maybe if there were more sidewalk trash cans, more dog owners would clean up after their dogs. Ever tried carrying around a bag of steaming dog crap for an hour?
Robert Paul ReyesFat Kitty Squeezes Through Tiny Pet Door: Video - Indoor felines live longer and are healthier than outdoor cats.
Robert Paul ReyesFake 'Service Dog' Vests A Growing Trend: Video - Buy a bogus service dog tag; I`m sure God is a dog lover and He won`t dog you for your tiny transgression.
Robert Paul ReyesBaboons In Netherlands Zoo Spooked By UFO's? Video! - Maybe the poor creatures are suffering from existential angst.
Robert Paul ReyesDog Adopts Kitten - Here`s a heartwarming story about a dog that finds a tiny kitten in a ravine and barks until she catches the attention of passerby.
Ernest DempseyLucky - An Inspiring Story for Kids - A review of Denise Carey-Costa's children's storybook 'Lucky'.
Robert Paul ReyesSchoep, Famous Internet Dog, Dies At 20: Video - Schoep was an old blind mutt, and the most special thing about him was the loving bond between him and his owner.
SOP newswireShadow in Need of Help in Greeneville, South Carolina - Funds are desperately needed for Shadow, a neglected dog in South Carolina that has been saved now and is on road to recovery.
Robert Paul ReyesWasabi-chan, The Cutest Kitten In The World Rocks A Mushroom Costume - The adorable kitty is making a remarkable recovery from her injuries, and cat lovers from all over the world send her prayers and good thoughts.
Robert Paul ReyesWildlife Officer Uses Donuts To Trap Bear: Video - The young bear will be taken to state game land and released, where sadly he will discover that donuts don`t grow on trees.
Robert Paul ReyesTubby Tabby's Fat Belly Saves Its Life: Video - The tubby tabby`s fat belly may have saved her life, but her extra pounds will lead to an early death.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Catches 200-Year-Old Rockfish: Video - Congratulations Henry you old rebrobate, you get to enjoy a few moments of joy while snuffing the life out of a creature that`s been around for 200 years.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Kid Plays Basketball Using A Chicken Instead Of A Ball: Video - I find nothing amusing about this video, the adult who filmed it should be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail.
SOP newswire2Soaring High Temperatures Life Threatening for Pets - Summer Means Soaring Temperatures and Potential Life-Threatening Heatstroke for Pets
Robert Paul ReyesFed-Up Gorilla Stands Up To Bullies: Video - Before parents or teachers take children to a zoo they must teach them to behave properly.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Dog Buries Dead Puppy - Dogs are persons, and they mourn just like human beings.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Man Rides Whale Shark! Video - A man riding a whale shark isn`t an amazement feat of courage; it`s a deplorable act of animal cruelty.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Humane Officer Cleared After Shooting Kittens In Front Of Children - This inhumane monster should not only be fired, but charged with animal cruelty. Accorti not only murdered a litter of defenseless kittens, but he traumatized the children who witnessed the massacre.
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