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Pic of Mystery Cat Sleeping on Hospital Patient Goes Viral

Andrew Falloon's father was fresh out of an operation when he was visited by a surprise guest. After his wife went out, leaving the door slightly ajar, Mr. Falloon was found sound asleep with a cat resting on him. Mr. Falloon does not own a cat.

Robert Paul ReyesMarijuana-Sniffing Police Dog Has New Job In Prison - In a perfect world police dogs that sniffed marijuana in an individual`s possession, in his car or in his home would be trained to give him a sloppy lick on the face.
Robert Paul ReyesDid You Celebrate 'Hug Your Cat' Day? Video! - You can`t very well participate in "Hug Your Cat Day" if you don`t own one. Visit your local animal shelter, and adopt a friend who will give you a lifetime of love.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet 'Chris P. Bacon' The Most Famous Pig In The World: Video - Not all Internet superstar animals are cats, meet Chris P. Bacon, the cutest and pluckiest pig in cyberspace.
Robert Paul ReyesPrincess The Cat Survives Two Weeks Trapped In Owner's Car Engine - It`s a good idea not to let your cats venture outside, they have a hundred and one places to hide inside your house, you may never find them if they decide to play hide and seek outside.
Robert Paul ReyesBonedigger The Lion And Milo The Wiener Dog Best Buddies At The Zoo: Video - We have much to learn about friendship and love from the animal kingdom.
Robert Paul ReyesCanadian Teen Rescues His Pooch From A Cougar - I urge parents to adopt a pooch from the animal shelter for their children. Nothing will teach your kids about loyalty and love more than a puppy.
Robert Paul ReyesToo Lazy To Play With Your Cat? Buy The Solar Chaser Cat Toy! Video - Cats spend most of their time sleeping, but they do have a playful side, and it`s fascinating to watch them at play.
Stan PopovichWhat People Don`t Know About Losing A Pet - The Bible talks about all the different animals and creatures he created on Earth. There is also a Special Saint To The Animals called St. Francis of Assisi.
Robert Paul ReyesPets Cut Heart Disease Risk: Video - If you don`t have a pet, and you want to lessen the risk of suffering from heart disease, adopt a pet from an animal shelter today.
Robert Paul ReyesCat Comes Home 6 Months After Going Missing During Superstorm Sandy: Video - Microchip your pet!
Robert Paul ReyesNaki'o First Dog To Receive Four Prosthetic Legs: Video - This story has a happy ending, watch Naki`o run and play
Robert Paul ReyesDastardly Criminal Punches Police Dog In The Face - What`s lower than stealing candy from a baby or stealing coins from a blind beggar`s tin cup? Why punching a police dog in the face, of course!
Robert Paul ReyesStove-Loving Cat Wears Heatproof Shoes - Keep your cats safe: Buy them kitten mittens, or at least ban them from the kitchen when you are cooking.
Robert Paul ReyesCanadian Cops Command Creeps: Clean Up After Canines - Shi* happens, but when it happens on a neighbor`s flower bed and your dog is the culprit, pick up after him.
Robert Paul ReyesMiracle: Muffin The Cat Survives Being Buried Alive! Video - The family vet believes Muffin suffered a seizure, and she is expected to live a normal healthy life.
Robert Paul ReyesFire Engine Crew Stops To Help Injured Pooch - Kudos to the fire fighters, and the vets at the Rim Forest Animal Hospital who performed surgery on Sadie.
Robert Paul ReyesThe Hermitage Museum In Russia Honors Its Cat Guards: Video - The pampered felines live in the basement of the museum and they earn their keep by killing mice and rats.
Robert Paul ReyesTimes Square Miracle: Zombie Finds Disaster The Cat! Video - Moral of this story: Microchip your cat! New York City is a great place to live!
Robert Paul ReyesA Goat Walks Into A Bar... - I don`t know if this incident is interesting material for an essay, but it`s certainly a promising premise for a joke.
Robert Paul ReyesDomino The Talking Dog Can Say: I Love You! Video! - There are many pooches waiting to be adopted at your local animal shelter. They may not be able to speak words of love, but by their actions they will express their love. Adopt a pooch today.
Robert Paul ReyesCat Takes Dog For A Walk: Video - Always expect the unexpected, and you will be one step ahead of everyone else.
Robert Paul ReyesHeroic Tiny Pooch Goes After Pit Bull To Save Girl, 8 - Adopt a canine hero from your local animal shelter, whether he`s a big hound or a little mutt, he will love and defend you.
Robert Paul ReyesDoggone Miracle: One-Eyed Dog Returns Home After Two Years - Adopting a cat or a dog is like adopting a child; you should never give away your beloved pet just because he`s old or not in the best of health.
Robert Paul ReyesPuppy Love: Pooch Travels 10 Miles In Middle of Winter To Reunite With His Love - You`ve heard the love stories about Romeo and Juliet and Bonnie and Clyde, here`s another love story that`s bound to melt your heart.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! The FedEx Panda Express To Toronto - I`m OK with China exporting millions of products containing lead to the United States, as long as they continue to export pandas to us and to our neighbors to the north.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Grumpy Cat (Tardar Sauce) Most Popular Internet Feline - If you are having a rough day, click on this video of Grumpy Cat; I guarantee it will bring a smile to your face.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Baby Bears Found In Box At Roadside - Watch these delightful cubs at play!
SOP newswire2When the Boys Left Home for a New Life - Denise Carey-Costa shares the memory of Valentine`s Day 2013 when her dear boys left home for a new life.
Robert Paul ReyesPolice Pooch Finds Stolen Gun And Fires It Into A Home - I`m not surprised the police dog found the stolen pistol in a snow bank, but I am surprised he managed to fire it with his paw. Typical trigger happy police official!
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: 15 Chihuahuas Abandoned At Pasadena Humane Society - On clue is a monogrammed blanket found in one of the wire crates, and there`s no truth to the rumor that the initials are PH " for Paris Hilton.
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Subcsribe to theSOP's Pets/Animals audio podcast.
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