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Pic of Mystery Cat Sleeping on Hospital Patient Goes Viral

Andrew Falloon's father was fresh out of an operation when he was visited by a surprise guest. After his wife went out, leaving the door slightly ajar, Mr. Falloon was found sound asleep with a cat resting on him. Mr. Falloon does not own a cat.

Robert Paul ReyesRooster, White Duck And Mallard: BFF - Birds of a feather flock together, but sometimes misfits bond together.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Mariska, The Houdini Horse, An Internet Sensation! - Houdini`s nimble fingers allowed him to escape from almost any lock, but Mariska accomplishes her amazing escapes using only her mouth.
Robert Paul ReyesIs Force-Feeding Pigs Before Sacrificing Them To The Gods Inhumane? - I'm not against a religion designating a pig or a cow as "divine", as long as they don't prohibit eating these divine and delicious animals.
Robert Paul ReyesGreat Horned Owl Survives 140 miles in Front Grille - We should love and have concern for all animals; I commend the wildlife employees who saved the owl, and are tending to its injuries.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Meet Caffrey The Two-Legged Cat! An Inspiring Story! - Caffrey gets along just fine on two legs, watch him run and play in this inspiring video.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Miracle Dog Tonik Has Human Face! God Knows I'm Not Lying! - I would kill to adopt this pooch!
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Judge Bans Combat Veteran's Poodle Service Dog From Court - Army Col. Timothy McKernan has served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and Somalia, he should be allowed to attend the trial buck naked with his miniature poodle and his goldfish, if he so wishes.
Robert Paul ReyesFacebook Users Save Gay Dog From Euthanization - The gay pooch has been adopted by a person associated with a rescue/shelter group.
Robert Paul ReyesCanadian Lady Refuses To Give Up Bimbo Her Pet Deer - My guess is that this woman doesn`t have a significant other in her life, homegirl needs to get rid of the deer and join an online dating club.
Robert Paul ReyesKids Win Bet By Getting Million 'Likes' On Facebook, Parents Buy them Puppy - Incredibly, the page received more than 1.2 million likes in less than 24 hours. I guess I shouldn`t be too surprised, who doesn`t like little kids and puppies?
Robert Paul ReyesDog Training Center Offers Yoga (Doga) Classes For Pooches And Their Owners - I`m all for people spending more time with their pets, whether it`s a man doing doga with his pooch or a woman playing chess with her cat, it`s all good.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Oscar The Three-Legged Pooch Caught Stealing Dog Food From Store - Oscar is an inspiration for disabled canines and humans; he hasn`t let his disability slow him at all.
Robert Paul ReyesMiracle: Cat Makes 190-Mile Trek Home On Her Own - Word of advice: No more road trips for Holly.
Robert Paul ReyesMiracle: Kitten Survives 36-Mile Trip On Truck Engine - Nine times out of ten when I can`t find my cat she`s hiding someplace where it`s warm: The back of the fridge, on top of a computer, or near a heating vent.
Robert Paul ReyesGiant Python Hitched A Ride On A Qantas Flight - Did anybody stop to consider that if there was a giant snake outside the plane, that maybe there was one inside the plane as well?
Robert Paul ReyesAnimal Control Officer Steals Pooch From Nun, 82, With Bad Hip - In a perfect world the hounds of hell would be unleashed on this animal control officer, but I will be satisfied if she does time for burglary and robbery.
Robert Paul ReyesCatmoji: New Social Networking Site for Cats A Big Hit - My cat just sent me an Instant Message: That`s me meowing! I need some attention!
Robert Paul ReyesPrisoners In Brazil Train Cat To Assist In Prison Break - I can`t train my cat to bring me my slippers, change the remote, or surf the Internet, but these crafty prisoners were able to train cats to smuggle cell phones into prison.
Robert Paul Reyes'Fortunate' The Cat Recovers From 80-Foot Drop - Fortunate must have at least one life left, and she will bring many years of happiness to a cat lover.
Robert Paul ReyesTiny Tim The Adorable Chubby Cat Loses Almost 7 Pounds! - Be healthy and happy like Tiny Tim, stop procrastinating and go on a diet.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo Of Great Dane Cuddling With Infant Has Gone Viral! Are Parents Nuts? - The parents of Cade are irresponsible morons, and they should be investigated by Children`s Services.
SOP newswire3UN Condemns Elephant Poaching - UN condemns poaching by the Lord's Resistance Army.
Robert Paul ReyesBronco The Police Dog Escapes While Being Groomed! Doggone It! - A German Shepherd police dog named Bronco isn`t very likely to enjoy being groomed as if he were a an effete poodle.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Dingo Who Stole Lady's Cash & Valuables Murdered - If you are visiting the land Down Under, hold on to your baby tightly, keep your valuables secure, and give dingoes a wide berth.
SOP newswire2Florida Panther Deaths On the Rise in 2012 - The deaths of two endangered Florida panthers struck on roads this week brings the number of known deaths this year to 26, the highest on record.
Robert Paul ReyesStray Pooch And Orphaned Deer Become Best Friends - Visit an animal shelter and adopt a pet, a puppy or a kitten will bring you much happiness.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Kitten Rescued From Inside Statue Of Abraham Lincoln - Make this Thanksgiving special, adopt a kitten or a puppy at your local Humane Society.
Ron G AnselmPrevent Animal Cruelty: Be the Little Guy's Voice - Ten signs that raise your suspicion of animal cruelty, don`t just let it go, report it to ASPCA.
SOP newswire2Eukanuba's "E-Litter" Pups Embark on Their Extraordinary Journey - Canine Companions Places Milestone Number of Assistance Dogs
SOP newswire2Pennsylvania Animal Welfare Executive Tapped by Best Friends to lead NKLA - NKLA, launched in early 2012, is a coalition of more than 50 Los Angeles area animal welfare groups banding together to bring Los Angeles to a point where no more animals are killed in its municipal shelters.
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