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Pic of Mystery Cat Sleeping on Hospital Patient Goes Viral

Andrew Falloon's father was fresh out of an operation when he was visited by a surprise guest. After his wife went out, leaving the door slightly ajar, Mr. Falloon was found sound asleep with a cat resting on him. Mr. Falloon does not own a cat.

Robert Paul ReyesCreep Stuffs 6 English Bulldog Puppies In Suitcase And Throws It In Trash - Davis is no rocket scientist, I bet he would be stupid enough to pay an undercover cop with a check for some cocaine. Like most persons who are real dull, he is also exceedingly evil.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Refuses To Get Rid Of Pet Goat, Willing To Go To Jail! - Ferguson is correct, Yogi is his kid, since kid is what you call a young goat. But homebody needs to get a life, if he really treats a goat as a member of the family.
Stan PopovichDoes Your Pet Stress You Out? - Everybody deals with stress and anxiety, however some people sometimes take it out on their pets.
Robert Paul ReyesCourageous Woman Fights City Hall Over Lost Dog Posters - If you wait for the proper permitting your runaway dog will die not from getting hit by a car, but from old age.
SOP newswireTiniest Puppy in The World: Beyonce Takes First Steps with a Clean Bill of Health - Caretakers announce that world`s smallest puppy Beyonce will take on the huge role as Ambassador for Rescue Animals around the world.
Robert Paul ReyesPooch Runs Away From Neuturing At Animal Clinic! Family Heartbroken! - Doggone it, can anybody blame Jack, or should his name be changed to Jill, for running away?
Robert Paul ReyesUniversity Student Sues To Keep Her Guinea Pig In Her Dorm Room - If Velzen suffers from chronic depression she and her guinea pig should move to a more quiet off-campus location.
Robert Paul ReyesThieves Steal Parrot Who Loves To Sing Queen Songs - It's a good thing Booth didn't teach Chico to sing Justine Bieber's greatest hits, the thieves would have flushed him down the toilet by now.
Stan PopovichThe Advantages of Adopting a Dog Or Cat - There are many advantages to adopting a dog or cat. Adopting a pet can be a great way to reduce our every day stresses and anxieties. In addition, there are many other reasons why adopting a dog or cat can be important in your life.
Robert Paul ReyesMichigan Humane Society Holds Rat Adoption Day - I would never adopt a rat, but I commend the humane society for holding the rat adoption event: It teaches children to love all animals.
Robert Paul ReyesKitten Lucky To Be Alive After Riding 85 Miles On Top Of Engine - Anyone who owns cats knows they love anything that`s warm, my cat Ebony loves to sit on top of my TV when it`s on. Yeah, I have an old school TV that`s wide enough for a cat to sit on -- don`t hate.
Robert Paul ReyesIsrael: Man Bites Police Dog And Insults Cops - Dog bites Snooki: News, anything involving the pop tart is news.
SOP newswirePossibly the Tiniest Rescue Puppy Escaped Death Four Times - Beyonce, perhaps the world's tiniest puppy, has survived death four times already.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Miracle: Sugar The Cat Survives Epic Fall From 19th-Story Window - This isn't exactly a breaking news story, but we need to read a heartwarming story every once in a while.
Robert Paul ReyesLove Is In The Air At Detroit Zoo! Will Polar Bears Mate? - Detroit isn't exactly known as the City of Love, it ain't no Paris, but it's spring and a young polar bear's fancy turns to love.
Robert Paul ReyesLonely Zoo Gorilla Gets A New Roommate: A Bunny - "Somethin' tells me It's all happening at the zoo"
Robert Paul ReyesSchool Bus Ride From Hell: Wild Turkey Goes Through Windshield Of Bus - It's a good thing this accident didn't happen a few days before Thanksgiving, the youngsters would have been to shaken up to eat turkey.
Robert Paul ReyesCopper The Therapy Dog Dies: Popular Pooch Ministered To Hundreds In Nursing Homes - We should learn from Copper's example and minister to the elderly in nursing homes.
Robert Paul ReyesOwner Fights Cougar To Save His Pooch - The brave dog owner wasn't hurt, and his tiny pooch escaped with only a few scratches.
Robert Paul ReyesTrooper The Cat Who Was Frozen To Driveway Loses Leg & Tail, But Doing Well - Trooper has earned the right to live in peace and comfort for the rest of his life.
Robert Paul ReyesElderly Gentleman Shoots Himself Twice Trying To Kill Caged Racoon - Godwin shouldn't be toting anything more dangerous than a cap gun, his wife should switch his 22-caliber handgun with a cap gun, he probably won't notice.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Adorable Hank The Cat Running For Senate In Virginia - Like most felines Hank has a laissez faire attitude, he would go with the flow -- the opposite of Tea Party Republicans who are responsible for the gridlock in Congress.
Donna CavanaghDogTV: Your Pet's Best Friend - A new cable channel promises to be the best friend for your best friend. I guess everyone deserves a favorite reality show.
Robert Paul ReyesSouthern Insanity: North Carolina Hospital Evacuated Due To Bats! - The hospital staff should have offered the patients free moonshine to ease their discomfort.
Ernest DempseyVideo Shows Abuse of Injured Dog at the Stark County Dog Warden Department - Video footage providing evidence of the abuse of an injured dog at Ohio`s Stark County Dog Warden Department has been public on YouTube.
Robert Paul ReyesElvis The Famous Runaway Elk Finds Home In West Virginia Wildlife Center - Every animal, not just cute kittens and puppies, deserve to live.
Robert Paul ReyesLady's Baby 'Micropig' Turns Into Huge 200-Pound Porker - I commend the couple for making accommodations for the pig, and showing it love and affection.
Robert Paul ReyesShock Video: Huge Argentine Mastiff Bites Anchor On Face On Live TV - The animal is being quarantined until a judge can decide its fate.
SOP newswire2Audio: Humpback Whales Caught Singing Different Tunes In the Indian Ocean - The results of the study conducted by researchers from WCS, Columbia University, and Australia contradict previous humpback whale song comparisons.
SOP newswire2New Species of Ancient Crocodile Discovered - Shieldcroc is the newest discovery of crocodile species dating to the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 95 million years ago.
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