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Top Ten Ways to Celebrate International Cat Day

Wake up your partner by biting her toe.

Robert Paul ReyesMotorcyclist Riding With Pooch Charged With Animal Cruelty - But riding a motorcycle with a dog behind the windshield isn't a good idea, if the bike hits a bump in the road the canine will go flying like a kite.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Pooch Eats $1,000 In Cash, Owner Pours Peroxide Down Its Throat - Forcing down peroxide down a dog's throat is criminal, and wiping off dung from hundred dollar bills is disgusting.
Donna CavanaghSonic "Fur" All - My dogs found out a new Sonic is being built in our town. They are thrilled as this is their favorite fast food.
Robert Paul ReyesAmazing Video: Cat Climbs Down 40-Foot Cactus! - Our nation is beset with many intractable problems that will never have a happy resolution, thank goodness this story had a happy ending.
Robert Paul ReyesFurball The Cat Spends 5 Terrifying Days In Tree Before Being Rescued - It must have been a nightmare for the family, knowing their kitty was scared, hungry and in danger of falling down.
Robert Paul ReyesMama Bear And Her Cubs Take Over Neighborhood Tree - Human beings are infringing on the habitat of bears and other wild animals, it's humans and not the bears who are the interlopers.
Robert Paul ReyesBrave Chef Frees Young Bear From Trash Cage With Mom Bear Lurking Nearby - If you are an animal lover who lives in Estes Park, Colorado, you should patronize the Wild Basin Lodge & Event Center.
Dr. Judith Orloff (Mentor)A Dog's Compassion is Like No Others - Compassion also provides the crucible for healing miracles to occur. One of my workshop participants told the following story.
SOP newswire2Is Arthritis in Dogs Linked to Pet Stores? - Is there a connection between Folsom pet stores, puppy mills and younger dogs with joint degeneration?
Robert Paul ReyesMiracle: Baby Alligator Survives Being Flushed Down A Toilet! - All babies (human and animal) are so cute and helpless, only a sick soul would flush a baby alligator down the toilet.
Robert Paul Reyes'Frank And Louie' The Two-Faced Cat Turns Twelve - It's very rare for a two-faced kitten to live for more than a few days, it's incredible that Frank and Loui has survived 12 years.
Robert Paul ReyesHeroes Rescue Little Pooch From Raw Sewage - It's the stories about miscreants abusing dogs and cats that make the news; it's wonderful to read an article about heroes who were willing to jump into raw sewage to rescue a little doggie.
Robert Paul ReyesBuddy The Surfer Dog Top Dog Again: Wins Fifth Surfiing Competition! - More than 80 pooches competed in the surfing competition in which Buddy emerged as top dog. Buddy is a real hot dog, I bet he did at least on Hang 10.
Robert Paul ReyesSorceress Cagliastro Mummifies Pets! Would You Mummify Your Pooch Or Cat? - The Sorceress's goal in life is to one day mummify humans, for heaven's sake don't let this woman get anywhere near your pet, I don't care if it's alive or dead.
Robert Paul ReyesPig Finds A Home In An Office Park, Eluding Capture From Animal Control Officers - Pigs are as playful and cute as they are tasty and delicious. I don't know what I enjoy more, petting piglets at a petting zoo or eating BBQ pork ribs.
Robert Paul ReyesPooch Freed From Crack In A Boulder - Only a silly pooch would get himself in this predicament. Dogs are loyal and friendly, but they ain't too bright.
Robert Paul ReyesChinese Government Bans Dog-Eating Carnival - The consumption of dog meat in China dates back thousands of years, and the reprehensible practice remains socially acceptable.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: It Takes Hunter Nine Hours To Pull Alligator From Lake - A man said he pulled a 12-foot alligator from an Alabama lake after wrangling with the big reptile for about 9 hours.
Robert Paul ReyesJack The Cat Lost At JFK Airport Has Tons Of Twitter Followers - A cat missing at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York for the past two weeks has become an Internet celebrity, complete with Twitter account.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Cited For Riding Motorcycle With Pooch On His Lap - Authorities in New Jersey said a man cited for riding his motorcycle with his pug on his lap told them he had been riding with the canine for years.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Adorable Harbor The Dog With The World's Longest Ears - Guinness World Records announced a Colorado coonhound will appear in the 2012 book after receiving the title of 'longest ears on a living dog.
Donna CavanaghGiant Rodents and Other Unnecessary Pets - It might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but For residents in a Brooklyn apartment building, the giant rodents were real.
Robert Paul ReyesOMG! 3-Foot Rat Killed With Pitchfork In New York City Housing Projects - Jose Rivera should be dispatched to DC, there are enough giant rats in Congress to keep him busy for years.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: New York City Cracking Down On Bars That Allow Pets - A bar that allows you to bring your pooch with you is as close to paradise as you can get in this sad world.
Robert Paul ReyesNebraska Jail Adopts 2 Cats: Inmates And Staff Thrilled! - If inmates learn to take care of and love Sarge and Nemo perhaps they will learn to empathize with human beings.
Robert Paul ReyesBeau The Dog Can Add, Subtract, Divide, And He's Memorized Square Roots - Owner David Madsen says if he tells Beau there are six dogs at the park and three dogs leave, and then asks him how many are left, the dog replies: 'Woof, woof, woof.'
Robert Paul ReyesPetey The Parakeet Freed From Car Grille Adopted - Officials at an animal hospital have selected a new owner for a parakeet rescued from the front grill of a car.
Donna CavanaghYou Really Married a Dog! - An insult to most men, the words "You married a dog" rang true to one man in India.
Robert Paul ReyesWould You Offer A $5,000 Reward If Your Cat Ran Away? - A Canadian woman says she is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who can find her missing cat Kitty.
Robert Paul ReyesEscaped Peacock Returns To Safety Of Central Park Zoo After One Night - Officials at the Central Park Zoo in New York said an escaped peacock returned home on its own after spending the night on the ledge of an apartment.
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