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A Therapy Dog in a Dental Office Is a Wonderful Idea

Going to the dentist is something many people dread, but one Wichita dental office is trying to make the experience a little easier on patients.

Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Calif. Park Rangers Dipping Goose Eggs In Oil! Where's PETA? - California park rangers said they are combing parks for Canada goose eggs they dip in oil as a form of avian birth control to keep the population in check.
Robert Paul ReyesWould You Wear A License Around Your Neck At A Dog Park? - A proposal that would require humans using an Illinois dog park to wear a license around their necks has some area residents growling.
Robert Paul ReyesSurvey: During Lean Economic Times Folks Spend More On Their Pets - Americans may be clipping money-saving coupons and delaying buying a new home, but when it comes to their pets they're spending more than ever, according to a new survey.
Robert Paul ReyesK-9 Dog Faces Down Posse Of Animals To Find Stash Of Weed - Italian authorities say a police dog got past a large dog, a cat, a rabbit and a nearly 6 1/2-foot python to find an alleged drug dealer's stash of marijuana.
Robert Paul ReyesHero Pooch Keeps Runaway Toddler Warm And Alive - When two year-old Tyler Jacobson went missing for 12 hours in bitterly cold temperatures - there was one best friend he could count on.
Robert Paul ReyesMiracle: 3 Weeks After Japan Earthquake Dog Rescued From Sea - A dog that survived in a house swept away to sea three weeks ago by the devastating Japan tsunami was saved on Friday by a coast guard rescue team flying over an island of debris.
Dawn HuffakerThe Secret Life of Walter Kitty (part 1) - The following story was inspired by James Thurber who wrote a short story entitled 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' in 1939. The story centered around a henpecked husband who daydreamed his life was more interesting and heroic. I have added a new twist to this theme. Enjoy!
Donna CavanaghThe Lifestyle of the Pampered Pet - Some pets live a dog-eat-dog lifestyle while others have lives that make humans jealous. If there is reincarnation, I want to come back as a pampered pet.
Robert Paul ReyesKnut The Polar Bear Dead: People All Over The World In Mourning - Knut the polar bear died suddenly yesterday in his compound at Berlin Zoo
SOP newswire2What Happened to The Sea Turtles in Palm Beach County? - Loggerhead, leatherback, green and other sea turtles all rely on Florida beaches as safe havens to lay their eggs each year.
Donna CavanaghThe Day of the Squirrel - It was an ordinary day until I walked into my home and found a squirrel freaking out in my kitchen.
Robert Paul ReyesTeen Girl Arrested For Killing Family Hamster - Monique Smith is a glaring example of why I prefer the company of dogs, cats, and even hamsters to that of human beings.
Robert Paul ReyesWild Chickens Cause Havoc In Phoenix - Officials in Phoenix said they lack options for dealing with a flock of about five chickens recently spotted roaming a neighborhood.
Robert Paul ReyesWall-e The Puppy Survives Euthanasia - An Oklahoma animal clinic said it was looking for a home for a puppy found alive in a dumpster after undergoing euthanasia.
Robert Paul ReyesHeidi The Adorable Cross-Eyed Opossum Correctly Predicts Oscar Winners - Heidi, Germany's cross-eyed celebrity opossum, came up one pick short of perfectly predicting top awards at the Oscars.
Robert Paul ReyesBrave Fox Climbs To Top Of Europe's Tallest Skyscraper - A death-defying fox clambered up Britain's tallest skyscraper and lived the high life on the 72nd floor of the tower in central London for nearly two weeks.
Robert Paul ReyesMiracle: Dolphins Save Pooch From Drowning - A Florida woman said her missing dog was found after a group of dolphins drew a neighbor's attention to the canine treading water.
Robert Paul ReyesMiracle: Cat Survives Having Arrow Shot Into His Head - A black tomcat who survived having an arrow shot into his head may have his name changed from 'Jynx' to 'Lucky', the cat's Illinois owner said.
Robert Paul ReyesDog Elected President Of Civic Association - Residents of a Maryland neighborhood admit they should have paid more attention before they unwittingly elected a dog as president of their civic association.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Animal Planet Nabs Klepto The Adorable Cat Burglar - A thieving feline has been caught on camera, stealing over 600 items from neighbors' homes in a California town, reports said Wednesday.
Robert Paul ReyesWill Frank The Cross-Eyed Jaguarundi Become A Celebrity? - Meet Frank the jaguarundi, a 14-year-old wild cat from the Tiergarten Delitzsch in eastern Germany, who has his own pair of crossed eyes.
Robert Paul ReyesCat Survives Arrow Wound - An Indiana woman said a cat she found outside her door earned the nickname "Toughy" by surviving an arrow wound in freezing temperatures.
Robert Paul ReyesPoetic Justice: Rooster Kills Man At Cockfight! - A man has died after being accidentally stabbed in the leg by a sharp blade attached to a rooster at a cockfighting match.
Robert Paul ReyesHeidi The Adorable Cross-Eyed Opossum Goes On A Diet - A strict diet may help the Leipzig Zoo's opossum Heidi to lose the crossed eyes that have made her an international attraction.
Robert Paul ReyesAdorable Pooches Are Married In Civil Ceremony - Two dogs at a New York shelter, separated when a dog-napper made off with one of them, were reunited and 'married' in a civil ceremony, shelter workers say.
Robert Paul ReyesCatastrophe: Sal The Cat Summoned For Jury Duty! Court: Sal Must Attend! - A pet cat has been summoned for jury duty - and has been told by courts he 'must attend'
Robert Paul ReyesGena The Crocodile Gets Sick After Swallowing A Cell Phone - A crocodile in Ukraine who swallowed a cell phone has refused to touch his food for a month and attempts to prompt nature to take its course have so far failed, vets said Saturday.
Robert Paul ReyesTiny Six-Inch Doggie Terrorizes Wimpy British Postal Worker - She is ankle-height and looks cute -- but Peggy the tiny Yorkshire terrier is deemed so ferocious by Britain's Royal Mail that it has halted postal deliveries to the entire street where she lives.
Robert Paul ReyesBlind Kitten Named After Singer Stevie Wonder Needs A Home - Florida's Cat Protection Society is trying to find a home for a cat with limited eyesight named for blind singer Stevie Wonder.
Robert Paul ReyesNeighbors Want Couple Evicted For Harboring Rocky The Singing Dog - A New York couple said neighbors are trying to have them evicted because their daughter brings her dog to visit and 'sing.'
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