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Will Says...

Food Equals Love

I think we all need to stop and examine how we show our love for each other.

Binay LamichhaneWhen I Say I Love You - Love is always in air. So, why don't I write? Comments wanted...
Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)~Pink, Blue and Green~ - Any race can have an Albino. Perhaps they are given to us here in all races of humanity, to teach us all of the complete senselessness of racism.
Jeremiah HunsickerSky of Emptyness - The first of many songs and poems from talented new SOP Writer, Jeremiah Hunsicker.
Caddy BurrowsWithout You - Poetry opens doors to open hearts, broken dreams and eternal hope.
Natasha KalafatisDreaming Between the Lines - I apologize for the gruesome details but this poem, in my own bewildering way, is a message to live life to its best while you can.
Manish LamichhaneI miss you - A Poem - Its about two lovers living on opposite sides of the world.
Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)Is Beautiful - Sometimes laughter is horridly harmful! I have to tell you. And many, unfortunately, I believe would also agree.
Wrap That - Practical and poignant poem about the possible consequences of unprotected sex.
Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)My Silence - This poem ever so delicately touches the heart. Are there places where we can embrace the intangible? Consider the ponderings of a poet.
Caddy BurrowsJust Friends - Once escaped, can feelings be recaptured? Can words spoken be forgotten? Will time tell? Sure, we're friends, aren't we?
Subash LamichhaneChildren of the Himalayas - A Poem about being a child living in the Himalyas of Nepal not knowing about school.
Kathryn Were OmwandhoThe Dying Songs of the Motherland - Good African music and culture have been forgotten according to one soul who is listening and calling your heart to remembrance.
Jennifer SmithIllusions Of Love - A Poem - Its me...pretty in pink. Your mind in deceit. An optical illusion. Your mind in confusion.
Subash Lamichhane This Is No Victory - This poem speaks to the futility and heart break of war. Can war win?
Subash LamichhaneFriendship Between Friends is Forever - You and I, friends evermore, captured in the words of this poem.
Manish LamichhaneUnlimited Question! - A poem which asks us if, deep in our souls, we know the source of love.
Askin Ozcan (Mentor)The Passing Boat - A poem about the passage of time and the investments we make in ourselves and each other.
Manish LamichhaneDeath is certain, but when? - Think of the beginning of the life on earth...
Jennifer SmithA Sister's Love - I can't believe that the time has come. For the longest time, you have been my best friend.
Jennifer SmithMy Heart's Work - Poetry-- For everything you've invested in me, I'm devoted to you eternally.
Subash LamichhaneNor Love Shall Die - A love poem-- the beautiful time we shared; I know hearts shall awake
Manish LamichhaneLow Mental Disposition - This poem is about the boy who has been falling into a state of depression.
Manish LamichhaneMy Friend, the Begger - One man from Kathmandu -- we shall be kind
Jennifer SmithWhat's In Me - A Poem-- Why must I run? Why must I hide? I'm too scared to say I tried.
Subash LamichhaneMisery - What makes a person want to commit Suicide? Hunger, Poverty, or Comfort of the heart. In this poem, I have tried to focuson all these things describing the story of a women who committed
Carlos AndinaRotten Cream - A poem discouraging the consumption of rotten cream
Manish LamichhaneAbout Us - A poem all about who falls in love. Who think they are in love and who are unsure about falling in love.
Plead - This poem is all about the plead of nature to human beings-- so called the intelligent animal, but who are cutting down the trees they rely on.
Subash LamichhaneTo the Rising Sun - This is a poem which tries to describe life with war and peace ..Its a joy to have peace back again and it has attemped to describe consequences of the war ..The beauty that the peace rays bring is infinite ..
Subash LamichhaneWe Need Only a Dream - A Poem-- For too many years we"ve stopped dreaming.
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