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Food Equals Love

I think we all need to stop and examine how we show our love for each other.

David BedworthHow I bought my Love nettle tea - It was not bought by cash or pounds, or bartered harshly across hemp sacks, in Souks awash with heat and scent.
Audrey MichellePills - Overdosed By Prescription. A Poem Written By Audrey Michelle - Pills discusses the effects of prescription drugs and the facade they create. Though necessary, the user is forced to wonder who they are beneath the medication.
Audrey MichelleSurviving Insanity - I once tried to kill myself...
David BedworthAn Ending Corner - My fellow suns are on the wane
Matthew VosslerIs it lucky to be here? - At the end of an age, Is it lucky to be here?
David BedworthA Poem: Eudora - A poem of pending events on the eve of the Second World War
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Poets Are Our Shamans - The reason vampires are always in vogue is because we encounter them. All of us have left the company of certain people feeling we have just donated a bit too much blood in an uncertain cause.
Joey LiamA Poem about Enlightenment - Here is an original poetry about enlightenment written by J. Liam.
Christine StoddardLesbian Tea Party - A poem about the forbidden romance between a female student and female teacher...
Christine StoddardOur Little Johnny - A poem about a very morbid little boy
Zoneziwoh MbondguloRhythm in Rhyme - Words in Music Jam poetry with sounds
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Poets More Informative Than Anchormen - I admire the very first poem, "Magic Carpet Editions,` of Barbara Louise Ungar`s Thrift inordinately.
Matthew VosslerRecalling Summer - Summer Nights and starry lights, Full Moon rising sweet smells of flora, Aquarius this one, its lightning strikes.
Ed RobertsThe Words of Others - After each poem I keep on my poetry site there is a place where poeple can leave a comment on that poem.
Basanta karCitizen: A Poem - The Unfold Pinnacle: Giving marginalised Indian women a voice through poetry. This poem is from my third pre-published collection of poems-The Unfold Pinnacle, written on real life stories on most marginalised women in India.
Joey LiamAn Ode to My Beloved Preacher - A special poem I'd written for my beloved Preacher in support and recognition of his struggles and labor for the gospel of Christ.
Mark Frederic JenningsHoly Blue Fire Burn - poem I wrote about a year ago about the kingdom of God
SOP newswire2Don't Miss it! Djelloul Marbrook to Read His Poetry "Far from Algiers" - Djelloul Marbrook will read his poetry at the next program in the Poetry on the Loose Reading/Performance Series.
Ed RobertsEmpty Cans - Look across my one-room apartment
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Poetry: Torn Curtains Blowing - Houses war to keep what happens in them from suck and blanch
SOP newswire257 Selections - The order finally arrived, an audio CD, complete with 57 selections, all on one side.
Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)With The Letter H... - A short thought perhaps worth pondering.
Ed RobertsSilence: For those who have lived this and survived - Though this poem may seem ripped from today's headlines I have been trying to write it for nearly two years now. Like most of my poetry,
Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)How Do You Dream? - A Poem About Dreams.
Darren LaMontagneInvincible Death - I reached a milestone today. It`s a landmark that happens only once in person`s life, if they are lucky enough.
Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo"Permit US take you from the PAST into the PRESENT passing through the FUTURE - He holds that all rules in the arts can be overruled, if the product paves the way for more HARMONY in the TRINITY of the MIND, BODY & SOUL.
Zoneziwoh MbondguloTears of Different Colors - Tears of different colors, Weeping green, that`s what it`s reflecting, Somewhere, far-wide is jubilating Red.
Juliet MaruruGold-Digger Poem finalist on Poetry Soup - A poem by juliet Maruru previously published on www.thesop.org and submitted to the Poetry Soup Contest of September 2008 was a finalist and on the feature page for a while....
Juliet MaruruDon't Miss it! 'Cut off my Tongue' Poetry Performance in Nairobi - The show, previously cancelled because of riots in the City has been rescheduled for March 21 and 22, 2009.
Zoneziwoh MbondguloIf I did it? - I pray for that day where red wouldn`t be ceremony That day where the sun will shine, Smiling in good faith And the rain shall clap praising. If I did it? Bleeding tears not for they But for the souls lost Vacancies which can`t be replace If I did it Dedicated to all those who were (have been) victims of genocides.
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