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Will Says...

Donald Trump Has a Big Red Button in the Oval Office That He Uses To ...

Can you imagine if Hillary had won, she would have installed a red button that would have summoned a doctor with medication for any of her myriad life-threatening illnesses.

Leon (Producer)Arms Control and Nonproliferation Advisory Board Meeting - The Arms Control and Nonproliferation Advisory Board (ACNAB) held an organizational meeting on Monday, January 30. The Board will provide the Department with insight and advice on a broad range of international security issues. The Board is sponsored
Joey O\'DonnellWhen the Past and the Present collide... - Noticeable connections between Nixon's Kansas State Speech and Bush's.
Bruce H.G. Calder (Editor)In For the Long Haul - Whatever the reasons were for invading Iraq in the first place, it is vitally important that the United States not withdraw its forces prematurely.
Joey O\'DonnellPublic Hearings for Domestic Eavesdropping - Bush's 1/11/05 resignation to have Public Hearings about Domestic Eavesdropping
Rich James (Marketing)So What Is Your Answer? - Is Social Security an issue that really needs to be fixed; is it broken?
Ann PoludenkoUkraine Looks To Be More Democratic - The first thing that forms democracy is the ruling voice of people. But to want to change something means to know for sure what is wrong.
Glenn Swift (Editor)Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned - The Meaning of Katrina - Glenn Swift offers his ideas about feckless and self-centered leadership in a time of crisis.
Glenn Swift (Editor)Glenn Swift - the Voice of the Left - Glenn was a life-long resident of Vero Beach, Florida before moving to the "left coast" to become Managing Editor of Kettley Publishing in Newport Beach. A graduate of one of the
Melissa AustriaReconstruction, or Terrorizing the Rights of Iraqi Women? - Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean stated on August 14, “It looks like today, and this could change, as of today it looks like women will be worse off in Iraq than they were when Saddam Hussein was president of Iraq”.
John GoodinFEMA's Authority - One nation under FEMA - After the shock of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation subsided, the nation began to search for someone to carry the blame.
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