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Will Says...

Obama Says He Won`t Sign Another Continuing Resolution

President Barack Obama said today he will not sign another short-term continuing resolution in December.

Robert Paul ReyesAnother Joe Biden Gaffe! Hey Joe, Sprinkle Some Sugar On Your Shoes! - Biden puts his foot in his mouth so often that he should consider sprinkling sugar on his shoes.
SOP newswire2Do You Think Obama Controls all Media Communications in the U.S.? - That will tell you that the internationalists are entrenched in our government for the purpose of dissolving the U.S. and enslaving it under a communistic one-world government.
SOP newswire2Ohio Poll Finds Poor Economy and Lack of Full Time Jobs Devastate Young Adults - Young adults in Ohio are paying a very steep personal price for the poor economy and economic policies coming out of the White House
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Jill Biden's (Not Joe Biden) Hillarious Gaffe - It seems we have the most well-endowed President and Vice-President in history, but the electorate should keep in mind it`s someone with a big brain that we want in the White House.
Robert Paul ReyesMitt Romney: I Go To Bed Wearing As Little As Possible! TMI! - At least the interviewer exercised some restraint and didn`t ask: Boxers, briefs or Magic Mormon underwear?
Robert Paul ReyesJoe Biden On College Cheerleaders: The Stuff They Do On Hard Wood Blows My Mind! - Joe Biden is infamous for putting his foot in his mouth, if you google Joe Biden gaffes " you will get over a million hits.
SOP newswire2Obama Sees Himself as the Chance Progeny of Reptiles? - In Johnson's book, the Obama regime and the NAS are two of the six pillars of a Cainite Moronocracy now ruling America.
SOP newswire2Egyptian Arrest Warrant for US Pastor Terry Jones - Rev. Rob Schenck (pronounced SHANK), president of Faith and Action in Washington, DC, is a critic of Pastor Terry Jones, the Gainesville, Florida, minister who has publicly
John G. KaysContrast a Graceful Barack Obama on David Letterman to Romney`s 47% Gaffe! - With the offensive 47% percent gaffe of Mitt Romney causing massive plummeting in the polls for the out-of-touch Republican candidate, President Barack Obama made a comfortable and graceful guest appearance to The Late Show (hosted by David Letterman), providing even more substance for (what looks like) his imminent re-election.
SOP newswire2Material on Radical Islam Purged: Outstanding Army Officer Disciplined - The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, announced today that it is representing U.S. Army Lieutenant
Robert Paul ReyesMitt Romney Claims To Like Snooki! What A Phony Moron! - Romney will say anything to win the presidential election, but I never imagined he would stoop so low, in an attempt to appeal to the youth vote.
SOP newswire2Bill Keller Named as Reason Muslims Protesting in Middle East - Bill Keller, the world's leading Internet Evangelist and the founder of LivePrayer.com, with over 2.4 million subscribers worldwide reading the
John G. KaysJohn Kerry Uses Ciceronian-Like Rhetoric to Blast Romney and Uphold Obama! - John Kerry is an expert on foreign policy, and his speech at the DNC convention last night, supporting what Barack Obama`s presidency has done in the foreign arena, was as strong and heart-felt as I`ve ever heard from him. Kerry used a sharp rhetorical delivery, fiery in blasting the Republican Mitt Romney.
SOP newswire2 Religious Liberty Americans Demand It - In recent months, the media has been flooded with images of citizens gathering in city centers and lining the streets holding banners
John G. KaysBill Clinton Argues Persuasively for Barack Obama`s Re-Election! - Bill Clinton explained exactly what Barack Obama has accomplished in his first four years, as well as explaining the flaws in what the Romney/Ryan ticket wants to do. Bill`s speech was very detailed and laid out the history of the past four years in such a way, that you could understand clearly how far we`ve come out of the devastation the Republicans left us with in 2008. Our nation nearly collapsed!
John G. KaysSan Antonio Mayor Julian Castro`s Message: Grow the Middle Class from the Bottom Up! - Spirits were high for the Democrats on the first night of their convention in Charlotte, N.C. Faring from Texas myself, I focused most of my attention on the keynote speech of San Antonio Mayor, Julian Castro, who managed to energize the convention crowd with his testimony of how he`s bringing the American Dream to San Antonio.
M. QuinnEmotional Politics: "A Ploy for The Hearts and Minds of a Nation" - With an estimated 20 million American's unemployed or underemployed due to a stifled economy; coupled with college graduates who have found themselves being
John McCormickPolitical Games 2012 - A quick look at the RNC convention, Clint Eastwood, and the RNC Platform. Fun and games in Fla. It would be funny if it all weren't so sad.
SOP newswire2Mitt Romney to Dump Karl Rove? - Karl Rove's "joke" about murdering Congressman Todd Akin was so distasteful as to shame the entire Republican Party, says William J. Murray, Chairman of Government Is Not God -- PAC.
SOP newswire2Romney Rejects Pressure to Move to the Center - The day before Paul Ryan was announced as Mitt Romney's running mate, many conservatives still wondered if Romney was a Republican they could work for
John G. KaysMitt Romney`s RNC Speech Was So Generic, It Was Instantly Forgettable! - Blue is the clan color for the Democrats, red identifies the Republicans. Does this suggest Mitt leans to the left, as opposed to Marco, who`s weighed down by the ponderous gravity of right-wing extremism?
John G. KaysIs Paul Ryan Lying when He Claims the Strong Should Protect the Weak? - `ve been very irritated, if not too impressed with the blue bubble backdrop behind the prime-time speakers at the 2012 Republican National Convention. What the promotional marketing company is going after, is beyond me? Is this cloudy undulating fog machine intended to represent the American Dream, of self-sufficiency and aggressive free-enterprise?
George Curry (Former Featured Editor)Mitt Romney Putting Distance Between Himself and Paul Ryan? - Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has been carefully trying to put some distance between him and running mate Paul Ryan'
Robert Paul Reyes70% Of Obama's Twitter Followers Fake!Twitter Feed As Fake As His Birth Certificate! - Obama should do the right thing, and immediately shut down his Twitter feed.
SOP newswire2Akin Was Attacked by Democrats - Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation issues the following statement in support of the candidacy of pro-life Republican Todd Akin for Senate in Missouri
M. QuinnOBAMA 2.0: What's Next? - "The time for change has come; this is a new day in America; its' time for a change in how Washington conducts it's politics; this is not a blue America or a Red America - this is the United States of America. (And the all time favorite) there's not a Black America nor a White America, or a Latino or Asian America. This is the United States of America". - Barack Obama
SOP newswireComparing Catholic VP Candidates - Catholic League president Bill Donohue compares Paul Ryan with Joe Biden as candidates for Vice President.
Robert Paul ReyesWord Is Out: Harry Reid Belongs To Magic Undies Merry Men Marijuana Club. - Come on Reid, the word is out there that you are a stoner; you need to take a drug test to exonerate yourself.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Punches Girlfriend: She Had Pic Of Mitt Romney On Her Facebook Page - But she'd better not put up a pic of the president on her Facebook page, redneck Turpin will probably kill her if he sees a pic of some black dude from Kenya on her Facebook page.
SOP newswireWill Cell Phone Decide the Next US President? - Tore Erickson, CRO of New York based digital ad agency Clash Group, analyzes how shrewd political use of mobile may hold the key to the White House.
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