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Donald Trump: Campaigner-in-Chief

The applause from his adoring true believers is an elixir for Trump, but he can't campaign for the next four years. Trump can accomplish only so much from executive orders, sooner or later he has to govern. Trump doesn't know the first thing about running a country or being commander-in-chief -- we're screwed.

Robert Paul ReyesKaty Perry Offers to Write Theme Song for Hillary Clinton: Video - But Perry`s " I Kissed a Girl " would be more appropriate, it could serve as Hillary`s campaign theme song and as the official song for her coming out party.
Robert Paul ReyesHillary Clinton: The Most Awkward Politician in American History: Video - Hillary is a most awkward politician: She has a shrill voice, a frumpy appearance, and little to no connection with an audience.
Robert Paul ReyesHillary Clinton: Too Old, Too Wealthy, Too Far Inside the Closet, and Too Out of Touch To Run for President! - Hillary we do see you as part of the problem, you are the one percent, and you don`t understand, empathize or understand ordinary Americans.
Robert Paul ReyesShould Hillary Clinton Come Out of the Closet to Revive Her Lackluster Campaign? - As Hillary Clinton makes the rounds of the networks for her book tour cum presidential campaign, she`s eliciting yawns and anemic ratings.
Robert Paul ReyesHillary Clinton Signs Book for Giant RNC Squirrel: Video - An intern dressed as a giant squirrel is following Hillary around the country as she promotes her new book, "Hard Choices."
SOP newswire3Obama: Normandy was 'Democracy`s Beachhead` - Normandy represents democracy`s beachhead, President Barack Obama said today in remarks commemorating the 70th anniversary of the allied invasion of France.
SOP newswire3Obama: 'Sacred Rule` Required Securing Bergdahl`s Freedom - Regardless of the circumstances that led to Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl`s five years of captivity, President Barack Obama said today, the United States needed to get him back.
SOP newswire3Obama, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl`s Parents, Give Thanks for His Freedom - At the White House today, President Barack Obama stood with Bob and Jani Bergdahl as they thanked the governments of the United States, Qatar and Afghanistan, the military services, and all supporters of their son Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl during his nearly five years as a prisoner of war in Afghanistan.
Robert Paul ReyesHillary Clinton: Too Old, Too Corrupt, Too Sickly to Run for President! - Now is the time to speak out against the so-called inevitability of a Hillary run for president. Our democracy cannot survive another Clinton, or another Bush for that matter, in the White House.
SOP newswire3First Lady Marks Mother`s Day and Speaks Out on the Kidnapping in Nigeria - In this week`s address, First Lady Michelle Obama honors all mothers on this upcoming Mother`s Day.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Barack Hussein Obama Bows to Japanese Robot: Video - Obama has no backbone, and maybe his back just falls forward of its own accord, but in any event he is an embarrassment to the United States.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Mayor Bill de Blasio Proclaims May 16 'Barbara Walters Day' - Is it too soon to launch a recall petition?
Robert Paul ReyesMarried GOP Congressman Caught Making Out With Staffer In Surveillance Video! - It`s hardly breaking news when a politician is caught cheating on his wife, but it`s especially delicious when it`s another " family values" GOP politician who`s caught red-handed.
Robert Paul ReyesReporter Attacked by Anti-Obama Protester During Live Report - If the anti-Obama protestor wants to express his political views he can write a letter to the editor or write a blog, viewers don`t want their newscast to be interrupted by a jerk.
SOP newswire3Obama, Hagel Contact Top Russian Officials on Ukraine - President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called their Russian counterparts today to express their concerns over recent events in Ukraine.
Robert Paul ReyesConan O'Brien Mocks Joe Biden's Non-Answer About Running for President: Video - The Democratic Party is not in a good situation: Their best hopes for 2016 are a septuagenarian with no brains and a sexagenarian with no sex appeal.
Robert Paul ReyesCrack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford Calls in Sick on Bob Marley Day: Video - I`m not gay or even metrosexual, but I would love to have a bromance with Rob Ford. Hanging out with the dancing, crack-smoking mayor would be a blast.
SOP newswire3Obama Touches on Afghanistan, Iran, Syria in State of Union Address - While President Barack Obama`s State of the Union speech tonight was dominated by domestic concerns, he also addressed national security concerns.
John G. KaysBarack Obama`s State of the Union Speech Stayed Practical, with Tangible Goals Proposed! - President Barack Obama gave a stirring and inspirational State of the Union (2014) speech last night, yet it wasn`t over-reaching; rather, it spoke of intended goals, practical and tangible. That is, goals he can accomplish over this year, that will actually improve the lives of all Americans.
Robert Paul ReyesMike Huckabee, Libido, Uncle Sugar & The GOP Women Problem! Video! - Did Huckabee not take that Republican class on How to Talk to Women without Sounding like a Total Dic*?
Robert Paul ReyesCrack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford's Latest Video: He Speaks In Jamaican Accent - Rob Ford needs to get rid of his enablers and hangers-on, admit that he`s an alcoholic, and go to rehab, post haste.
Robert Paul ReyesJoe Biden: Biggest Joke in the World! Video! - President Barack Hussein Obama has been such an abject failure, that if it weren`t for the fact that Joe Biden is Vice President, he would have been impeached already.
Robert Paul ReyesLet's Trade Canada Chris Christie for Rob Ford! Video! - Why is Ford better than Christie? Let`s count the ways!
Robert Paul ReyesBridgegate Has Destroyed Chris Christie's Presidential Aspirations! Fat Bully Is Toast! - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a fat bully, who likes throwing his weight around, literally and figuratively.
John G. KaysIs Chris Christie Telling the Truth When He Says His Staff Acted Alone in Closing the Lanes? - Are there two Chris Christies? A good Christie and bad Christie? It sure looks like it! And what about the New Jersey Governor`s deputy chief of staff, Bridget Anne Kelly? A Bergen Record piece characterizes her as talented, pleasant, and a good egg, which says to me she wouldn`t be capable of the Machiavellian politics of an insensitive email...
SOP newswire2PA Senator Vincent Hughes Rejects Governor Tom Corbett's "Healthy PA" Plan - State Senator Vincent Hughes has been a member of the Pennsylvania Senate representing the 7th Senatorial District since November 1994.
Robert Paul ReyesBill de Blasio Inauguration Preacher: New York City A Plantation, Video - Keep preachers out of politics, especially if they are morons.
SOP newswire3Obama-signed Bill Provides Military Pay, Bonuses - President Barack Obama today signed House Resolution 3304, which provides pay and bonuses for U.S. service members.
Robert Paul ReyesObama Ripe For Ridicule: It's Our Patriotic Duty To Mock Him! Video! - Obama is ripe for ridicule: Comics should mock him and the Senate should impeach him.
SOP newswire3Chuck Hagel Warns Ukraine Not to Use Military Against Protestors - huck Hagel warned his Ukrainian counterpart against using the military to quell demonstrations over President Viktor Yanukovych`s decision to shelve a trade agreement with the European Union.
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