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Pence Highlights Service Members Excellence, Expertise, Dedication

America depends upon its military members excellence, expertise and dedication more than ever, Vice President Mike Pence told airmen at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, yesterday.

SOP newswire3President Obama Offers a Statement on the Attacks in Paris - President Obama gave remarks on the situation in Paris, as details surrounding the tragedy continue to unfold..
SOP newswire3Obama: Everyone Has Role to Play in Serving Veterans - Everyone has a role to play to ensure veterans have the opportunities and support they deserve, President Barack Obama said today.
SOP newswire3Obama Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Paris - President Barack Obama condemned today`s terrorist attacks in Paris and pledged whatever help the United States can provide to French authorities.
Robert Paul ReyesJohn Kasich is a Belligerent & Petulant Loser! - Kasich in now universally reviled, I bet even his own wife wants to superglue his mouth shut. If there`s a God in heaven he will get run over by a Mack truck or suffer a heart attack before the next debate in mid-December.
Robert Paul ReyesDoes Hillary Clinton Wear a Wig? Video! - Political blogger Matt Drudge has alleged in a series of tweets to his 321,000 followers that Hillary Clinton wears a wig " a claim her hairstylist is calling ridiculous.
SOP newswire3Michelle Obama and Dr. Biden Join Forces to Help Veterans - When the First Lady and Dr. Biden launched Joining Forces, they challenged people across the country to ask themselves one simple question: What can I do to honor veterans and military families who have given us so much? "
Robert Paul ReyesRoland Martin Tries to Teach Hillary Clinton How to Dance the Wobble: Video - Al Roker and Roland Martin are the most uncool black media celebrities, Hillary would have been guaranteed 100% of the black vote had she only told Martin: Negro, please! Even my grandma can dance better than you, and she`s been dead for decades!
Robert Paul ReyesHillary Clinton's Twitter Page Has Incredibly High Number of Fake Followers! - A total of 41 percent of the accounts following the former secretary of state and presidential contender do not belong to a real man or woman, according to a Web site called TwitterAudit that ferrets out fake accounts.
Robert Paul ReyesKathy Griffin Endorses Hillary Clinton! Anybody Care? - Hillary Clinton is sure to win the White House next year. How else could the election go, now that Kathy Griffin has issued her endorsement?
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Sole's Nude Painting of Hillary Clinton a Twisted Masterpiece! - Sole`s naked painting of Hillary is a masterpiece, the first hint that there`s something rotten in Denmark are her asymmetrical misshapen breasts.
Robert Paul ReyesPotty-mouthed Latino Kids' Anti-Trump Video a Fuc**** Disgrace! - A controversial video by Hispanic activists that has grade-school kids hurling F-bombs and waving the bird at bomb-throwing GOP candidate Donald Trump will probably backfire.
Robert Paul ReyesBernie Sanders Underwear Is Now For Sale! End of World is Nigh! Video! - Millions of voters have taken Bernie Sanders to their hearts. Now they can take him to their nether regions.
SOP newswire2JFK Case Clouded by Historic Mix-Up by Top Forensic Experts - For decades nothing has stoked the fires of controversy over whether or not there was a conspiracy to assassinate JFK more than the conflicts pertaining to the medical evidence.
Robert Paul ReyesDonald Trump: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Highly Neurotic Woman! Amen & Amen! - Makes you wonder how Schultz`s hair got so frizzy? I think she has an obsessive-compulsive urge to stick her finger in electrical outlets.
Robert Paul ReyesHillary Clinton Scarecrow Will Scare the Hell Out of You! - Clinton is costumed wearing a witch`s hat, holding a broom next to a candy dish with a sign, which reads: free handouts.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Parents Dress Daughter, 4, as Hillary Clinton! - Sullivan`s parents should be charged with child abuse for dressing their innocent and impressionable daughter as the most wicked politician in recent political history.
Robert Paul ReyesStep Aside Trump Trumpkin, the Sanders Bernkin Rules! Clash of the Pumpkins! - The Trumpkin is a monstrosity tipping the scales at 374 pounds, the Bernkin is a svelte 40-pounds, the gourds resemble their real-life counterparts.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet Trumpkin the Pumpkin that Looks Like Donald Trump! Video! - Jeanette Paras painted a caricature of the GOP presidential candidate onto a larger-than-life pumpkin. The giant Trumpkin, as she calls him, weighs in at 374 pounds.
Robert Paul ReyesHillary Clinton Flirts With Stephen Colbert! Really! Video! - Hillary Clinton has all the charisma and sex appeal of a decomposing head of cabbage, it was awkward watching her play-flirting with Stephen Colbert.
Robert Paul ReyesHillary Clinton Accuses Bernie Sanders of Anti-Female Remark! What a Shrill Witch! Video - Sanders criticized the shouting from both sides on gun issues in the first Democratic presidential debate. Clinton said Saturday in Iowa that Sanders' remarks came with a gender-related undercurrent.
SOP newswire3Obama Working for Meaningful Criminal Justice Reform - In this week`s address, the President highlighted the problems in our criminal justice system.
Robert Paul ReyesJeb Bush Calls Supergirl 'Hot': Creepy or Perfectly Normal Guy Thing to Say? - There are plenty of reasons to dislike Jeb Bush, let`s not attack him for frivolous reasons.
Robert Paul ReyesHillary Clinton the Hypocrite Sends Joe Biden the Clueless a Sweet Tweet! - Hillary you aren`t fooling anyone, you are the most disingenuous and deceitful politician in modern political history.
SOP newswire3Obama Adjusts Troop Levels for Continuing Afghanistan Mission - Obama announced at the White House today that he will keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan through 2016 and a lesser number into 2017 to sustain coalition efforts to train and strengthen Afghan forces.
Robert Paul Reyes#Babies for Bernie! Bernie Sanders Madness! Video! - The only thing that the socialist septuagenarian and a baby have in common is that they both wear diapers and they both have thin wispy hair.
SOP newswire3Ash Carter: Unstable Budget Harms Defense Capabilities, Innovation - For the seventh year in a row Congress has failed to pass a defense appropriations bill in time for the fiscal year, and for four years the Defense Department and other agencies have struggled against sequestration impacts.
Robert Paul ReyesRobert Paul Reyes' Concise Analysis of the Democratic Debate: Hillary Won! - Hillary put on a clinic on how a politician should conduct herself in a debate; she was in control of the conversation, comfortable in the spotlight, and in command of the issues.
Robert Paul ReyesGennifer Flowers: Hillary's Bid to Run on Women's Issues a Joke! Amen and Amen! - Hillary isn`t interested in women`s rights; she`s only interested in one woman`s right, her right to be the next President of the United States.
Robert Paul ReyesWhy Are Racists Like Donald Trump Always Talking About 'Making America Great Again'? - America is already a great nation; it`s racists who are always talking about making America great again as they long for the bygone era of Jim Crow.
SOP newswire3First Lady to Christen Navy Submarine Illinois - First Lady Michelle Obama, the submarine`s sponsor, will officially christen the Illinois.
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