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UN Chief Guterres, Trump Commit to Work Together to Address Common Challenges

United Nations Secretary-General Guterres met Friday with United States President Donald Trump and discussed, among others, tensions in the Korean Peninsula and the fight against terrorism.

SOP newswire2Unemployment Rate for Young Americans Increases - Unemployment Rate for Young Americans Reaches 12.0 Percent as Presidential Election Nears
SOP newswire2President Obama's Gender Policies Lack Coherency and Consistency - The gender gap is rapidly closing before next week's election. President Obama once enjoyed a double digit lead among women but that's quickly deteriorating.
SOP newswire3Defense Department Continues Post-Hurricane Sandy Support - Pentagon leaders continue to monitor Defense Department provided support to FEMA and states impacted by Hurricane Sandy.
Robert Paul ReyesJoe Biden: The Silliest Clown In The History Of American Politics - To late-night comics, Joe Biden is the patron saint of comedy.
SOP newswire2Halloween Horror 'Obama Nightmare' Ads That Are Scary! - Graphic Halloween/Horror 'Obama Nightmare' Ad Airs in 7 Battleground States. (Welcome to Hell, David Axelrod.) Five Federal Candidates Will Run 'Obama Nightmare' Over 200 Times
John G. KaysObama Will Run the Table on the Battleground States! It`s the Ohio/Sandy Effect! - Is it likely Obama will run the table on the battleground states? As of today, November 1st, I sense this is correct. While I`m no Nate Silver, I`ll briefly state why I think this is true, staying general and writing from my heart. Intuition tells me Romney made a huge mistake in running those misleading Chrysler/Jeep ads in Toledo, which moved the polls in Obama`s direction.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Joe Biden The Clown: I'm Going To Give You The Whole Load Today - Politicians dish out so much manure it`s a wonder they don`t wear an oxygen mask while speaking to a crowd.
SOP newswire2Gov. Mike Huckabee Calls on Christians to Vote Their Values - The three-minute video features an image of an old-fashioned blacksmith forging iron into words depicting campaign issues and flashes back
John G. KaysMitt Romney Refuses to Pull Fallacious Chrysler/Jeep Ads in Ohio! - The Chrysler Jeep ads running in Ohio are the height of how ridiculously fallacious Mitt Romney`s desperate, last minute campaign is willing to stoop to. Lies after lies after lies! Mitt`s nose grows quite a bit longer than Pinocchio`s lengthy nose. Chrysler is creating more jobs in Ohio, not exporting jobs to China.
John G. KaysMitt Romney Reiterates He'd Cut FEMA, in Spite of Sandy's Devastation! - We have as bad of a disaster scenario as could have been predicted with Sandy. 7 million without power. Transportation systems crippled!
SOP newswire2More than 90% of Muslim Voters Say They Will Vote on Nov. 6 - Poll: 25 Percent of Muslim Voters Undecided in Presidential Election
SOP newswire2October's Jobs Report Shaping 2012 Campaign - How will this Impact Undecided Young Voters, the Swing of the Swing Vote? How does this play in Battleground states?
SOP newswire2Democrat Woodrow Wilcox Blasts Obamacare - Democrat Woodrow Wilcox attacked Obamacare for its forced labor slavery of prolife health care workers in a speech at a religious rights rally on October 20 in Crown Point, Indiana.
SOP newswire2Unemployment Numbers: What Signal Will it Send to Young Adult Voters Prior to Election? - U.S. Department of Labor release of October jobs numbers - the last jobs report before the 2012 elections
Robert Paul ReyesObama Calls Romney A 'Bullsh***er'! Obama A Disgrace & That's No BS! - I think most Americans have good instincts, and they`re going to take a good look at Obama and say, This guy is an embarrassment and I`m not going to vote for him. "
SOP newswire2Young Americans Say President Obama Should Lower Taxes and Regulations on Business to Keep Jobs In America - Young Americans Say China and National Debt Are Top Foreign Policy Issues
SOP newswire2New Anti-Obama Ad Accuses President of Killing Babies? - 'Jane Roe' of Roe v Wade Releases TV Ad Condemning Obama -- Norma McCorvey says 'Don't Vote for Obama; Obama Kills Babies.'
John G. KaysDid Ann Coulter Help Obama`s Re-election Chances with her 'R-Word" Tweet? - Queen of Dark Extreme Right-Wing posturing, Ann Coulter, just helped President Obama get re-elected with her insensitive and ridiculous tweet on Monday: " I highly approve of Romney`s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard." Just about everyone would agree (and that includes Fox News) that Obama impaled Romney.
Robert Paul ReyesList III: Guesses About Trump's Bombshell News About Obama - Obama almost shot Joe Biden, because he kept pestering him to teach him how to dance "The Dougie."
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Schieffer Calls 'Osama bin Laden' 'Obama bin Laden' - Who can blame Schieffer for his slip of the tongue, he`s not the first, nor will he be the last, pundit or politician who has confused the two.
Robert Paul ReyesList II: Guesses About Donald Trump's Bombshell News About Barack Obama - When Michelle Obama is away from the White House, Obama orders the White House cook to fix him a big old mess of sketti, with a side of deep-fired Twinkies.
John G. KaysObama Scores BIG TIME with Viral Power-Phrase: ' FEWER HORSES AND BAYONETS!' - Clearly, the 'Fewer Horses and Bayonets` jab by Barack Obama last night was the strongest and most memorable hook of all three presidential debates! It`s the soundbite that will invade and occupy social media
Robert Paul ReyesTop 10 Guesses About What Trump's Bombshell News About Obama Will Be! - Trump has video of Obama boasting: If I had a son he would look just like Flavor Flav.
SOP newswire2Free Speech: Samuel L. Jackson Releases Video for Barack Obama - Samuel L. Jackson Begs for Mercy -- Threatens Lawsuit
SOP newswire2President Obama Owes the American People an Explanation About What REALLY Happened in Libya - "The president offered evasive responses in last night's debate and his Vice President Joe Biden gave blatantly false non-answers in last week's VP debate on the issue of the attack.
SOP newswire2Guns, God and Gold Issues - On Guns, God and Gold Issues, Romney is Superior to Obama, says John Snyder of Telum Associates
SOP newswire2President Obama and Challenger Mitt Romney "In Their Own Words" - President Obama and Challenger Mitt Romney Actually Had to Answer the Questions Asked During the Live Taping of We the People Presidential Debate -- 'In Their Own Words'(tm)
SOP newswire2First Virtual Presidential Debate, We The People 'In Their Own Words' - Tea Party Express Primary Sponsor of the First Virtual Presidential Debate, We The People 'In Their Own Words' on Oct. 23, 2012
SOP newswire2Jeb Bush Former Governor of Florida Endorses Amendments 6 & 8 - Former Governor Jeb Bush today announced his support for Florida Amendments 6 & 8.
SOP newswire22012 Election: Make Every Vote Equal: What a Novel Idea - For the majority of American voters, this election season is a mere spectator sport.
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