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White House Staff Should Resign En Masse in Protest of Donald Trump's Racism

I have no respect for Kelly or any other administration official who doesnt resign in protest, if they remain on Trumps staff they are complicit in his racism and bigotry.

Robert Paul ReyesList II: Guesses About Donald Trump's Bombshell News About Barack Obama - When Michelle Obama is away from the White House, Obama orders the White House cook to fix him a big old mess of sketti, with a side of deep-fired Twinkies.
John G. KaysObama Scores BIG TIME with Viral Power-Phrase: ' FEWER HORSES AND BAYONETS!' - Clearly, the 'Fewer Horses and Bayonets` jab by Barack Obama last night was the strongest and most memorable hook of all three presidential debates! It`s the soundbite that will invade and occupy social media
Robert Paul ReyesTop 10 Guesses About What Trump's Bombshell News About Obama Will Be! - Trump has video of Obama boasting: If I had a son he would look just like Flavor Flav.
SOP newswire2Free Speech: Samuel L. Jackson Releases Video for Barack Obama - Samuel L. Jackson Begs for Mercy -- Threatens Lawsuit
SOP newswire2President Obama Owes the American People an Explanation About What REALLY Happened in Libya - "The president offered evasive responses in last night's debate and his Vice President Joe Biden gave blatantly false non-answers in last week's VP debate on the issue of the attack.
SOP newswire2Guns, God and Gold Issues - On Guns, God and Gold Issues, Romney is Superior to Obama, says John Snyder of Telum Associates
SOP newswire2President Obama and Challenger Mitt Romney "In Their Own Words" - President Obama and Challenger Mitt Romney Actually Had to Answer the Questions Asked During the Live Taping of We the People Presidential Debate -- 'In Their Own Words'(tm)
SOP newswire2First Virtual Presidential Debate, We The People 'In Their Own Words' - Tea Party Express Primary Sponsor of the First Virtual Presidential Debate, We The People 'In Their Own Words' on Oct. 23, 2012
SOP newswire2Jeb Bush Former Governor of Florida Endorses Amendments 6 & 8 - Former Governor Jeb Bush today announced his support for Florida Amendments 6 & 8.
SOP newswire22012 Election: Make Every Vote Equal: What a Novel Idea - For the majority of American voters, this election season is a mere spectator sport.
SOP newswire2Mitt Romney Clear Choice for Catholic Voters - "Mitt Romney over Barack Obama obviously is the clear choice for Catholic voters in the presidential election next month," John M. Snyder of Telum Associates, LL.C. said here today.
SOP newswire2Comic Video, 'The New Uncle Tom' - Samuel L. Jackson and Abortion - Jackson's performance inspired Mr. Terry's video response, played by a character, Sir Reginald Bling.
SOP newswire2Marco Rubio Endorses Amendments 6 & 8 - Amendment 6 prohibits use of public funds for abortion with exceptions, aligning Florida law and the longstanding law that has governed federal abortion funding
SOP newswire2The Great Debate: Biden-Ryan Versus Obama on Abortion Policy - In recent days, the ACLU and other pro-abortion advocacy groups have been running e-mail campaigns to urge the exploration of abortion-related policy issues during the October
Robert Paul ReyesDebate Video: Is Joe Biden Stark Raving Bonkers? - I am scared stiff of Joe, I don't want him picking up my trash, let alone being one heartbeat away from becoming the President of the United States.
SOP newswire2Innocence of Hillary, General Dempsey and Obama - Steve Klein, spokesman for The Innocence of Muslims discusses Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, how they handled things in Tripoli.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Embassy Night Attended by 350 VIPs from 30 Nations - Before introducing the diplomats and business leaders, she introduced Maryland Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck.
SOP newswire2Decree for America: Radical Political Policy Changes Threaten American Values - Church leaders nationwide are being asked to set aside time in their services on Sunday, November 4th, to read Decree for America, a written proclamation in direct opposition to the official 2012 platform of the Democratic Party
SOP newswire2The Greatest Threat to American Freedom - Russian leader Vladimir Lenin used the term, 'useful idiots' to describe Soviet sympathizers in Western countries.
Robert Paul ReyesHow Could Romney Not Have Won The Debate: He Faced Two Empty Chairs! - Romney did an even better job than Clint Eastwood of bulldozing the empty chair, he ran roughshod over the hapless Obama
SOP newswire241-Month Sentence for Man Who Threatened Fr. Pavone and Other Pro-Life Leaders - Theodore Shulman, a pro-choice activist who in 2010 threatened to kill several pro-life leaders, has been sentenced to 41 months in federal prison.
SOP newswire2October 23rd, 2012 last Presidential Debate before November Election - Big Voices Media confirmed today that it will be airing the first "Virtual Presidential Debate" in American history and the last Presidential debate before the November 6th
Robert Paul ReyesMitt Romney Annihilates Barack Obama In First Debate! - Forgive me but I must resort to street parlance to explain how this debate went: Mitt Romney made Obama his (rhymes with witch.)
SOP newswire222 Arrested for Standing for Religious Freedom Ahead of Rally in Front of White House - 22 people were arrested on Saturday in front of the White House as they arrived to participate in the big rally scheduled for Sunday.
Robert Paul ReyesWould You Date Someone Of Opposite Political Views? - I say "Vive La Difference" when it comes to sex or politics.
SOP newswire2Dr. Alveda King Says Voting with Moral Values in Mind Will Be Good for Your Bank Account - For some reason the prolife natural marriage and family community doesn`t often include the economy in the moral values discussions. This seems odd in that for many
Robert Paul ReyesAnother Joe Biden Gaffe! Hey Joe, Sprinkle Some Sugar On Your Shoes! - Biden puts his foot in his mouth so often that he should consider sprinkling sugar on his shoes.
SOP newswire2Do You Think Obama Controls all Media Communications in the U.S.? - That will tell you that the internationalists are entrenched in our government for the purpose of dissolving the U.S. and enslaving it under a communistic one-world government.
SOP newswire2Ohio Poll Finds Poor Economy and Lack of Full Time Jobs Devastate Young Adults - Young adults in Ohio are paying a very steep personal price for the poor economy and economic policies coming out of the White House
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Jill Biden's (Not Joe Biden) Hillarious Gaffe - It seems we have the most well-endowed President and Vice-President in history, but the electorate should keep in mind it`s someone with a big brain that we want in the White House.
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