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Media Availability with Secretary Mattis en route to Vietnam

SECRETARY OF DEFENSE JAMES N. MATTIS: Okay, so were on the record here for a little bit, okay?

SOP newswire3Obamas Wish Service Members Happy Holidays - During the weekly address from the White House, President Obama and his wife Michelle wished service members, veterans and their families a happy holiday season.
SOP newswire2Department of Transportation to Require Event Data Recorders on Vehicles sold in US - Obama Administration Rushes "Creepy Black Box" Mandate on All New Car Buyers
SOP newswireRepublican Party and Christians: Do They Always Get it Wrong? - The Bible says in Proverbs that, "Where there is no vision, the people perish!" The biggest reason the Republicans lost the Presidential election and didn't take control
SOP newswire2U.N. Convention on Persons with Disabilities and Abortion Expansion Rejected by U.S. Senate - The Senate failed to reach the two-thirds majority needed to ratify the treaty, after a 61-38 vote Tuesday. Personhood USA opposed the ratification of the treaty earlier this week.
Robert Paul ReyesWrestler Eric Hartsburg To Remove Facial Tattoo Of Mitt Romney Logo - The only thing worse that tattooing the name of your girlfriend on your butt, is tattooing the name of a politician on your face.
SOP newswire2Seniors Want Federal Spending Cuts - We need our government to stop spending our hard earned money like a bunch of drunken sailors
SOP newswire2GOP Needs to Drop John McCain - John McCain Urges GOP to Drop Abortion Issue; Instead, GOP Needs to Drop John McCain
SOP newswire2What`s Next for Cancer Caregivers? ObamaCare - Cancer strikes without regard to political parties. Over time, one in two men and one in three women will hear the dreaded words, You have cancer." By Deborah J. Cornwall
M. QuinnDear Mr. President: Congratulations on Your 2012 Re-election - This letter was sent on November 16, 2012 to the White House via certified letter to follow up on previous letters sent to the President.
SOP newswireNY Serial Killer Targeting Shopkeepers of Middle Eastern Descent - The NYPD added a hate-crimes detective to the hunt for a serial killer who may be targeting Brooklyn shopkeepers of Middle Eastern descent
John G. KaysIs Jill Kelley the Wildcard that Explains the Tangled Petraeus/Broadwell Affair? - How does Jill Kelley figure into the Gen. David Petraeus/Paula Broadwell affair? Why would Paula Broadwell send these threatening, jealous emails to Jill Kelley? Did she really believe she wouldn`t get caught? Or possibly, did she want to get caught? This suggests she wanted her affair with the General to be made known to the public. This is a viable option.
Robert Paul ReyesCharlie Webster: I Play Basketball With Black Guy Every Sunday! Does He Eat Watermelon With Him Every Wednesday? - Dude, do the right thing and resign from your leadership position! You are an embarrassment to your party, your state, and your country.
Robert Paul ReyesNancy Pelosi To Seek Another Term As House Democratic Leader! Say It Ain't So! - Nancy Pelosi doesn`t present an attractive face for the Democratic Party, literally and figuratively.
Robert Paul ReyesRomney: Obama Won By Giving Minorities: Obama Phones, Condoms, Health Care And Other Goodies - The Republican Party needs to distance itself from Romney if they hope to recapture the White House in 2016.
SOP newswire2Pro-Family Advocates Concerned About the Advance of Same-Sex "Marriage" - Christians Must Return to Principle after Unprecedented 'Gay Marriage' Election Day Victories
SOP newswire2 Independent Christian Party: Now is the Time - We must clearly distance ourselves from the intimate circles of partisan ways and rhetoric, because both have the tendency to misrepresent our values as Christians
SOP newswireRomney Remained Favorite for Evangelicals and Church Going Catholic Voters - "Whatever the reasons for the election's final result, it seemingly was not due to lack of active concern from tens of millions of evangelicals and traditional Catholics." -- Mark Tooley, IRD President
Robert Paul ReyesKenyan Mom Names Newborn Twins Barack And Mitt! Baby Mitt Will Be Treated Like Stepchild! - It`s interesting to note that the firstborn was named Obama; I have a feeling that baby Mitt will be treated like a stepchild.
Robert Paul ReyesScreen Shot Of Mitt Romney's Web Site In Case He Won Captured - Romney has failed twice to win the presidency, his political career is over.
SOP newswire2The Cost of a Divided Nation - He needs to spend the next four years listening to what the people want and stop trying to foist his personal agenda on them
John G. KaysWhat`s Behind Obama`s Visit to Myanmar (Burma) on November 17th? - President Barack Obama will visit Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, and Thailand on November 17-20. Burma`s junta regime has a checkered past, in terms of human rights, but has seen some reforms take place over the past two years. Obama will meet with President Thein Sein and also with Aung San Suu Kyi, a nobel laureate, who heads up the National League for Democracy (NLD).
Robert Paul ReyesTop Ten Images Of 2012 Presidential Campaign - Did I mention Joe Biden`s scary, sinister and silly smile? I will have nightmares for the rest of my life.
Robert Paul ReyesDead Candidates Win In Florida And Alabama! Voters Brain-Dead! - What on earth were the voters thinking, what good is a 96-year-old man anyway, dead or alive?
SOP newswire2CAIR Welcomes Voters' Rejection of Islamophobic Candidates - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today welcomed the rejection of Islamophobic candidates by voters nationwide.
John G. KaysNate Silver`s Political Statistical Analysis Helped Me Get Through the Election! - I was feeling Blue when President Obama was soundly trounced by Romney in the first debate, in Denver. The polls flip-flopped over night, blue morphs to purple, drowning in a sea of red paint! A friend, Cathy Criss, said it will be alright, read Nate Silver`s blog Five Thirty-Eight (New York Times).
Robert Paul ReyesAre You Suffering Post-Election Depression Over Obama's Victory? - Some conservative pundits sound like Old Testament prophets, weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth, warning that Obama`s re-election victory means the end of democracy and the beginning of a New World Order.
SOP newswire2Massive Election Day Turnout Among Values voters - FRC Action Sees Signs of Massive Turnout Among Values Voters
SOP newswire275% of Millennial Women in Florida Plan to Vote in Presidential Election - 81 Percent of Florida Young Women Delay Major Life Decisions Due to Poor Economy
SOP newswire2A Range of Expectations for The Outcome of The US Election - U.S. Presidential Election Forecasts From Academics, Market Analysts and Mainstream Press
John G. KaysWill Todd Akin's Comments on 'Legitimate Rape' Cost Romney the Election? - The furious fight in Missouri, between McCaskill and Akin, is a microcosm for many other fights fiercely fought today, across a national political landscape wrought with division, where contrasting views find little middle ground.
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