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Donald J. Trump Administration Is Providing Support to Fight the California Wildfires and Help Those Affected

SUPPORTING CALIFORNIA: President Donald J. Trump is offering full support to California during their response to the wildfires.

SOP newswireAnn Coulter to Speak for Democrat Presidential Candidate Randall Terry - Ann Coulter will take the center stage as a speaker for Democrat Randall Terry at a fundraising rally in Oklahoma in March.
SOP newswire2Netanyahu's Powerful Israel Lobby in America Tightens Grip on President Obama - Where is the EU, as Netanyahu's powerful Israel lobby in America, tightens its grip on President Obama in an attempt to force the US to attack Iranin an attempt to further Israel`sown agenda of nuclear and territorial expansion?
Robert Paul ReyesT-Shirt Sales: Mitt Romney Finally Catches Up With Sarah Palin - Palin has so many catchphrases that are tailor-made for T-shirts: Going Rogue, Mama Grizzly, You Betcha! What's a Romney T-short going to say, It would be prudent to vote for Romney?
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin Hints It's Not Too Late To Run For President - If tired of watching Palin and Trump on TV, I wish Fox would drop Palin, and that NBC would tell the Donald: You're Fired!
SOP newswire2The Presidential PAC: The One You May Not Know About that Effectively Controls Barack Obama - As American warships cruise the warm waters of the Iranian Gulf, closely shadowed by Israeli nuclear-armed submarines, warning lights are now flashing RED in government economic and defence departments around the world.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Presidential Candidate Randall Terry Up Close and Personal: We Have to Stop Killing our Children - Judyth Piazza interviews Randall Terry, Democratic candidate running in the 2012 election for President of the United States on The American Perspective.
SOP newswire3Obama Nominee Could Become Air Force's First Female General - Obama has nominated Lt. Gen. Janet C. Wolfenbarger to the rank of general, and as commander of Air Force.
SOP newswire3Obama To Honor Iraq War Veterans At White House - Obama will honor Iraq War veterans and their families at the White House later this month.
SOP newswire2Healthcare: The Single Greatest Threat to Economic Stability - Healthcare is the single greatest threat to our economic stability. Why was he not talking about the plan to fix this drain on our Nation?
Robert Paul ReyesDoes Nancy Pelosi Have Dirt On Newt Gingrich That Can Destroy Him? - Every minute that Gingrich enjoys the spotlight as the GOP frontrunner brings shame to America.
Robert Paul ReyesMitt Romney Goes Postal On Newt Gingrich - When facing a huge bully you don't slap him on the face, that's not going to knock him down. You pick up a two-by-four and hit him upside the head.
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin Calls Media 'Dumb Arses' Over Coverage Of Newt Gingrich's Open Marriage Issue - Gingrich panders to the family values crowd, and isn't exactly gay-friendly, he deserves to be condemned for his hypocrisy.
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin Endorses Newt Gingrich (Sort Of) - Palin may wish for the GOP nomination process to go on for months, but most Americans are sick and tired of the Republican traveling circus/reality show.
Robert Paul ReyesNewt Gingrich On Fire, He Embodies Wrath Of White GOP Electorate - Gingrich ain't no choir boy, but the hypocritical religious conservatives overlook his many moral failings because they love his rage more than they love the baby Jesus.
Robert Paul ReyesIran To Send Obama 'Master Of Appeasement' Pink Toy Drones - Can anyone imagine Ronald Reagan, or even Jimmy Carter for that matter, meekly requesting Iran to return our drone?
Robert Paul ReyesMSNBC's Alex Wagner Mutters 'Jesus' During Clip of Santorum Babbling Incoherently - Wagner is an analyst and not a news anchor, but even if Diane Sawyer muttered "Jesus" under the same circumstances, most viewers would forgive her impromptu editorializing.
Robert Paul ReyesNewt Gingrich Sinks To New Low: Castigates Mitt Romney For Speaking French - If during a debate Romney's head starting to spin around as if he were possessed by a demon, and he uttered blasphemies, the audience would be disturbed, but not as disturbed if he uttered a French phrase.
Robert Paul ReyesHerman Cain Disses Rick Perry - Rick Perry is a moron, and I'm trying to be respectful.
Robert Paul ReyesSnoop Dogg: I Want To Get High With Obama & Convince Him To Legalize Pot - You don't have to be insane in the membrane to discern that Snoop Dogg is a righteous brother, and if Obama had a lick of sense he would follow Snoop's advice.
Robert Paul ReyesRick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Perry: Who Hates Blacks The Most? - It's very telling that the only time the Republican presidential candidates mention the African American community, is when they stigmatize them as leeches who live off the welfare state.
Robert Paul ReyesPublicity-Loving Herman Cain To Launch Bus Tour To Promote 9-9-9 Plan - Herman Cain is an ugly senior citizen who has been exposed as an adulterer and an ignoramus, the media will ignore him.
Robert Paul ReyesHerman Cain, Please Do The Right Thing And Disappear! - The only TV option that should be open to the randy minister is a reality show based on how he juggles his lovers.
SOP newswire3Pre-trial Wraps Up For Bradley E. Manning - The prosecution and defense rested today after delivering their closing statements in the Article 32 hearing of a soldier charged with leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Rep. Sensenbrenner Mocks Michelle Obama's Huge Butt! - Michelle Obama depending on your perspective is either blessed or cursed with a huge butt, you can easily place a table for four on her rear end.
Robert Paul ReyesRep. Barney Frank Wears Skin-Tight Shirt! C-SPAN Viewers Traumatized! - I hope that the hundred or so folks watching Frank on C-SPAN will receive psychological therapy at taxpayers expense.
Robert Paul ReyesRep. Loretta Sanchez's Holiday Card Features Gretzky Her Beloved Late Cat - As long as Rep. Sanchez continues to respect people and animals, she will enjoy a long career in Congress.
Robert Paul ReyesHerman Cain's Disgusting Christmas Video! Warning: Strong Stomach Required! - Herman Cain is like a clod of dung that just won't come off your expensive shoes, he refuses to leave the spotlight.
Robert Paul ReyesDavid Axelrod Compares Newt Gingrich To A Monkey Exposing His Rear End - Newt is named after an aquatic amphibian, but his disposition and behavior more closely resembles a crotchety monkey.
Robert Paul ReyesMitt Romney's Foolish $10,000 Bet With Rick Perry! - A presidential hopeful who isn't tone deaf would have bet a six-pac of beer, or a burger, only Mitt Romney would have bet 10,000 bucks. I bet a Big Mac that Romney had $10,000 in his wallet.
Robert Paul ReyesGloria Cain Should Do America A Favor, And Publicly Denounce Herman Cain - Herman Cain you are toast! Get out of the race you arrogant and hypocritical scam artist!
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