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Mattis Urges Congressional Support for Additional $30 Billion for Defense

The $30 billion in requested additional defense funding for fiscal year 2017 would be used to strengthen the military and protect the nation against emerging global security challenges, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Capitol Hill today.

SOP newswire3Petraeus Blames Dehydration for Temporary Illness - Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander of U.S. Central Command, blamed dehydration for causing him to take ill this morning during a Senate hearing.
Robert Paul ReyesDid Sarah Palin Supersize Her Boobs? - The rumor of Sarah Palin's chest enhancement is so widespread, even Fox News reported it.
Advocate Md Mahmudul Hasan- Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka,BangladeshBangladesh Polli Unnayan League: A Leading and Established Wing of Bangladesh Awami League - In order to work for the betterment of the rural people Bangladesh Polli Unnayan League has formed many sub-committees such as Research Committee, Development Committee, Legal Aid Committee etc.
Robert Paul ReyesHelen Thomas Retires In Disgrace And Humiliation - Helen Thomas, the longtime White House correspondent made famous for her no-holds-barred questioning of presidents, announced her resignation Monday following
SOP newswire2The Anniversary of President's Cairo Address - On Friday, June 4, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other national Muslim organizations will hold a news conference in Washington, D.C., to offer
M. QuinnA Wake up Call for President Barack Obama - Even though President Barack Obama has merely been in office some eighteen months, the promise of change, hope and a new day in America so adamantly
Angela KocsisYou Can't Have Alabama - It was a feat like no other the night Barack Obama took the stage to accept his reign as President of these United States.
SOP newswire3The Obama Admin. Response To The BP Oil Spill - The Ongoing Administration-Wide Response to the Deepwater BP Oil Spill Prepared by the Joint Information Center
SOP newswire3 Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell` Review Process Vital, Mike Mullen Says - It`s of vital importance that the Pentagon gain input from servicemembers and military families on their views about the repeal of the so-called don`t ask, don`t tell " law, the top U.S. military officer said.
SOP newswire3Obama: Live Lives Worthy of Fallen Warriors` Sacrifices - Obama called on the nation during a Memorial Day address at Joint Base Andrews, Md., to honor the legacy of its fallen warriors and to live lives worthy of their sacrifices.
SOP newswire3Obama Visits Troops at New Fisher House - Obama visited gravestones at the Lincoln Cemetery near Chicago today, but when torrential rains cancelled his prepared Memorial Day remarks, paid a stop at a newly opened Fisher House.
SOP newswire3Robert Gates Addresses Troops on Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell` Repeal - Robert M. Gates told troops worldwide today that any repeal of the so-called don`t ask don`t tell law will be delayed until the ongoing Defense Department high-level review is completed.
SOP newswire3Mike Mullen: I'm OK With Legislation To Repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said yesterday that he`s comfortable with proposed legislation that seeks to repeal the law that bans gay men and lesbians from serving openly in the military.
SOP newswire3Obama: Guardsmen Can Aid Intelligence, Interdiction at Border - An agreement to send hundreds of additional National Guardsmen to the southwestern U.S. border is one part of a comprehensive approach needed for immigration reform, President Barack Obama said today.
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin Has A New Neighbor In Wasilla, And He's No Fan - Sarah Palin has a new neighbor in Wasilla, Alaska, and he's not just any old regular joe
SOP newswire3Joe Biden: Troop Care Tops Nation`s Obligations - Caring for troops is the nation`s one truly sacred obligation, " Vice President Joe Biden said yesterday during a dinner for wounded warriors.
SOP newswire3Robert Gates Can Accept 'Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell` Amendment - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates can accept a proposed congressional amendment overturning the ban on gay men and lesbians serving openly in the military.
Robert Paul ReyesFinally, The End Of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"? - In a breakthrough in the effort to overhaul the military's 'don't ask, don't tell' policy, Congress is set to vote as early as this week on a proposal to repeal the rule barring gays from serving openly in the military.
SOP newswire3Odierno Selected to Lead U.S. Joint Forces Command - Obama has nominated Army Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, the present commander of U.S. Forces Iraq, to head U.S. Joint Forces Command, Pentagon officials announced today.
SOP newswire3Mike Mullen Calls Nuke Treaty Ratification 'Right Thing to Do` - The new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia is the right thing for us to do, " the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today.
SOP newswire3Gates, Clinton Urge Senate to Ratify Nuke Treaty - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates today urged the Senate to ratify the pact between the United States and Russia.
SOP newswire3UN Speaks Out Against Arizona Immigration Law - The UN expressed serious concern over a new immigration law enacted in Arizona, questioning whether the legislation is compatible with international human rights treaties which the US has signed on to.
SOP newswire3Obama Talks Up Wall Street Reform - In his weekly address, President Barack Obama discussed how reforming Wall Street will strengthen Main Street.
SOP newswire3Karzai Thanks Fort Campbell Soldiers, Families - Afghan President Hamid Karzai brought a message of thanks to soldiers and their families here today, as the 101st Airborne Division continues to deploy to his country.
Robert Paul ReyesObama's Encounter With Groupie! Is Michelle Obama Jealous? - A gushing admirer left Barack Obama red-faced and at a loss for words Thursday, telling the president during a surprise stop at a New York restaurant that he was a 'hottie.'
SOP newswire3Obama, Karzai Reaffirm Goals, U.S.-Afghan Partnership - President Barack Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai today reaffirmed the shared U.S. and Afghan goals to defeat al-Qaida and to establish good governance and a growing economy in Afghanistan.
SOP newswire3First Lady Announces Military Family Review - Obama has directed the national security staff to lead a 90-day review aimed at developing a federal government wide approach to supporting military families, Michelle Obama announced here today.
SOP newswire3Obama Signs Veterans, Caregivers Legislation - Obama signed legislation today to improve health care for veterans and to recognize the important role that family caregivers play in the recovery of wounded personnel.
SOP newswire2Judith (Judyth) of Turkish inelegant agency (MIT) - You keep talking about Turkish parliament, everyone who is a bid familiar with Turkish political system would understand that only parties who have military
SOP newswire3Obama: Failed Attack Underscores Need for Vigilance - Obama called the failed weekend terror attack in New York`s Times Square a sobering reminder of the need to remain vigilant against terrorists.
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