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Readout of Meeting Between Melania Trump and First Lady of Venezuela Fabiana Rosales

Today, First Lady of the United States Melania Trump hosted Fabiana Rosales, First Lady of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, for a private meeting at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin Email Dump! Press Won't Uncover Anthony Weiner Style Perversion - Alaska has released 24, 000 pages of former governor Sarah Palin's email. The treasure trove was released by the state government in response to Freedom of Information Act requests.
SOP newswire2Obama's CIA Director Linked to Spies and the Communist Party? - New research from writers and researchers Trevor Loudon and Cliff Kincaid shows that Leon Panetta, the CIA director being considered on Thursday for the position of Secretary of Defense
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin's Bus Tour Driver Drives Like Demon! Palin Thinks She's Above The Law! - Reporters are complaining about how difficult it is to keep up with Palin's motorcade. Hello! They have no right to complain, why the hell are they following a moron?
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin Is A Moron: She Thinks Paul Revere Warned The British - Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann need to take a remedial course in American history, and then they might be qualified to teach kindergartners.
Robert Paul ReyesMommie Dearest: Sarah Palin Exploits Piper Palin! - Piper will one day come to resent and despise her mother, for putting her ambitions ahead of the psychological health of her children.
Robert Paul ReyesTop Ten Things Trump And Sarah Palin Chatted About At Their Pizza Summit - Sarah Palin met Donald Trump for dinner Tuesday night, and the US news media may never be the same.
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin Should Hire Snoop Dogg As An Adviser - Rebecca Mansour, the adviser to Sarah Palin most closely associated with her post-Alaska political life, thinks Palin's daughter Bristol is a political liability.
SOP newswire3Robert Gates: Defense Cuts Must Be Prioritized, Strategic - Robert M. Gates said he is determined that the department not fall victim to the mistakes of the past, where the budget targets were met mostly by taking a percentage off the top of everything.
Robert Paul ReyesMSNBC Pundit Chris Matthews: Sarah Palin Is Profoundly Stupid - I think Sarah Palin proved herself to be " I think she`s proven herself to be profoundly stupid, "
Krista BoyerAll Hail Kacey Jones! As Donald Trump Exits the White House Playing Field! - Who will be the next President of the United States? Who will run on the Republican ticket against Obama for the White House? Well "not Donald Trump.
Robert Paul ReyesProof 1,001 Sarah Palin Is A Bimbo: She Can't Name 1 Influential Reporter - Sarah Palin was a blank slate when John McCain plucked her out of Wasilla to be his presidential running mate.
Nikki SavastoneUnder Mounting Pressure Obama Releases Birth Certificate - In an attempt to quell birther allegations that President Barack Obama does not meet the natural-born citizen requirement of the presidency, a complete birth certificate was released on the 27th of April.
SOP newswire3Obama Nominates New Security Team - Obama Nominated CIA Director Leon Panetta to lead the Pentagon after Gates retires June 30.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: GOP Party Official Sends Photo Of Obama As A Baby Ape - A California Republican party official is under fire after sending an email depicting Obama as an ape.
SOP newswire3Robert Gates: America Must Balance Idealism, Realism - Since the beginning of the republic, the United States has had to balance its idealistic impulses with realism, and that remains true today, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said.
Robert Paul ReyesDonald Trump Fires Back At Bill Cosby! Don't Mess With The Donald! - Cosby was a fool to tangle with Trump, the real estate king doesn't take any tomfoolery from Obama or from has-been entertainers.
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin Is History! Donald Trump And Bachmann New Tea Party Favorites - Long Live Palin the celebrity. May Palin the politician rest in peace.
Donna CavanaghThings Lost in Budget Battle - Non-essential workers face unpaid bills, emotional scars and a life of isolation unless Dr. Phil can save them.
Robert Paul ReyesBill Cosby Hates On Donald Trump: Run Or Shut Up - Iconic comedian and actor Bill Cosby let fly at Donald Trump on the TODAY Show, telling host Meredith Vieira that Trump was 'full of it.'"
Robert Paul ReyesMike Huckabee: Youth Should Be Forced At Gunpoint To Listen to David Barton - If Huckabee got his wish and every single young person was forced at gunpoint to listen to Barton, America would resemble a theocracy more than a Jeffersonian democracy.
SOP newswire3Eric Holder Refers 9/11 Co-conspirators to Military Tribunal - The 9/11 co-conspirators will be tried by a military tribunal, Attorney General Eric Holder announced today.
Robert Paul Reyes1st GOP Presidential Debate Postponed: Trump, Palin, Huckabee Too Cowardly To Announce - The postponement of an upcoming Republican presidential candidate debate in California is the latest indicator that the GOP primary is off to a slow start.
Robert Paul ReyesBill Maher Refuses To Apologize For Calling Celeb Sarah Palin C-Word - I finally understood Maher's statement when I pretended to be Sarah Palin: Maher is refusing to apologize for using coarse language to describe Palin.
Robert Paul ReyesHottie Sarah Palin Coins New Word: Squirmish - Squirmish? Whatcha talkin' about Willis? Discussing the situation in Libya with Fox News`s Greta Van Susteren, foreign policy expert and noted wordsmith Sarah Palin
SOP newswire2President Obama: "America is a Nation of Laws, Which Means I, as The President, Am Obligated to Enforce The Law" - President Barack Obama on Monday told a student who has received a deportation notice that he does not want to deport her -- he wants people like her to succeeed.
Robert Paul ReyesJoe Biden Humiliates Reporter Scott Powers! - U.S. Vice President Joe Biden apologized to a reporter who was stowed in a closet last week during a Democratic fundraiser.
Robert Paul ReyesObama And Family Vacation In Rio While World Goes To Hell - The price of gas is going through the roof, Gaddafi is massacring the rebels, Saudi troops are in Bahrain, Iran is saber rattling over the Saudi's meddling, Japan is facing a crisis of Biblical proportions...
SOP newswire3Obama: U.S. Continues Pressure on Gadhafi - The United States will continue to apply pressure on Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and has not taken any options off the table, President Barack Obama said here today.
SOP newswire3President Obama Receives Briefing on the Earthquake in Japan - Obama Receives Briefing on the Earthquake in Japan and the Tsunami Preparedness and Response Actions in the United States.
Robert Paul ReyesNewt Gingrich Blames Passion For America For His Many Affairs - Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, married three times and a self-admitted adulterer, says he screwed around because of his passion for America.
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