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McCain's Life Celebrated at Washington National Cathedral

The nation bid farewell to Arizona Sen. John S. McCain III -- former Senate Armed Services Committee chairman, war hero and Vietnam prisoner of war -- in a patriotic and emotional service today at the Washington National Cathedral.

SOP newswire3Obama Proclaims November as Military Family Month - President Barack Obama has signed a proclamation designating this month as Military Family Month.
John G. KaysAlex Sink Is Destined To Be The First Woman Governor Of Florida! - The future of Florida is what`s on the line. If you want an economy with better paying jobs, the you come with me.
Robert Paul ReyesHelp Save America: Re-elect Senator Harry Reid! - A Reid defeat -- to a favorite of the anti-establishment Tea Party movement -- would be a repudiation of Obama.
Robert Paul ReyesTwo-Thirds Of Registered Voters: Sarah Palin Not Qualified To Be President - Sarah Palin's interest in the presidency is not being reciprocated by most Americans.
John G. KaysKen Buck Is WRONG for Colorado! - Ken Buck has said some very stupid things, and made several offensive statements about women and gays, for example. During the Republican Primary with Jane Norton, Ken muttered: Why should you vote for me? Because I do not wear high heels. "
SOP newswire3Michelle Obama: Military Families Are Heroes - The needs and concerns of military spouses, whose sacrifices benefit the nation, should be of concern to all Americans, First Lady Michelle Obama said today.
John G. KaysA Crack of the Skull 'Heard Around the World!'-The Rand Paul/Lauren Valle Incident - The head stomping of Lauren Valle occurs really only seconds after Rand Paul exited his limousine for the debate in Kentucky Monday night.
John G. KaysLatinos can STOP Ambitious Sharron Angle, if They`ll Vote on November 2nd! - I can think of 5 reasons why Hispanics should get mad at Angle and cast their vote in protest. Three of the reasons are offensive ads that
SOP newswire2The Ultimate Agenda of Democrats - This article below mine is a good example but only one of how the globalist are manipulating currencies worldwide.
SOP newswire3Robert Gates Memo Changes Discharge Authority for Don`t Ask Law - Robert M. Gates has directed that any discharges under the law be made by the service secretaries in consultation with the undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness and the defense general counsel.
John G. KaysPhiladelphia Is The Alamo for the Democrats in the Midterm Elections! - Every vote matters. Let the Liberty Bell ring once again, let the Declaration of Independence be read out loud from the steps of Independence Hall!
SOP newswire2Bigot Blogger Pamela Geller and Christine O'Donnell Hardcore Hate - Below, a screenshot of Delaware's Republican nominee for U.S. Senate Christine O'Donnell's "endorsements" page. We've got Mitt Romney, Jim DeMint, the NRA
SOP newswire3Ruling Allows Openly Gay Men, Women to Sign Up - Openly gay men and lesbian women now can apply to join the military, Defense Department officials said today.
Robert Paul ReyesIs It Any Wonder People Think Obama Is A Closet Muslim? - A VISIT by Barack Obama to the holiest of Sikh shrines may be cancelled because his advisers do not want the US President to wear a headscarf - fearing that it could fuel false rumours that he is a secret Muslim.
SOP newswire3Obama to Award Soldier Medal of Honor Nov. 16 - President Barack Obama will award the Medal of Honor to Army Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta in a Nov. 16 White House ceremony, officials announced yesterday.
Robert Paul ReyesA Sarah Palin Toy That's Too Frightening Even For Halloween - I'll grant you that Obama may have cojones the size of peas, but at least he has a normal size brain. Whereas Palin may have cojones the size of bowling balls, but a brain as small as a cherry.
John G. KaysJack Conway Vs Rand Paul-What`s the Net Effect of The 'Aqua Buddha Ad?' - Was Jack Conway wrong in running the Aqua Buddha Ad about Rand Paul`s eccentric early religious affiliations? Will it help or hinder Conway`s
John G. KaysA Crack in the Liberty Bell Arises! O`Donnell and Palin Split the GOP in Half! - My intuition has told me that during the course of the midterm campaigns, some such rift, some such fissure, would occur between the right-leaning Tea Party and the traditional, moderate wing of the Republican Party.
John G. KaysChristine O`Donnell Puts a Spell on this LIBERAL with her Shimmering SHIBBOLETH! - O`Donnell is a champion of SHIBBOLETH (a variation on witchcraft) and catchy phrases that make her perfect for talk shows, but a catastrophe for a U.S. Senate seat.
John G. KaysThe Nevada Senate Race is the One to Watch! - This is the part when Sharron Angle fumbled the ball by retorting: Man up, Harry Reid. You need to understand that we have a problem with Social Security. "
HB PaksoyWiggle of a Mustache: Under the rule of "Whisker Governance` - Not too long ago, the USSR was ruled by a mustache. However hefty or stylish, it still was a mustache.
Robert Paul ReyesGOP Hottie Sarah Palin Isn't Going To Run For President - Sarah Palin will definitely not run for president in 2012, she's having too much fun being a celeb.
SOP newswire3Robert Gates Reaffirms Position on Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said today that whether the law is repealed is a matter for Congress to decide.
George Curry (Former Featured Editor)Government Officials Drop the Ball on Shirley Sherrod's Speech - Hundreds of e-mails were released to the Los Angeles Times/Tribune Washington bureau last week in response to a Freedom of Information request.
John G. Kays'Hicky Ad' Infuriates West Virginians! Good Luck Charm for Joe Manchin! - Joe Manchin is as gifted a politician as I have ever seen. Just one week ago Joe was 5 points behind John Raese in the polls.
John G. KaysMichael Bennet Will Win the Senate: Is Ken Buck is Too Extreme for Colorado? - Ralph Routon, writing for the Colorado Springs Independent, has clarified Buck`s position on many crucial issues. Buck has made statements
John G. KaysAre Arch-Conservative Attack Ads Funded by Foreign Entities? IT`S UNAMERICAN! - Needless to say, the use of foreign money by the Chamber of Commerce is a violation of federal election laws. Some of the signs of the protesters read: Foreign Corporations-OUT of U.S. Elections or Fair Elections Now.
SOP newswire2Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Paterson Want to Restrict Beverage Choices of Poor Citizens - New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York Governor David Paterson are asking the federal government to deny New York City residents on food stamps the ability to use aid to buy certain beverages.
John G. KaysChristine O`Donnell Burned At the Stake of GOP Game Plan Altar! - Black threads. I am you. Incubus Succubus. I put a spell on you. Screamin` Jay Hawkins. This October, It`s Halloween Season. Christine O`Donnell is our mirror
John G. Kays'Slash King' TeaBagger, Joe Miller Wants to Kill the Minimum Wage Act! - Joe Miller wants to repeal the minimum wage laws. The current Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007 (HR 2206), which was put into law by George Bush (believe it or not, Joe), sets the wage at $7.25 per hour, as of July 24, 2009.
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