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Donald Trump: Campaigner-in-Chief

The applause from his adoring true believers is an elixir for Trump, but he can't campaign for the next four years. Trump can accomplish only so much from executive orders, sooner or later he has to govern. Trump doesn't know the first thing about running a country or being commander-in-chief -- we're screwed.

SOP newswire3Bill Clinton Appointed Special UN Envoy to Haiti - Ban Ki-moon today announced the appointment of Bill Clinton as the United Nations Special Envoy for Haiti.
SOP newswire3Obama's Words Of Wisdom On Abortion - In speech at Nortre Dame Obama calmed the crowd and spoke about finding respect and common ground even if all Americans will never agree completely on abortion.
SOP newswire3Obama To Bring Back Military Commissions - Obama today moved a step closer toward reforming and reviving the military commissions that have been stalled since the change in administrations.
SOP newswire3Obama Has Had It With Tactics Of Credit Card Companies - Obama on credit card tactics: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
George Curry (Former Featured Editor)Jack Kemp, Arlen Specter and the Good Ol' GOP - The former HUD secretary and vice presidential candidate always tried to build bridges, showing up at NAACP and National Urban League conventions and other events unpopular with party leaders.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)"Down Home" Speech and Truth: What is the Difference? - Sometimes as I look back on the Bush-Cheney years I feel like someone who has been in a coma. What happened?
Christopher HIllenbrandPelosi Expects Health Care Reform Bill In Congess By Summer - Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi pressed that her office would have a comprehensive health care reform bill up for debate in Congress by July 2009.
SOP newswire3White House Latino Town Hall Big Success - "On Friday we held a first-ever for the White House, a Spanish language town hall meeting to listen to the Hispanic community's concerns."
Christopher HIllenbrandObama Seeks To Remove $17 Billion In Budget Spending - Executing a vow he repeated at his inauguration speech on Thursday, President Barack Obama requested for Congress to remove or cut back on 121 federal programs, to the tune of $17 billion in budget savings for the next fiscal year.
SOP newswire3Michelle Obama Promises More Support For Military Spouses - Michelle Obama was surprised to learn that the majority of military families feel their struggles often go unnoticed, she said during an interview today with The Pentagon Channel
SOP newswire3Obama Issues Proclamation Designating Today "Military Spouse Day" - President Barack Obama signed and issued a proclamation today designating the day as Military Spouse Day.
SOP newswire3Obama Announces New Set Of Programs To Help Economy - The President announced a new set of programs to help make the task of individuals turning around their own lives a little bit easier.
SOP newswire3Obama Wants To Curb Tax Havens For Corporations - Obama's proposals will restore fairness and balance to our tax code.
Christopher HIllenbrandSpecter's Defection Proving Beneficial To Public Opinion - What was eschewed as a poor political maneuver on Senator Arlen Specter's part has now been praised, as the latest public poll has him leading his Republican rival for the Senate seat come the 2010 election.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Tax Dodgeball: Right-Wing Style - I`m not sure even Jon Stewart can shame the politicians into talking straight, so ingrained is their hypocrisy and cowardice.
SOP newswire3Obama Welcomes Newly Naturalized American Soldiers To White House - President Barack Obama today welcomed two dozen American servicemembers as newly naturalized citizens of the United States.
SOP newswire3Gates Pleads With Senate To Pass Supplemental Funding Request - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates asked the Senate today to pass the fiscal 2009 supplemental funding request it`s considering by Memorial Day.
SOP newswire3Obama Admin: Most Ethical In American History - Obama has made historic commitments to putting the public interest first and to cracking down on special interests and, in particular, lobbying abuses.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Civil Society Depends on Our Civility Towards One Another - I`m not a computer geek by any means, but I have learned a few useful gambits, such as training my e-mail program to identify certain mail as junk. I
Robert Paul ReyesGeorge W. Bush Tortured Detainees For Nefarious Reasons - Bush applied relentless pressure on interrogators to use harsh methods on detainees to find evidence of cooperation between al Qaida and Saddam Hussein.
SOP newswire3Obama Promises To Cut Out The Middle Man From Student Loans - Obama promises to fight special interests so that everyone can afford a college education.
Robert Paul ReyesMichelle Obama Chats With Children At The White House - Mrs. Obama answered questions from children attending a program marking Take Your Child to Work Day.
SOP newswire3Pentagon Cooperates In Senate Investigation Of Torture Of Detainees - The Defense Department provided full cooperation during a Senate committee investigation that examined detainee-interrogation operations, a senior official said today.
SOP newswire3Obama Signs Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act - The President has just signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, joined by Senator Kennedy, President Bill Clinton, the Congressional leaders who supported the legislation.
SOP newswire3President Obama And King Abdullah Discuss Middle East Peace Process - The President said King Abdullah "represents a modern approach to foreign policy-making in the Middle East."
Robert Paul ReyesIs Meghan McCain The Only Cool Republican? - Meghan McCain: "Republicans using Twitter and Facebook isn't going to miraculously make people think we're cool again."
Christopher HIllenbrandObama Stands Firm In Decision to Release Interrogation Memos - Attorney General Eric Holder has proclaimed the techniques as barbaric and forms of torture.
Robert Paul ReyesObama Must Go After Bush Team Of Torturers - Please sign the online petition that tells Congress: No Amnesty for torturers http://www.democrats.com/no-amnesty-for-torturers
SOP newswire3White House Simplifies Application Process For College Financial Aid - The Obama White House is making it easier for students to apply for financial aid.
SOP newswire3Obama: US Must Help Mexico Fight Drug Cartels - Obama said it`s critical for the United States to support Mexico`s efforts to take on drug cartels that have plagued both sides of the border. "
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