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Donald Trump Suggests DNC Was Hacked by 400-Pound Hacker!

During Monday evening`s first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton suggested that Russia might be responsible for the recent cyberhacks of Democrat email accounts. Donald Trump countered with an outrageous claim: It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, OK?

Robert Paul ReyesObama Should End Tradition Of Using Bible To Be Sworn In - Barack Obama has decided to take the oath of office on the same Bible used by Abraham Lincoln at his first inauguration in 1861.
John LillpopFleeced Naive Duh? - Is it any wonder that our government has undertaken the methodical "Mexicanization" of America, without regard to the wishes or desires
Robert Paul ReyesIs The World Ready For A Nude Painting Of Blago? - "A nude portrait of the governor, by artist Bruce Elliott, is nearly complete and will hang on the wall of Elliott`s wife`s bar, the Old Town Ale House, next to his
John LillpopArnold Terminates Democrat Scheme to Raise Taxes - For a couple of hours Thursday afternoon, gooey-eyed Democrats thought they had devised a way to side-step the Calfornia Constitution on tax increaes.
John Lillpop"Buyers Remorse" Haunts Obama - How odd that gay activists are surprised and even angered that the president to be has chosen Pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation
John LillpopRag Head Who Threw Shoes at Bush Begs for Pardon - Hang him to death with the rope that was used to snuff Saddam Hussein, or Beat him senseless with Hussein's old shoes. How would you vote?
Robert Paul ReyesPastor Rick Warren To Deliver Barack Obama Invocation - Next month President-elect Barack Obama will be inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States.
George Curry (Former Featured Editor)Blacks Abroad are Inspired by the Civil Rights Movement - Karen Chouhan, the organizer of Jackson's trip to England, says Americans underestimate the impact of the Civil Rights Movement abroad.
Robert Paul ReyesNow You Too Can Also Hurl Shoes At George Bush - The Iraqi shoe-hurler is a folk hero in the Arab world, his courageous action embodies the contempt that the Arab and Muslim nations feels for our disgraced president.
Robert Paul ReyesHugo Chavez Admires Iraqi Journalist Who Hurled Shoes At Bush - Politicians, pundits and the late night comics have hade a field day with the "shoe hurling incident", and now Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has
Garrett GodwinFrost/Nixon: Richard Nixon taking responsibility for his actions - 1977 was the year of Saturday Night Fever, Star Wars, as well as the landmark miniseries Roots.
Robert Paul ReyesDick Cheney Remains An Unrepentant Neo-con - Thank goodness the end of George Bush`s tenure in the White House is only a few weeks away. I don`t think America could have survived another four years of a McCain-Bush administration.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Who Hurled Shoes At Bush: Time Magazine's Person of the Year? - I have written over a hundred essays expressing my disgust and anger at Bush`s illegal and unethical invasion of Iraq that has resulted in the meaningless death
Robert Paul ReyesIraqi Hero Hurls Shoes At George W. Bush - President George W. Bush`s motives for invading Iraq weren`t pure and noble. Dubya went to war to seek revenge against Sadam Hussein, the dictator
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)The Hussein Name Flap is Absurd - Many Christian names are of Semitic origin. Many names thought to be Christian are of pre-Christian origin, meaning they have been Christianized by usage.
Robert Paul ReyesGov. Rod Blagojevich Charged With Trying To Sell Obama's Senate Seat - The state of Illinois and Chicago in particular have a well-deserved reputation for political corruption. In the Roaring Twenties Chicago gangsters battled each
Robert Paul ReyesObama Promises Not To Smoke In White House - `There are times where I`ve fallen off the wagon,` the president-elect said when asked in a broadcast interview whether he has kicked the habit.
John LillpopGovernor Sarah Palin, a Rising Superstar! - A tip for Governor Palin: When Oprah calls, just scream "Go to bloody hell!" into the phone and hang up!
SOP newswire2Cheney's Last Stand - Looks like Dick Cheney just couldn't leave town without picking a fight.
Krzys WasilewskiHillary Clinton Like Colin Powell? - The probable nomination of Hillary Clinton for secretary of state hardly comes as a surprise.
John LillpopDon't Ask, Don't Tell Under Obama? - President-elect Barack Obama is the first African-American president to weasel on a campaign promise before even being sworn in!
John LillpopElectoral College Elects Sarah Palin As President? - A challenge to Obama's citizenship is scheduled to be the subject of a "conference" at the U.S. Supreme Court on December 5, 2008
SOP newswire3Verizon Employees Slapped On The Wrist For Cracking Obama's Mobile Account - Verizon Wireless employees crack into President-elect Obama's cell phone account. Some had legitimate business reasons, some did not. All are on immediate leave, with pay.
SOP newswire2NY Times Leaves Out Relevant Details in Coverage of Prop 8 Lawsuit - Among the facts The New York Times conveniently left out of the story are the following:
John LillpopWe Need Direct Talks With al-Zawahri, Mr. President-Elect? - House Negro? Good heavens, that level of toxic vitriol has not been used since the last Republican fund raising campaign letter was sent out in October.
Robert Paul Reyesal-Qaida: Barack Obama Is A House Negro - The message appeared chiefly aimed at persuading Muslims and Arabs that Obama does not represent a change in U.S. policies.
SOP newswire3President Bush Discusses Aviation Congestion and Transportation Safety - THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Please be seated. Madam Secretary, thank you for the kind introduction.
SOP newswire2President Bush Speaks Out About Financial Markets and the World Economy - PRESIDENT BUSH: Welcome. Good afternoon. We just had a very productive summit meeting.
SOP newswire2Palin's Poll Numbers Jump Higher! - Some of you have asked "what about the other potential conservative candidates in 2012?" and this is a fair question.
Robert Paul ReyesConservative Republicans Turn Against John McCain - The Democrats are savoring their victory and planning their agenda, while the Republicans are licking their wounds and trying to figure out which direction to move in.
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