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President, First Lady Praise Air Force Members, Families

Celebrating the 70th birthday of the U.S. Air Force, President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump saluted airmen and their families during their visit this afternoon to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin Uses Social Media To Reach Her Base - Relying almost exclusively on social media to get her message out, Palin has managed to carve out her own high-profile place in the national health care debate, on energy policy and on tort reform.
SOP newswire2Does Glenn Beck support the slave trade or is he just an "idiot"? - These days we can't ask anything of immigrants -- including that they abide by our laws."
SOP newswire2Bigotry Should Not Stop Muslim Capitol Prayer - Ibrahim Hooper, chief spokesman for the Council on Islamic-American Relations, or CAIR, a leading Muslim advocacy group,
SOP newswire2Glenn Beck Has Made No Secret of His Desire to Influence - Fox News' Glenn Beck has made no secret of his desire to influence the stories other news outlets cover, at one point boasting that a story on his program about ACORN would divert the media's attention from health care reform.
M. QuinnThe Courage of a Former American President - In fact, there are some within the United States of America who truly believe that a black man does not have the intelligence, fortitude or the right to be the president of the United States.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Glenn Beck Gives Tea Party Boost With Slick Editing and Staged Rally - Friday evening Media Matters aired a clip of 'behind the scenes footage' of the staffer whipping up the crowd during a Griff Jenkins live shot.
SOP newswire2U.S. Neocons Allied with Far-Right European Islamophobes - Events in London in recent weeks have highlighted the growing collusion between American neoconservatives
SOP newswire3Obama's Challenge To Employees Of The VA - The VA has launched the "innovation competition", starting with a web-mediated idea management tool that made it easy, convenient, and electronically safe for VBA employees to submit their original ideas.
SOP newswire3Obama: Afghanistan Effort Must Focus On Destroying al-Qaeda - The fight in Afghanistan must be narrowed to its original intent of stamping out al-Qaida and hunting down Osama bin Laden, President Barack Obama said today.
Geoff DeanGeorge Will or Maybe George Won't - Geoff takes it on himself to defend George Will, a man who could surely do a better job defending himself.
Fred RendonThe Patriot Act, How Patriotic Is It? - The flaws, mistakes, over simplifying of a Act that is giving too much power to the government. How George W Bush over corrected his seven
SOP newswire2Allegations of Racism Against Critics of Obama Policies - The public is outraged about the president's policies -- the spending, the budget, the deficit -- not his skin color.
Geoff DeanRep. Joe Wilson, Hero of the Right and Left? - Geoff makes the assertion that some in the left appreciate Rep. Joe Wilson of "You lie!" fame more than some in the right. Without much evidence, as usual.
Robert Paul ReyesJimmy Carter Is Right: Racism Behind Attacks Against Obama - By identifying the racial dimensions of the current political moment, President Carter has pointed out a huge elephant in the room.
SOP newswire2U.S. Deadline on Iran: Where Did It Go? - Iran's new proposal to the West did not provide any opening for serious negotiations on the nuclear issue, but rather vague formulations
SOP newswire3Obama To Award Medal Of Honor Posthumously To Army Sgt. Jared Monti - President Barack Obama is scheduled tomorrow to award the Medal of Honor posthumously to Army Sgt. 1st Class Jared C. Monti at a White House ceremony.
SOP newswire3Obama Talks About Health Care Reform At AFL-CIO Convention - Obama traveled to Pittsburgh, PA to talk to the hard-working Americans at the AFL-CIO Convention.
SOP newswire3The Truth About The White House Czars - Forget the hype, here's the real truth about the czars.
SOP newswire3Obama Cites Need For Civilian Assistance In Afghanistan - As Pentagon officials leaders assess the military strategy in Afghanistan, Obama underscored the need to assert a similar evaluation of the civilian approach there.
Geoff DeanPresident Obama and Those Who Oppose - Geoff pinches his nose and takes a look at some of the conspiracy theories swirling around the new President.
Rob RoyBailout Scandal: Paulson Reportedly Committed Perjury - Perjury allegation and possible quid-pro-quo with Goldman Sachs [which also implicates Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner]
SOP newswire2Chamberlain and Obama? - Neville Chamberlain was by all accounts a kind and clever man, an idealist with the best of intentions
Robert Paul ReyesTime For Teabaggers To Get A Life - The teabaggers were hoping for a Million Moron March on Washington on Sept 12, 2009. Only a few thousand teabaggers showed up, hopefully the disappointing turnout is the death knell of the teabagger movement.
SOP newswire2Increased Government Spending and Regulation - GlobeScan Chairman Doug Miller comments, "It is clear that citizens in many countries are still not seeing the kind of economic leadership they think is needed from their national government.
Yonatan FrimerAn Inconvenient Maze: Al Gore - Maze portrait of Al Gore, Created my maze artist, Yonatan Frimer.
SOP newswire3Obama Pays Tribute To Victims of 9/11 At The Pentagon - The President paid tribute to those who lost their lives at the Pentagon Wreath-Laying Ceremony.
Sean BeelzebulRemembering 9/11 from a Universalist and Scholar's Point of View - This differing perspective of 9/11 offers a genealogy of why and where the world will go on the path that led up to the attacks and immediately followed.
SOP newswire2Have Some Respect! Do Not Heckle Your President! - Republicans disrespecting President Obama and refusing to engage in meaningful debate is nothing new. They've been doing it all summer long.
SOP newswire3Obama's Remarks At Walter Cronkite Memorial Service - To Chip, Kathy, and Nancy, who graciously shared your father with a nation that loved him; to Walter`s friends, colleagues, protégés,
Rex RammellA Blessing In Wolves Clothing - Judge Malloy's decision to temporarily not relist the wolves is both a blessing and a curse.
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