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Trump Signs a Stronger Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada

President Donald J. Trump kept his promise to deliver a modern and rebalanced trade deal to replace NAFTA.

John LillpopHappy President's Day? Don't Be Foolish! - Does it really make sense to celebrate a dyslexic cowboy who invaded a foreign nation 8,000 miles from our shores based on faulty intelligence, but who has refused to secure our own borders?
Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)Clinton Women's ad hock Committee a Curiosity, Omen - Celebrity lawyer, Ms. Gloria Allred, is said to be serving as Spokes(wo)man for the group, Send Me No Flowers.
John LillpopJane Fonda, the 'C***' Word, and Hillary's Campaign - Fonda and trash-mouthed feminists of her ilk have remade V-Day into "Vagina Monologues," to celebrate left-wing pornography.
SOP newswireAndre Carson contends his Islamic faith gives him advantage - Political newcomer is the Democratic nominee in a special election to succeed his late grandmother, Julia Carson.
John LillpopUncle Sam to Taxpayers: be my Valentine! - Counting the interest that will have to be paid on the money borrowed to send us back our own money, the net effect of all these shenanigans will ultimately be an increase in taxes.
Will RobertsIf you don't vote, then you can't gloat! Get out and VOTE! - I spend a lot of time roaming through a lot of blogs and try to see what folks are thinking.
Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)Obama Wan Kenobi, we need your help - As she and Bill did for Chelsea, you must talk to her as hatefully as possible-- until she cries, in fact. She and Bill appreciate this form of training.
John LillpopCan 'Hillary Care' Cure Infidelity? - Senator Hillary Clinton has a reputation for being a brutal, brass-knuckled pragmatist.
John LillpopThe Clintons: turning inevitability into a Fairy Tale! - With Bill Clinton front and center, Hillary's campaign has all but collapsed, spiritually and financially.
SOP newswireHuckabee continues to challenge McCain - President Bush is clearly aware that some of the party's staunchest conservatives do not want to see McCain get the nomination.
John LillpopOf Monica Lewinsky, Chelsea Clinton and Respect for Young Women - 'Pimped out' offends Clintons-- pity that President Bill Clinton did not have the same sort of respect and regard for 25-year-old Monica Lewinsky 10 years ago!
SOP newswireHuckabee wins 2 of 3; Obama crushes Clinton - Presidential hopefuls prowling for delegates and dreaming of party nomination.
SOP newswirePoll Shows John McCain Faces Tough Road in Gaining Conservative Support - Less than 30% of conservative activists at the Conservative Political Action Conference
SOP newswireMedvedev offers Russians No Democratic Alternative - Observers often note that Medvedev's advocacy of a democracy 'requires no additional definition' would seem to be a rejection of the semiofficial ideology of 'sovereign democracy.'
SOP newswireLiveprayer.com founder calls Romney defeat 'great day' for America - Bill Keller took his stand against Romney based on his contention that Mormon theology is 100% inconsistent with Biblical Christianity.
SOP newswireMormon moneyman, Romney, withdraws - Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has dropped his bid for the Republican nomination to the U.S. presidency.
Will RobertsMan's Best Friend A tail of the UNDER-dogs on Super Tuesday - Now I did not mean to offend the woman with my title, however, every time I ask a woman what type of dog does they have, they answers 'The best kind, A CAT!'
John LillpopIs Black Racism Obama's Greatest Advantage? - Given the Clinton's squeaky-clean record in support of African-American causes, why are so many blacks abandoning Hillary Clinton?
Leon (Producer) LeonHUCKABEE EMERGES AS TRUE CONSERVATIVE ALTERNATIVE - Middle America gave a resounding answer to the GOP elitist pundits yesterday - Mike Huckabee reflects their values as a true conservative Republican nominee for President. Typically
SOP newswireCan McCain court conservative vote? - Richard Viguerie contends conservative support needed to 'stop the bleeding.'
SOP newswireMcCain, Obama, Clinton claim victory in 'Super Tuesday' battle - McCain called wins in key states important victories in close contest.
SOP newswireAmericans in Indonesia vote 75% Obama - First returns are in and Matt Stoller sums it up for you and offers unique YouTube vision.
SOP newswireCandidacy of Obama stirs talk among African-Americans - Mr. Bill Williams thinks having a black president would change the way Americans think.
Leon (Producer) Leon GOV MIKE HUCKABEE - THIS RACE IS STILL TIGHT - We just finished a campaign event here in Arkansas. The crowd was great and very enthusiastic. Arkansas will lead the way for us tomorrow as we begin to add to our delegate count.
SOP newswireSuper Tuesday serious business in more than 20 US States - VOA National Correspondent Jim Malone has a preview of the so-called Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses.
SOP newswireOrthodox Jew issues historic declaration regarding US election - Candidates who support abortion on demand, the homosexual agenda, liberal attitudes towards pornography of any sort - are antithetical to our way of life and it is forbidden to support or vote for them.
SOP newswireTadic victory in Serbia brings Kosovo in full view - February 3 second-round triumph will almost certainly earn him the distinction of being the Serbian president who ended up losing Kosovo.
SOP newswirePAC attacks McCain on Immigration - While the anti-illegal immigration GOP voters are split between Romney, Huckabee, and Paul, many are starting to coalesce around the Romney campaign, in a last ditch effort to stop John McCain.
SOP newswireRomney Christian Conservatives profiled in Judas Gallery - The Dr. Phil of Prayer contends 'a vote for Romney is a vote for Satan.'
SOP newswireBOND President Rev. Jessie Lee Peterson Picks Romney - Gravity of election engages author and radio host to set precedent: by endorsing a presidential candidate.
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