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Mattis Urges Congressional Support for Additional $30 Billion for Defense

The $30 billion in requested additional defense funding for fiscal year 2017 would be used to strengthen the military and protect the nation against emerging global security challenges, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Capitol Hill today.

SOP newswireAccording to Dick Cheney, everything we learned in school is wrong - According to Dick Cheney, everything we learned in school is wrong. Instead of three branches of government, there are now four – the legislative,
SOP newswireThe Work of the FBI's Legal Attach in Iraq - In this age of globalization, protecting the U.S. takes us to many different parts of the world. That includes the Middle East, where we now have permanent offices in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Pakistan, Jordan, Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and more
John LillpopAmerica 53, Mexico 46! How SWEET It Is! - American patriots just received a huge birthday gift from the United States Senate and, along with it, a new reason to celebrate the 4th of July!
SOP newswireRice Says, China's Influence a Key to Peace in Darfur - Washington -- China's economic clout in Africa has grown over the years, putting it in a significant position to help end the genocide in Darfur, Secretary of State
SOP newswireKhalis Police disrupt village firefight - TIKRIT, Iraq – Khalis Police responded to a gunfight between two neighboring villages, stopping the fighting and providing initial aid to the wounded villagers Tuesday.
SOP newswireU.S. officials highlight progress in Iraq? - BAGHDAD — U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Kevin J. Bergner, spokesman for Multi-National Force-Iraq and Daniel Speckhard, Charge D’Affaires to the U.S.
John LillpopMr. President, Time to Say Adios! - Today's challenge: are there are any Republican senators and/or house members with cajones?
John Lillpop Majority Leader Reid, You Were Absolutely Correct! - Unlike your excellent proposal in 1993, the so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill now before the US Senate is pure amnesty.
SOP newswireTwo Soldiers Killed in Iraq, Previous Casualty Identified - A soldier was killed in Iraq today and another was killed June 23, military officials reported, and the Defense Department has released the name of an airman who was killed over the weekend
SOP newswireIAEA and Iran Agree To Devise Action Plan on Nuclear Issues - The International Atomic Energy Agency today announced that following talks in Vienna between its chief and a senior official from Tehran, the IAEA will send a team
Krzys WasilewskiEU Abandons Constitution Dreams - In what appears to have been one of the toughest EU summits in its history, the 27 EU leaders replaced the already rejected Constitution project with the less ambitious Reform Treaty.
SOP newswireIf Bush were a Patriot....By Basil Harrington - If Bush were a patriot, he would support attrition, not amnesty, and he would oppose any guest-worker scheme or path to citizenship for illegals.
SOP newswireCIA, General Hayden's Remarks at SHAFR Conference - Thank you very much. As a lifelong student of history, I not only respect the work you do, I enjoy it. So I was especially pleased to accept the invitation to meet with this distinguished group
SOP newswireLocal citizens join police force in Lutifiyah - LUTIFIYAH – During a time when Iraq needs help the most, citizens are stepping forward and volunteering their services to help make the country a better place.
Jennifer L. HernandezFaith and Perceptions Guiding Political Views in SHU Poll - In 1776, Washington advised the nation to hold true to morality and its foundation of religion. The notion of morality and religion, as the fabric of America, stills holds prevalence today.
John LillpopThere Ain't No ~ In San Hose, Mate! - The ~ trend is very denigrating to American culture, and is an insult to gringos and crackers everywhere.
Krzys WasilewskiBusy Weekend for EU Leaders - According to many political analysts, the outcome of this weekend's summit will decide the future of the European Union.
SOP newswireUnited States Should Have Concerns About Russia - Washington -- Although the United States and Russia share many similar foreign policy goals, the two countries need to find better ways to discuss differences on
SOP newswireRevised Kosovo Resolution Submitted to U.N. Security Council - United Nations -- The United States and two European members of the U.N. Security Council have submitted a revised resolution that would pave the way for Kosovo's independence.
SOP newswireFlexibility Encouraged to Promote Reserve-Component Service - More flexibility is needed to encourage Guard and Reserve members to better balance their military and civilian obligations as they contribute to the nation’s defense, a senior official told the
SOP newswireCoalition forces move forward despite attacks - BAGHDAD – The Fardh Al-Qanoon spokesman and a Multi-National Force-Iraq spokesman held a press conference at the Combined Press Information Center Wednesday.
Subash LamichhaneNepal Warms Up for New Financial Year - The national budget of Nepal should focus on reconstruction, development and youth.
SOP newswireBush Calls Iraq Success Vital to Middle East, World - The establishment of a democratic Iraq will benefit freedom-loving people across the Middle East and around the world, President Bush told reporters today at a White House news conference.
SOP newswireDepartment of State's Goal for Arabic Speakers - We have calculated that we need to retain at least 2.5 Arabic speaking employees for every 1 Arabic Language Designated Position (LDP). Using this calculation, the State Department needs to employ approximately 547 Foreign Service Officers with Arabic language skills in order to fill the existing 219 LDPs.
John LillpopIllegal Aliens Deserve Respect? For What? - According to Dubya, we are blessed to have 12-30 million illegal aliens here. Jose, can you si what is happening?
SOP newswireU.S. supports new Abbas government, pledges $40 million in new aid - Washington -- The United States is lifting financial and diplomatic restrictions on the Palestinian Authority and will donate $40 million to U.N. programs serving the Palestinian Territories, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says.
SOP newswireUnited States Welcomes North Korean Invitation to Nuclear Agency - Washington -- The United States welcomes North Korea’s decision to invite international weapons inspectors back to Yongbyon as part of a multilateral agreement to shut down the North
SOP newswireRice Praises Pakistani Progress Against Extremism - Washington -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice praised the progress Pakistan has made in combating extremism over the past six years and called for free and fair parliamentary elections
SOP newswireViolence has dropped in Baghdad, Anbar province, officials say - Washington – Violence in Iraq's capital city, Baghdad, and Anbar province has dropped since the recent U.S. troop surge, according to U.S. officials.
SOP newswireSecret Cell Terrorist Network, Disrupted - BAGHDAD, Iraq " Coalition Forces killed at least 20 terrorists, wounded six suspected terrorists and detained one suspected terrorist during operations targeting Secret Cells operating in Amarah and Majjar al-Kabir.
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