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Introducing the Book "The Struggles of an Ordinary Man"

This book restores the true-life stories of the ordinary rural man with a fair view, which might be a little different from the propaganda of the media and government in those days.

SOP newswirePriests for Life ask pro-abortion politicians, 'Is this what you mean?' - These facts about the abortion procedure do not derive from religious beliefs, but rather from the descriptions given by the very doctors who perform the abortions.
SOP newswire2The Student Operated Press Ventures Into Publishing with Paradox: Journey Inside Out - Paradox: Journey Inside Out, written by Philosopher poet Sean Stubblefield, is the first book from a publishing partnership with The Student Operated Press and VonChase Publishing.
SOP newswireWhy are kids killing kids? - Operation Save America will present 'The Virginia Tech Massacre-- College as a Cult.'
Sean StubblefieldThe Student Operated Press Ventures Into Publishing - Paradox: Journey Inside Out is the first book from a publishing partnership with The Student Operated Press and VonChase Publishing
SOP newswirePeace Corps captures Webby Award nomination - Winners will be announced on May 6, 2008 and honored at a star-studded gala in New York City on June 10th.
SOP newswireCourt date scheduled for House Church Christian - Wusiman Yiming's appeal will be held at Kashi People's Court on April 16.
SOP newswireCroatia-based WHW named curator for 11th International Istanbul Biennial - What, How & for Whom members are curators Ivet Curlin, Ana Devic, Natasa Ilic and Sabina Sabolovic.
SOP newswireINSP will air 'Speechless ... Silencing the Christians' - On this episode, places of worship become the latest victims of the pro-homosexual movement.
Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)Join Matt, Sparky and Judy on The American Perspective at 10:30, tomorrow morning on AM radio WTTB 1490 - What does it take to go from idea to invention to realization of a dream? Judy throws the spotlight exactly where it belongs.
SOP newswireSusan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund 2008 Kickoff Event - Dedicated to increasing the percentage of pro-life women in political office, SBA List members have contributed $130,000 to pro-life candidates featured at the event.
Sean StubblefieldArtemis Eternal: Art Of The Possible - the story of the film is about questioning what society expects of you and what we accept as normal. Everything we're doing around the film fits and explores that theme.
Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)Judyth Piazza Makes Music with Taking Back Sunday and The Green Goblyn Project - What great news for WTTB 1490 AM and their listeners because the sassy and smart Matt Rubano will share his talents with Judyth Piazza Saturday morning on The American Perspective.
SOP newswirePromise Keepers will stage PKAdventures LIVE - The program will be distributed LIVE in four time zones through a national digital theater network and church satellite network.
SOP newswire'Polygamy: The Morman Enigma' - Author E. Keith Howick discusses the legal, political, social, and historical enigma of polygamy in his latest book.
Rita Curry - Vero Beach\'s Most Trusted RealtorLive the Ranchers Delight and Relocate to Vero Beach, Florida - Indian River Farms- Gorgeous views of grounds & lake from most rooms of this sprawling estate home! Lovingly cared for!
SOP newswireStrange bedfellows Pat Robertson, Al Sharpton - Men of the cloth unite to promote Al Gore's global warming agenda. 'Beware of false prophets . . .'
SOP newswireEnvironmental Laws waived by Bush Administration - 'This administration has gone too far too many times. We don't have to sacrifice our endangered wildlife to protect our national security.'
SOP newswire'Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed' and Mike Huckabee - Ben Stein's film gives every American the chance to vote against Big Science's hijacking of Academic Freedom in our schools.
SOP newswire'In Lies We Trust' - Author's Disclaimer-- The following might change the way you see this world. How Big Drug Companies and Government push through their Propogandas in order to profit.
SOP newswireEvangelists fail to please Senate Finance Committee - Creflo Dollar has offered none of the information requested; Kenneth Copeland is said to be 'nowhere near' full compliance.
Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)Steve Meyer and Joe Estevez have it all-- Judyth Piazza has them both - American Perspective captures the crazy world of music with Beatles Committee member, Steve Meyer, and Joe Estevez who lightens the plight of his brother"s keeping it.
SOP newswire'A Dream in Doubt' makes Cross-Country Debut - Documentary film is an immigrant story in a world in which patriotism has morphed into murder.
SOP newswireUNESCO names Azerbaijan Musician Artist for Peace - The designation will focus on Ms. Ali-Zadeh's efforts to raise public awareness on musical education for orphans and children in need.
Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)Heroes from Earth and the Universe join Judyth Piazza - We all love heroes and Judyth Piazza brings us heroes from real life and from the galaxies of time and space.
Garrett GodwinIf you have talent, go to CASOE - The CASOE Group, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of individual creative abilities and leadership skills through artistic intentions.
SOP newswire$100,000. 5,000 Dreams. 20 Finalists. - Your vote decides which four get to help make their community dreams come true.
SOP newswireChina Critizices U.S. Treatment of Prison Inmates - Dragon takes delight in day-to-day exceptions to America's commitment to humane treatment.
SOP newswireNotre Dame President Must Go - Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer today called for the firing of University of Notre Dame President Father John Jenkins.
Sean StubblefieldOfficial Press Release for Artemis Eternal Film Project - Stover has cut out the middleman, and allied with the audience to break ground on a new formula for film finance, production and exhibition.
SOP newswireGeraldine Ferraro's comments were Ignorant and Thoughtless - Group calls for Senator Clinton to dismiss Geraldine Ferraro from involvement with the campaign.
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