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Introducing the Book "The Struggles of an Ordinary Man"

This book restores the true-life stories of the ordinary rural man with a fair view, which might be a little different from the propaganda of the media and government in those days.

SOP newswireEndangered Species Act irrelevant to Bush, Cheney - Last week, the Bush Cheney Administration changed the rules, taking another step toward the slaughter of hundreds of wolves in the Greater Yellowstone and Northern Rockies region
SOP newswireAuthor Simon T Bailey brings Special Offer to the Table - Release Your Brillance is more than an opportunity, it's a life saver.
SOP newswireNew series of interviews with active duty heroes at TalkingWithHeroes.com - Progress stories, interviews, convoys and on-site visits from the last Talking with Heroes trip to Iraq are now available for all Americans to hear 24/7.
SOP newswireBush and earmarks: Whoop-de-doo, says Viguerie - Richard A. Viguerie, issued the following statement regarding President Bush's policy announced in the State of the Union address regarding earmarks in appropriations bills.
SOP newswireHindu Prayer Historically Opens New Mexico Senate - Prominent Hindu chaplain and Indo-American leader, Rajan Zed, recited Gayatri and other ancient Sanskrit mantras.
SOP newswireNational Clergy Council President Available to Florida Voters Today - The Reverend Rob Schenck will be in Florida today meeting with pastors in several cities.
SOP newswireTreasury checks Jan 31 as Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day - The EITC is one of the government's largest cash assistance programs targeted to low-income, working Americans, and has successfully brought millions of Americans out of poverty.
SOP newswireIf You are Wanted do not Fly, MA Fugitive with Two Outstanding Warrants Nabbed - Mark Crowley was taken into custody and, after arrest warrants were confirmed, he was turned over to Virgin Islands Port Authority.
SOP newswire2Speak Out Against Gaza Blockade, Raise Awareness - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is calling on khateebs to devote their Friday khutbas tomorrow to raising awareness
SOP newswireThe Stairs of Popularity Can Best be Scaled with WISDOM IN SMILE - It will make you burst into laughter, think, smile and even will help you meet the passengers next to you.
SOP newswireUnited States Government has been compromised by a foreign Government - The terrorist that the current administration was looking
SOP newswireNASA Invites Everyone to Celebrate Explorer 1 Launch - A half-century ago, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Explorer 1 spacecraft became America’s first Earth-orbiting satellite when it sailed into space on Jan. 31, 1958.
SOP newswireThe Closer will Open the 14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® - Jon Tenney is celebrating his second nomination for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series 'The Closer.'
SOP newswireIs Panic at the Door of US Markets? - Bull market marching to the tune of the Bear-- global stock markets slide.
SOP newswireFBI Releases Top 10 News Stories of the Week - Agree or disagree, here are the stories the Federal Bureau of Investigation found most noteworthy.
SOP newswireTuscaloosa Public School Shows Movie Regardless of AUSCS Objections - Supertendent and Principal receive kudos from Chief Justice Roy S. Moore and the Foundation for Moral Law.
SOP newswireCelebrate Black History Month in Little Rock - Free to the public, the festival features documentaries and films related to the 1957 Civil Rights Movement.
SOP newswireMichigan DMV Complies with Real ID Act of 2005 - Starting today, applicants for driver's license or ID card must meet specific Federal requirements.
SOP newswireL`Oréal Paris Initiates Voluntary Product Recall - The product was sold in retail outlets in the US from January 1 through January 18, 2008.
SOP newswireFirst Lady, Laura, and President Bush Praise MLK Legacy - 'By just simply living a life of kindness and compassion, you can make America a better place and fulfill the dream of Martin Luther King.'
SOP newswireAre You Ready for the HillaryXFiles.com? - A new website, HillaryXFiles.com, will lead the charge for the release of the Clinton Secret Files-- files about Hillary Clinton's involvement in White House affairs that President Bill Clinton has refused to let the public see.
SOP newswireBureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs - Civilian police officers from over 50 countries are deployed around the globe in support of international peacekeeping operations.
SOP newswireBorder Patrol Agent Luis Aguilar, 32, Killed in Line of Duty - Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff expresses sympathy and resolve.
SOP newswireIt is Never too Late to Let Freedom Ring - For 35 years and counting, America has failed to uphold the right to life for our precious preborn children who are made in the image of God.
SOP newswireWhat? But, They Were With the FBI - The FBI and the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) have increasingly received reports of fraudulent schemes misrepresenting FBI agents, officials and/or FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III.
SOP newswireParadise Valley Contamination Challenges Officials - Bottled water should continue to be used for drinking water purposes until otherwise advised by the Arizona DEQ.
SOP newswireGrandmother, 72, Jailed for Defending the Unborn - 'While murderers and rapists run free, a harmless 72- year-old Christian grandmother, Donna Holman, must languish in jail.'
SOP newswireJanuary 20, 2008: National Sanctity of Human Life Day - President George W. Bush proclaims that each life has inherent dignity and matchless value.
SOP newswireGuatemalan Woman Pleaded Guilty to Human Smuggling - Husband remains at large and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.
SOP newswireWords of Gratitude for Duncan Hunter Supporters - Open letter to Florida supporters reaches out to all who believed in the Duncan Hunter message.
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