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Introducing the Book "The Struggles of an Ordinary Man"

This book restores the true-life stories of the ordinary rural man with a fair view, which might be a little different from the propaganda of the media and government in those days.

SOP newswire2New Guide Uses Business Strategies to Help Fathers Parent Successfully - Every Day Dad: The Guide to Becoming a Better Father by Scott Hammond shows fathers how to be more effective parents
SOP newswire2Brian Feinblum, Chief Marketing Officer of Planned Television Arts Launches Book Publishing Community - Brian has served several book publishing companies as a publicist, book editor, and acquisitions editor
Tom SkiA Name That Will Go Down in Sports History! - There are many moments in sports that are locked inside the memories of all Americans. There is no adult on the planet right now who doesn`t remember that red, white, and blue flag wrapped around Team USA when the Miracle on Ice " occurred, and the Soviet Union was defeated.
SOP newswire2Author Finds Money Saving Wisdom in Amish Principles - Author, journalist Lorilee Craker, felt the pinch from the financial fallout of 2008 like many others.
SOP newswire2Promoting Academics through Creative Expression - Promoting Academics thru Creative Expression Program. P.A.C.E. is an organization that started in 2006 to help children find positive ways to express themselves and stay in school.
SOP newswire2Praise for Djelloul Marbrook's Brushstrokes and Glances - Through precise and knowledgeable poetry about visual art, Djelloul Marbrook has made a book almost as good as visiting a museum.
SOP newswire2Global Room For Women: Let's Stand with Women Shaping a New Middle East! - Whether you know a lot or a little about the dramas and dynamics of the Middle East, our guests will share stories and information which will inspire all.
SOP newswire2The SOP Radio Network Presents 'Crossed Cultures' with Lemuel Cacho and Sven Luetjens - It focuses on issues that deal with the role of the State and how it affects civil and political rights.
SOP newswire2The Tattooed Girl Brings You Into The Fictional World of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist - Through insightful commentary and revealing interviews, The Tattooed Girl brings you into the fictional world of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist, as well as the all too real world of the creator of these riveting characters, Stieg Larsson.
SOP newswire2Dr. Judith Orloff Celebrates Launch of Her New York Times Bestseller Emotional Freedom - I'd like to tell you about my friend and colleague Judith Orloff MD - a UCLA psychiatrist and a pioneer who bridges mainstream medicine with intuition, energy medicine, and spirituality.
SOP newswire2JIHAD`S NEW HEARTLANDS - Why The West Has Failed To Contain Islamic Fundamentalism - The author, Gabriel G. Tabarani, is a very well-known and respected specialist on Middle East and North African affairs.
Tom SkiAre you Ready For Some Football? Shop4Teams.com Has Everything You Need for Mob, Ballown, and Bloody Monday! - Bloody Monday? Are we talking about a scary movie? Nope. We`re talking about the history of America`s Favorite Game!
Tom SkiOn May 16th LovingTheBike.com Will Proudly Present: Crank - The World Cycling Blog Honors and Directory - Two weeks ago we introduced readers to an absolutely outstanding pair of sites called, LovingTheBike.com and LovingTheRun.com.
Tom SkiDon`t Just Ride By Life: Ride Through It, Enjoying Every Mile! - Albert Einstein once said, 'Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.'
SOP newswire2International Author Askin Ozcan Debuts IDEAS & JELLYFISH Worldwide - IDEAS & JELLYFISH brings to you a unique and entertaining pack of thoughts! In a world where ideas, like jellyfish, seem to wiggle away as quickly as they are conceived.
Tom SkiCourage, Strength, and Stamina - The Life of a Runner! - I always loved running...it was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power.
SOP newswire2Groundbreaking Concept For Web Socialization: Global Room for Women - Straight from the frontlines in Gaza, Pakistan, Egypt, and Iraq, they are women peace builders who are changing the world one step at a time, in the midst of an unprecedented degree of war, revolution and strife besieging their communities every day.
SOP newswire2The Queen City's Most Stylish Businesses, Corporations and Organizations Lend Their Support - Charlotte STYLE Magazine's 25 Most Stylish Event To Benefit American Heart Association's Go Red Campaign
Ernest DempseyFirst Comes Work, Then Comes Marriage - Ward R. Jones' new novel explores making room for love, when you`re married to your career.
Jennifer L. HernandezWednesday Atoms to Release "Free Fall" from Red Pill Album at Marisa`s Ristorante in Connecticut - The Collective Ent. presents WEDNESDAY ATOMS in TIME-JUMP Concert featuring FRED JR. at Marisa`s Ristorante in Trumbull, CT.
Steve SelengutMCIM Portfolios Rally To Three-Year High Levels - The Market Cycle Investment Management methodology combines risk minimization, asset allocation, equity trading, investment grade value stock investing, and base income generation in a time frame that recognizes and embraces the reality of cycles.
Ernest DempseyLoving Healing Press Announces Pushcart Nominees - The Loving Healing Press of Michigan has announced its nominations for the Pushcart pirze.
W. C. HewittLazyDay Publishing - The future of storytelling comes alive, December 1st, 2010 when LazyDay Publishing enters the digital publishing market.
SOP newswire2'World`s Best Communities 2010` - THE achievement of local community leaders in tackling the world`s most pressing challenges was saluted yesterday.
SOP newswire2Horror Tales in The Spirit of Halloween - Airship 27 Productions & Cornerstone Book Publishers are ghoulishly delighted to be offering fans a new collection of original horror tales in the spirit of Halloween.
SOP newswire2A Haunting, Unique Tale of Redemption - Saraceno, a novella by this prize-winning poet, has been released as an e-book by Bliss Plot Press in most e-reader formats.
SOP newswire2Islam`s Mandate: A Tribute to Jihad - he events of 9-11 have been attributed by the politically correct press, and both the Bush and Obama administrations, to a small band of radical Islamic jihadists.
SOP newswire2"THE SECOND VENICE" is invited to La Biennale di Venezia! - The book has caused a worldwide laughter and applause. It became Number 1 in Italy Magazine among the top listed books, surpassing Roman classic juvenal`s "Satires".
Ernest DempseyDr. Daniel Tmasulo to Answer Questions on Psychology and Well Being at Recovering the Self - Well-known psychologist and psychodrama trainer Daniel Tomasulo will be answering questions about psychological health and personal
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Will Roberts Cowboy/Trick Roper From Viva ELVIS Hosts Twitter Chat - @Cirque Aug 18, firm 7-8 pm ET, Will Roberts, cowboy/trick roper from Viva ELVIS, in a Twitter chat
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