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Timeless Thoughts: 3 Types of Learning!

Timeless Thoughts: 3 Types of Learning with The 'Amazin' James R. Murray on The SOP Radio Network

SOP newswireDeremiah *CPE Presents Creating Powerful Exuberance Coming Soon! - Well next week on Creating Powerful Exuberance Deremiah *CPE is going to be talking about how you can use your 'Servant's Mentality' to bring your future within your grasp.
SOP newswireOfficeMax Drops Michael Savage Ads Over Anti-Islam Bias - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today announced that OfficeMax, a leading office products retailer, has joined a growing list of
SOP newswireMichael Savage Droped by Major Advertiser - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today thanked Citrix Systems, Inc. for agreeing to drop its advertisements from Michael Savage's nationally-syndicated radio program because
SOP newswireMinn. Radio Advertisers Drop Spots Over Savage's Anti-Muslim Rant - Minn. Radio Advertisers Drop Spots Over Savage"s Anti-Muslim Rant
SOP newswireMichael Savage's Anti-Muslim Rant - The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) today thanked three companies in that state that have agreed to drop their advertisements from Michael Savage's
SOP newswireOH Radio Host Says Islam's Goal Is S-x with Children - The Cincinnati office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations' Ohio chapter (CAIR-Ohio) today called on a local radio station
Garrett GodwinGo Now - Episode 9 - Now out in theatres is 3:10 to Yuma starring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale, a remake of the 1957 classic adapted from Elmore Leonard’s short story.
Garrett GodwinGo Now w/Garrett Godwin - Episode 7 - Hello, this is Garrett Godwin, and welcome to Go Now. It is the show that brings the latest on the world that you and I love so much as the world of entertainment.
Hillary Joines (Student Broadcaster)This is Your World Now with Hillary Joines and Barry Harris, Teen Celebrity - Everything you hear is all Barry. He is the producer, does all the recording and editing, mixing, lead and background vocals, piano, orchestra arrangement, and all the other instruments.
Jennifer L. HernandezKeeping News Light with Jennifer Hernandez - June 25th Episode - Hello Everyone! This is Jennifer Hernandez and you have just tuned into Keeping News Light. A brand new show here at The Student Operated Press, thesop.org.
Garrett GodwinGo Now with Garrett Godwin - Episode 3 - Hello, and welcome back to Go Now, where yours truly brings the latest on the addictive that we all know and love so much as the world of entertainment.
SOP newswireTalkingWithHeroes.Com Announces Talk Show during Memorial Day Weekend - Bob Calvert, Host of the Talking with Heroes Program will be interviewing Veterans from Cordele, GA, which will air on the Talkingwithheroes.com talk show May 27, 2007 at 7pm CST
Garrett GodwinGo Now with Garrett Godwin - Episode #2 - What’s up? And welcome back to Go Now, where I give the latest the fascinating world we all love so much as entertainment.
Garrett GodwinGO NOW with Garrett Godwin - Episode #1 - I'm here to give you the latest on entertainment such as primetime television and daytime soaps. We'll get things started right after this, so don't you go anywhere.
George Curry (Former Featured Editor)Talk Show Hosts Didn't Call Anna Nicole Smith a 'Ho' - In the around-the-clock media coverage of Anna Nicole Smith, I don't recall one shock jock calling her a ho or a slut.
SOP newswireInterview With Melissa Block of NPR's All Things Considered - QUESTION: Earlier today I spoke about Iraq and Iran with the Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte. He moved over to State after serving as the first Director of National
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Bob Calvert - Talking with Heroes in Iraq - Bob Calvert, host of the Talking with Heroes Program recently returned from his tour of Iraq. While there, he taped his Talk Show, Talking with Heroes at KAFA Radio Station
SOP newswireRadio Station opens in Balad Ruz - BALAD RUZ, Iraq – The Balad Ruz mayor, along with members of the Iraqi Army and
Brandon JenningsNo One Says Chicken Soup like Mark Victor Hansen - No one says Chicken Soup like Mark Victor Hansen. He’s sold more books with his partner Jack Canfield than anyone ever thought possible, and he isn’t ready to quit until he surpasses his goal of selling a billion.
Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)Up Close and Personal with Bob Strother, Author of Love Among The Greeks - Where have all the Flower Children gone? Meet Bob Strother, one such Flower Child gone too long from our midst. He blossomed within a desert of desperately dry government documents.
Hillary Joines (Student Broadcaster)This is Your World Now with Hillary Joines Vol. 5 - Whether you are doing a school research report, creating your own music video, planning a trip or building a house -- they all involve doing projects.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)The American Perspective with Judyth Piazza: The First Show - Even as a little girl I knew super heroes and Barbies were not real, but super writers were. As a young girl, Judyth Piazza dreamt of becoming a professional writer. She would play with her father"s old Polaroid camera and fedora hat, imagining that she was an ace reporter. She
Extra ... Extra ... The Media Circus Is In Town. - The newspaper: where the pen is mightier than the sword " unless it was used in a crime.
Alan GrayToday's Guest List for Talking with Heroes Talk Show - Talking with Heroes Talk Show announces the guest list for October 8. Bob Calvert is now in Iraq recording new shows for the Talking with Heroes Talk Show.
SOP newswireCanada Knows About Borders - This week I am in Coronach, Canada... population 940. It was named after a race horse, and is right on the American border, which makes "em our neighbors... in case you need a cup
John Basedow (Mentor/Fitness Expert)John's Fitness Made Simple Tip of the Day - Vol. 5 - No one can stop you from attaining your dreams except yourself... simply put this is the life philosophy that drives John Basedow, the 28 year old rising fitness star and TV personality who's seen on television sets across the globe.
John Basedow (Mentor/Fitness Expert)John's Fitness Made Simple Tip of the Day: Keep Cheat Food Out of The House - LONG ISLAND, NY, - John Basedow, internationally recognized fitness personality and host of the best-selling videos Fitness Made Simple, will appear at the 15th Annual Long Island Heart Walk on Sunday, September 17 at Nassau Community College.
Dr. Christina Bautista, MD (MA)Writers on Craft - Vol 1 - Christina Bautista chats with Joseph Persico - Joseph Persico is a best-selling nonfiction writer. His newest book, 11th Month, 11th Day, 11th Hour: Armistice Day, 1918 (2004, Random House, ISBN 0-375-50825-2), recounts the final bloody days and hours of the First World War.
Maria GrellaOpie & Anthony At It Again! - Their syndicated radio show airs in New York, Philadelphia, Boston and other markets. Listeners who tuned in yesterday at 7 a.m. heard a caller on Opie & Anthony"s show say he was going outside to kill a tree. What was heard next was the sound of five gunshots.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)This is Your KRAZY World Now - with Judyth Piazza Vol. 18 - I'm Judyth Piazza and this is your KRAZY world now...Driver's Ballin in Brevard County, Florida...A Flaggin Felon...and A Sneaky Snake Stow's Away...all this and more brought to you by theSOP.org.
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