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Outrage: Danish Man Charged With Blasphemy for Burning Koran

A Danish man who posed a video of himself setting fire to the Quran on Facebook has been charged with blasphemy in the first such prosecution for 46 years.

SOP newswire2Catholics Called to Witness (CC2W) Endorses Florida Amendments 6 & 8 - Florida has the opportunity to restore parental consent for an abortion involving a minor child,said former governor Jeb Bush, who encourages a "yes" vote on 6.
SOP newswire2Eid Al-Adha to Urge Every Eligible Muslim Voter to Go to The Polls - CAIR is calling on imams and khateebs nationwide to use the upcoming prayers on Eid Al-Adha to urge every eligible Muslim voter to go to the polls on November 6 and vote for the candidate of their choice.
SOP newswire2'Rapture' Likely to Occur by 2021 - World Bible Society President Says 'Rapture' Likely to Occur by 2021
SOP newswire2Historic Dodger Stadium Event Taking Shape to Celebrate 'LIFE' - A major event is taking shape that could turn the most burning moral issue of our time into a catalyst for unity and transformation.
SOP newswire2Amendment 8: Opposition -- an "Interesting" Mix - Broad Support for Amendment 8. "You have to wonder if some of these opponents realize who their partners are. The mix is interesting," he said.
SOP newswire2Egyptians Gather in Desert to Worship the Lord - Increased persecution, the election of a Muslim Brotherhood president, the death of the Coptic Orthodox Church pope and thousands fleeing their homeland in fear of an uncertain future.
SOP newswire2U.S. Muslims to Mark End of Hajj with Prayers - On Friday, October 26, American Muslims will mark the end of the yearly pilgrimage to Mecca, or Hajj, with communal prayers and celebrations at locations around the country.
SOP newswire2A New Journey Through the Good Book for African-American Women - Sisters In Faith Bible: A New Journey Through the Good Book for African-American Women
SOP newswire2Bishop Jackson Avoids STAND's "EXODUS NOW" MOVEMENT - Bishop E.W. Jackson's 'EXODUS Now' Calling Black Christians Out of the Democrat Party Tops 1.1 Million Viewers -- May Impact Election
SOP newswire2Chinese-American Grandmother Assaulted for Believing in Traditional Marriage - Chinese-American Grandmother Assaulted for Believing in Traditional Marriage: Woman Attacked for Opposing Referendum 74
SOP newswire2Living The Faith Means Dying to Feminism - Pope Benedict`s call to live the Faith during this Year of Faith contains the solution to the post-conciliar crisis if we understand it correctly. The truest way of living the Faith is by restoring the Faith
SOP newswireWe Want Religious Freedom from Coast to Coast - Tens of thousands of citizens are expected to take part in these peaceful, non-partisan demonstrations at local federal buildings, court houses
SOP newswireCatholics to Observe Anniversary of St. Kolbe`s Canonization - Catholics are getting ready to celebrating real courage on the eve of the Year of Faith.
SOP newswire2Michael Franzese 'Prince of the Mafia' Takes Over Pulpit - 'Prince of the Mafia' Michael Franzese of NY's Colombo Crime Family Takes Over Pulpit at Liquid Church of NJ
SOP newswire2Are Free Speech and Muslim Relations at Odds in D.C. Transit Ads? - Controversial advertisements calling for people to "Support Israel" and "Defeat Jihad," that first appeared last month in the New York City
SOP newswireFree DVDs Show Miraculous Healing of AIDS and Leprosy - Pastor Louis Lupo announces free DVDs of HIV AIDS healed and lepers cleansed.
SOP newswire2Was Einstein an Atheist? - The faith of some of the more crusading fundamental atheists has no doubt been bolstered by a letter written by Einstein, in which he said, "The word god is for me nothing more than
SOP newswire2Over 1 Million Signed Up to Say No to Obama...and No to Romney - "Mormons love to say the name of their 'church' is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to prove they are followers of Jesus and thus Christians.
SOP newswire2God or Money? Who's in Charge of Church Choices? - The State of Church Giving through 2010, published by empty tomb, inc., in October 2012, analyzes congregational reports aggregated and published by denominations.
SOP newswire2God LOVES Sick Children - New book tells critically ill and sick kids that "God Loves Them and Cares..."
SOP newswire2The Mass, The Way of the Cross - THE doctrine of Christ is that we die to the world and join with Him on the cross.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Outrage! High School Cheerleaders Hold Up Banners With Bible Verses! - Cheerleaders, football, and religion are a combustible mix, and nobody is surprised at the fireworks that have erupted over this controversy.
SOP newswire'Televenge' Exposes Sex and Debauchery in American Churches - Pamela King Cable`s new novel delivers inside look at manipulation in America`s bible belt.
SOP newswire2Healing through Forgiveness: Forgiving the Catholic Church - As a young child, Bill Christman experienced the ultimate betrayal. Sexually abused by a Catholic priest, Bill's life was set down a path of fear, rage, violence, drug abuse and alcoholism to mask the pain.
SOP newswire2Practical Solutions are Hard to Come by . . . Until Now - The statistics ring out loud and clear. Pastors are leaving the ministry in droves. Members are also dropping out of congregational life faster then new members are joining
SOP newswire2Busting the Seven Big Myths About the Catholic Church - "There are not more than 100 people in the world who truly hate the Catholic Church," Sheen said, "but there are millions who hate what they perceive to be the Catholic Church."
SOP newswire2Bill Clinton Wants to Know if They Take Credit Cards in Heaven? - What is your vision of the perfect heaven? Would it include your favorite pet? How about your family members?
SOP newswire2Welfare Board Game Graphically Portrays 'Obozo's America' - Inventor Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr. today announced that his board game, "Obozo`s America: Why Bother Working for a Living?"
SOP newswire2Lost Notes by C.S. Lewis Reveal Early Doubts about Darwin - Famed Christian writer C.S. Lewis has often been regarded as either uninterested in the modern evolution debate or generally supportive of evolutionary theory.
SOP newswire2Noah's Ark Has Been Discovered? - In May 2010 a Chinese-Kurdish research team released to the press that they had found a large wooden structure on Mt. Ararat at an altitude of 4,200 meters
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