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Mosques Should be Safe Havens, Not Sites of Terror

In the wake of a horrific mass shooting at two New Zealand mosques, UN Secretary-General Guterres has announced his intention to launch a UN action plan for the safeguarding of religious sites, declaring that "mosques and all places of prayer and contemplation should be safe havens, not sites of terror."

SOP newswire2Noah's Ark Has Been Discovered? - In May 2010 a Chinese-Kurdish research team released to the press that they had found a large wooden structure on Mt. Ararat at an altitude of 4,200 meters
SOP newswireCatholic Churches Get $1Million in Donations in a Few Months - Online donations made to Catholic churches have made it easy to achieve a lot in a short time span.
SOP newswire2US Embassy Libya: Person Who Issued Apology at State Department Should Resign - The director of a Christian ministry dedicated to the defense of the Christian faith called for the resignation of the person who issued the 'apology' in response to attacks on the embassy in Egypt
SOP newswire2Evolutionists are Atheists: God Who? - The theory of evolution by cumulative natural selection is the only theory we know of that is in principle capable of explaining the existence of organized complexity
SOP newswire2250 Words about Christianity and God - God has other friends. The angels, but angels do not have our free will. The Trinity also make good company, but though They have different jobs
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Evangelicals Erecting A 51-Foot 'Touchdown Jesus' Statue - This incident perfectly illustrates the stupidity of organized religions.
SOP newswireOver Ten Thousand Churches Commit to Bringing Folks Back to Church - An expected 14,000 congregations are to participate in National Back to Church Sunday this Sepembet.
SOP newswireYoga Helps Understand Gospel, Say Mormons - On Mormon Channel Radio, a yoga instructor claimed that yoga increases one`s understanding of gospel.
SOP newswireDr. Robert Jeffress Called to Repent of Misleading Christians - Endorsing Mitt Romney earns Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas reprimand from president of USA Christian Ministries.
SOP newswireAgape International Missions Wins 'Pure Passion' Award of Mastering Life Ministries - Mastering Life Ministries has announced its 3rd annual 'Pure Passion' Award, which goes to Agape International Missions.
SOP newswireChristian Leaders in Industry to Discuss Issues in Christian Communications - The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) and In Touch Ministries will host 'Innovation Exchange' in Atlanta this month.
SOP newswireHindus Condole over Jewish Spiritual Leader Rabbi Elyashiv`s Death - Hindus have offered heartfelt condolences on the death of Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv.
SOP newswireSanta Clara, CA, Says 'No' to Hindu Prayer Request - California`s City of Santa Clara has refused request for a Hindu invocation.
SOP newswireBiblical Concepts Ministries and Pastors Endorse FL School Board Candidates - President of Biblical Concepts Ministries announces Coalition of Pastors Endorsements for Clay County FL School Board candidates and reveals video of offensive actions of current board.
SOP newswireBrooklyn Bishop Calls Catholics to Know Jesus Christ - American Bishop Frank Caggiano gives urgent global call to all Catholics to know Jesus Christ.
SOP newswireMy Church Companion - SonSource Publications releases innovative Christian lifestyle coordinator to bring God glory to seekers of truth.
Robert Paul ReyesEvangelicals Plan Pilgrimage To New York Jets Camp To Worship Tim Tebow - I hope that the Tebow-worshipping church groups will take advice from a freethinker: Err; I think you should be worshipping Jesus, and not a human being.
SOP newswireMan Forgives Killer of Wife and Daughter in the Name of Christ - Las Vegas man beaten to near death forgives the attacker who killed his wife and daughter.
SOP newswireNewly Revised Edition of 'Robert's Rules of Order' Includes 17 Key Changes - 17 key changes have been included in the newly revised edition of Robert's Rules of Order for churches that use it as parliamentary authority.
SOP newswireCatholic Extension to Bring Young Adult Catholics Together in July - Catholic Extension is hosting an event in Mississippi and Arkansas July 10-13, 2012, to young adult Catholics together for immersion experience.
SOP newswireOnline Videogame Upsets Hindus for Misrepresentation of Gods - Hindus are upset at an online video game using Kali and other gods as combat tools.
SOP newswireHindus Hope for Promoting Dialogue with Southern Baptist Convention President - Hindus urge newly elected Southern Baptist Convention President to promote dialogue.
SOP newswireControversial Video Causes Outrage among Peaceful Buddhists - Video of converts from Buddhism to Christianity has set many Buddhists on fire.
SOP newswireMinnesota Institution to Train 20 Christians - Christians who feel a call to start their own ministry or business venture can receive $5000 in gift seed from North Central Theological Seminary.
Robert Paul ReyesDid Cher Cross The Line With Her Anti-Romney 'Magic Underwear' Tweet? - I wish more celebs and regular folks would criticize organized religion, it might open a few eyes.
SOP newswireWesleyan Church Receives accreditation from ECFA - Certification by National Financial Accountability Organization reflects the commitment of the Wesleyan Church to faithful stewardship.
SOP newswire 'The Collection' Carries the Legacy of Edwin Cole - The legacy of 'The Father of Christian Men's Movement' Edwin Cole lives on through 'The Collection', never-before compilation of Cole's ministry.
Robert Paul ReyesCity To Church: Quiet Down! Infernal Racket Or Joyful Noise Unto The Lord? - New Life Chapel is in a residential neighborhood that might welcome a dignified Episcopalian congregation, but the residents can't tolerate the Holy Ghost shenanigans of a Pentecostal church.
SOP newswireProphesy of Triumphant End Time Revival by Joel 2:28 - Pastor Louis Lupo explains the prophecy of the triumphant End Time Revival in bible.
SOP newswireTBN Emerges as the Best Christian Educational Network - TBN's Church Channel Network offers the best in worship and ministry programs 24-7.
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