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Dust Storm From Hell Observed on Mars

One of the thickest dust storms ever observed on Mars has been spreading for the past week and a half. The storm has caused NASAs Opportunity rover to suspend science operations, but also offers a window for four other spacecraft to learn from the swirling dust.

SOP newswireJennifer Brisco Announced as Lynx Suborbital Flight Winner - XCOR Aerospace announces a backup winner for the Lynx Suborbital Flight as the original winner is unacceptable to accept the prize.
Ron G AnselmNASA Study: Hazardous Asteroids Could Pose Threat to Earth - NASA continues the Out of the Box Thinking studies and research that help make a huge impact on our planet. NASA`s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer
Dr. Henryk FrystackiString Theory, The Universe and Time Travel - String physicists assume that energetic pieces of threads are the keys to quantum gravity and to everything else of our perceived reality throughout the universe.
Ian BrockwellPlanet X: Is it Hidden From Earth's View? - In 2007, Google Earth clearly showed either a planet or a star on their space map, yet this later "vanished`. The object itself had not moved, but was concealed by a
Ron G AnselmNASA`s Spitzer Telescope Discovers 'Super Earth' Like Planet - NASA continues to research the chances that there really is other life out there outside of our own planet.
Ron G AnselmNASA's MRO Orbiter Reveals Mars Undergoing Earth-Like Changes - One of the great wonders about our planet if you ever visited the Middle East or anywhere where sand is as abundant as the blue sky from horizon to horizon is the incredible sight of sand dunes.
Ian Brockwell2012 End of Times: To be or not to be? - Scientists have quite rightly asked the question of why the Mayans would make astronomical calculations beyond 2012, if the world was going to end as some assume before then
Ron G AnselmCould Phoebe One of Saturn's Many Moons Really be a Planet? - NASA`s Cassini Mission has revealed more evidence that Saturn may not be just a planet sitting in a far off galaxy and only reachable by high-powered telescopes.
Ron G AnselmSupermoon Shines Brightly Tonight on Cinco de Mayo - With all the nightly celebration that will be going on tonight in celebration of Cinco de Mayo I am sure there will be a few Margaritas making their way from the
Ron G AnselmGeographic Visibility Event of the Year: Venus Transits Across the Horizon - For all you science lovers out there and especially the ones that have a passion for astronomy get ready for one of the rarest events to only take place seven times in science history
Ian BrockwellTransit of Venus 2012: Where to see it and how - It has been 8 years since we last had an opportunity to see the transit of Venus, where our nearest planetary neighbour passed between the Sun and Earth
Ron G AnselmBlazing Mini-Jet Like Objects Create Exotic Show in the Rings of Saturn - NASA's Cassini Spacecraft has taken photographs of what appears to be strange, half-mile-sized objects punching holes in one of Saturn's large rings.
Ron G AnselmGPS Monitoring System Now Being Taken to Next Level of Technology by NASA - Not sure if you know or not but the GPS monitoring System is also used by the military in pinpointing accuracy that has never been seen before.
Ron G AnselmNASA Exploring Universe End to End: Curious Things Continue Popping Up Like UFOs? - As NASA continues to explore the universe from end to end all kinds of neat things keep appearing that makes a curious cat look like a hungry Tiger and takes the word 'mysterious' to levels never heard of before in the English language.
SOP newswireNorthrop Grumman to Partner in Creating Science Center at Space Foundation Headquarters - Northrop Grumman along with Space Foundation will create Science Center at the Space Foundation headquarters in Colorado Springs.
SOP newswire2Amateur Astronomers to "Target Asteroids" - Amateur astronomers will help better characterize the population of NEOs, including their position, motion, rotation and changes in the intensity of light they emit.
SOP newswireNorthrop Grumman Leading the Next Generation into Space - Northrop Grumman highlights capabilities for leading the next generation into space at the 28th National Space Symposium.
SOP newswire2NASA to Develop New Strategy for Exploration of The Red Planet - NASA is reformulating the Mars Exploration Program to be responsive to high-priority science goals and the President's challenge of sending humans to Mars in the 2030s.
Ian BrockwellCould Yellowstone Eruption Play a Part in 2012 Prophecy? - The most interesting factor about the uplift at Yellowstone in recent years is that when it does fall, it remains at a higher level than it was before.
SOP newswire2NASA Releases Version 2.0 of Open Government Plan - The plan features a directory of more than 100 participatory, collaborative and transparent projects, offering citizens opportunities to understand, support and engage with the agency.
Dr. Henryk FrystackiDiscovery of a Powerful Black Hole Hurricane - 28.000 light years away from Earth, towards the center of our Milky Way, an unexpectedly mighty hurricane blows around a tiny black hole.
Ron G AnselmSome Interesting Facts About Science You Probably Don`t Know - To me science is life. Everything that makes us function, love, enjoy, and need comes from the world of science. Well, I guess I can say Science would be the interesting part, sports is a passion of mine.
HB PaksoyHumans on Mars: Mars and Beyond - The purpose of this collection is not to discuss the technologies required for the round trip. Nor is it to discuss the "inevitability` of human quest to
SOP newswireRevolutionary Discovery of Transferring 100 MB Per Second via LED - Transferring data at 100MB per sec via LEDs has been developed by scientists in what is believed to be a revolutionary discovery.
Dr. Henryk FrystackiEvolution Leap Caused by 10 Billion Humans - Humans are likely to meet a dramatic evolution leap once Earth`s population exceeds 10 billion, as estimated for the year 2100.
Ian Brockwell"Ancient" Artifacts Reveal UFOs and Aliens - A video on YouTube is attracting a lot of attention, which claims to display Ancient "artifacts containing pictures of ufos and wormholes, stargates in operation."
Ian BrockwellCoronal Mass Ejection Expected in the Next 24-48 hours - A Coronal Mass Ejection is expected to affect the Earth in the next 24-48 hours
Ian BrockwellZeta Reticuli and the Betty and Barney Hill UFO Encounter - Like many other UFO enthusiasts, I would love to believe Betty and Barney`s story, but something in the back of my mind stops me from doing so.
Ian Brockwell"The Drake Equation" What are the chances of life on other planets? - The Drake Equation was an attempt to estimate the number of detectable extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way and was created by Frank Drake more than 50 years ago.
SOP newswire2NASA Concedes to Global Warming and Glacial Melting Says GRACE - In the first comprehensive satellite study of its kind, a University of Colorado at Boulder-led team used NASA data to calculate how much Earth's melting land ice is adding to global sea level rise.
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