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Mars Rover Curiosity Examines Possible Mud Cracks

Scientists used NASA's Curiosity Mars rover in recent weeks to examine slabs of rock cross-hatched with shallow ridges that likely originated as cracks in drying mud.

SOP newswireU of IL and Northrop make nanotube history - Findings are published with the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
SOP newswireNASA Beams Beatles 'Across the Universe' Today - For the first time ever, NASA will beam a Beatles song directly into deep space.
SOP newswireGlacial Sediments Sinking Louisiana Coast - The sediments pose a particular challenge for New Orleans, causing it to sink irreversibly at a rate of about 0.4 centimeters (0.17 inches) a year.
SOP newswireCaribbean, Latin America Tackle Climate Change - The landmark UN Climate Change Conference in Indonesia ended with 187 countries agreeing to launch a two-year process of formal negotiations.
SOP newswireSpy Satellite Spinning towards Earth - Defunct spy satellite is falling at nearly 29,000 kilometers an hour.
SOP newswireSee Saturn while Sitting at your Computer - A new interactive 3-D viewer that uses a game engine and allows users to travel to Saturn and see it the way the Cassini spacecraft sees it.
SOP newswireMercury Surprises Stream Home from NASA Spacecraft - Researchers are amazed by the wealth of images and data that show a unique world with a diversity of geological processes and a very
SOP newswireAsteroid 2007 TU24 zoomed by Earth - At its closest point, the asteroid was 554,209 kilometers (344,370 miles) from Earth, or roughly 1.4 times the distance between the moon and Earth.
SOP newswireUsing Vertical Treadmills, NASA Improves Health in Space - Exercise in microgravity helps lessen the harmful health effects of space travel.
SOP newswireEnvironmental Conflict Resolution is Ultimate Goal - The U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution of the Morris K. Udall Foundation will be hosting its fifth National ECR Conference.
SOP newswireMedia Credentials Deadlines set by NASA for March Shuttle Flight - Crew will deliver the first segment of the Japanese Experiment Module, known as Kibo, and the Canadian Space Agency's two-armed robotic system, Dextre, to the International Space Station.
SOP newswireHawaii Catches a Nova Surprise - This sophisticated new system, called the Keck Interferometer, combines the observing power of the two 10-meter (33 feet) Keck telescopes into a single mega-telescope.
SOP newswireBriefings to Preview March Shuttle Mission set by NASA - The briefings will be broadcast live on NASA Television and the agency's Web site.
Leon (Producer)Storm Eruption at Jupiter Unearths a Buried Past - Scientists around the globe have observed an astonishing and rare change in Jupiter's atmosphere -- a huge disturbance churning in the middle
Leon (Producer)No Longer, Lithium and Beryllium - Even though the lightest known metals in the universe, lithium (Li) and beryllium (Be), do not bind to one another under normal
Leon (Producer)Asteroid comes close to hitting Earth - Scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., have obtained the first images of asteroid 2007 TU24 using high-resolution radar data.
SOP newswireStudent Teams to Compete in 2009 Solar Decathlon - The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the 20 university-led teams selected to compete in the Department's fourth Solar Decathlon, which will be held on the National Mall in Washington, DC, in the fall of 2009.
SOP newswire67-year-old American billionaire is believed to have launched himself into space - A 67-year-old American billionaire is believed to have become the first person to have launched himself into space using only a home-made
SOP newswire2Northrop Grumman, Japan's KAGUYA (SELENE) Mission - Four specialized antennas built by Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) for the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) are functioning as expected after deploying successfully
Russian space agency Roscosmos must take responsibility for operational shortcomings - Russian space agency Roscosmos must take responsibility for the operational shortcomings of the Glonass satellite navigation system, a first deputy prime minister said on Wednesday.
SOP newswire55 Scientific Projects, 265 Million Processor-hours Awarded - The largest amount of supercomputing resource awards donated in DOE’s history and three times that of last year’s award.
SOP newswireQuiet Rockland Calls For Congressional Investigation Of NASA's Air Safety Survey Data Release - Rockland County, NY - January, 2008: Livid that NASA and the FAA now appear to have acted in concert towards a common goal of concealing vital air traffic safety information
SOP newswireThin Galaxies Can Grow Fat Black Holes - NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has detected plump black holes where least expected -- skinny galaxies.
SOP newswireAdult Stem Cells Reprogrammed Using Aborted Fetal and HES cells - Children of God for Life reports that a recent stem cell breakthrough that turns adult skin cells
SOP newswireCyclones Churn at Both Ends of Saturn - Despite more than a decade of winter darkness, Saturn's north pole is home to an unexpected hot spot
SOP newswireBalloons Achieve Antarctic Flight Record - The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have jointly achieved a new milestone in the almost 20-year
Chester Moore (Editor)Wildlife Conservation: Why Waterfowl? - Texas Waterfowl author Chester Moore discusses why he has chosen to work toward waterfowl conservation.
SOP newswireStar Explosion, 10,000 Earths' Worth of Fresh Dust Found - Astronomers have at last found definitive evidence that the universe's first dust – the celestial stuff that seeded
K ThompsonAstronomers Monitoring Asteroid to Pass Near Mars - WASHINGTON - Astronomers funded by NASA are monitoring the trajectory
Subash LamichhaneHe is DREAMING! - When everyone is lost in the world of slumber, he is out there staring into the darkness. He holds his head high and his eyes are dazzled with millions of stars that shine for him.
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