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Black Hole Image Makes History

A black hole and its shadow have been captured in an image for the first time, a historic feat by an international network of radio telescopes called the Event Horizon Telescope.

Robert Paul ReyesNASA Used Cadavers To Test Space Suits - "An Ohio State University Medical Center project contracted by NASA used cadavers to create technology for the Orion shuttle, space agency officials
SOP newswire2Boulder May Prove Antarctica and North America Once Connected - A lone granite boulder found against all odds high atop a glacier in Antarctica may provide additional key evidence to support a theory
SOP newswire2Mix it Up on Jupiter: Three Red Spots? - A new sequence of Hubble Space Telescope images offers an unprecedented view of a planetary game of Pac-Man among three red spots
Robert Paul ReyesSolar Activity May Destroy The World In 2012 - A Megatsunami could flood coastlines around the world, including the entire east coast of the United States. Civilization could be washed away in a matter of days.
Lonny StewartPossible Alien Life Found on Mars - Scientists in India have discovered red, cell-like structures that are leading many to believe that they are of extraterrestrial orgin.
SOP newswire2First Images of the Solar System's Invisible Frontier - NASA's sun-focused Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, or STEREO, twin spacecraft unexpectedly detected particles from the edge
John LillpopWater on Mars? What about Oil under the Golden Gate Bridge? - NASA scientists are reporting that water may have been found on Mars.
SOP newswireChemistry wet tests unlock Mars mysteries - "This is the first wet-chemical analysis ever done on Mars or any planet, other than Earth," said Phoenix co-investigator Sam Kounaves.
SOP newswireNASA offers Global Climate Change Web Site - The exciting new tool provides easy-to-understand information about the causes and effects of climate change and how NASA studies it.
Robert Paul ReyesNASA Scientists Discover Ice On Mars - Water is essential to life on earth, without water our small blue planet would be barren and lifeless.
Garrett GodwinNASA Increase Expendable Launch Vehicles Help Contract - NASA has awarded Analex Corporation of Fairfax, Va. ELVIS. No, not the King of Rock and Roll because for the last time, he is dead.
SOP newswire2Breaking News: New Type of Comet Dust Mineral Found - HOUSTON -- NASA researchers and scientists from the United States, Germany and Japan have found a new mineral in material that likely
SOP newswireDiscovery crew coming home - Crews closed the hatches between the shuttle and the space station Tuesday ahead of Wednesday's undocking.
SOP newswireMedia to be NASA's guest for 'Space: A Journey to Our Future' - Highlights of the exhibit include a lunar base camp, where visitors can experience what it would be like to live on the moon, an up-close look at NASA's constellation Program, and a model of Orion, the spacecraft that will take human explorers back to the moon.
SOP newswire2Ring Found Circling Dead Star - NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has found a bizarre ring of material around the magnetic remains of a star
SOP newswire2Footprint on Mars - NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander reached out and touched the Martian soil for the first time on Saturday, May 31, the first step in a series of actions expected to
Robert Paul ReyesWhat If The Phoenix Lander Discovers Intelligent Life On Mars? - The Mars Phoenix Lander has sent pictures back to earth that give hope both to romantics who believe in little green men from Mars, and scientists who only accept empirical truth.
SOP newswire2Beneath NASA's Mars Lander - A view of the ground underneath NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander adds to evidence that descent thrusters dispersed overlying soil and exposed
SOP newswire2Jellyfish Blooms in the Bering Sea - A new study helps explain a cyclic increase and decrease of jellyfish populations, which transformed parts of the Bering Sea
SOP newswireEulogy for a Supernova - Cassiopeia A is the burnt-out corpse of a massive star that ended its life in a fiery supernova about 11,300 years ago.
SOP newswireSptizer spots bizarre ring around stellar corpse - NASA scientists think that the ring, which is unlike anything ever seen before, formed in 1998 when the magnetar erupted in a giant flare.
SOP newswireSafe Landing-- NASA's Phoenix arrives on Mars! - Radio signals received at 4:53:44 p.m. Pacific Time (7:53:44 p.m. Eastern Time) confirmed the Phoenix Mars Lander had survived its difficult final descent.
Krzys WasilewskiStephen Hawking: Celebrity among Scholars - With Stephen Hawking nothing can be taken for granted. After all, he is the one who has turned modern astronomy upside down.
SOP newswire2Saturn, Wave in Upper Atmosphere - Two decades of scrutinizing Saturn are finally paying off, as scientists have discovered a wave pattern, or oscillation, in Saturn's atmosphere
SOP newswire2Genome of Platypus Decoded - The curious discovery of the duck-billed, egg-laying, otter-footed, beaver-tailed, venomous platypus in Australia in 1798
SOP newswire2Phoenix Landing Area Viewed by Mars Color Imager - NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander is scheduled to land on the Martian northern plains near 68 degrees north latitude
SOP newswire2Nutcracker Man Challenges Ideas on Evolution - Tiny marks on the teeth of an ancient human ancestor known as the
SOP newswire2Raging Saturn Storm - PASADENA, Calif. – As a powerful electrical storm rages on Saturn with lightning bolts 10,000 times more powerful than those found on Earth
SOP newswireCassini conquers electrical storm - Scientists with NASA's Cassini-Huygens mission have been tracking the visibly bright, lightning-generating storm--the longest continually observed electrical storm ever monitored by Cassini.
SOP newswire2 22 Million Light Years Away - Since its launch five years ago, the Galaxy Evolution Explorer has photographed hundreds of millions of galaxies in ultraviolet light. M106 is one of those
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