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The Claw Game on Mars

If youve ever played the claw machine at an arcade, you know how hard it can be to maneuver the metal "hand" to pick up a prize. Imagine trying to play that game when the claw is on Mars, the objects youre trying to grasp are far more fragile than a stuffed bear and all you have is a stitched-together panorama of the environment you're working in. Oh, and there might be a dust storm.

SOP newswirePhoenix Mars Lander pointed toward 'Green Valley' - A final decision will be made after NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter takes additional images of the area this month.
SOP newswire$38.5 billion in grant money will battle Global Warming - Selection criteria for the clean energy projects under these solicitations will focus on the avoidance of emissions of greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants
SOP newswire2NASA Sees Shining Stellar Sphere - Millions of clustered stars glisten like an iridescent opal in a new image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope.
SOP newswireMoon mission on 2011 NASA calendar - The mission will launch before the agency's moon exploration activities accelerate during the next decade.
SOP newswireAre you a Cassini Scientist? - NASA is giving 5th to 12th grade students the opportunity to study Saturn.
SOP newswireUnmanned 'Jules Verne' docks with Space Station - Dubbed the Jules Verne in honor of the 19th century French science fiction writer, the craft blasted off March 9.
SOP newswireMedia Briefing before NASA National Space Symposium - The media opportunity is scheduled for Tuesday, April 8, from 1:15 p.m. to 2 p.m. MDT in the media center at the Broadmoor Hotel and Convention Center.
SOP newswireUniversity of Alaska wins $39 million NASA contract - The archive center is devoted to the collection, processing, archiving, distribution and support of science data.
SOP newswireNASA Offers Ride to Mars - All systems are GO, ready?
SOP newswireFuture Forum Highlights 50 Years of NASA - The event was part of a year-long series of events across the country.
SOP newswireMars Odyssey finds evidence - Salt deposits point to places where water was once abundant.
SOP newswireNASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale Will Present The Keynote Address - WASHINGTON - On Tuesday, March 25, NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale will present the keynote address to launch a daylong event at the Saint Louis Science Center celebrating the space agency's 50th birthday.
SOP newswireNASA Finds Organics and Water Where New Planets May Grow - Researchers using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope have discovered large amounts of simple organic gases and water vapor
SOP newswireCassini Flies Through Watery Plumes of Saturn Moon - NASA's Cassini spacecraft performed a daring flyby of Saturn's moon Enceladus on Wed., March
SOP newswireNASA Awards Institutional Support Services Contract at Kennedy - CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - NASA's Kennedy Space Center has awarded
SOP newswireKibo catches ride on Endeavour - The Endeavour is delivering the first of three sections of a Japanese-built science station, called Kibo.
SOP newswireIn your face flyby of Enceladus tomorrow - NASA's Cassini will skirt along the edges of huge Old-Faithful-like geysers erupting from giant fractures on the south pole of Saturn's moon.
SOP newswireNow available: Neutrinos, End of Dark Ages, First Second Universe - This week, NASA released 5 years of data collected by the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP), a treasure trove of info.
SOP newswireRhea Also May Have Rings - PASADENA, Calif. -- NASA's Cassini spacecraft has found evidence of material orbiting Rhea, Saturn's second largest moon. This is the first time rings may
SOP newswireCareer Super Hero to Planet Earth - EPA's Dr. George M. Gray will host online, interactive forum where you can ask questions and get answers.
SOP newswireLaunch of Jules Verne scheduled LIVE - Liftoff of the ATV on an Ariane 5 rocket is set for 10:04 p.m. CST.
SOP newswireSpacecraft at Mars Prepare to Welcome New Kid on the Block - Three Mars spacecraft are adjusting their orbits to be over the right place at the right time to listen to NASA's Phoenix Mars
SOP newswireSpitzer's Eyes Perfect for Spotting Diamonds in the Sky - Diamonds may be rare on Earth, but surprisingly common in space -- and the super-sensitive infrared
SOP newswireNASA Views Landing Site Through Eyes of Future Moon Crew - PASADENA, Calif. - NASA has obtained the highest resolution terrain mapping to date of the moon's rugged south polar region, with a resolution to 20
SOP newswireSpotting Diamonds in the Sky-- Spitzer has perfect eye - Researchers have developed a strategy for finding diamonds in space that are only a nanometer (a billionth of a meter) in size.
SOP newswireMingling Moons May Share a Dark Past - Despite the incredible diversity of Saturn's icy moons, theirs is a story of great interaction. Some of them are pock-marked, some seemingly dirty, others pristine
SOP newswireInternational Solar Mission to End - The joint NASA and European Space Agency Ulysses mission
SOP newswireU.S. plan to shoot down ailing satellite threatens China - Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Liu Jianchao, said today that Beijing is closely watching the situation and may take what he called 'preventive measures.' He did not elaborate.
SOP newswireNASA continues to 'follow the water' - Harvard biologist, Andrew Knoll: Not all water is fit to drink.
SOP newswireU of Wisconsin, Madison, will test Jupiter Robot Probe - The Environmentally Non-Disturbing Under-ice Robotic Antarctic Explorer is a $2.3 million project funded by NASA.
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