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NASA's InSight Prepares to Take Mars' Temperature

NASAs InSight lander has placed its second instrument on the Martian surface.

SOP newswireNOAA Study Identifies Potential Impacts on Aquatic Food Sources - NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science researchers have identified potential effects of the commonly used herbicide atrazine on phyt
Inactive WriterOffsetting Your Carbons' Emissions - In many different countries in the world, the offsetting of carbon emissions is getting popular, with people willing to contribute to make our planet healthier
SOP newswireOlder galaxy pair has surprisingly youthful glow - A pair of interacting galaxies might be experiencing the galactic equivalent of a mid-life crisis. For some reason, the pair, called Arp 82 (see photo), didn't make their stars early on as is typical
SOP newswireSIM PlanetQuest to predict date of cosmic collision - (PLANETQUEST) -- Scientists plan to pin down the date of a galactic collision billions of years in our future by first reaching back to the Big Bang, a feat that will be made possible by the extreme precision
SOP newswireFirst three-dimensional map of the large-scale distribution of dark matter in the universe - An international team of astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has created the first three-dimensional map of the
SOP newswireNew gear helped the astronauts on the International Space Station kick off a new year - HOUSTON - New gear helped the astronauts on the International Space
SOP newswireNORAD, NORTHCOM Trace Space Junk to Soviet Rocket - WASHINGTON, Jan. 4, 2007 – That bright flash that fell from space early today over Wyoming wasn’t a bird, a plane or a superhero, but a Russian SL-4 rocket body reentering the earth’s atmosphere, officials at North
SOP newswireNASA Titan Has Liquid Lakes, Scientists Report in Nature - Scientists report definitive evidence of the presence of lakes filled with liquid methane on Saturn's moon Titan in this week's journal Nature cover story.
SOP newswireNASA Rovers, Mars Orbiter Changing Understanding of Mars - Washington – Newly released images from the Mars Global Surveyor offer the strongest evidence to date that water still flows on the Martian surface, and
SOP newswireNASA's Top Exploration and Discovery Stories of the Year - WASHINGTON - NASA moved forward in 2006 to extend humanity's exploration of the solar system and learn more about the universe and our home planet.
SOP newswireNASA releases global exploration strategy for permanent lunar outpost - Washington -- NASA recorded a stellar month in December, completing the third space shuttle mission of the year and unveiling critical tools
SOP newswireNASA Welcomes Discovery Crew Home for the Holidays - CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- The Space Shuttle Discovery and its crew returned home Friday after a 13-day journey of more than 5.3 million miles in space.
Yash TodiBlack Holes - What are they? - This term defines a land of dark matter with such a strong gravitational pull that not even light can escape it .Not much is known about black holes.
SOP newswireNOAA Study Shows Nutrient Pollution Increasing Along Mid-Atlantic and New England Coasts - A NOAA research project shows nutrient pollution in estuaries, bays and harbors from the mid-Atlantic to New England is on the rise, showing excess nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus
SOP newswireRadar Love: Asteroid Detection and Science - They are the celestial equivalent of sonograms. But their hazy outlines and ghostly features do not document the in-vivo development of a future taxpayer. Instead, they chronicle the exo-planetary
SOP newswireA New Discovery at NASA - A New Kind of Black Hole Explosion - Such bursts typically fall into one of two categories, long or short. The long bursts last more than two seconds and appear to be from the core collapse of massive stars forming a black hole.
SOP newswireNASA Telescope Picks Up Glow of Universe's First Objects - New observations from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope strongly suggest that infrared light detected in a prior study originated from clumps of the very first objects of the universe. The recent data
SOP newswireSun Storm NOAA Tracking Space Weather Event - A significant geomagnetic storm is expected to impact the Earth beginning early Thursday afternoon around 1:00 p.m. Eastern time, according to forecasters
SOP newswireNOAA Coral Reef Assessment and Monitoring Database Available Online - The NOAA Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment is now providing public access to new digital photographs from six years of coral reef field studies. The online
SOP newswireNASA Comets as Toolkits for Jump-Starting Life - Just as kits of little plastic bricks can be used to make everything from models of the space shuttle to the statue of liberty, comets are looking more and more like one of nature's toolkits for creating life. These
SOP newswireNASA Geologists Finding a Different Mars Underneath - Mars is showing scientists its older, craggier face buried beneath the surface, thanks to a pioneering sounding radar co-sponsored by NASA aboard
SOP newswireNASA Spacecraft Read Layered Clues to Changes on Mars - SAN FRANCISCO -- Layers on Mars are yielding history lessons revealed by instruments flying overhead and rolling across the surface.
SOP newswireScientists Predict Carbon Dioxide Emissions Will Reduce Density of Earth's Outermost Atmosphere by 2017 - Carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels will produce a 3 percent reduction in the density of Earth's outermost atmosphere by 2017, according
SOP newswireNASA Massive Mountain Range Imaged on Saturn's Moon Titan - The tallest mountains ever seen on Titan -- coated with layers of organic material and blanketed by clouds -- have been imaged by NASA's Cassini spacecraft
SOP newswireSpace Shuttle Lifts Off in First Night Launch Since Columbia Accident - Washington -- Space shuttle Discovery successfully launched at 8:47 p.m. EST December 9 for the first nighttime liftoff since the loss of the space shuttle
SOP newswireThree Navy Astronauts Set For Discovery Mission - WASHINGTON, Dec. 7, 2006 – Three Navy astronauts are part of the crew for NASA’s latest Discovery shuttle mission, which is set to launch at 9:35 p.m. Eastern Time today.
SOP newswireNASA Telescope Sees Black Hole Munch on a Star - A giant black hole has been caught red-handed dipping into a cosmic cookie jar of stars by NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer. This is the first time astronomers
SOP newswireNASA Mars Orbiter Photographs Spirit and Vikings on the Ground - New images from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter show three additional NASA spacecraft that have landed on Mars: the Spirit rover active on the surface since January 2004 and the two Viking landers that successfully reached the surface in
SOP newswireNASA's Purveyors of the Cosmic Occult - To a non-scientist, the words 'radio occultation' might sound a little spooky. But this relatively simple NASA-developed technology at the heart of a
SOP newswireStudies Show Plutonium Degradation in U.S. Nuclear Weapons Will Not Affect Reliability Soon - WASHINGTON, D.C. " Recent studies by Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Laboratories show that the aging of plutonium in U.S. nuclear weapons will not affect reliability over the next several decades. The classified studies were done for the Department of Energy"s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and have taken five years to complete.
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