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Dust Storm From Hell Observed on Mars

One of the thickest dust storms ever observed on Mars has been spreading for the past week and a half. The storm has caused NASAs Opportunity rover to suspend science operations, but also offers a window for four other spacecraft to learn from the swirling dust.

SOP newswire$2.5 Million Grant to University of Michigan to Develop Forecasting for Dead Zones - U.S. Commerce Deputy Secretary David A. Sampson announced NOAA has awarded $506,190 as the first installment in a five-year $2.5 million grant to the University of Michigan.
SOP newswireNorthwestern Hawaiian Islands National Marine Monument Trustees Partner in Marine Debris Removal - Established earlier this year, the monument is the world's largest fully protected marine conservation area.
SOP newswireNASA Holds Media Events Surrounding Hubble Servicing Mission Decision Announcement - Shuttle astronauts will make one final house call to NASA's Hubble Space Telescope as part of a mission to extend and improve the observatory's capabilities through 2013.
SOP newswireNOAA Releases Expanded World Ocean Database - NOAA today announced that it has released the significantly expanded World Ocean Database 2005, the world's largest collection of scientific information about the oceans of the globe, dating as far back as 1800.
SOP newswireOnly Five More Days for Your Name to Rise With the Dawn - NASA's campaign to send the nom de plumes of people from around the world into the heart of the asteroid belt ends Sat., Nov. 4.
SOP newswireNASA Administrator Departs China After 'Rewarding' First Visit - I expected to meet capable, involved, committed, energetic people who are devoted to their country's space program,
SOP newswireVT Halter Marine to Build Swath Vessel for NOAA - VT Halter Marine expects to deliver the SWATH CMV by the summer of 2008. The nearly 38-meter long vessel will be homeported at Fort Point in New Castle
SOP newswireDelta II STEREO launches from Cape Canaveral - PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (AFPN) -- Two NASA observatories called
NASA's Spitzer Peels Back Layers of Star's Explosion - Astronomers using NASA's infrared Spitzer Space Telescope have discovered that an exploded star, named Cassiopeia A, blew up in a somewhat orderly fashion
SOP newswireNASA New supplies arrived at the International Space Station - New supplies arrived at the International Space Station Thursday as an
SOP newswireNASA's First 3-D Solar Imaging Mission Soars Into Space - NASA's twin Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatories mission, known as STEREO, successfully launched Wednesday at 8:52 p.m. EDT from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla.
SOP newswireNASA The Spark of a New Era - On July 4th of 2005, the hopes and dreams of the people of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory rode on the precision of a single five-pound rocket motor. Within one 90-minute span, the diminutive thruster had to fire accurately three times to position the working end of NASA's Deep Impact mission in
SOP newswireFreedom of Action Centerpiece of New U.S. Space Policy - Washington -- Freedom of action in space is the centerpiece of a new U.S. National Space Policy, the first update in nearly 10 years, that accounts for technology advances and the growing importance of space to international commerce, science, peace and security.
SOP newswireJPL Director Named One of 'America's Best Leaders' - Dr. Charles Elachi, director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., is being honored as one of
SOP newswireRocket scientists gather at space propulsion program review - The Air Force Office of Scientific Research here recently completed a program review on space propulsion and power in Annapolis, Md.
SOP newswireGreenland Ice Sheet on a Downward Slide - For the first time NASA scientists have analyzed data from direct, detailed satellite measurements to show that ice losses now far surpass ice gains in the shrinking Greenland ice sheet.
SOP newswireNASA and NOAA Announce Ozone Hole is a Double Record Breaker - NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists report this year's ozone hole in the polar region of the Southern Hemisphere has broken records for area and depth.
SOP newswireU.S. Energy Department, Russian Scientists Discover Element 118 - Washington -- Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, in collaboration with researchers from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, Russia, have discovered a new basic component of the universe -- element 118.
SOP newswireNASA Announces New International Space Station Crew - Washington -- NASA and Roscosmos, the Russian Federal Space Agency, have named two astronauts and two cosmonauts to the next International Space Station crew, designated Expedition 15.
SOP newswireNASA Ozone Hole Is A Record Breaker - NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
SOP newswireAlgal Blooms Worth $7.5 Million - NOAA awarded the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution $1,377,826 for the first year of funding of a $7.5 million, five-year grant, to extend harmful algal bloom
SOP newswirePlanet-Finding by Numbers - More than a decade after the first planets beyond our solar system were found, astronomers have discovered about 200 of these
SOP newswireNASA Orbiter Reveals New Details of Mars - Washington -- During its first week of observations from low orbit, NASA's newest Mars spacecraft already is revealing new clues about recent and ancient environments on the Red Planet.
SOP newswireIs Seafood Better Than Other Animal Proteins? - Americans can decrease their risk for heart disease by substituting seafood for other animal proteins, according to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. A government-sponsored study, released today by the Institute, finds that seafood
SOP newswireNASA Says: 'Build It and Infrared Surprises Will Come' - Engineers are rolling up their sleeves in preparation for building a telescope that will find the nearest star-like objects and the brightest galaxies. NASA has approved the start of construction on a new mission called the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, which will scan the entire sky in infrared light.
SOP newswireSatellite Launch Is Milestone in U.S.-European Cooperation - Washington -- The October 17 liftoff of the European polar-orbiting satellite, MetOp-A, will mark a major milestone in the U.S.- European Initial Joint Polar System (IJPS).
SOP newswireNASA Finds Saturn's Moons May be Creating New Rings - Cassini scientists are on the trail of the missing moons of Saturn. A recent observation by the spacecraft leads them to believe that they will find the moons near newly discovered rings around the planet.
SOP newswireCassini Image Shows Saturn Draped in a String of Pearls - The image, acquired by Cassini's visual and infrared mapping spectrometer, shows Saturn lit by its own internal, thermal glow. Clearly visible is a 60,000-kilometer-long (37,000 miles) string of bright
SOP newswireNOAA , National Science Teachers Association Unveil Comprehensive Online Teaching Tool - NOAA and the National Science Teachers Association announced the unveiling of the Coral Ecosystem SciGuide, a new Web-based
SOP newswireNASA's Mars Rover and Orbiter Team Examines Victoria Crater - NASA's long-lived robotic rover Opportunity is beginning to explore layered rocks in cliffs ringing the massive Victoria crater on Mars.
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