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NASA's Juno Spacecraft Spots Jupiter's Great Red Spot

Images of Jupiters Great Red Spot reveal a tangle of dark, veinous clouds weaving their way through a massive crimson oval.

John Pustelnik A Gene for Under-arm Odor - Researchers have found that about 78% of people with a particularly rare version of a gene do not produce any under-arm odor and still use deodorant.
Ron G AnselmNASA Begins Drilling Martian Crater in Search for Water - NASA`s Curiosity Rover Starts the First Stages of Drilling Martian Rocks to see if Water Does Exist on Mars
Ron G AnselmNASA Scientists Say Hotter Years Ahead? - Think the Summer Months Where you live are Hot? Just Wait; NASA says will get even Hotter in the Coming Years
SOP newswire2NASA Says 2012 Warmest Year Since 1880? - NASA scientists say 2012 was the ninth warmest of any year since 1880
Ron G AnselmNASA Monitoring Deep Space Weather - NASA Expands its Weather Research to the Ends of Space
Ron G AnselmNASA Finds Elusive Black Hole Using Advanced Imaging Technology - NASA Stumbles upon Little Black Hole in Space Using Advanced Imaging Technology
SOP newswire2XCOR Aerospace Sells 22 Flights on its Lynx Suborbital Spacecraft - Unilever Buys 22 Flights on XCOR Aerospace's Lynx Suborbital Spacecraft For Global AXE Campaign
SOP newswire2NASA Scientists Discover Weather Patterns in Brown Dwarf? - NASA`s Spitzer and Hubble space telescopes probed the stormy atmosphere of a brown dwarf which created the most detailed "weather map". The forecast shows wind-driven, planet-sized clouds enshrouding these strange worlds.
SOP newswire2Has Science Proved the Reality of the Biblical Genesis? - What NASA found coincides with the brief description of planet formation as described in the book of Genesis regarding earth`s own formation.
SOP newswire2Distant Galaxy's Gamma-Ray Burst Flies Past Earth - Gamma-Ray Burst from 11 billion years ago blazed past earth in 2011 according to NASA.
SOP newswire2NASA Discovers 461 New Planet Candidates Bringing Total to 2,740 - On Monday, NASA's Kepler mission announced the discovery of 461 new planet candidates. The Kepler mission has discovered a total of 2,740 potential planets orbiting 2,036 stars.
Ron G AnselmNASA Finds Water on Martian Meteorite? - Little Martian Meteorite May Turn Out to Unlock the Wonders of the Red Planet
SOP newswire2NASA Finds Water Rich Meteorite From Mars? - Researchers Identify Water Rich Meteorite Linked to Mars Crust
SOP newswire2'Hubble Reveals Creation' A Fascinating Photo Drama - The Grand Design of the Universe Captured in Photo Drama, by Hubble Telescope
Ron G AnselmNASA Monitoring Asteroid: Is it Headed for Earth? - Future Hazardous Asteroid being monitored by NASA as NASA says, "Nope, not this Time!"
Ron G AnselmNASA Scientists Hold Briefing on Why World Did Not End on December 21, 2012 - NASA Scientists Sit Down in a Q & A Session to Shed Light on the what and why of the World not coming to an End
SOP newswire2TDRS-K the Next-Generation Communications Satellite Arrives At Kennedy - NASA's newest Tracking and Data Relay Satellite, known as TDRS-K, arrived Tuesday at the agency's Kennedy Space Center in Florida in preparation for a Jan. 29 launch.
SOP newswire2The Best Place To Work in Government is NASA - NASA Named Best Place Io Work in Government - Work Force Rallies to Support New Direction in Post-Shuttle Era
SOP newswire2NASA Takes Another Step Toward Human Exploration of New Destinations in Solar System - NASA on Thursday took another step toward human exploration of new destinations in the solar system.
SOP newswire2GRAIL Mission Probes Prepare Mission-Ending Moon Impact - The mountain where the two spacecraft will make contact is located near a crater named Goldschmidt.
SOP newswire2NASA Uncovers Previously Unseen Population of Seven Primitive Galaxies - The results show a smooth decline in the number of galaxies looking back in time to about 450 million years after the theorized big bang.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Is Launch of X-37B in Response to North Korea's Scheduled Missile Test? - After recently being delayed, The USAir Force robo-space plane, X-37B will begin its third mission today.
SOP newswire2New Forecast System Created to Help Transoceanic Flights Avoid Storms - The NCAR-based system combines satellite data and computer weather models to produce maps of storms over much of the world's oceans.
SOP newswire2What Causes Wide Binary Stars? - NASA Astrobiology Institute Shows How Wide Binary Stars Form
Ron G AnselmNASA`s Voyager 1 Discovers Previously Unexplored Region of Outer Space - Charging ahead like a two-hundred and forty-five pound running back, NASA`s Space Craft Voyager 1 is heading into what is known as interstellar space.
Ron G AnselmDid NASA's Curiosity Rover Find Signs of Life in Martian Soil Samples? - NASA's Curiosity Rover Reveals First Findings of Martian Soil Samples
SOP newswire2Hubble Reveals Creation, as Humanity Faces Self-Destruction - Hubble collects and transmits back to earth enough data each week to fill eighteen DVDs, or the equivalent of 3600 feet of books on a shelf.
SOP newswire2Solar Energy Up Close and Personal - Teaching kids and parents about solar energy at the Aerospace Museum of California solar installation
SOP newswire2Most Accurate Gravity Map of Moon - Twin NASA probes orbiting the moon have generated the highest resolution gravity field map of any celestial body.
SOP newswire2Scientists Unveil Unprecedented New Look at Planet Earth at Night - NASA-NOAA Satellite Reveals Never Seen Before Views of Earth
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