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Traditional Martial-Arts Compared to Self-Defense Systems

We all know we now live in a very different society when it comes to the level and type of violence that three decades ago did not exist except on the sets of Hollywood action movies.

Ron G AnselmBaseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and the Sweet Smell of Spring Training - Spring training is held in warm climate areas such as Florida and Arizona as-well as other places. Many of the teams today have been taking part in spring training in the very same areas for many decades.
Ron G AnselmFrom Dodgertown to the Valley of the Sun to Dodger Stadium - When I was growing up in Southern California I would go to a Dodger game every Friday night. The Los Angeles Dodgers were one of the power houses of the National League during the 1970s.
Ron G AnselmFrom the On Deck Circle to Home Plate - Strategically - Ever wonder how much fun it is to play the game of baseball in organized league play? I can tell you from experience, there is no greater game (other than football and basketball) to play and be a part of as a team.
Robert Paul ReyesWould You Buy A Tiger Woods Sex Toy? - Just when things could not get any worse for golf's biggest star, Tiger Woods sex toys have flooded the market since he got embroiled in a sex scandal with an intricate web of women.
Robert Paul ReyesDudes Dig Women's Beach Volleyball - The bikinis sported by most beach volleyball players are more than fashion and function, they are an absolute necessity if the thriving sport is to retain its popularity.
Will RobertsTiger Woods Gets a Double Boggie! - You can get close enough to make you feel like Marlin Perkins - Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. Lions, TIGERS, and bears, oh my!
Robert Paul ReyesTim Tebow Charges An Arm & A Leg For An Autograph! WWJD? - Tebow has a loyal born-again following, and many of them would skip a mortgage payment to buy his autograph. At least one guy brought his Bible for Tebow to sign, that's just plain wrong.
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods' Caddie Steve Williams: I Knew Nothing (Satire) - The man closest to Tiger Woods when he plays golf says he had no idea about the extramarital affairs that have sidelined Woods from the game.
SOP newswire3Former Soldier Drives US To Bobsled Gold - Former U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program bobsledder Steven Holcomb ended Team USA`s 62-year gold medal drought in Olympic bobsled competition.
SOP newswire2Hard-Fought Win for Former Olympian Rick Hawne - Promoter Joe Cavallaro once again proved why his event is consider among the best on the east coast, putting on a show free from controversy in front of a well-behaved and excited crowd.
Robert Paul ReyesHoward Stern Is Organizing The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant - The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant, organised by the US shock jock Howard Stern, will be held on March 10.
Robert Paul ReyesRic Flair Beat Up By His Wife - The wife of professional wrestler Ric Flair was arrested Sunday night for allegedly assaulting him, TMZ reported Monday.
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods Caddie Stands By His Man - Tiger Woods had the good sense to put on a remorseful demeanor for his carefully choreographed public apology, but his caddie/pimp is full of bluster and arrogance.
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods' Friday Press Conference: A Joke - Tiger Woods is going to finally pop his head back out of the hole he has been living in, and rejoin the world Friday morning.
Geoff DeanThe Future of Disgraced Sumo Grand Champion, Asashoryu - Geoff tries to predict what will become of scandal-plagued ex-sumo grand champion, Asashoryu, while Geoff's wife thinks he'd better look at his own future, instead
SOP newswire3Valerie Jarrett Talks About Pride And Patriotism At The Olympics - Valerie Jarrett is a senior advisor to the President, and heads the White House Office of Olympic, Paralympic, and Youth Sport
Ron G AnselmOlympic Luger who was killed Told Dad He Was Afraid of One Particular Turn on Track - Any moment in sports where an athlete is killed or seriously injured, it leaves a lump in any sports fans throat to have to have seen that tragedy or been a part of it. This year`s Olympics
Robert Paul ReyesMonster Wave Wipes Out Spectators At Surfing Competition - They were there to watch some of the world`s top surfers take on some of the biggest waves, but hundreds of spectators did not expect to become part of the action.
Geoff DeanThe Super Bowl Handshake That Wasn't - Geoff tries to figure out why Peyton Manning didn't shake any hands after the Super Bowl and why some others are trying to justify that.
SOP newswire2Find Out What Michael Vick Learned In Jail - Last year at this time, Michael Vick was behind bars watching the Super Bowl. For as talented a football player as Vick, it is easy to understand why that must have been so difficult.
Ron G AnselmSaints Upset Colts and Win Super Bowl - Well, in a thousand years; I would have never guessed the Saints would upset the Colts in the Super Bowl.
Robert Paul ReyesKutai The Orangutan Predicts Indianapolis Colts Will Win Super Bowl - Kutai has a good record of choosing the winner, according to Oregon Zoo spokesperson Bill LaMarche.
Geoff DeanThe "Semi-Pro" Pro Bowl - Geoff wonders out loud, or at least, as loud as you can be on a computer, why the Pro Bowl is such a disaster, year after year
Geoff DeanGoodbye, Asashoryu! Sumo will never be the same (for better or worse) - Geoff says Shalom, Sayonara, and Hasta La Vista (you get the idea, right?) to Asashoryu, the sumo wrestler that the Japanese loved to hate
Robert Paul ReyesDiscrimination! CBS Rejects Gay Dating Ad For Super Bowl - CBS this week refused to air a Super Bowl ad made by a gay dating site.
Ernest DempseyImprove Your Tennis with Dr. Jay P. Granat's "Zone Tennis" - Dr. Jay P. Granat's short book "Zone Tennis" teaches tennis players how to improve their game by considering psychological factors.
Ron G AnselmThe New Orleans Saints Are in the Super Bowl - Bouya! Do you believe in miracles?! From the famous quote of Al Michaels on those many past Monday Night football games and now can still be heard in many Stadiums on the new
Geoff DeanThe Not Quite Perfect Super Bowl - Geoff tries to reopen the debate on the perfect season that every sports announcer seems so keen to close.
Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)Four Time World Champion Hollie (Hot Stuff) Dunaway Vs Undefeated Chantel (Gorgeous) Cordova 28 Jan 2010, Oklahoma City! - A very short time ago it seems I had the pleasure of interviewing Hollie (Hot Stuff) Dunaway. In fact, I thanked her for the honor of being able to interview a true Champion to start off the New Year which we are still barely into.
Robert Paul ReyesFans Make Fun Of Tiger Woods At Australian Open - Once-adoring golf fans gave Woods some grief at the Australian Open on Thursday by holding up signs that read, 'I've been with Tiger.'
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