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UN: Let Olympic Flame Shine as a Beacon to Human Solidarity

This week the world will gather in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea, for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, unified in what United Nations Secretary-General Guterres called the Olympic Spirit: in solidarity; mutual respect; and friendly competition.

Robert Paul ReyesTop Ten Titles For Tiger Woods Adult Film Parody - Just two weeks after the Tiger Woods cheating scandal exploded an adult movie called "Tiger's Wood" is already in production, according to E! Online.
Robert Paul ReyesLet's Show Tiger Woods No Mercy! - According to singer, reality star and co-star of Kim Kardashian sex-tape, Ray J, the public should just leave Tiger alone.
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods Can Forget About Congressional Honor - A California congressman is dropping his effort to honor Tiger Woods with a Congressional Gold Medal.
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods' Voicemail Message To Bimbo Goes Viral - Tiger Woods's voicemail message to cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs has become an internet viral after it was remixed, set to music and posted on YouTube
Suren HosseinThey 'Just Do It' - Let`s talk about sex. Outrageously, I have to say sex for man - especially for a celebrity - may be the only thing in which he cannot turn a blind eye to that.
Robert Paul ReyesOrdinary Citizens Using YouTube To Make Fun Of Tiger Woods - There's no reason why ordinary citizens should miss out on the fun, post your thoughts about the disgraced golfer on Twitter, or create your own parody song of Tiger Woods.
Robert Paul ReyesDennis Rodman Defends Tiger Woods: Birds Of A Feather... - On the Mike Huckabee show Dennis Rodman expressed support for Tiger Woods.
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods' Ads Disappear From TV - The Wall Street Journal, citing data from Nielsen Co., reported today that advertisers haven't aired TV commercials featuring Woods since shortly after the scandal broke.
Robert Paul ReyesDouble Standard? Why Hasn't Tiger Woods Been Offered Adult Film Role? - Tiger Woods' list of possible paramours grew to eleven Tuesday with the addition of a second adult film star.
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods Scandal Responsible For Huge Uptick In Web Traffic - Tiger Woods may be losing fans in some quarters, but he has one in Carol Bartz, Yahoo's chief executive.
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods' Mother-In-Law Hospitalized - Elin Nordegren's mother, Barbro Holmberg, has been released from the hospital after her ambulance-abetted trip to the emergency room this morning.
Robert Paul ReyesWill Playgirl's Readers See Tiger Woods' Tail? - Raunchy mag 'Playgirl' is reportedly in possession of a bunch of nasty pics, showing Tiger butt - naked, with a good peek into his 'now famous' (or call it infamous instead!) genitalia!
Robert Paul ReyesWill Nike Kick Tiger Woods To The Curb? - Nike's sponsorship of Tiger is starting to hurt the sports equipment company, who hasn't heard a Tiger Woods "Just Do It" joke on TV or in the workplace?
SOP newswire2Controversial columnist, Robert Paul Reyes Tees Off on The John Gibson Show - Controversial columnist, Robert Paul Reyes to be on FOX radio`s 'The John Gibson Show' at 1:10 p.m. Eastern today.
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods: Nine Lovers And Counting... - There's no end in sight for this Tiger's tale -- with as many as nine birdies now in the picture.
Geoff DeanA Perfect Super Bowl? - Geoff, while making no bold predictions, wonders if there is a possibility of a "perfect storm" hitting the Super Bowl in 2010. What a coward!
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods Vs Wilt (The Stilt) Chamberlain - For the good of the game and his marriage, Tiger should sit out next year. Tiger forget about your all-consuming desire to beat Jack's cherished record, and focus on becoming a decent human being.
Robert Paul ReyesFreaky Tiger Woods Loved Having "Ambien Sex" With Rachel Uchitel - A tireless Tiger Woods - famous for his drive - allegedly teed up his sex life by popping Ambien sleeping pills with a purported high-society siren hot for a tipsy tumble.
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods Makes "Profound Apology" - Tiger's cyber apology isn't worth a hill of beans. Tiger needs to be a man and face the public.
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods Saga: It Boils Down To Sex And Race - If there is a god in heaven in a few years Tiger Woods will be doing commercials for malt liquor or a pay day loan company.
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods: Stop Hiding In Your Mansion! - The golfing legend needs to man up, put his big girl panties on, and face the music.
Geoff DeanA Colts' Fan's Nightmare Continues - As I have stated previously, over and over as a matter of fact, I am a Colts` fan, born and bred on the east side of "Naptown", now transplanted to Tokyo. Year after year, the Colts
Robert Paul ReyesEverybody Is Talking Smack About Tiger Woods: I Love It! - Tiger will probably win Player of the Year award next year -- at the pimps' annual Players Ball.
Geoff DeanHakuho Dominates Sumo 2009 - Geoff gives Hakuho his dues as the grand champion finishes a record breaking year.
Robert Paul ReyesTop Ten Tiger Woods Jokes - The galleries that follow Tiger Woods on a golf tournament will consist primarily of blond bimbos, and they will litter the golf course with panties and keys.
Robert Paul ReyesGolf Superstar Tiger Woods Injured In Car Accident - World number one golfer Tiger Woods was seriously injured in a car accident on Friday, a Florida newspaper reported.
Suren HosseinHamed Haddadi's Good Future in the League - Memphis Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins said on Wednesday that Hamed Haddadi, first Iranian player in NBA, has improved a lot and has a good future in the league.
Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)Women`s Boxing, Krisztina (Baby) Belinszky and Sarah Goodson! - November 28th, 2009, Krisztina (Baby) Belinszky will be defending her WIBF and GBU titles against challenger and former WIBF Champion, Sarah Goodson in Hungary. I spoke with Sarah at length by phone, and was supposed to interview her but Sarah has a full plate on her hands.
Mike HartTackling the Sport of Shopping - It is time step up to the plate and help Santa hit a home run with these all-star gift ideas. Ho. Ho. Ho.
SOP newswire2Hijab and Playing Rugby In Kashmir - Saliah, who recently captained the national rugby team, has earned a rare honour: She is one of the two Kashmiri girls to qualify for the first phase of an International Rugby Board course. Saba Akhtar, 17
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Subcsribe to theSOP's Sports audio podcast.
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