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UN: Let Olympic Flame Shine as a Beacon to Human Solidarity

This week the world will gather in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea, for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, unified in what United Nations Secretary-General Guterres called the Olympic Spirit: in solidarity; mutual respect; and friendly competition.

Ron G AnselmHere come the Holidays and With That, Comes NFL Crunch Time - We are now past week ten of the NFL season and are at the crucial point and turning point of the season where the fans are getting restless
Geoff DeanA Thank You Note for Coach Bill and the Patriots - Geoff expresses his appreciation as one Colts' fan for all that Coach Bill and company have done for the Colts over the years
Geoff DeanBears and 49ers in Thursday "Showcase" Game - Geoff responds to the Thursday night game between the Bears and 49ers and tells why he still loves the NFL in spite of this game.
SOP newswire2College Football History - As part of an ongoing series throughout the fall, The National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame posts This Week in College Football History.
Ron G AnselmCollege Football in the South - Two Choices to Choose From, Alabama? Or, Auburn? - Thought I would take a little break from writing about the NFL and focus a little on college football. Living in the South for the past five years I have really learned to appreciate college football.
Geoff DeanWeek 9 High and Lowlights: The Unimpressive Undefeated and the problem of Vick - Geoff continues to harp on about how the Colts have not impressed him as if he had too much time on his hands, which, in fact, he and Michael Vick both do.
Geoff DeanDisappointed in MVP Hideki Matsui - Geoff shows that despite all the well deserved acolades Hideki Matsui has recieved on the baseball diamond, it is always possible to complain.
Geoff DeanThe NFL's Imperfect Perfect Teams - First of all, the Denver Broncos left the ranks of the undefeated with a convincing loss at Baltimore. In their defense, the Ravens are a very good team, probably playoff-bound and as always
Suren HosseinIran Hosting Women`s Beach Volleyball Championship - The FIVB rules and regulations already allows Beach Volleyball athletes the chance to wear full length uniform.
Geoff DeanTop Ten Worst Sports Teams' Names (Bottom Ten?) - Geoff abuses the top ten format to come up with the worst named sports teams in North America.
Robert Paul ReyesBob Griese Tells Racist Joke About Juan Pablo Montoya - Griese is a broadcasting professional who knows that if he makes an inappropriate comment it's going to reflect badly not only on himself, but on ESPN and the network's advertisers.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Steve Phillips' Lover Is Bonkers - Baseball analyst Steve Phillips has been fired by ESPN after admitting to an affair with an assistant at the cable network.
Ron G Anselm(MMA) Mixed Martial Arts: The New Warriors of the Decade - The format of combat sports has changed from the days we watched Sugar Ray Leonard going toe to toe with Roberto Duran George Foreman
Robert Paul ReyesSteve Phillips Sex Scandal - ESPN granted Steve Phillips an extended leave of absence after The New York Post reported that he had an affair with a 22-year-old production assistant at the network.
Geoff DeanThe Road to the Japan Series - Geoff welcomes the baseball playoffs on both sides of the Pacific, but not without the usual heaping helping of complaints.
SOP newswire2NFL and Corporate America Reject Limbaugh and Beck - Limbaugh last week learned the overdue lesson that there are real-world consequences for trafficking in hate speech.
Geoff DeanMusings on a Monday morning "Sunday night" NFL game - Geoff rudely counts out the Bears and Falcons as far as the playoffs are concerned and hopes none of the players know his address.
Robert Paul Reyes3 Men Die Running The Detroit Marathon - Three men died within 16 minutes of each other while running a marathon in Detroit, officials said.
Geoff DeanLet's Start the NFL Playoffs Now - Geoff suggests that now would be as good as a time as any to start the NFL playoffs, as he sweats out the good season of his hometown Colts.
SOP newswireTie Takes US Men's Soccer Team to Qualifying - Fans who wish to follow the U.S. team to South Africa are encouraged to join U.S. Soccer Supporters Club, the official fan membership program for fans of the U.S. Men`s and Women`s National Teams.
Geoff DeanWorld Series Predictions by Unusual Means - Geoff reveals his theory on sports prediction which, while unlikely to revolutionize the industry, may well be ignored.
R.J. SmithPredictions For NFL Week 5 - My picks for the upcoming week. Don't argue. You will just be wrong.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Mike Vick Has Reality Show - Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick will star in an eight-part documentary series set to run on BET early in 2010.
Geoff DeanThe NFL's Curse of the Undefeated - Geoff looks at the success of his hometown Indianapolis Colts thus far in the NFL season and opts to worry, not rejoice.
Ron G AnselmWeek Four of the NFL Keeps Fans Guessing - Insight on week four of the NFL. Week four of the NFL rolled on with more close games, a few upsets and the spirit of winning. The Lions battled it out in Chicago and kept the
Robert Paul ReyesObama Biggest Fool In The World: Olympics Disaster - Obama's risky Olympics gamble failed to bring home the gold.
SOP newswire2Conservatives Attack Chicago as Unworthy of Olympic Bid - Sean Hannity, after citing a recent murder and an assault, asked whether Chicago is "a city where we want the Olympics," and Glenn Beck said, "Chicago is good at ... organized Mafi -- oops, did I say that out loud?"
Mike HartDanica Slams on the Brakes - Who will NASCAR turn to now with Patrick in the rear-view mirror?
Geoff DeanHail to the Detroit Lions!:For at least one week - Geoff salutes the Detroit Lions and especially their long-suffering fans.
Robert Paul ReyesCrime-Ridden Chicago Doesn't Deserve 2016 Olympics - Chicago and Obama need to be publicly humiliated; I hope commonsense prevails and the Windy City loses its bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.
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