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Why Dirty Boxing For Defending Yourself?

Dirty Boxing and the Concept of Street Defense; Why Dirty Boxing For Defending Yourself?

Robert Paul ReyesSan Francisco 49ers Send Fans Letter Reminding Them To Cheer: Video - It`s so quiet at a typical 49ers game that you can hear fans click their wine glasses when the team scores a touchdown.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Security Guards Fired For Taking Pics With Tom Brady: Video - Pictures with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on Sunday led to two Houston Texans security guards losing their jobs.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Atlanta Falcons Mascot Jokes About Suicide: Video - Foolish bird should stop tweeting!
Robert Paul ReyesFans Yell At Houston Texan Quarterback Matt Schaub At His Home! Over The Line? Video! - Matt Schaub shouldn`t whine too much when irate fans show up at his house and berate him for his poor play.
Ron G AnselmOur Grand Ol' National Past Time - A Brief History of Major League Baseball - The game of baseball is really like the essence of life. It is full of history, memorable moments, and fun. The game of baseball is taken seriously by fans
Robert Paul ReyesBil Cowher Wears Makeup In Girlfriend's Music Video! - Pittsburgh Steelers' fans are crying their eyes out!
Ron G AnselmMajor League Baseball now has Two Black Eyes - So, for a lot of fans it seems watching baseball lately and cheering for a player that may seem to be one that is just absolutely talented is the same as playing Russian roulette.
Robert Paul ReyesRiley Cooper, Paula Deen,The NFL And 'The N-Word'! Video! - The NFL should step in and Paula Deen this egotistical bastard. Cooper thinks he`s better than everybody else, especially blacks. The likes of Cooper belong in Arena Football, not the NFL.
Robert Paul ReyesMark Sanchez 'Butt-fumble' Immortalized In Short Film On YouTube - It was only a matter of time before the Jets quarterback` cringe-worthy miscue was immortalized in a video on YouTube.
Robert Paul ReyesCouple Gets Into A Fight On Kiss Cam: Video - The dude actually gave his girlfriend the talk to the hand " treatment. Who can blame the young woman for pouring a drink all over her lame boyfriend and walking out?
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Comcast Fires Reporter Susannah Collins For Freudian Slip: Video - I tell you somebody who`s not having a lot of sex: Comcast management. If they got laid every once in a while, they would have been more forgiving of Collins` mistake.
Ron G AnselmSweet Smell of Spring Brings Not only Rainstorms but Home Runs - "A Home run in baseball to a hitter has the same effects as if you just went out and hit the Powerball Lottery."
Robert Paul ReyesRutgers Basketball Coach Mike Rice Fired After Homophobic Rant, Video - University president Robert Barchie, who saw the tape and signed off on the initial lenient punishment, should fire athletic director Tim Pernetti, and then promptly resign.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Bombshell Hooters Ballgirl Interferes With Fair Ball - Hooter girl serving as a ballgirl, hot dogs, cold beer, sunny day, is there anything better than a day at the old ballpark?
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Lauren Silberman First Female To Try Out For NFL An Abject Failure! She's Humiliated! - Silberman failed miserably, quitting in shame and humiliation after only two kicks, neither of which traveled even 20 yards.
Robert Paul ReyesNFL Should Suspend San Francisco 49ers Chris Culliver For His Anti-Gay Rant - I`m sure gay Niners are as common as grammar-challenged players.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: English Soccer Star Eden Hazard Ejected For Kicking Ball Boy - Hazard was booted from the game, Morgan got his 15 minutes of fame, and life goes on.
Robert Paul ReyesBrent Musburger's Obsession With Katherine Webb Creepier Than Hell! - As a result of the Musburger controversy, thousands have joined Katherine Webb`s Twitter feed, and thousands more have added Musburger to a dead celeb pool.
Ron G AnselmA Major League Baseball Game More Fun Than a Movie Any Day - "For the sports fan; to play the game of baseball is like an entertainment rush of excitement but to live the game of baseball is like a family connection." (
John G. KaysWhy Did Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent Sustain Only Minor Injuries, But Jerry Brown Dies? - How fast was starting Dallas Cowboy nose tackle Josh Brent going when he crashed his 2007 Mercedes-Benz S60, early Saturday morning (around 2:30 AM
SOP newswire2Israel Medical Center Launches 'Kids Yoga' - Hindus have applauded Beth Israel Medical Center (BIMC), a distinguished New York (USA) teaching hospital incorporated by Jews in 1890, for starting Kids Yoga.
Ron G AnselmBotched Call During Monday Night NFL Football Key Factor in Solving Labor Disputes - I am not going to say that I agree with the regular season referees walking out because that pisses me off!
SOP newswire2Pro Surfer Bethany Hamilton: America 'Go Back to Church' - Bethany Hamilton, professional surfer and inspiration to millions, knows where she plans to be on Sept
Ron G AnselmThe Key to Getting Fit Through Martial-Arts Training - That is really not a good thing because with the constant stress we are under in our everyday lives we really have to make time to work out and take care of ourselves.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)London Mayor Strung out - With Union Jack Flags in hand, Mayor Johnson zipped across the crowd on a 350-yard zip line as the crowd cheered him on.
Ron G AnselmMartial Arts: Size Does Not Matter When Fighting a Much Larger Opponent - If anyone has ever taken any type of Martial-Arts or have studied the Martial-Arts then you realize size does not matter when defending yourself.
SOP newswireLopez Lomong Heading to London for Summer Olympic - 2012 U.S. Olympian Lopez Lomong is headed to London and then to Africa after the Summer Games.
SOP newswireCecil Murphey`s Response to the Jerry Sandusky Trial - Cecil Murphey responds to the trail of Jerry Sandusky, one of the most outrageous scandals in the world of sports.
SOP newswire2World Class Golf Experience: Florida's Treasure Coast - If your looking for a world class golf experience, Florida`s Treasure Coast offers a variety of gems " to fit any budget and every playing style.
Ron G AnselmNFL Season is Never Ending ... it keeps going, and going, and going - If you`re a football lover like me you could eat, sleep, drink, and live football twenty-seven and three-hundred and sixty-five days out of the year.
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