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UN: Let Olympic Flame Shine as a Beacon to Human Solidarity

This week the world will gather in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea, for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, unified in what United Nations Secretary-General Guterres called the Olympic Spirit: in solidarity; mutual respect; and friendly competition.

Ron G AnselmThe Miami Heat: Once Just Another NBA Team Now a Global Empire with Some Big Named Talent - I remember the old days when the Miami Heat was an expansion team in the NBA.
Ron G AnselmChilean Miners Take a Little Time Out for a Fun Game of Soccer - They decided to take on a friendly game of soccer going up against their rescuers, government including their President, and a few other dignitaries from their country.
Robert Paul ReyesEverybody Jumping On The Hate Brett Favre Bandwagon! - Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre looked as ancient as Methuselah as he limped off Lambeau Field Sunday, probably for the last time as a player.
Ron G AnselmFavre May be Cleared of Sexual Allegations Due to the Lack of Communication by Sterger - Favre met with the brass of the NFL on Tuesday to discuss the sexual allegations still pending against him. He met with the NFL`s Security Department`s
Ron G AnselmOn Going Investigation by the NFL Still have Favre and Fans Waiting in the Wings - As the ongoing investigation continues on the allegations of sexual misconduct by Brett Favre, the fans and probably even the Minnesota Vikings continue
Robert Paul ReyesBrett Favre Hit In Family Jewels By Errant Football - During practice this week, a camera caught the NFL's most prolific passer getting nailed in the groin with an errant football. Favre can be seen
Robert Paul ReyesCrybaby Brett Favre Bigger Jerk Than Tiger Woods! Fire The Bum! - By now even non-football fans who don't know a wildcat offense from a pussy cat know that when Brett Favre was quarterback of the New York Jets he sent a pic of his penis to a sideline reporter.
Ron G AnselmJets Continue to Portray a Bad Image With the Help of Brett Favre - The New York Jets are once again in the spot light of the media with more drama. If it isn`t one thing for the Jets lately it`s another stint of bad news
Robert Paul ReyesCommonwealth Games: Athletes Clog Drains With Condoms - Thousands of flushed condoms threaten to choke the Commonwealth Games village's drainage system, media reports said.
Robert Paul ReyesCigar Guy Upstages Tiger Woods! Ryder Cup Mystery, Who Is This Dude? - The man dubbed 'Cigar Guy' has become the Internet's newest meme with his cigar chomping, Groucho Marx-style mustachioed face and outlandish appearance being Photoshopped into all sorts of images.
Robert Paul ReyesSex Line Number Printed On Ochocinco Cereal Box - Kroger stores in Cincinnati said cereal boxes named for Bengals star Chad Ochocinco are being pulled due to a misprinted phone number leading to a sex line.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Fran Harris, WNBA Champion chats with Judyth Piazza on The AP - Fran beat out more than 200 women to land a spot on the Houston Comets' first WNBA championship team.
Suren HosseinAfter Sixteen Years, The U.S. Claims The Title 'FIBA World Champion' - After sixteen years, the U.S. claimed the title of the FIBA World Championship.
Ron G AnselmAmazing Bill Lee Keeps Hitting the Strike Zone Even at 63 Years Old - For most Major League baseball players especially pitchers when the day comes to retire they normally retire and then stay retired to go onto the next thing
Ron G AnselmAroldis Chapman Throws Some Heat: Hits the Triple Digits - In this day and age in Major League baseball we never really hear of a relief pitcher being in the spot light for anything other than coming into the
Robert Paul ReyesKendall Langford Loses 2.5 Karat Diamond Earring During Football Practice - Miami Dolphin Kendall Langford said he lost a 2.5 karat diamond earring during practice, setting off a search of the field by teammates and grounds crew.
Suren HosseinThe U.S. to Face Iran in FIBA World Basketball Championship - The U.S. basketball team will play Iran in the 2010 FIBA World Championship on Wednesday.
Ron G AnselmJapan Wins the Little League World Series - For the first time in five years a team from the United States did not win the Little League World Series. The five year reign by the United States
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods' Divorce Final: How Much Humiliation Can Tiger Endure? - In less than a year Tiger Woods has lost his reputation, golf game, most of his sponsors, swing coach, and now his wife.
Ron G AnselmMTSU's Dwight Dasher Under Investigation by the NCAA for Ripping Off a Veteran - The Quarterback for MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University), Dwight Dasher is under investigation for possibly taking money from an 80-year
Ron G AnselmAnother Black Eye for Major League Baseball - Being partial to the 1970s era of baseball, I can say was an era of the game that we never heard of any illegal substances being used
Ron G AnselmIs There a Need for a College Football Playoff System? - This idea has been looked at and is still in the evaluation stage but in my opinion to have a college football playoff system
Ron G AnselmWill Alabama`s Current Defense Be Able to Mirror Last Year`s National Title Defense ? - While most college teams just like the NFL are looking at their players for the upcoming season, the Alabama Crimson Tide is taking a harder
Ron G AnselmBill Maas, Former Defensive Tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs - The Hall of Fame game has more meaning to it than just the kickoff to the upcoming season, but is a reflection to the past players that are inducted into the NFL Football Hall of Fame.
Ron G AnselmNFL Hall of Fame Game - Well, folks, we are now at another season of the NFL. This Sunday, August 8th is the Hall of Fame Game which is only a preseason
Suren HosseinJim Ravannack: We Are Happy to Participate in Iran`s Wrestling Cap - President of the U.S. wrestling federation is happy due to taking part in the first edition of the Emam Ali Habibi & Abdollah Movahed Free-Style Wrestling Cup in Qaemshahr, north of Iran.
Suren HosseinThe U.S. Places Third in Water Polo World Cup - The U.S. finished at third place in the 14th FINA Water Polo World Cup on Sunday.
Suren HosseinThe U.S Win Four Medals in Iranian Wrestling Cup - The U.S. snatched four medals in the Emam Ali Habibi & Abdollah Movahed Free-Style Wrestling Cup on Sunday.
Ron G AnselmWho Say`s Your Too Old to Accomplish Anything!? Even to Fight in the MMA - A lot of times we look at people, especially older people and say to ourselves, That old fart couldn`t run up a flight of stairs if he had a motorized cart attached to his behind
Suren HosseinThe U.S. Beat China in Water Polo World Cup - The U.S. Water Polo Team defeated China at the opening of the 14th FINA Water Polo World Cup on Tuesday night.
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